Distance driven in the United States: Did we reach the peak in 2004?

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This article is the latest publication in a series examining recent changes in various aspects of motorization in the United States. from 1984 to 2004 (from 6,612 miles to 9,314 miles), then decreased by 9.1% by Michael Sivak.

2004 136

Study finds rates of LDV fuel consumption in US peaked in 2004; indications of peak motorization

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These rates are down 16% to 17% from their peaks in 2004, except that the rate per vehicle is down 13% (from its peak in 2003). This rate increased to a maximum of 474 gallons in 2004. The rate increased to a maximum of 698 gallons in 2004. The rate increased to a maximum of 1,240 gallons in 2004. Measures of motorization in the US. 2004. -9% 2004. -11%. 2003 to 2004. -13% Michael Sivak (2013) “ Has Motorization In The U.S.

2004 87

EPA Reports Fifth Consecutive Annual Increase in US New Vehicle Fuel Economy; Up 9% Since 2004, Back to Levels of Early 1980s

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mpg, or 9%, since 2004. This positive trend beginning in 2005 reverses a long period of increasing CO 2 emissions and decreasing fuel economy from 1987 through 2004, and returns CO 2 emissions and fuel economy to levels of the early 1980s.

2004 119

Rivian introduces two quad-motor, AWD “Electric Adventure Vehicles”

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The Rivian vehicles feature up to 400+ miles in electric range, a wading depth of 1 meter, lockable storage bins that can fit the bulkiest of gear, and the performance and precise control of quad-motor AWD.

2018 130

TM4, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Exagon Motors and the Gouvernement du Québec partner on new electric drivetrain

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TM4 , PSA Peugeot Citroën, Exagon Motors, Hydro-Québec and the Gouvernement du Québec are collaborating to develop a new electric drivetrain for light-duty vehicles. Hydro­Québec will also be contributing CAD 4 million to the project, in addition to the services offered by its subsidiary TM4 to help with the development of an electric motor. In 2004, TM4 developed and produced a four-wheel drivetrain system for a technology demonstrator vehicle Peugeot Quark.

2016 65

GM promises it can make money on all-electric cars by 2021

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Toyota's hybrid-electric system, launched in Japan in 1997, likely didn't break even until sometime after the 2004 launch of the second-generation Prius. General Motors Plug-In Hybrids GM plug-in cars Profit Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV Radically new powertrains are widely assumed to lose money for the companies that launch them. Long-range battery-electric vehicles are the same, according to analysts and insiders: the question.

2018 76

Report: Mitsubishi Motors to cut US output 55%

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The Nikkei reports that Mitsubishi Motors Corp. To improve its bottom line, Mitsubishi Motors North America Inc., which operates the plant, has carried out a series of layoffs since fiscal 2004. Mitsubishi Motors will discontinue these three models and instead make another—the Outlander Sport. will reduce the output capacity of its US plant in Illinois by 55% to 50,000 units, from its current annual capacity of 110,000 units.

2011 73

The New General Motors Launches; Lutz Unretiring

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The new, downsized General Motors Company emerged from bankruptcy Friday morning. The four brands will offer a total of 34 nameplates by 2010, compared to old GM’s total of 48 in 2008 and 63 in 2004. The new General Motors Company is primarily owned by the governments of the United States, Canada and Ontario, and by a trust fund providing medical benefits to UAW retirees. Today starts a new era for General Motors and everyone associated with the company.

Paris Motor Show: Ford Confirms C-Max Hybrid And Plug-In Minivans

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Since launching the Ford Escape Hybrid in 2004, Ford has confined sales of its hybrid-electric vehicles to North America. But that's about to change. In European markets, where up to 50 percent of new cars are fitted with high-efficiency diesel engines, Ford has focused its efforts over the last decade on cars like the ultra-high-mileage Ford

Small-displacement two-stroke H2 engine could address performance and emissions cost-effectively for recreational market; potential for Asian motor vehicle fleet

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It, or a scaled-up version, could also provide a solution for the Asian motor vehicle fleet, in which two-stroke engine vehicles constitute a major share—and contribute significantly to air pollution. In 2004, Asif Faiz and Surhid Gautam, both of the World Bank, published a paper in the International Journal of Vehicle Design exploring different technical and policy options for reducing emissions from 2-stroke engines. —Faiz and Gautam (2004).

