KiOR seeks to double cellulosic fuels production at Columbus plant; $50M in from Khosla for Columbus II

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is pursuing plans to double production capacity at its Columbus, Mississippi, facility through construction of a second facility incorporating KiOR’s commercially proven technology. KiOR estimates that the Columbus II project will cost approximately $225 million; will break ground within 90 days of it raising sufficient equity and debt capital to commence the project; and will take approximately 18 months to construct and start up. Cellulosic gasoline and diesel company KiOR, Inc.

Columbus, Ohio wins $40M DOT Smart City Challenge; $10M more from Vulcan, $90M from private partners

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US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced that Columbus, OH has been selected as the winner of the US Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge. As winner of the Challenge, Columbus will receive up to $40 million from US DOT and up to $10 million from Paul G.

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CODA abandoning plan to build Li-ion battery factory in Columbus, Ohio

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The Columbus Dispatch reported that Coda Automotive is abandoning plans to build a Li-ion battery factory in Columbus. The company has been waiting for the US Department of Energy (DOE) to act on its $500-million loan application to help pay for construction. Since Coda applied for the loan, the Department of Energy has come under fire for its loan to Solyndra, a maker of solar panels that later went bankrupt, and for aid to other electric car companies.

KiOR halts cellulosic fuels production at Columbus in Q1 to optimize production; need for R&D to boost yield and cut costs

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In a conference call on Friday, KiOR President and CEO Fred Cannon said that the company will halt production of cellulosic gasoline, diesel and fuel oil at its plant in Columbus, Mississippi in order to implement a number of optimization projects it identified as necessary—based on its experience in 2013—to optimize production to enhance yield, throughput and operability and to minimize cost.

Faurecia unveils $64M digital factory showcasing the future of manufacturing; Industry 4.0

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Faurecia, a leading automotive supplier, unveiled a $64-million data-driven manufacturing facility in Columbus, Indiana. Columbus South, a 400,000 square-foot facility, will employ 450 people and produce a new, high-tech emissions control product for the commercial vehicle industry. —Mike Galarno, plant manager of Columbus South.

USDOT awards $6M grant to advance Northwest US 33 Smart Mobility Corridor in Ohio

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The City of Columbus “Smart Columbus” vision won the US Department of Transportation $40-million Smart City Challenge in June after competing against 77 cities nationwide. Smart Columbus includes testing autonomous vehicles at Easton and connected vehicle technology in in a number of Columbus locations. The City of Columbus is matching the USDOT grant with its own funds, along with $90 million in pledges from public and private sector partners.

Obama Administration announces $14 million for lightweight vehicle materials

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During his trip to Columbus Ohio today, President Obama announced a $14 million program to support development of lightweight materials for advanced vehicles.

Obama Administration announces $14 million for lightweight vehicle materials

National Green Transportation

During his trip to Columbus Ohio today, President Obama announced a $14 million program to support development of lightweight materials for advanced vehicles. Reducing vehicle weight will reduce the energy required by vehicles, leading to less

More of us work from home, but for those who do not, commuting time has increased

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minutes in 2017), and for each examined city except for Columbus (which showed no change). minutes in Columbus. by Michael Sivak.

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KiOR produced 172K gallons of cellulosic gasoline and diesel in July and August; 357,532 gallons so far this year

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Cellulosic gasoline and diesel company KiOR reported that in July and August, its Columbus, Mississippi facility produced 172,398 gallons of fuel, bringing the 2013 production total from the facility to 357,532 gallons through 31 August. The ratio between gasoline, diesel and fuel oil produced in the Columbus plant during the most recent two months equaled to approximately 83% gasoline and diesel, with the remaining production as fuel oil.

KiOR begins shipment of cellulosic gasoline

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developer of a catalytic pyrolysis process to produce renewable crude oil from biomass ( earlier post ), has achieved several key operational milestones at its commercial-scale cellulosic gasoline and diesel production facility in Columbus, Mississippi. First, the Columbus facility’s Biomass Fluid Catalytic Cracking, or BFCC, unit has completed its first uninterrupted 30-day run. KiOR, Inc.,

Cummins unveils hydrogen fuel cell truck as tech demonstrator

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The truck was designed and integrated by Cummins in Columbus, Indiana and includes a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell from Hydrogenics, a recent addition to Cummins. Cummins Inc.

