Tesla Motors Talking To German Government About Battery Factory

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Silicon Valley electric-car maker Tesla Motors is reportedly in talks with the German government to establish a lithium-ion battery plant in that country, which could kickstart slow sales of its Model S and future vehicles. And as is usual in cases of new industrial facilities, Tesla will. Germany battery pack Tesla Motors gigafactory Tesla PowerwallWell, here's one that ought to irk the German automakers.

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ECD Automotive Design adds electric Jaguar E-Types to its repertoire using Tesla motors


With the option to choose a Tesla motor and battery, these electric Jaguar E-Types are now available to order. The post ECD Automotive Design adds electric Jaguar E-Types to its repertoire using Tesla motors appeared first on Electrek.


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Tesla Motors Announces New Stock Sale Of $500 Million

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It had to come, and it did: Tesla Motors is selling more stock to bolster its cash position as it prepares to launch its second high-volume electric car. Finance Elon Musk Tesla Motors plug-in cars Stock MarketThe California company announced this morning it would offer $500 million in new common stock And, the company noted, CEO Elon Musk "intends to purchase $20 million of common stock in this.

2015 129

What will Tesla Motors be in 2025? Poll results

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Ah, Tesla Motors, source of hope, dreams, visions, contempt, dismissal, hilarity, frustration, and so much more. Tesla Motors plug-in cars PollsThe Silicon Valley startup automaker, now in its ninth year of making electric cars, has built close to 150,000 expensive battery-powered luxury vehicles and defied critics numerous times. So what do our readers think the future holds.

2016 89

Reactions to Tesla Motors' master plan are mixed

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Last week, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk issued an updated version of the "master plan" whose first edition he wrote way back in 2006. As with virtually all things Tesla, the plan has generated quite a. Tesla Motors plug-in cars solar self-driving cars ridesharingIt included proposals for everything from an electric semi truck to the development of fully-autonomous cars that could be shared among owners.

2016 94

Tesla Motors posts first quarterly profit

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Tesla reached profitability in the first quarter of 2013 for the first time in its ten year history. Total revenues for Q1 rose 83% from Q4 to $562 million, a new record for Tesla. Tesla said it expected this to decline significantly in future quarters, as ZEV credits will only apply to about 1/6 of worldwide deliveries, versus roughly half of US deliveries, and the price per credit has declined. Tesla expects operating expenses to increase moderately in Q2.

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How Elon Musk Controls Tesla Motors While Owning Only 27 Percent

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Tesla Motors commands outsize attention within the world of electric cars--and the auto industry in general. management Elon Musk Tesla Motors Executives plug-in carsIts CEO, Elon Musk, has a huge personal following that eagerly hangs on his every word. Or perhaps "his every tweet" would be more appropriate, Twitter often being his preferred mode for communicating and, seemingly, thinking out loud.

2015 130

Tesla Motors Releases Quarterly Sales: 10,030 Cars Sold Globally Jan-Mar

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Tesla Motors started deliveries of its all-electric Roadster more than six years ago. Green Elon Musk New car sales Tesla Motors plug-in cars sales Since then, the Silicon Valley electric-car maker has released its sales data in various ways at various times, usually only during quarterly earnings reports. Today, the company announced that it would provide quarterly sales numbers just after each three-month.

2015 130

Tesla Motors launches Supercharger network in Norway

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Tesla Motors introduced the first elements of its European Supercharger network—a set of fast charging stations across Norway. With locations in Lyngdal, Aurland, Dombås, Gol, Cinderella and Lillehammer, Norway’s most vital and commonly used roads and highways are covered by Tesla Superchargers.

2013 179

Technology Credit Union announces financing relationship with Tesla Motors

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Tech CU (Technology Credit Union) is working with Tesla Motors as a preferred financing partner for their Model S, Model X and Roadster electric vehicles, offering up to 100% financing with a competitive annual percentage rate (APR). Tesla is also a Tech CU Member Company; Tech CU provides Tesla employees with resources that include personal and business banking, commercial lending and comprehensive wealth management services that include investing and financial planning.