2012 107

Electric Quad Project.

DIY Electric Car

I have an 2004 Suzuki quadrunner (Z250 is anyone cares) It''s a rolling chassis only. Motor was lost long ago. I am leaning towards a golf cart or forklift motor. All the Golf cart motors I have been finding on the net are either 10 or 19 spline. I have the resources to create an adapter to convert the 13 spine either up or down to match a golf cart motor. But the cost of a motor and controller is going to be the biggest expense. Golf cart motor ?

Fiat Chrysler to electrify more vehicles as diesels fall out of favor

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Among the Detroit Three automakers, General Motors has a quarter of a century of electric-car experience, from the legendary EV1 to the 238-mile Chevrolet Bolt EV. Ford launched hybrids in 2004, before any other maker, but its battery-electric efforts thus far have been strictly compliance cars. Chrysler, however, was by far the most pessimistic. Sergio Marchionne plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA

2017 70

Peking University team develops method for modeling historical global black carbon emissions from motor vehicles with reduced uncertainty

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Geographical distributions of global BC emissions from motor vehicles in 1976 (A) and 2006 (B). Researchers at Peking University have developed a new methodology to model black carbon (BC) emissions from diesel and gasoline motor vehicles. The team’s review of the literature found 385 BC emissions factors for motor vehicles—excluding motorcycles and super-emitters—varying over 4 orders of magnitude.).

2012 78

Piëch Automotive unveiling Piëch Mark Zero electric sports car at Geneva; 500 km range, 80% charge in 4:40 minutes

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Piëch Automotive will unveil the Piëch Mark Zero electric sports car concept at the Geneva Motor Show this week. At the front axle, an asynchronous motor delivers 150 kW, while at the rear axle, two synchronous motors produce 150 kW each.

2019 108

Toyota reveals all you need to know about fuel cell cars

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DaimlerChrysler, for example, predicted the industry would be selling 100,000 fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) by 2004. According to Green Car Congress : During his presentation at the recent California Air Resources Board (ARB) ZEV Technology Symposium, Tatsuaki Yokoyama, from Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, said that Toyota aimed to reduce the cost of fuel cell vehicles to 1/10 of the current level by design and materials improvement by commercialization in 2015.

2009 100

Romming on Earth (and Sky)

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H ere is an interview with Joe Romm that recently appeared on the the popular radio show Earth and Sky Joseph Romm is author of " The Car and Fuel of the Future ," a 2004 report to the National Commission on Energy Policy.

2006 130

Studies indicate US population has fewer light duty vehicles and drives them less

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In the newer study, “ Has Motorization In The U.S. Sivak found that the distances driven per person; per licensed driver; per household; and per registered vehicle all reached their maxima in 2004—four years prior to the beginning of the current economic downturn—and decreased by 5% to 9% by 2011. —“Has Motorization In The U.S.

2013 81

What up with GM's Plug-in hybrid Volt?

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"GM tries to unplug Volt hype" is not the headline I've been hoping to see out of Motor City this spring. DaimlerChrysler AG promised a production fuel-cell vehicle by 2004, but couldn't deliver despite spending $1 billion on the technology. Last year, Ford Motor Co. But there it is in a Detroit News Autos Insider piece today. Just weeks after announcing production, perhaps, in 2010, the industry's hometown paper lets us know this is no done deal.

2007 100

Cumulative vehicle production at Toyota China JV hits 1M mark

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GAC Toyota Motor Co., GTMC), Toyota Motor Corporation’s (TMC) vehicle-production and sales company established jointly with Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., GTMC was established in 2004 as a base for Toyota-brand vehicle production and sales in China. and Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co., GAC), has produced more than 1 million vehicles since the start of production in 2006.

2011 80

NVIDIA Tegra Visual Computing Module debuts with Tesla Model S

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The NVIDIA Tegra Visual Computing Module (VCM) is debuting as part of the Tesla Motors Model S electric luxury sedan. Energy-efficient NVIDIA Tegra module powers infotainment, navigation and digital instrument cluster system in Tesla Motors Model S electric sedan.

