Volkswagen to build MEB EVs in Chattanooga beginning in 2022; $800M investment in plant

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will be the company’s North American base for manufacturing electric vehicles based on the modular electric toolkit MEB. In addition to Chattanooga, Volkswagen is building the first dedicated EV production facility in Zwickau, Germany, starting MEB production by the end of 2019.

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Volkswagen Group sets up new group company for energy and charging: Elli

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The Volkswagen Group is establishing a Group company for energy offerings and charging solutions, underlining its strategic goal of becoming a leading provider of sustainable mobility. The new company will play its part with energy offerings from renewable sources and smart charging solutions.

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Protected: Environmental Charter High School Gets Solar; Greenius Goes EcoMedia

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Automotive, Telecom and ITS companies carry out first Cellular V2X trial in Japan

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The companies have successfully conducted Japan’s first C-V2X testing in the country using 5.8 In their field trials, the companies focused on sending messages directly via cellular V2X technology (PC5).

2018 130

SK Innovation to build $1.67B EV battery manufacturing plant in Georgia

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billion to build a new electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing plant in Georgia. The company says that the new investment will provide opportunities for it to bring its products to additional automakers in the United States. SK Group has been building relationships within the United States for decades. South Korea-based SK Innovation, a developer of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, will invest $1.67

2018 94

Hey Google! Lets Reinvent Detroit Together Using Our Creative Greenius Before The Opportunivors Scavenge It

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No this is a job for the company I’ve long been a stockholder of – Google. Detroit has public transportation, an effective freeway system, rail lines, a modern airport, and uniquely for the USA – land and buildings available for pennies on the dollar.

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Fulcrum to build second waste-to-fuels plant in Gary, Indiana

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Fulcrum’s Centerpoint plant will be the company’s second waste-to-fuels plant. Fulcrum BioEnergy has selected Gary, Indiana as the location of its Centerpoint BioFuels Plant, which will convert municipal solid waste (MSW) into low-carbon, renewable transportation fuel.

2018 110

Volkswagen progressing with work on quantum computing, develops traffic management system for taxi companies

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As a result, public transportation organizations, taxi companies, and transport service providers will be able to deploy their fleets considerably more efficiently while minimizing waiting times for passengers.

2018 133

Chemical company INEOS to build “uncompromising” 4 x 4 off-roader to replace Land Rover Defender

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Following the completion of a six-month feasibility study, global chemical company INEOS confirmed that it will go ahead and build a brand new “uncompromising” 4 x 4 off-roader. The company expects to spend many hundreds of millions on the project and is determined that the vehicle will not only fill a gap in the market vacated by the Defender but also provide a step change improvement in build quality and reliability.

Nissan Leaf sedan: company builds Sylphy, first electric car for China

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The company first introduced the car at the Beijing auto show in April. Nissan on Monday announced it had started production in China of a Nissan Leaf-based sedan called the Sylphy. China, the world's largest market for electric cars, also leans heavily toward sedans. The Sylphy stretches the Leaf's wheelbase to give it more rear passenger space. China

2018 51

Battery company Kreisel Electric introduces automated 2-speed transmission for EVs

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We set ourselves the demanding task of building an ultra-light, electric supercar based on a historic sports car as the ideal application for our transmission.

2018 98

Electric Company Too Scared To Tell Truth About Climate Change

Creative Greenius

Your fiendly neighborhood Greenius along with my very green friend Dency Nelson, had to speak up and tell the audience that our very own Ted Lieu, Assemblyman of this 53rd District, was the co-author of AB 920 and that electric companies like PG&E and SCE were fighting against it.

Elio Motors to buy engines, abandons building its own

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Elio Motors, which has been struggling since 2009 to build its own ultra-cheap, small, fuel-efficient, three-wheeled car, announced Thursday that it will source an engine from a major automaker. Previously, the company planned to build its own 3-cylinder engine with up to 55 horsepower for its projected 84-mpg three-wheeler. The company did not.

2018 70

Environmental Charter High School Gets Solar; Greenius Goes EcoMedia

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Alison Diaz (with scissors) along with ECHS staff and supporters about to cut the ribbon in front of Environmental Charter High School's new solar-powered greenhouse. photo by Glenn Marzano).

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Build My Dreams, BYD

Plugs and Cars

Earlier this year Warren Buffet invested over $200 million in the company (10% share). The announcement that BYD, the Chinese battery giant turned automaker, has actually begun selling its plug-in hybrid, is pretty big news. Shares rose about 15% on the Hong Kong stock exchange Monday.

2008 130

HD REV powertrain company Wrightspeed gearing up for commercialization push

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The company recently showcased its powertrain technology alongside Mack Trucks at Waste Expo 2016 in Las Vegas and signed a $30+ million deal with NZ Bus, signaling multinational and multimodal demand for the company’s powertrain technology. Wrightspeed Inc.,

2016 159

Dyson plans to build its electric car in Singapore

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The company confirmed that its board has ratified the decision for the company itself to construct what it calls a “purpose-built advanced automotive manufacturing facility” there. Dyson, the British maker of premium vacuum cleaners, aims to enter the electric-car arena—and it’s chosen Singapore as the global assembly site.