2014 204

Tesla Motors opens assembly plant in Tilburg, Netherlands

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Having begun the first European deliveries of Model S, Tesla Motors opened its Tilburg Assembly Plant. The Tilburg facility will serve as the final assembly and distribution point for Model S vehicles sold in Europe as well as Tesla’s European service and parts headquarters. Being centrally located in Tilburg enables efficient, timely and cost effective operations throughout Europe, Tesla says.

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Electric Vehicle Spotlight (EVS): ECD Automotive Design is building badass one-of-a-kind electric Land Rovers using Tesla motors


The company has recently begun building electric versions of its one-of-a-kind vehicles by integrating Tesla motors and battery packs.

Panasonic invests $30M in Tesla Motors

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Panasonic Corporation has invested $30 million in Tesla Motors. The investment was made through the purchase of Tesla common stock in a private placement at a price of $21.15 Tesla currently uses Panasonic battery cells in its battery packs and has collaborated with Panasonic on the development of next-generation battery cells designed specifically for electric vehicles. We are proud to strengthen our relationship with Tesla Motors.

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Green Hero: Tesla Motors

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It’s been a breakthrough year for Tesla Motors. While many electric car start-ups have fallen by the wayside during the year, Tesla finally posted profits during the first quarter of 2013 (see article): its first profits after 10 years in business. Tesla Motors Green Hero

Tesla Motors Has More Than 1,600 Jobs Open, Many For Engineers

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As it works to increase sales volumes, Tesla has some ambitious plans for the next few years. Manufacturing engineering jobs Tesla Motors plug-in carsThe carmaker has several large projects in the works, including its Nevada battery "Gigafactory," the 200-mile Model 3 $35,000 electric car, and continued development of its Autopilot autonomous-driving technology. So perhaps it's not surprising that.

2015 96

Is Tesla Motors A Carmaker.Or Really A Grid-Storage Company?

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Many among the Detroit auto media were skeptical of Tesla Motors for years, correctly noting just how hard it is to start a car company and build a genuinely appealing product--electric car or not. But as Tesla continues to sell Model S electric luxury sedans, expanding into Europe and China as well as North America, some of those skeptics seem to

2014 131

Tesla Motors demonstrates battery swap in the Model S

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As promised, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk demonstrated a battery swap option for the Model S. The scenario, said Musk, is that each Tesla Supercharging station (“Tesla station”) would have a swap option. The swap, which, similar to the Better Place approach, has the target vehicle drive over a pit for removal of the old and insertion of a new pack, takes about 90 seconds.

2013 175

Tesla Motors Reaches Corporate Profitability

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Electric-vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors said it achieved overall corporate profitability in July with approximately $1 million of earnings on revenue of $20 million. Profitability arose primarily from improved gross margin on the Roadster 2, the second iteration of Tesla’s award-winning sports car, the company said. Tesla shipped a record 109 vehicles in July and enjoyed a surge in new Roadster purchases.

Ohio Dealers Renew Assault Against Tesla Motors Sales

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The legislative battle that pits Ohio car dealers against Tesla Motors and its company-owned stores continues. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the car dealers are once again pushing legislation that would keep Tesla from selling cars in the Buckeye State. MORE: Auto Dealers'' Fight Against Tesla Stores: Elon Musk Weighs In Senate Bill 260

2014 128

Tesla Motors Facing Copyright Lawsuit In China

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Tesla is once again facing copyright issues over its name in China, up against a trend the industry knows as "trademark trolls". When Tesla first made plans to sell cars in China, it came up against a businessman called Zhan Baosheng. Zhan had trademarked the Tesla name for automotive back in 2006, three years after Tesla formed in the U.S.

2014 121

Story of TESLA Motors: Beginning, Fight, Survival, and Success

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Would it be wrong if I said that the history of the automobile industry has been divided into two parts, before Tesla and after Tesla , some might argue that I understand? Story Of Tesla, Inc. The Before Tesla Era. The After Tesla Era. Tesla Model S.

