VW’s new CEO plans to downsize board, report says

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The post VW’s new CEO plans to downsize board, report says appeared first on Bauaelectric Auto News. VW’s new CEO, Oliver Blume, may scale back the variety of administration board seats to remove twin features, sources stated.

Lamborghini Huraca?n successor to downsize to turbo V-8?

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n successor to downsize to turbo V-8? Lamborghini’s lineup shall be totally electrified by the tip of 2024, with the Urus and the successors to the Aventador and Huraca?n n all anticipated to undertake plug-in hybrid powertrains. Read more. The post Lamborghini Huraca?n


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Roskill: Japanese steel industry is poised for a major downsizing in the years to come

Green Car Congress

With these headwinds in mind, there is no doubt that the Japanese steel industry is poised for a major downsizing in the years to come, according to Roskill. Nippon Steel plans to suspend blast furnace operations at its Ibaraki Prefecture plant, near Tokyo, according to the Nikkei—the latest example of the group’s efforts to deal with overcapacity in Japan. With an earlier decision to halt three other blast furnaces, the steelmaker will cut its domestic capacity by 20%.

Next Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT May Have Downsized, Electrified Powertrain


The manufacturer seems convinced electrification is the future and it sees the end of the V8 is in sight

VW suggests engine downsizing is done; emissions rules are the reason

Green Car Reports

They have downsized engines across model lines, usually adding turbochargers at the same time to match the power output of the larger-displacement engines that they. emissions VW downsizing Fuel Economy TurbochargingWhen it comes to improving fuel efficiency, simply making an engine smaller is a fairly direct way to get results. It's the approach that many automakers have taken in recent years.

Want to downsize a car but not ready for a bicycle? Here’s why you need a seated electric scooter


The post Want to downsize a car but not ready for a bicycle? Gas prices are ridiculously high and they just keep climbing.

Texas Instruments tech claimed to boost electric car range, downsize onboard chargers

Green Car Reports

The company you probably once knew for its calculators and computers is still around—developing critical components for electric-car chargers.

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Land Rover plug-in hybrid lineup expands with downsized engine, bigger battery

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Land Rover is launching a new plug-in hybrid powertrain, based around a downsized 3-cylinder engine, that promises greater fuel economy and more electric range than the British automaker's current models.

2020 95

Testing confirms Torotrak V-Charge variable drive mechanical supercharger enables more ambitious downsizing; 1.0L demo at Aachen

Green Car Congress

Independent on-engine test results have verified the simulation predictions that a Torotrak V-Charge variable drive mechanical supercharger enables more ambitious levels of engine downsizing. Next generation downsizing and downspeeding remain the industry’s best near-term solutions for reducing carbon emissions. Although tested on a gasoline application V-Charge could, according to Dunne, achieve similar gains on a downsized diesel engine and bring additional emissions benefits.

2016 224

Google and IEEE launch $1M challenge for downsized inverters

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Google and the IEEE have launched the Littlebox Challenge—an open competition to design and build a small kW-scale inverter with the highest power density (of at least 50 W/in 3 , or 3.05 kW/L) in an enclosure of less than 40 in 3 in volume (0.66L). The winning inverter, which will receive a $1-million prize, will be the unit which achieves the highest power density while meeting the required specifications under testing for 100 hours.

Honda CR-V Hybrid redesigned, point-of-sale EV rebates, faster-charging cells and downsizing: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Americans prefer point-of-sale EV rebates, and we’d all save money in the process. Could faster-charging batteries save raw materials? And Honda rolls out a new generation of the CR-V Hybrid, with hopes for it to be a sporty, high-mpg sales leader. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Mitsubishi Mi-Tech PHEV concept teases 4-motor layout, downsized powertrain

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Mitsubishi will show a 4-motor PHEV concept at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, highlighting new electrification tech and unconventional gasoline power in a new downsized SUV package. The automaker describes the Mi-Tech as "An electric SUV that delivers unparalleled driving pleasure and confidence over all terrain in light and wind." Plug-In Hybrids

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Torotrak to present extreme engine downsizing solution at Dresden supercharging conference

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V-Charge system with mechanical variable drive outperforms conventional boosting methods on downsized gasoline engine. This signals the potential for a new level of downsizing, enabling the industry to further reduce the CO 2 output of high volume vehicles without compromising driver satisfaction. Though tested on a gasoline application, Torotrak anticipates that V-Charge will achieve similar gains on a downsized diesel engine.

2016 163

Musk: Tesla Cybertruck won't be downsized, but smaller follow-up truck a possibility

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Tesla enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating the upcoming episode of Jay Leno's Garage in which CEO Elon Musk lets Leno drive the Cybertruck in Southern California.