2012 106

Ford CEO: Fuel-Efficient Engines Pose Tough Fight for Hybrids

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Ford has built hundreds of thousands of hybrids since 2004, but unlike Toyota, it hasn't staked its future on the pricey technology that mates an electric motor to a combustion engine. Ford's CEO Alan Mulally says that's because hybrids will face continuing competition from increasingly more fuel-efficient engines. 10K penalty for hybrid At

2004 43

EPA: US GHG fell 0.5% y-o-y in 2017; power sector down by 4.2%, transportation up 1.21%

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The number of vehicle miles traveled (VMT) by light-duty motor vehicles (passenger cars and light-duty trucks) increased by 45.9% Between 1990 and 2004, average fuel economy among new vehicles sold annually declined, as sales of light-duty trucks increased.

2019 95

EPA: US greenhouse gases up 2% in 2013; increased coal consumption, cool winter

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MMT CO 2 ) from 1990 due, in large part, to increased demand for travel as fleet-wide light-duty vehicle fuel economy was relatively stable (average new vehicle fuel economy declined slowly from 1990 through 2004 and then increased more rapidly from 2005 through 2013).

2015 104

Audi taps Mertens from Volvo to lead technical development

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This was followed by responsibility for the compact cars of General Motors Europe in 2004 and for all compact cars of General Motors worldwide in 2005. In late 2010, Mertens was appointed to the management board of Jaguar Land Rover and was responsible for corporate quality for the entire Tata Motors Group including Jaguar Land Rover. Audi AG has appointed Dr. Ing.

2016 73

Four-Way Two-Mode Hybrid Project Ends, Lab Closes; Now What?

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But now the partners are going their separate ways, and the complex hybrid system may end up solely as a General Motors technology. GM said in late 2004 it would partner with Daimler and Chrysler (then a single company) to develop a The Two-Mode Hybrid project was hailed as a model of technical cooperation when it was announced five years ago.

2004 43

Plug-In Hybrids (or Plugin Hybrids)

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And were gratified that General Motors recognizes this study as validation of its decision to evolve to the electrification of transportation. A PHEV with only a 20-mile all-electric range is 62% lower (see printed page 95 in the 2004 study ).

Last Chance Hybrid SUVs

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Ford Escape is the compact SUV line that was introduced by Ford Motor Company in 2000/2001. The hybrid version was introduced in the year 2004 for model year ’05. Over the past few years, the world had seen a huge shift in the automotive industry.

China to expand production and use of ethanol; 2020 E10 mandate would make China 3rd largest ethanol consumer

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Achieving this target would require ethanol consumption in China, the largest motor vehicle market in the world, to at least quadruple within the next three years, according to an analysis by the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) at Iowa State University.

2018 90

Who is winning the green car race? The Green Piece

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General Motors: Having been universally panned for its disregard of the EV1 and failing to get off the ground with a group of comparatively unsuccessful hybrids, the new GM is aiming to hit back with the Chevrolet Volt (see article ) – arguably the most eagerly anticipated green car in North America.

2009 59

Ford Produces 100,000th Hybrid

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Ford Motor Company has produced its 100,000th hybrid SUV and used the milestone to restate its commitment to ramping up production of hybrid vehicles this year. Ford began sales the Ford Escape hybrid in 2004, followed by the Mariner Hybrid in 2005. The Kansas City Assembly Plant, which employs 4,100 people, has been the hub for Ford’s hybrid SUV production since 2004.

Are Hybrids Shockingly Risky?

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Some of this concern was fear of the unknown but it seemed reasonable that getting a really big battery wet could have negative consequences ( here was an article on electrocution risks from 2004). For the past several weeks a leading headline in local and national news has been flooding.

Toyota to increase production capacity in Indonesia

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Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN), Toyota Motor Corporation’s (TMC) vehicle production subsidiary in Indonesia, plans to increase the annual production capacity of TMMIN’s Karawang Plant from 100,000 vehicles to 140,000 vehicles by early 2013. began in 2004 and was followed by the “Fortuner” SUV in 2005, making Indonesia an.