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DOE Closes $465M Loan to Tesla Motors

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The US Department of Energy has closed its $465 million loan with Tesla Motors, Inc. The Palo Alto facility will assemble electric vehicle battery packs, electric motors, and related electric vehicle control equipment, both for Tesla’s own electric vehicles and for sale to other automobile manufacturers. Tesla’s planned Model S is being designed to offer a variety of range options depending on the battery pack used, from 160 to 300 miles on a single charge.

2010 185

Manufacturer Spotlight: Tesla Motors

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Where we stand: May, 2011 We break with our traditional format for Manufacturer Spotlight this month to take a look at a car maker that focuses solely on the manufacture of electric vehicles and electric vehicle powertrain components – Tesla Motors. Manufacturer Spotlight Tesla Motors Model S Roadster Roadster Sport Tesla U.S

Will 100,000 Sign Petition For Tesla Motors Sales By Friday?

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On June 5, a Tesla Motors fan mounted what seemed like another quixotic effort to support Tesla in selling its electric cars directly to buyers. The petition at WhiteHouse.gov that he or she launched required 100,000 people to sign it within a month, by Friday, July 5. Suddenly, it seems that petition may actually get the needed support--helped

2013 123

Tesla Motors Buys 35-Acre Test Facility In Fremont, CA

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As Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] faces the obstacle of obstreperous dealer organizations, rides the wave of its strong production figures, and quietly welcomes recent evidence that its batteries in the Roadster are lasting longer than predicted, another development: the electric car company has purchased a 35-acre tract adjacent to its Fremont, CA

2013 119

Petition For Tesla Motors Direct Sales Crosses 100,000 Signatures

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The fans have spoken: Over 100,000 people have now signed a White House petition asking for Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] to be allowed to sell its cars directly in all fifty states. Started by one Tesla supporter on June 5, support from across the electric car world piled in with signatures increasing faster and faster over the past week.

2013 119

Is Tomorrow The Most Important Day Ever For Tesla Motors?

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It's never dull over at Tesla Motors, but tomorrow is a particularly important day. That's because after the stock market closes, Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] will give the first hints about whether it could genuinely become a profitable independent carmaker. It may, in fact, be the most important day in the electric-car maker's history.

2013 106

Tesla Motors aims to tackle fire risk

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Tesla Motors is determined to wipe out concerns over garage fires after announcing it will introduce an improved wall adapter with thermal fuse. The announcement follows Tesla''s decision to introduce a software upgrade to the Model S (pictured) that enables safer charging in certain conditions as t[.]. Latest News Green cars Electric cars Tesla Motors

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Elon Musk (Tesla Motors) is at Burning Man. With AC.

Electric Cars are for Girls

Yeah, Elon Musk has an RV compound at Burning Man this year, with air conditioning and catering and such. Show of hands, who's not surprised

2011 182

Required Reading: Tesla Motors' Martin Eberhard Testifies

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Martin Eberhard, Tesla Motors CEO, testified at the Senate Finance Committee yesterday. Tags: martin eberhard electric cars hummer tesla motors In a succinct presentation, he makes the case for electricity. And he suggests turning the perverse federal incentives that brought us the Hummer on their head. Read his complete testimony here.

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Workers Burned In Industrial Accident At Tesla Motors Plant

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Three workers have suffered burns in an accident at the Fremont, California assembly plant, where Tesla Motors builds its Model S electric car. According to the company, a low-pressure aluminum casting press failed on Wednesday afternoon, spilling hot metal onto the workers. All three employees were immediately taken to Valley Medical Center in

2013 95

Largest Auto-Industry Employer In California: Electric-Car Maker Tesla Motors

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Tesla Motors is one of the youngest U.S. automakers, but has made a disproportionately large impact in the automotive media''s headlines over the last few years. It''s also, amazingly, become California''s biggest auto-industry employer--edging out even Toyota. When Toyota makes its move to Texas, taking most of its 5,300 jobs to the Lone Star State

