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Chinese company reportedly seeks to invest $10B in Afghanistan’s lithium mining sector

Green Car Congress

According to the Afghanistan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, China-based Gochin Company company seeks to invest US$10 billion in Afghanistan’s lithium mining sector. Geologists have long thought that Afghanistan could have massive, untapped stores of critical minerals—ranging from trillions of dollars.

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ONR, USMC successfully demonstrate alternative energy systems at forward operating bases in Afghanistan

Green Car Congress

To cut down on convoys trucking fuel to forward operating bases, as well as to implement the Department of the Navy’s vision for energy efficiency, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and elements within the US Marine Corps (USMC) have successfully demonstrated their goal to reduce petroleum and energy usage in remote locations in Afghanistan.


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Did The U.S. Spend Two Decades & Trillions Of Dollars In Afghanistan & Iraq Because Of Oil Addiction?

CleanTechnica EVs

I recall 9/11 vividly, as many Americans do. I was going into a morning sociology class in college. Everyone was glued to the TV — New York City’s Twin Towers had been destroyed from terrorists flying planes into them, another was soon flown into the Pentagon. As I’ve learned since then, almost everyone was shocked […].

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Even the Taliban is in the Supercar Business These Days

The Truth About Cars

Thirty engineers at the Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute in Kabul have come up with the Mada 9. This story from earlier this year somehow just came to my attention, via the Twitter account of a former TTAC M.E. And it's a bit bonkers. This prototype, which has been five years in the making, has a Toyota 1.8-liter

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Afghanistan to power electric cars?

Green Cars News

Afghanistan could become the ‘Saudi Arabia of lithium’ an internal memo from the US Pentagon hints after new research revealed that the country has vast reserves of the valuable mineral. Tags: Electric cars Afghanistan lithium U.S

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Tesla opens longest Supercharger route from east to west along China’s historic Silk Road


It forged trade networks in Central Asian countries, including Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgzstan, along with modern-day India and Pakistan. mile Supercharger route runs along China’s historic Silk Road from Zhoushan to Horgos. The historic Silk Road rose during China’s Han Dynasty (206 BCE – 22CE).

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GECF: more than a quarter of 2050 natural gas supply untapped

Green Car Congress

Important projects in the offing include the Turkmenistan-China pipeline enhancement, TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India), and others.

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