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Volvo to concentrate on hybrids and downsized engines for US

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Volvo Car Corporation will rely on a powertrain strategy based on its new downsized 4-cylinder VEA (Volvo Environmental Architecture) engine platform ( earlier post ) and hybrids for the US market, said John Maloney, recently appointed President of Volvo Cars, US, in an interview at the Detroit Auto Show. The XC60 Plug-in Hybrid Concept was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show. Click to enlarge.

EIA: trends in downsized engine design leading to increased demand for higher-octane gasoline

Green Car Congress

One significant trend is engine downsizing coupled with turbocharging. Smaller, turbocharged engines can be used to raise fuel economy while meeting or exceeding the power and torque of larger engines, allowing engine downsizing and improved fuel economy with little or no performance compromise. Since 2013, the share of premium gasoline in total motor gasoline sales in the US has steadily increased to 11.3%

2016 163

Volkswagen of America bringing in downsized 1.8L EA888 engine to displace 2.5L; all vehicles E15 capable

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen predicts fuel highway fuel economy will improve by up to 17% with the downsized engine. Technologies in the EA888 engine line. Click to enlarge. Among the important product changes for Volkswagen of America for the 2014 model year is the introduction of the EA888 1.8-liter turbocharged and direct-injection four-cylinder TSI engine, which will gradually replace the 2.5-liter five-cylinder naturally aspirated powerplant fitted to the Jetta, Beetle, and Passat models.

2013 240

KIT researchers developing low-pressure carbonitriding process for hardening steel with methylamine; applications in downsized engines

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Steels hardened in this way are suited for use in components subjected to high mechanical and thermal loads in downsized, energy-efficient and low-emission engines of the future. Combustion engines still have potential to save energy and reduce emissions; a current trend is to use downsized engines of the same or even increased power. Diesel injection systems have to reach higher injection pressures and improved injection accuracies in order to meet the requirements of downsizing.

2015 150

Report: Japan carmakers downsizing in Europe as market shrinks

Green Car Congress

’s decision to cut stop producing the Colt subcompact there highlight the a downsizing trend in Europe for Japanese carmakers as the new-vehicle market there shrinks. The Nikkei writes that Daihatsu Motor Co.’s ’s withdrawal from new-vehicle sales in Europe and Mitsubishi Motors Corp.’s The EU market for new passenger cars declined by 5.5%

Achates OPGCI project targeting 50% fuel efficiency gains over downsized GDI engine at reduced cost

Green Car Congress

The engine should yield fuel efficiency gains of more than 50% compared to a downsized, turbo-charged gasoline direct injection engine, while reducing the overall cost of the powertrain system, said Fabien Redon, Vice President, Technology Development at Achates Power. Overall, they expect about a 50% improvement in fuel efficiency over a downsized, gasoline direct injection engine.

2015 163

Downsizing to become default? The Green Piece

Green Cars News

Alfa Romeo has this week proven how to make downsizing fun, engaging and a treat for enthusiasts: it has launched the MiTo 875cc TB TwinAir 85. The Green Piece Alfa Romeo downsizingTuesday 24 July, 2012. The Green Piece Column. As its name suggests, it is indeed a 0.875-litre engine – even more intriguing than that, it boasts just two cylinders, [.].

Cummins progressing with lightweight downsized T2B2 diesel for pickup; 40% improvement in fuel economy over gasoline V8

Green Car Congress

Cummins reports that it, along with partners Johnson Matthey and Nissan, is on plan in a 4-year, $30-million ($15 million from the US Department of Energy) research project to deliver a light-duty diesel engine with fuel economy 40% improved over that of baseline gasoline V8 engine for a half-ton pickup truck while also meeting the requirements of US Tier2 Bin2 tailpipe emissions. Earlier post.).

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ICCT-led analysis of turbocharged, downsized engine tech finds lower costs and greater benefits than 2012 EPA/NHTSA analysis; 48V, e-boost, Miller

Green Car Congress

A new white paper published by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), in collaboration with Eaton, Ricardo, JCI, BorgWarner, Honeywell, and the ITB Group, analyzes current turbocharged, downsized gasoline engine technology developments and trends. Comparison of ICCT/supplier and EPA/NHTSA costs and benefits of turbocharging and downsizing technologies.