German startup I SEE Electric Trucks GmbH building electric variants of Opel Viraro and Movano

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German startup I SEE Electric Trucks GmbH is building electric versions of the Opel Vivaro and Opel Movano. The company already has more than 25 model variants available, with two battery sizes—40 kWh and 55 kWh—offering range of up to more than 200 km (124 miles).

2018 106

As excitement builds in the Montney Shale, companies seek more infrastructure

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What does it take to build up a new region for oil and gas development? To begin with, there needs to be enough companies willing to take risks on major drilling projects. Next, there needs to be enough capital behind those companies to make projects viable. That last piece—building the storage tanks, compressor stations, and pipelines that will transport product to refineries—is a sure sign that a region is starting to make a name for itself.

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How many Tesla Model 3 electric cars can company build this year?

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How many cars can it build this year? It's one of the most fascinating sets of questions in the auto industry. How quickly can Tesla Motors put its Model 3 electric car into production? And when? How many can it deliver to paying customers? At a promised starting price of $35,000, the Model 3 is not only Tesla's latest moonshot but the car that. plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Tesla Model 3

2017 67

SK Innovation to invest $354M to build Li-ion battery separator plant in China

Green Car Congress

million) to build a Li-ion battery separator plant in China. SK Innovation is the first company in Korea and the third in the world exclusively to develop separators, a key component in lithium-ion batteries. This investment will help us build a springboard to become the world’s biggest in terms of wet separator market share, a notch up from the current position as the world’s second largest. SK Innovation will invest 400 billion won (US$353.8

2018 81

In-wheel electric drive company Protean receives $84M in funding; to build production plant in China

Green Car Congress

GSR is honored to lead this round of investment in a disruptive technology that we believe has great promise for the Chinese automotive market and potentially building a global EV platform. Protean also has won the 2012 Technology Pioneers Award from the World Economic Forum as being one of most promising start-up technology companies in the world.

2012 97

NASA awards $247.5M contract to Lockheed Martin Skunk Works to build quieter supersonic aircraft

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NASA has awarded a contract for the design, building and testing of a supersonic aircraft that reduces a sonic boom to a gentle thump. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company was selected for the Low-Boom Flight Demonstration contract, a cost-plus-incentive-fee contract valued at $247.5

2018 95

Air Liquide to build $150M liquid hydrogen plant in US; long-term agreement with, investment in FirstElement Fuel

Green Car Congress

Air Liquide expects to invest more than US$150 million to build a liquid hydrogen plant in the western United States, with construction to begin in early 2019. In addition to the long-term supply agreement, Air Liquide and FEF have entered into an agreement outlining Air Liquide’s intent to make an equity investment in FEF, following previous assistance to the company by Toyota and Honda.

2018 81

Swiss battery maker ecovolta building 200 MWh automated Li-ion battery pack assembly plant

Green Car Congress

The Swiss company ecovolta is building a fully automated Li-Ion battery pack assembly plant in Schwyz with an annual capacity of 200 MWh. Ecovolta combines the development expertise of various companies from Switzerland and Italy.

2018 78

H2FUTURE building world’s largest green hydrogen pilot plant; targeting the steel industry

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With its 128 hydropower plants, VERBUND, Austria’s largest electricity company and a leading European hydropower electricity producer, generates almost 100% of its electricity from renewable sources.

2018 109

Chinese EV battery manufacturer CATL building plant in Germany; 14 GWh capacity, €240M investment by 2022

Green Car Congress

CATL) is building its first plant outside of China in Thuringia, Germany. With the opening of the production facility in Germany, the company underlines the importance of the German market. The Chinese EV battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd.

2018 85

EcoMotors and a subsidiary engine company of First Auto Works (FAW) in JV to build opoc engines in China

Green Car Congress

EM), developer of opposed-piston opposed-cylinder (opoc) engine technology ( earlier post ), has formed a joint venture with First Auto Works Jingye Engine Company (FAW JY) to develop, manufacture, sell and service the opoc engine technology in China. FAW JY is fully funding the building of the commercial-scale plant in China’s Shanxi Province at a total investment in excess of US $200 million (USD); FAW JY will retain a 51% ownership of the joint venture with EM retaining 49%.

2014 80

Which company will sell the first personal-use electric pickup? Twitter poll results

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With light trucks—pickups and SUVs—making up almost 70 percent of the market in 2018, automakers are scrambling to build these types of vehicles with all types of powertrains, including electric models. The race is on to sell an electric car that doesn't look like an economy hatchback or a luxury sedan.

2019 55

Varmlandsmetanol wants to build €350M biomethanol plant in Estonia

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Estonian media reports that Swedish bioenergy company Varmlandsmetanol AB is interested in building a €350-million (US $412 million) biomethanol plant in Estonia. The company is in discussions with the Estonian government over whether it would be possbile to tax biofuel less and whether legislation could be amended to allow for the production and sale of motor fuel containing three to 30 percent methanol.