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Cellulosic drop-in biofuels company KiOR says that to continue on, it needs capital

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In April 2012, it mechanically completed its Columbus, Mississippi facility. During the fourth quarter of 2012, it commissioned our proprietary BFCC (biomass fluid catalytic cracking) operation at the Columbus facility, and produced its first on specification cellulosic intermediate oil in limited quantities. During 2013, it intermittently operated our Columbus facility but did not reach steady state production.

KiOR ships first cellulosic diesel

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developer of a catalytic pyrolysis process to produce renewable rude oil from biomass ( earlier post ), has begun initial shipments of cellulosic diesel from its plant in Columbus, Mississippi. KiOR’s facility uses pine wood chips previously feeding a shut down paper mill at Columbus to produce the renewable oil, which is processed into gasoline and diesel blendstocks. KiOR, Inc.,

car2go pulls plug on car-sharing service in San Diego, Minneapolis/St. Paul

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Those locations include: New York City, Portland, Columbus, Seattle, Denver, Austin, Washington DC, Calgary, Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver. Daimler’s car-sharing service car2go is suspending its operations in San Diego, California and in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. In San Diego, car2go faced a lack of use, the company said. In the Twin Cities, the issue is the high state car rental taxation rates.

Fisker Nina

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Nina refers to one of Christopher Columbus' ships and is symbolic of our hope for freedom from oil California-based Fisker Automotive was recently awarded a $529 million government loan from the DOE to be used for the design and production of plug-in cars. Most of the funds are earmarked towards what Fisker is calling its Nina program.

Honda demonstrates smart intersection technology that enables vehicles to virtually see through and around buildings

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Honda has committed to using 200 connected vehicles for evaluation in the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor and Smart Columbus projects.

2018 97

KiOR and Catchlight Energy sign feedstock supply agreement

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Under the agreement, Catchlight Energy will supply forestry-based feedstocks required by KiOR’s first commercial renewable fuel production facility in Columbus, Mississippi. KiOR, Inc.,

Nissan to offer new Cummins V8 turbo diesel in next-gen Titan pickup

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V8 Turbo Diesel will be built at the Columbus Engine Plant, in Columbus, Ind., Nissan will offer a newly-developed Cummins V8 turbo diesel in its next-generation full-size Titan pickup. The engine will have a torque rating in the mid-500s lb-ft and deliver more than 300 hp (224 kW). Now in the latter stages of development and testing, the available Cummins 5.0L

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ProcessBarron retrofits help Severstal steel plant save 25 GWh/y in energy

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Last year, air, gas and material handling equipment company ProcessBarron retrofitted four 2,750-hp fans that send particulates from an electric arc furnace (EAF) to a baghouse for air pollution control at the Severstal steel plant in Columbus, Miss. These retrofits have helped the Severstal Columbus plant achieve more than 25,251,390 kWh (25 GWh) per year in energy savings and reduced the plant’s EAF energy costs by $0.70

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FHWA makes BAA awards for Phase 1 Truck Platooning Early Deployment Assessment

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Key Team Members/Partners: Anheuser-Busch, BGM Consulting, Columbus Region Logistics Council, Ohio Department of Transportation/Drive Ohio, Ohio State University, Ohio Turnpike Commission, Robert Bosch, Sutra Research and Analytics. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has made awards under the Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for a Phase 1 Truck Platooning Early Deployment Assessment.

2019 100

Tesoro to purchase algae-derived green crude oil from Sapphire Energy

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Under the agreement, Tesoro will purchase crude oil from Sapphire Energy’s Green Crude Farm in Columbus, New Mexico, which recently reached a new milestone: continuous cultivation and crude oil production. Sapphire Energy is now producing crude oil daily from algae biomass cultivated and harvested at the company’s Green Crude Farm in Columbus, NM.

