Pancontinental says first oil discovered offshore Kenya

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The Sunbird-1 oil is the historic first-ever oil discovery offshore Kenya. We believe that this is a play- opening discovery in Kenya’s Lamu Basin. Because of the Sunbird discovery we expect to see a significant increase in industry interest offshore Kenya. Pancontinental believes the results are significant because they are the first proof of the presence a prospective oil system in the Lamu Basin offshore Kenya.

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Volkswagen plans integrated mobility concept in Rwanda; vehicle production in Kenya

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Volkswagen also this week inaugurated a vehicle production facility in Kenya. At the inauguration, Diess underlined Kenya’s key role within the Volkswagen brand’s Africa strategy: “ After over 60 years of Volkswagen vehicle production in South and North Africa, I am delighted to now have a further site in Kenya. Only a few hours ago, we inaugurated our third production facility in Africa in Kenya. Kenya. Kenya is an opportunity market in Africa.

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Biofuel emissions six times higher than fossil fuels

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The report, commissioned by the RSPB, ActionAid and Nature Kenya, focuses on the Dakatcha Woodlands in Kenya which the charities say are set to be destroyed to make way for jatropha plantations. [.]. Biofuels Africa biofuel forest Jatropha KenyaAfrican biofuels destined for Europe will result in up to six times the carbon emissions of fossil fuels, a new study has revealed.

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How buildings will solve the puzzle of electric cars

Schneider Electric EVs

flooding in China and Germany, and crop-destroying droughts in Kenya composed a grim. We all saw images this summer of climate change in action. Hurricanes and wildfires in the U.S., Read more ».

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Electric Vehicle Spotlight (EVS): Opibus is helping electrify Africa


Our latest EVS is on Opibus, a company headquartered in Kenya that was born out of a research project in Sweden.

Deadline for applying for Keeling Curve Prize is 10 Feb; $250K for 10 projects

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Previous winners have fixed carbon into stone in Iceland, produced biofuels in Kenya, and helped corporations around the world set and achieve emissions goals. of the Union of Concerned Scientists; Paul Holthus, World Ocean Council; Kara Hurst, Amazon; Edward Mungai, Kenya Climate Innovation Center; and Robin Newmark, National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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Future Fuel Strategies: 40+ countries developing light-duty vehicle fuel economy standards

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Several countries in the last year—including Kenya, Chile, the Philippines and Thailand—have implemented LDV fuel economy policies. Fuels market analyst Tammy Klein notes that more than 40 countries are developing light-duty vehicle fuel economy standards. Ten years ago, only four governments 10 years ago had introduced mandatory GHG emission and/or fuel economy standards: China, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

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GeeRemit App Moves Money and Saves It Too

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In Kenya, for example, mobile transactions last year were up by about 20 percent over 2020, according to Capacity. She got an opportunity to do so in 2012, when she took the job of CTO in IBM’s Central, East, and West Africa regional office, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenya 76

COP26 declaration on accelerating the transition to 100% zero emission cars and vans

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All governments should also support the transition of these light vehicles to zero emission vehicles; Kenya; Secretariat of Economy, Mexico; Morocco; Paraguay; Rwanda; Turkey; Uruguay.

Global geothermal industry passes 12,000 MW operational

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New geothermal power came on line in Kenya, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Turkey, and Mexico, as well as Oregon, Nevada and Utah in the United States. Financing was announced for projects in Costa Rica, Dominica, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Tanzania, and the United States, while projects in drilling and start-of-construction phases made headway in Chile, Germany, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Montserrat, The Philippines, Rwanda, and Zambia.

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Ford India sales up 71% in first 5 months of 2011

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Based on continued high demand, the company began exporting the Figo to Bahrain and Kenya this month. The Figo ( earlier post ) helped Ford India increase sales for the first five months of 2011 by 71%, compared to the same period last year, with 51,420 wholesale units sold, including exports, from January to May 2011. In May, Ford India sold more than 9,000 wholesale units—7,046 domestically, and more than 2,000 exported.

2011 167

Elon Musk-funded XPRIZE carbon removal competition reveals its 15 “milestone round” winners


Fifteen early-phase “milestone round” winners from the Elon Musk-funded $100 million XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition were announced on Friday. Each of the winning teams will be receiving $1 million, which should provide the teams a notable boost to scale their work.

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TUM, partners to present electric aCar prototype at IAA; transport for sub-Saharan Africa

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The concept of the vehicle was developed together with scientific partners in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania, the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) Nigeria, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Ghana, the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) Kenya and the St.

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Volkswagen establishes new Sub-Saharan Africa region

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Vehicle assembly began in Nigeria in 2015, with assembly in Kenya getting underway in December 2016. The Volkswagen brand has established a "Sub-Saharan Africa” region to develop and strengthen its activities in the African market. Sub-Saharan Africa refers to the area of the African continent south of the Sahara.