ION Energy acquires battery management company Freemens SAS

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Start-up ION Energy , a company building high-performance energy storage systems and electric vehicle infrastructure, has acquired the French battery management company, Freemens SAS. In an increasingly crowded market, Freemens’ unparalleled Battery Management know-how has helped ION leap forward in sync with our mission to build reliable, high performance & no-compromise energy storage systems. The company is planning a formal Series A later this year.

2018 73

DiDi enters JV to build out own EV charging network

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DiDi Chuxing has entered a joint venture to build its own charging networks for electric vehicles (EVs). The company is also working to introduce AI technology into integrated urban traffic management systems across China. We have started new joint venture projects to build our own EV charging systems. million tons, the company said. DiDi is the world’s largest online transportation platform with more than 450 million users and 21 million drivers.

2017 60

Cellulosic sugars company Renmatix raises $14M from Bill Gates, Total

Green Car Congress

Cellulosic sugars company Renmatix has raised $14 million. The investment, intended to support the commercializing of the company’s Plantrose process, was led by Bill Gates. From this well established foundation in industrial sugars, the company continues to expand its product portfolio by valorizing additional bio building block intermediates, including Omno polymers and crystalline cellulose.

2016 85

Johnson Matthey to build eLNO battery materials demonstration plant; targeting EV batteries; full production plant in 2021/22

Green Car Congress

Johnson Matthey (JM) is building a demonstration-scale plant in Clitheroe, UK to manufacture next-generation battery materials to power electric vehicles.

2018 85

Saint Jean Carbon building a high performance lithium-ion battery with recycled/upcycled material

Green Car Congress

a carbon science company engaged in the design and build of energy storage carbon materials, and a battery manufacturing partner will build a high-powered full-scale lithium-ion battery with recycled/upcycled material from an electric car power pack and upcycled anode material from Saint Jean Carbon. The outcome—if successful—will be step one in a multi-design build project that would ideally see a test vehicle built using the batteries.

2016 101

Nissan e-Power series hybrid builds on electric-car expertise

Green Car Reports

The company's new e-Power hybrid system, demonstrated in a Nissan Note hatchback, contains a gasoline engine and an electric traction motor. This morning, in Japan, Nissan unveiled what its lineup has long been missing: strong hybrid technology.

2016 107

China-based autonomous driving company Momenta receives a new round of funding at a valuation over $1B

Green Car Congress

Momenta , a China-based autonomous driving company, has secured a new round of funding from industry-leading strategic investors and government funds at a valuation north of $1 billion, making Momenta the first autonomous driving unicorn company in China. Founded in September 2016, Momenta is building intelligent systems for autonomous driving, aiming to provide solutions for Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs.

2018 82

Ryze Renewables partners with Phillips 66 to build two renewable diesel plants in Nevada; 11,000 BPD combined

Green Car Congress

Once operational, these plants will manufacture high-cetane (80+) renewable diesel fuel from agricultural oils and animal fats, using a patented catalytic hydrogenation technology that the company says is more efficient than current conversion processes. Ryze Renewables has partnered with Phillips 66, an energy manufacturing and logistics company. Ryze Renewables announced that construction is underway for two renewable diesel production facilities in Nevada.

2018 76

Harley-Davidson invests in Alta Motors; companies will collaborate on future electric motorcycle product development

Green Car Congress

has made an equity investment in Alta Motors , a leader and innovator in lightweight electric vehicles; the two companies will collaborate on electric motorcycle technology and new product development. Harley-Davidson, Inc.

2018 98

NYK to build Japan’s first LNG-fueled tug

Green Car Congress

NYK will build a tugboat featuring a dual fuel engine that can be powered by either liquefied natural gas (LNG) or heavy oil. Other than LNG carriers, this tugboat will be the first building in Japan of an LNG-fueled vessel.

2013 102

EcoMotive builds full-sized model of dual-fuel H-Motor

Green Car Congress

The company said that the construction of the model paves the way for creating a functional prototype for the cadre of interested investors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The company projects completing a functional prototype this year.

2015 102

Tesla builds Supercharging "moat" to keep out competition: analysis

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Just as the young company begins to ramp up production of its bread-and-butter Model 3 to what CEO Elon Musk has called sustainable levels, Tesla's European rivals are beginning to roll out their own electric cars. Competitors are coming for Tesla. That has some investors worried about whether the upstart automaker can survive the onslaught from

2018 61

INFINITI to build five new models in China and electrify its portfolio

Green Car Congress

Ahead of Beijing International Motor Show, INFINITI announced it will build five new vehicles in China in the next five years, beginning with the all new QX50 SUV, and electrify its portfolio ( earlier post ). Together with our partner Dongfeng Motor Company Ltd., —Roland Krueger, chairman and global president, INFINITI Motor Company, Ltd. Local production of the QX50 will begin ramping up shortly at the company’s manufacturing facility in Dalian, China.

2018 69