2013 76

KiOR signs second offtake agreement for renewable gasoline and diesel blendstocks

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developer of a catalytic pyrolysis process to produce renewable oil from biomass ( earlier post ), and Catchlight Energy LLC (CLE), a 50-50 joint venture between subsidiaries of Chevron Corporation and Weyerhaeuser Company focused on providing liquid transportation fuels from sustainable forest-based resources, signed a conditional offtake agreement for CLE to purchase gasoline and diesel fuel blendstocks from KiOR’s first commercial production facility in Columbus, Mississippi. KiOR, Inc.,

KiOR expects to produce 920K gallons of cellulosic biofuels by year end; short-term focus on economics

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expects that, given current and anticipated operations through the remainder of the year, its Columbus, Mississippi facility will produce approximately 410,000 gallons of renewable fuel during the fourth quarter of 2013, bringing full year production total from the facility to approximately 920,000 gallons. Of that, EPA projected the bulk to come from the KiOR Columbus plant (5-6 million gallons of renewable gasoline and diesel). Cellulosic gasoline and diesel company KiOR, Inc.

2013 74

UPS enters into RNG supply agreements with Kinetrex and TruStar; up to 80M gallon equivalents

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The RNG will be used to fuel UPS’s LNG-powered trucks in Chicago, Columbus, Indianapolis, St. UPS has entered into multi-year renewable natural gas (RNG) agreements with Kinetrex Energy and TruStar Energy. Together, these two contracts will supply UPS with up to 80 million gallon equivalents (GEs) of RNG over the terms of the agreements. The use of RNG is a very important part of UPS’ strategy to increase alternative fuel consumption to be 40% of total ground fuel purchases by 2025.

2020 87

SARTA switching 50% of bus fleet to CNG over next 2 year, holds grand opening for Northern Ohio’s first public CNG station

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This will be the first public fueling station in Ohio outside of the Columbus area. SARTA (Stark Area Regional Transit Authority), a public transit authority serving Stark County in Northeastern Ohio, is switching 50% of its current fleet of buses to CNG starting with the first 6 CNG fixed route buses in May 2012. SARTA estimates that the change will save it up to 40% a year on fueling costs while taking advantage of local fueling sources.

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7 finalists announced for USDOT Smart City Challenge; Amazon Web Services new partner

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The finalists are: Austin, TX; Columbus, OH; Denver, CO; Kansas City, MO; Pittsburgh, PA; Portland, OR; and San Francisco, CA. US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, joined by Barbara Bennett, President and COO of Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Inc.

2016 99

Boeing to acquire Aurora Flight Sciences to advance autonomous technology capabilities

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including a research and development center located near MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, manufacturing facilities in Bridgeport, West Virginia and Columbus, Mississippi with offices in Dayton, Ohio, Mountain View, California and Luzern, Switzerland. Boeing plans to acquire Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation ; Aurora specializes in autonomous systems technologies to enable advanced robotic aircraft for future aerospace applications and vehicles.

2017 68

KiOR signs renewable diesel blendstock supply agreement with FedEx Corporate Services; 1st end-user agreement

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from KiOR’s first commercial production facility in Columbus, MS, which is scheduled to commence production in the second half of 2012. KiOR, Inc., developer of a catalytic pyrolysis process to produce renewable oil from biomass ( earlier post ), has signed a ground fuel supply agreement with FedEx Corporate Services, Inc. Under the agreement, KiOR may supply renewable diesel blendstocks for purchase by affiliates of FedEx Corporate Services, Inc.

Frito-Lay to Deploy 21 Electric Delivery Trucks in 2010, 155 More in 2011

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New York will be the first of three cities in the US, along with Columbus, Ohio and Ft Worth, Texas, where Frito-Lay will be piloting electric trucks on regular daily routes. Frito-Lay will deploy 21 electric delivery trucks this year. The company projects it will roll out 155 additional trucks in 2011, making Frito-Lay the largest commercial fleet of all-electric trucks in North America.

2010 117

Cellulosic fuels company KiOR reveals “substantial doubts” about its viability; funding needed by 1 April

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The costs and time involved in operating our Columbus facility have been much higher than we initially anticipated, and we have not reached “steady sate” operations. These issues caused the Columbus facility to run significantly below its nameplate capacity for biomass of 500 bone dry tons per day and limited the production of cellulosic gasoline and diesel.