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Volkswagen founds mobility services company in Rwanda; to begin local assembly of Polo and Passat

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Vehicle assembly began in Nigeria in 2015, and in Kenya in December 2016. The Volkswagen brand has founded “Volkswagen Mobility Solutions Rwanda”, a company based in Rwanda. The objective is to provide modern integrated mobility services in Africa in future. As part of its worldwide regionalization strategy, Volkswagen is planning to expand its business presence significantly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Jaguar Land Rover: 50 Global Projects offset 5.2 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide in five years

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The project will provide Kenya with clean and healthy drinking water. Jaguar Land Rover has announced it is supporting the ground-breaking LifeStraw project, which will be the 50th Global carbon dioxide project the company has been involved in, in the last 5 years. In conjunction with ClimateCare, Jaguar Land Rover has invested in 50 carbon [.]. Land Rover carbon dioxide offset Jaguar Land Rover

Eni reports important new discovery offshore Congo

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Eni has been present in Sub-Saharan Africa since the 1960s and currently participates in exploration and production projects in Angola, Congo, Ghana, Gabon, Mozambique, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Liberia. Eni reports making an important new exploration discovery in the Marine XII Block located approximately 17 kilometers (10.6 miles) offshore Congo.

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Opibus raises $7.5M to mass-produce electric buses & motorcycles

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All of the company’s operations, management, and design take place in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. Opibus raises $7.5M to mass-produce electric buses & motorcycles.

Fuel economy measures could cut Commonwealth countries’ cumulative oil bill by US$3.2T through 2050

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Focusing on Kenya, Dr. Fulton warned that with rapidly increasing motorisation, that country’s total fuel bill could reach $75 billion by 2030 with devastating consequences for the country’s economy. However, with support from the GFEI, Kenya has begun to explore steps towards cutting this cost increase by at least a quarter by 2030 and by half by 2050. Commonwealth countries can cut their cumulative oil bill by £2 trillion (US$3.2

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World Builders Put Happy Face On Superintelligent AI

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The second team IEEE Spectrum corresponded with is a trio from Nairobi, Kenya: Conrad Whitaker , Dexter Findley , and Tracey Kamande. One of the biggest challenges in a World Building competition that asked teams to imagine a positive future with superintelligent AI: Make it plausible.

Kenya 114

BloombergNEF: clean energy investment in developing nations slumps as financing in China slows; coal burn surges to record high

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The rest of the top five included Chile, Brazil, China, and Kenya, in that order. New investment in wind, solar, and other clean energy projects in developing nations dropped sharply in 2018, largely due to a slowdown in China.

2019 217

Video Friday: Fluidic Fingers

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World Vision Kenya aims to improve the climate resilience of nine villages in Tana River County, sustainably manage the ecosystem and climate change, and restore the communities’ livelihoods by reseeding the hotspot areas with indigenous trees, covering at least 250 acres for every village.

Kenya 56

Cambridge study finds globalized economy making water, energy and land insecurity worse

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However, many countries in sub-Saharan Africa, such as Kenya, actually face far less risk as they are not as heavily networked in the global economy and are relatively self-sufficient in food production. The first large-scale study of the risks that countries face from dependence on water, energy and land resources has found that globalization may be decreasing, rather than increasing, the security of global supply chains.

2020 159

Ethiopian Dam Generates Power, but What's Next?

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There’s even talk of selling power to neighboring countries — though the dam is located hundreds of kilometers from any major city, and it’s not clear if Ethiopia’s grid can handle GERD’s peak power, let alone transmit current to Sudan or Kenya.

Sudan 89

Volkswagen & Siemens launch joint electric mobility pilot project in Rwanda

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As such, Volkswagen has significantly expanded its engagement in Africa with the establishment of assembly facilities and marketing activities in Kenya, Rwanda and Nigeria. In a first for the African continent, the Volkswagen Brand has launched a pilot project in partnership with Siemens to test the feasibility of electric mobility in an African country.

Rwanda 163

Gravity Batteries, Green Hydrogen, and a Thorium Reactor for China

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Off-Grid Solar’s Killer App Spectrum contributing editor Peter Fairley traveled to Kenya to report on a boom in agriculture driven by off-grid solar power and efficient solar-powered irrigation pumps.

How Will EV Charging Powered by Renewable Energy Create a Greener World


The tectonic-plate-related power is generated most in Iceland, El Salvador, New Zealand, Kenya, and the Philippines. This is the second post of our renewable energy and EV charging series. Sources of clean and renewable energy are increasingly being integrated by utilities around the world.

This Community-Run Internet is Bridging the Digital Divide

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The Wakoma team operates out of four countries and supports Nimbles in Canada, the Czech Republic, South Africa and the United States, with upcoming deployments planned in India, Kenya, and Mexico. For many of us, the Internet is part of daily life. But that’s not the case for more than 3.5

IEEE Humanitarian Program Sees Record Growth

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IEEE student members from Moi University in Mombasa, Kenya, designed and deployed "smart kibandas"— open huts or cubicles used for informal business. The IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee had a lot to celebrate last year.