2014 128

Tesla Motors In The Black, This Week, Tweets CEO Musk

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For Tesla CEO Elon Musk, that includes regular tweets about the company. Yesterday, he tweeted that Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] was in the black. "Am Am happy to report that Tesla was narrowly cash flow positive last week. Some of the biggest news of the year has been broken on social networking site, Twitter. Continued improvement expected through year

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Tesla Motors makes new battery agreement

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Tesla Motors and Panasonic Corporation have expanded their agreement, committing to the supply of close to two billion lithium-ion batteries until December 31, 2017. The battery cells are set to be used in both the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X (pictured), which is a performance utility vehic[.]. Latest News Green cars Electric cars Lithium-ion batteries Tesla Motors

2013 37

Tesla Motors reaches corporate profitability

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Big guns in the US auto industry like General Motors and Chrysler may still be reeling from the credit crunch, but upstart electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors has achieved overall corporate profitability in July. This includes a more powerful motor as well as forged wheels and a customer’s Roadster Sport sprinted the quarter mile in 12.643 seconds in late July setting a class record in the National Electric Drag Racing Association.

Anti-Tesla Motors bill in Ohio defeated

National Green Transportation

A bid in Ohio to block Tesla Motors from selling cars in that state has been defeated in the Ohio State Legislature on Tuesday. A last minute amendment to Senate Bill 137 would have prevented "a manufacturer or

Ohio 58

Tesla Motors Opens Gallery In Oil Country

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TK TK Palo Alto-based electric auto maker Tesla Motors doesn’t sell cars in its new Houston showroom, sales lot, dealership uh… “gallery” now open in Houston, Texas. According to Texas state law, they are, for some reason, not allowed to actually sell cars at their new digs in the Houston Galleria shopping center

Tesla Motors road-tripping it from San Diego to Seattle with Supercharger corridor

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In celebration of the completion of the West Coast Corridor of the Tesla Supercharger Network, Tesla is heading out on a Model S drive from San Diego to Seattle on their first Supercharged trip up the West Coast. Tesla drivers leave San Diego this morning from San Diego, will celebrate the next morning at Crissy Field in San Francisco, and roll into Tesla Seattle Sunday evening for a celebration at the finish line.

Tesla Motors interested in licensing battery and EV tech to Toyota and others

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Tesla Motors is interested in licensing its battery and other EV technologies to Toyota Motor Corp. Tesla is also interested in joining hands with Toyota in the area of customer service, Musk said, adding that Tesla's cars can be serviced at Toyota facilities. Earlier this year, Toyota invested $50 million in Tesla, and Panasonic, $30 million. Nikkei.

2010 204

UPDATED: Tesla Motors Q1 Earnings: What To Look For (Video)

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Within the next hour, Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] will release its first-quarter financial results. CEO Elon Musk has also said that Tesla is targeting a 25-percent gross margin on sales by the end of the We already know the company will be profitable, and that it sold "more than 4,750" Model S electric luxury sport sedans from January through March.

2013 88

Tesla Motors To Be Profitable Selling Electric Cars By April, It Says

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Tesla Motors announced its fourth-quarter and full-year results late yesterday, and offered some good news to the company's shareholders. That would be the projection that Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] will operate at a profit in the current quarter, which ends March 31. "We We expect to be slightly profitable (excluding only non-cash option and

2013 107

Panasonic Corporation and Tesla Motors finalize supply agreement for automotive-grade lithium-ion battery cells

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Panasonic Corporation and Tesla Motors finalized a supply agreement for automotive-grade lithium-ion battery cells. The agreement supplies Tesla with Panasonic’s lithium-ion battery cells to build more than 80,000 vehicles over the next four years. This supply agreement helps ensure Tesla will meet its cost and margin targets for Model S. In 2009, Panasonic and Tesla initially entered into a supply agreement.

2011 185

Tesla Motors insane new goal, 500K cars/year in 2018

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On Wednesday, Tesla Motors released their Q1 2016 financial results. The big news was not the $282 million GAAP loss for the quarter, nor that the Tesla Model X production is now humming along. Instead the big news

2016 52