2014 78

CODA abandons lithium-ion battery plant plans

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According to a report in the Columbus Dispatch, the company had been waiting for confirmation of a $500million loan from the US Department of Energy to help with its construction. Despite enjoying some early success with the CODA Sedan (pictured), CODA Automotive has decided to abandon its plans to build a lithium-ion battery plant.

Cyclone Power taps OSU Center for Automotive Research for design and testing services for external combustion engine

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OSU CAR is a Columbus-based interdisciplinary research center within The Ohio State University’s College of Engineering, which is located 30 miles from the site of Cyclone’s proposed joint venture with Precision CNC to manufacture Cyclone engines. Cyclone Power Technologies Inc.,

2013 76

Ford reorganizing mobility solutions efforts; acquires Autonomic, TransLoc to boost mobility group

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Last week, Ford announced the launch of service in Columbus, Ohio—Chariot’s fifth city.

2018 138

US DOE awards KiOR loan guarantee supporting a more than $1B biofuels project; drop-in fuels from wood biomass

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The first plant under that agreement (and the company’s first commercial unit overall) will be located in Columbus, MS and funded by the proceeds of a $75-million loan from the State of Mississippi. In August 2010, KiOR announced the start of engineering and construction on its first commercial facility in Columbus, MS which is expected to produce more than 11 million gallons of fuel per year. KiOR, Inc.,

KiOR receives fuel registration from EPA for renewable diesel

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he receipt of the Part 79 registrations for our cellulosic gasoline and diesel from EPA coincides perfectly with the start-up of our first production facility in Columbus, Mississippi next month. KiOR, Inc., a next-generation renewable fuels company, has been granted Part 79 (Title 40 CFR Part 79) registration for its Renewable Diesel Blendstock 5 by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

2012 78

Cummins Receives $7M DoD Contract to Research and Develop Efficient Powertrain Technologies

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Estimated completion date is 9 Sept 2013, with work to be performed in Columbus, Ind. Cummins, Inc. has been awarded a $6,971,182 cost reimbursement, no fee contract by the US Department of Defense to perform research and development of efficient power train technologies over a period of 48 months.

Honda establishing new R&D Innovation Lab Tokyo with focus on intelligent technologies

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HRI has been working on various research projects while establishing a global network of researchers in the areas of advanced sciences through HRI operations in Frankfurt in Germany, Silicon Valley and Columbus in the US and Wako-City in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Honda R&D Co., Ltd.,

2016 60

EIA: US ethanol plant capacity increases to nearly 15B gallons/year; 3rd consecutive annual increase

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The top five ethanol plants by nameplate capacity are all owned by ADM: ADM Decatur, IL (375 million gallons per year); ADM Columbus, NE (313 million); ADM Cedar Rapids, IA Dry Mill (300 million); ADM ADM Cedar Rapids, IA Wet Mill (240 million); and ADM Clinton, IA (237 million).

2016 78

Daimler, Blue Bird, IC Bus introduce electric school buses at NAPT

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Three major school bus manufacturers—Daimler subsidiary Thomas Built Buses, Blue Bird and Navistar subsidiary IC Bus—introduced battery-electric school buses at the recent National Association for Pupil Transportation Annual Conference and Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio (NAPT).

2017 85

Sapphire Energy and Linde Group to commercialize hydrothermal treatment technology used to upgrade algae into crude oil

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Linde, the leading merchant CO 2 supplier in the US, also became the exclusive supplier of CO 2 for Sapphire Energy’s commercial demonstration, algae-to-energy facility in Columbus, New Mexico. Sapphire Energy, Inc. and The Linde Group will expand their partnership to commercialize a new industrial-scale conversion technology needed to upgrade algae biomass into crude oil.

2013 82

Murine study suggests preconception exposure to PM2.5 can lead to heart trouble in male offspring

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To conduct the study, researchers concentrated air from Columbus, Ohio, until the level of harmful particulate matter reached a level on par with large cities such as Los Angeles and Beijing. A new animal study by a team at the Ohio State University suggests that a parent’s exposure to dirty air before conception may result in cardiac dysfunction in adult male offspring. The open-access paper is published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

2018 98

Most Hybrid Cities In America

Hybrid SUV Blog

Columbus. I made my first trip to San Francisco this week and although I expected to see a higher percentage of hybrid cars compared to most Midwest cities, I was really surprised.