Daimler buys stake in Tesla

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Daimler has acquired an equity stake of nearly 10 per cent of Tesla Motors Inc, the American electric sports car manufacturer. In 2004, Tesla began development of its first electric vehicle, the Roadster, which remains the only highway capable EV for sale in North America or Europe.

2009 91

Opposed-piston engine company Achates Power raises $35.2M in Series C Financing; new industry advisory board

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The Series C financing follows a $19-million Series B round in 2009 and brings the total raised by Achates Power to nearly $90 million since its 2004 founding. The newly appointed Industry Advisory Board members include: Dr. Walter Bryzik, DeVlieg chairman and professor of mechanical engineering at Wayne State University, retired chief scientist of TARDEC—responsible for all aspects of ground vehicle technology—and the 2004 winner of the Distinguished Presidential Rank Award.

2013 83

Sanyo Supplying Li-ion Batteries for Suzuki Swift Plug-in Hybrid

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Sanyo Electric recently announced an agreement with Suzuki Motor to supply lithium-ion battery systems for the Swift Plug-in Hybrid. The plug-in is powered by a 55 kW, 180 N·m AC synchronous motor and a 2.66 Sanyo has been supplying nickel-metal hydride batteries for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) to Honda and Ford since 2004. Earlier post.) Suzuki has already announced its intention to start manufacturing the vehicles.

Toyota transport wins EPA SmartWay award

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Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.’s Since 2004, the 3,073 SmartWay partners across the US have saved an estimated $8.1 s transportation team, Toyota Logistics Services (TLS), moves approximately 2.2 million new Toyota and Lexus vehicles to dealerships every year. This week the US EPA recognized TLS for making these moves as efficient as possible.

2013 78

Audi and Hyundai to partner on fuel cell technology

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Audi AG and Hyundai Motor Group will partner on the development of fuel cell technology. —Euisun Chung, Vice Chairman at Hyundai Motor Company. The first test vehicle was the compact Audi A2H2 in 2004, followed by the Audi Q5 HFC in 2008. The two companies plan to cross-license patents and grant access to non-competitive components. The agreement is currently subject to approval from the applicable regulatory authorities.

2018 78

EIA: growing octane needs widen price difference between regular and premium in US

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On the demand side, the premium gasoline share of total motor gasoline sales has steadily increased in recent years, reaching a high of nearly 12% in August 2016—the highest share since 2004.

2017 78

Urban transport | Two wheels good | The Economist

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Your correspondent borrowed the new A2B electric bicycle from Ultra Motors, a British firm, and took it for a spin in London.

EIA: US energy-related CO2 emissions down 1.7% in 2016; carbon intensity of economy down 3.1%; transportation emissions up

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CO 2 emissions from petroleum and other liquids, which have been the largest source of energy-related CO 2 in recent decades, have been increasing since 2012 after remaining relatively constant from 2004 to 2007 and then generally decreasing through 2012. The 2016 increase in energy‐related CO 2 emissions from the transportation sector was led by motor gasoline consumption, according to EIA. Motor gasoline accounted for 56.0%

2017 60

Where Plug-In Hybrid Conversions (mostly Priuses) Are

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CalCars PRIUS+/Ron Gremban, Fall 2004 Ron Gremban, CalCars team; initially with EnergyCS technology (not used in redesigned conversion) Marin County, CA info@calcars.org 2. John Clinton, 2004 Prius+ PbA conversion, EAA-PHEV , January 2008, (Alexandria, VA). Mauro Rampini, 2004 Prius by Rampini Mauro, using EAA-PHEV method with components from Plugin Supply , May 10, 2008 (Arluno, Italy, EU), contact solare.

2007 41

EPA annual trends report finds new vehicle fuel economy at record 24.1 mpg; new powertrain technologies rapidly gaining share

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mpg increase over the previous year and an increase of nearly 5 mpg since 2004. Based on longer term trends since MY 2004, truck SUVs have the largest cumulative percentage fuel economy improvement of 27%, followed by both cars and car SUVs at 23%.

2014 106

How to Get a Plug-In Hybrid

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We Promote PHEV Conversion Programs: First CalCars in 2004, then a number of aftermarket companies, have converted over 200 cars — at first most were for fleets, but more and more are going to individual owners.