GM to double models with 40 mpg highway or better by 2017; ongoing manufacturing efficiency improvements

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Many of the most recent energy-savings initiatives have been within GM International Operations (GMIO) in China, India, Kenya, Russia, South Africa, South Korea and Thailand. Describing its product goals and tracking progress toward its 2020 manufacturing priorities in its 2012 Sustainability Report , General Motors reaffirmed its commitment to further reduce the energy used and the environmental impacts of building and operating an automobile.

2013 224

Global investment in renewable power reached $270.2B in 2014, ~17% up from 2013; biofuel investment fell 8% to 10-year low

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billion) were all in the top 10 of investing countries while more than $1 billion was invested in Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Kenya and Turkey. Global investment in renewable power and fuels (excluding large hydro-electric projects) was $270.2

2015 215

Global Mobility Report finds world not on track to achieving sustainable mobility

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Transporting a container of avocados from Kenya to the Netherlands requires 200 interactions and more than 20 documents, at a cost equal to that of shipping. The transport sector is not on track towards achieving sustainable mobility, according to the newly published Global Mobility Report 2017 (GMR).

2017 150

UNEP study: small number of measures targeting black carbon and tropospheric ozone could yield immediate climate benefits

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The Summary of this assessment for decision makers was presented at the 26 th session of the Governing Council / Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GC/GMEF) of UNEP from 21-24 February 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya. Global benefits from full implementation of the identified measures in 2030 compared to the reference scenario. The climate change benefit is estimated for 2050 and human health and crop benefits are for 2030 and beyond. Click to enlarge.

2011 186

Pike Research forecasts global geothermal power capacity could more than double by 2020; US to lead world in geothermal power capacity through 2020

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Currently the vast majority of capacity is concentrated in just seven countries, but additional support from global financial markets and enhanced regional cooperation by institutions such as the World Bank and ARGeo, in Africa, will drive the development of new capacity in promising markets such as Kenya, Indonesia, and Turkey. Escalating investment in geothermal power could result in a 134% increase in global geothermal capacity between 2010 and 2020, from 10.7 gigawatts (GW) to 25.1

2011 167

Global Fuel Economy Initiative launches second 3-year campaign; ICCT joins partnership

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The Global Fuel Economy Initiative ( GFEI ) ( earlier post ) launched its second three-year effort to improve vehicle fuel economy around the world at the International Transport Forum in Leipzig. It also announced that a new partner—the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)—has joined the effort.

2012 196

Up close and personal with Volkswagen’s e-Golf carbon offset project: Garcia River Forest

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In addition to its own support for the McKinney Landfill project, Audi (another Volkswagen Group company) is also supporting (likewise teaming with 3Degrees), a UN REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) project in Kenya to offset emissions from the A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid.

2015 263

Tom Morton Drives His 62 kWh Nissan Leaf 345 KM Non-Stop From Kisumu To Nairobi!


Kenya is one of the best places for electric vehicles. Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Africa Kenya Nissan LeafThe grid is very green, with over 90% of electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as hydro, geothermal, wind, and some utility-scale solar.

Ampersand Partners With TotalEnergies Kenya To Roll Out Electric Motorcycle Battery Swapping Stations In Kenya


Kenya’s motorcycle industry is booming, buoyed by the ever growing motorcycle taxi (Boda Boda) industry. There are over 2 million motorcycles registered in Kenya. Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Motorcycles + Scooters Africa Ampersand Battery Swapping Kenya

Rivian R1T Pickups Create A Big Buzz in Kenya


Kenya is one of the best places to drive EVs. Kenya’s grid is very green thanks to some awesome geothermal, wind, utility scale solar, and hydropower plants. All of these clean renewables are responsible for about 90% of the electricity generated in Kenya.

Could Zimbabwe’s Public Transport Chaos Catalyze The Adoption Of Electric Scooters For Personal Mobility?


Siemens Stiftung’s “Testing E-Mobility Business Models at WE Hub Victoria Limited in Kenya” report aptly highlights the importance of mobility in the introduction section of the report by stating that “Mobility is the basis for the overall development of a society: it gives the population access to jobs, markets, social facilities, and health care.

Motorcycle Registrations Up 16% In Kenya In 2021


Motorcycle sales in Kenya were up 15.6% growth in the lockdown-affected 2020, according to the latest Economic Survey from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS). Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Motorcycles + Scooters Kenyain 2021. This follows an impressive 17.4%

BYD K6 Minibuses Being Piloted In Kenya’s Matatu Industry


Small 14- to 35-seater minibus taxis, known as matatus, play a major role in providing transport services for urban commutes in Kenya. Estimates put Kenya’s minibus and bus fleet at just over 100,000 vehicles.

Opibus Rebrands As Roam Motors


Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Africa Kenya Opibus SwedenOpibus, a Swedish-Kenyan technology company that develops, designs, and manufactures electric vehicles tailored for the African continent, has officially changed its name to Roam Motors.