2016 200

New Efficient Supercharger with Variable Drive for Downsized Gasoline Engines

Green Car Congress

The need to reduce CO 2 emissions is leading to downsized engines, heavily boosted by turbo- or supercharging. Rotrak, the new 50:50 joint-venture between traction drive specialist Torotrak plc and centrifugal supercharger company Rotrex AS, will present a highly efficient supercharger system in a paper at the 15 th Supercharging Conference in Dresden on 24 September.

Hyundai showcasing new downsized turbo engines and 7-speed dual-clutch transmission; i40 48V Hybrid, i30 CNG

Green Car Congress

New engines and transmission. Click to enlarge. Hyundai Motor is showcasing two new turbocharged gasoline direct injected (T-GDI) engines at the Paris Motor Show 2014. Both engines—1.0-liter and 1.4-liter units which are part of a new generation of engines from the Kappa family—meet growing demand for small capacity, turbocharged engines to reduce fuel consumption and CO 2 emission without compromising performance.

2014 200

Seres EV startup postpones US launch amid downsizing

Green Car Reports

Seres, the startup electric carmaker formerly known as SF Motors, is shelving plans to bring a new electric car to market in the U.S. The electric-car company was founded in 2017 when the Chinese industrial company Sokon bought the battery-technology company founded by former Tesla CEO and founder Martin Eberhard. At the Shanghai auto show in. SF Motors Seres

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New lightweight aluminum piston from Federal-Mogul enables further downsizing of gasoline engines

Green Car Congress

The new Advanced Elastoval II piston is lighter, delivers increased power outputs and can withstand the higher pressures that occur late in the combustion cycle of highly charged downsized engines. The new Advanced Elastoval II piston. Click to enlarge. Federal-Mogul Corporation has developed a lightweight, high-strength aluminium piston that enables engine manufacturers to increase the power density and efficiency of boosted, direct injected gasoline engines.

2012 203

Audis Downsized 1.2L TFSI for the A3 and A3 Sportback

Green Car Congress

Downsizing entails the replacement of engine displacement with turbocharging. Audi has introduced a new low-displacement turbocharged gasoline engine in the A3 model line. Earlier post.) The 1.2L TFSI engine generates 77 kW (105 hp), with fuel consumption of 5.5 L/100km (42.8 mpg US); CO 2 emissions are 127 g/km (204 g/mile). The wholly redesigned 1.2 TFSI—which produces a specific power output of 87.7 hp per liter from 1,197 cc (73.05

HyBoost demonstrator debuts at LCV2011; 50% by swept volume downsizing with low-cost electrification

Green Car Congress

The HyBoost project vehicle was revealed for the first time today at the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle 2011 event hosted at Rockingham, UK, demonstrating a combination of high-impact, low-cost electrical systems which offer the prospect of radical engine downsizing using electric supercharger and energy capture and storage technologies within an otherwise conventional gasoline powertrain architecture. HyBoost demonstrator. Click to enlarge.

2011 180

Ferrari Developing V12 Hybrid, Downsized V6s Possible

Green Car Reports

Even supercar makers take the environment into account when designing a car these days. Modern Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches have to meet the same regulations as regular passenger cars, even if ultimately they still use more gasoline and pump out more emissions. Ferrari is hoping to cut its gas guzzling ways further by developing a hybrid

HyBoost concept achieving close to Prius-level CO2 emissions; aggressive downsizing with advanced boosting and micro-hybrid system

Green Car Congress

HyBoost achieves this by combining aggressive 50% downsizing of the engine with an electric supercharger for transient low-speed performance, and a micro-hybrid stop-start and energy recuperation systems, Boggs said. Downsizing the 2.0-liter base engine to a 1-liter, boosted direct injection (EcoBoost) engine delivers up to a 25% reduction. Ricardo’s gasoline engine roadmap focuses on CO 2 reduction through downsizing and the use of synergistic technologies.

2011 194

Ricardo to assist Lifan in development of 1.2L turbocharged DI gasoline engines for downsizing applications

Green Car Congress

Ricardo will assist Lifan Automobile Group based in Chongqing, China, with the development of a family of highly downsized gasoline engines capable of meeting future Chinese and international fuel economy and emissions regulations. range of naturally aspirated engines, while a premium high-boost DI version will provide even greater levels of downsizing by replacing products of up to 2.0L

2011 174

Volvo introducing new downsized 4-cylinder engine range, with fuel economy improvements up to 35%; hybrid and flywheel drive systems

Green Car Congress

The Volvo Car Corporation is introducing a new, downsized engine range consisting solely of four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. It proves that downsized engines can go hand in hand with our customers’ expectations on luxury and driving pleasure. The upcoming four-cylinder VEA (Volvo Environmental Architecture) engine range includes common rail diesels and direct injected gasoline engines.

2011 224

Williams F1 Team and Mercedes-Benz enter long-term engine partnership; downsized turbo hybrid Power Units

Green Car Congress

The Williams F1 Team and Mercedes-Benz signed a long-term engine partnership from the 2014 Formula One World Championship season onwards. Under the terms of the agreement, Williams will be supplied with a Mercedes-Benz Power Unit (Internal Combustion Engine plus Energy Recovery System) by Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP) based in Brixworth, UK. Williams will continue to manufacture its own transmission.

2013 180

Toyotas Yaris hybrid concept anticipates B-segment hybrid strategy with first downsizing of HSD; Prius +

Green Car Congress

This marks Toyota’s first downsizing of its HSD technology. Yaris HSD concept. Click to enlarge. Making its world debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the Yaris HSD concept anticipates Toyota’s intention to bring its full hybrid Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) technology to the B-segment, the biggest volume segment in Europe.

2011 196

Downsized 3-Cylinder Engines Not Refined Enough For Mercedes

Green Car Reports

Three-cylinder engines are all the rage right now. Once the preserve of basic economy cars, they''re now used in everything from the latest generation of economy vehicles, through sporty hatchbacks like the 2015 MINI Cooper and Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost, to BMW''s i8 plug-in hybrid sports car. Mercedes-Benz though will not be joining the three-pot

Outlander Plug-In, Downsized Pickups, Tesla Chooses Nevada: The Week In Reverse

Green Car Reports

We drive Mitsubishi’s plug-in SUV, and wonder if downsized pickups really are a bigger thing than automakers project. And guess who’s now neighbors with the Mustang Ranch? This is The Week In Reverse for Friday, September 12, here at Green Car Reports. This week at Green Car Reports, we brought you our first drive report of the

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Consumer Reports survey shows high fuel costs cause downsizing, less driving; 73% would consider alt fuel vehicle

Green Car Congress

The survey, conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, found that car owners were open to different ways of saving at the pump, from downsizing to looking at hybrids, electric cars, or models with diesel engines. Of those who said they plan to move to a different type, owners of large SUVs were the most open to downsizing, frequently planning to move to a smaller SUV.

2012 174

Simulation study finds “Millerizing” the Scuderi split-cycle engine could enable 50% engine downsizing with retention of power and torque, along with reduced fuel consumption

Green Car Congress

Simulation study finds Miller version of Scuderi engine can deliver twice the BMEP as naturally aspirated version, theoretically enabling 50% downsizing while maintaining performance. Applying the Miller cycle to the Scuderi engine (right) entails downsizing of the compression cylinder. For the study, the SwRI team applied the Miller cycle to a spark-ignited, stoichiometric, gasoline-fueled version of the SSCE with downsized compressor cylinder in 1D cycle simulation software.

2012 214

FEV to Display Extremely Downsized Engine at 2010 SAE World Congress

Green Car Congress

FEV’s 698 cm 3 Extremely Downsized Engine. will show its Extremely Downsized Engine (EDE) at next week’s 2010 SAE World Congress in Detroit. After analysis of various approaches that have the potential of meeting aggressive future CO 2 emission levels, FEV determined that downsizing and boosting appears to hold the most promise to meet the engineering targets. Click to enlarge. FEV, Inc.

2010 174

UK company forms engine downsizing partnership

Green Cars News

In a partnership to be known as Rotrak, Torotrak’s variable speed traction drive will combine with Rotrex’s supercharging technology to help provide affordable engine downsizing technologies to the automotive industry. Tags: Green cars Latest news engine downsizing technology Rotrex supercharging technology Torotrak variable speed traction drive

JD Power 2012 APEAL highlights ongoing downsizing trend for new car buyers in US; increasing satisfaction with smaller vehicles

Green Car Congress

Power and Associates’ latest APEAL (Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout) study—an examination of how gratifying a new vehicle is to own and drive, based on owner evaluations of more than 80 vehicle attributes— highlights an ongoing downsizing trend among US auto buyers, and finds that owners of small cars and light trucks are often just as satisfied with their vehicles as owners of larger ones.

2012 180

BorgWarner suggests Valve-Event Modulated Boost system can offer 6-17% fuel economy benefit over already downsized and turbocharged engines

Green Car Congress

BorgWarner says that its Valve-Event Modulated Boost (VEMB) system can offer a total possible fuel economy improvement of 6% at low speeds to 17% at high speeds over already downsized and turbocharged engines by separating the exhaust event into an early blow-down phase directed toward the turbo and a late scavenge phase directed toward the EGR system.

2012 186