Thu.Apr 28, 2022

Purdue and Duke Energy to explore potential for SMR nuclear power source for campus

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Purdue University and Duke Energy plan to explore the feasibility of using advanced nuclear energy to meet the campus community’s long-term energy needs.

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California considers refocusing EV incentives toward low-income "gasoline superusers"

Green Car Reports

California is considering targeting its EV incentives toward low-income drivers who use an outsized amount of fossil fuels.


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Aviation H2 selects liquid ammonia as carbon-free fuel of choice

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2023 Polestar 2 gets improved range, fresh colors and wheels

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The 2023 Polestar 2 gets a handful of updates for the new model year, including fresh colors and wheels. Polestar also claims range improvements and a lower carbon footprint from the use of renewable energy in the manufacturing process.

ExxonMobil makes three new discoveries offshore Guyana; increases Stabroek resource estimate to nearly 11B barrels

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ExxonMobil has made three new discoveries offshore Guyana and increased its estimate of the recoverable resource for the Stabroek Block to nearly 11 billion oil-equivalent barrels. Earlier post.).

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Ten years of EV development sees battery range treble

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EVs have 3x the battery range and 15 times more range of choice compared with a decade ago

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Nikola launches serial production of Nikola Tre BEV in Arizona; fuel-cell trucks next year

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Nikola Corporation has begun commercial serial truck production of the Nikola Tre BEV (battery-electric vehicle); initial customer shipments have begun. Next year, fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEV) are planned to be added to the manufacturing mix, said Mark Russell, Nikola’s CEO.

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Oberon announces commercial availability of new rDME/propane blend

Green Car Congress

Oberon Fuels announced commercial availability of a blend of propane and Oberon’s renewable DME (dimethyl ether).

2023 Polestar 2 updates, Saudi Arabia will drive Lucids, California and gasoline superusers: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

California might offer stronger incentives to those who use the most gasoline. Lucid Air sedans and Gravity SUVs point to the future of the Saudi Arabian government fleet. And Polestar signals a few changes for a new model year of the ‘2.’ ’ This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Toyota’s Collaborative Safety Center introduces 9 new research projects exploring the safety needs of an evolving mobility ecosystem

Green Car Congress

Toyota’s Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC) introduced nine new projects being launched as part of the next phase of its automotive safety research, backed by the new five-year, $30-million commitment announced last year.

GMC Hummer EV pickup trucks are now selling for $250,000


The GMC Hummer EV pickup is hitting the sweet spot of hype and scarcity that is sending the price of new units in auction surging to now over $250,000 per truck. more…. The post GMC Hummer EV pickup trucks are now selling for $250,000 appeared first on Electrek.

GMC 85 approved for public driverless robotaxi service in Beijing

Green Car Congress has been awarded a permit by Beijing city authorities to offer driverless service in southeastern Beijing. Baidu also received a permit to offer driverless rides to passengers in the same area.). has had a permit to driverless test since October 2021 but not with the general public in the car. To ensure safety during this pilot program, a safety supervisor will sit in the front passenger seat.

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USPS sued over new gas-powered delivery vehicles by UAW & states


The United Auto Workers union, sixteen states, and four environmental groups recently filed lawsuits against the United States Postal Service (USPS). The groups aim to stop the Postal Service’s plan to purchase and produce gas-powered delivery vehicles to update its fleet. . Background.

Archer and United Airlines form joint eVTOL Advisory Committee to support Archer’s future airline operations

Green Car Congress

Archer Aviation and United Airlines have formed a joint eVTOL advisory committee. The committee is a forum for United to share its expertise on maintenance and operational matters as Archer moves forward in its aircraft development process. The committee will advise on the development of systems and features intended to improve operations and other ideas to further the widespread adoption of urban air mobility (UAM) and eVTOL aircraft.

Tesla mobile charger now available for purchase with vehicle orders


Recently, Tesla updated its order page, allowing customers to purchase chargers while ordering their custom vehicles. Tesla is charging $400 for a Wall Connector and $200 for a Mobile Connector. Tesla’s Wall Connector comes with a 24-foot cable and allows owners to charge their vehicles at home.

The US generated a record 18% of its electricity from wind and solar in March


Last month, the US generated 18% of its electricity from wind and solar (59 TWh) for the first time. That beat the previous record set in March 2021 (53 TWh), according to new data from global energy think tank Ember. more….

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The Boring Company Vegas Loop could transport ~2,000 people per hour from Resorts World


The Boring Company’s (TBC) Vegas Loop is expected to transport nearly 2,000 passengers per hour between its Resorts World station and the Las Vegas Convention Center, which has its own LVCC Loop. “We We can run about 2,000 people an hour from Resorts world to the Convention [C]enter.

US electric car sales jumped to an impressive record high last quarter


Electric car sales in the United States jumped to a record high of over 200,000 vehicles during the last quarter (Q1 2022). It’s a good sign, but the US EV market is still extremely reliant on Tesla and California. more….

SpaceX rapidly shipping upgraded Raptor engines to Starbase


SpaceX appears to have opened the floodgates and begun shipping upgraded ‘Raptor V2’ engines to Starbase en masse in preparation for crucial Starship and Super Heavy testing.

Denver’s electric bike rebates are making car alternatives cheaper. Other cities should listen up


The federal government’s plan to provide a tax credit for electric bike purchases doesn’t appear to be coming off of life support any time soon, but that hasn’t stopped Denver from creating its own e-bike rebate program.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk offloads about $4B TSLA shares


Elon Musk reported selling about 4.4 million Tesla shares amounting to around $4 billion recently, according to several Form 4 SEC filings. According to the SEC filings, Elon Musk filed five Form 4s. The filings were split into five forms due to the volume of transactions.

Several lawsuits filed against US Post office for rushed gas guzzler purchase


Several states and environmental and labor groups have filed lawsuits against the USPS today. The lawsuits charge that the agency failed to do required environmental assessments before going through with their deal to spend billions on gas guzzlers to replace the aging postal service fleet. more….

FCC Commissioner rejects request to block Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter


Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr has rejected a request from the Open Markets Institute (OMI) to block Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) takes a beating amidst confusion over Twitter acquisition – is Elon selling?


Tesla’s stock (TSLA) is currently taking a beating and losing over $150 billion in value amidst the confusion around Elon Musk’s Twitter(TWTR) acquisition. The main question on investors’ minds is: is Elon Musk selling Tesla stocks? more….

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Tesla Model X is the fastest-selling used car in the United States last month


Despite the Tesla Model X ramp being more deliberate than expected, the all-electric crossover remains very popular. So popular, in fact, that the premium SUV became the fastest-selling second-hand vehicle in the United States in March 2022.

Mary Barra says GM will begin tying executive compensation to success of its EV targets


In a recent interview, General Motors (GM) CEO Mary Barra stated that long-term executive compensation will be contingent upon the American automaker reaching specific targets for its transition into electrification.

Nikola announces production and shipment of Tre Semi has started


Nikola Corporation announced that it has officially started producing and shipping its commercial serial semi-truck, the Tre, at its manufacturing facility in Coolidge, Arizona.

ABB signs global agreement to provide its full portfolio of EV charging technology to Shell


Global technology company ABB announced a global framework agreement with Shell to provide its technology to help the latter grow its EV charging network. This agreement builds upon a collaboration of the two entities that began in 2019 and will include ABB’s Terra 360 fast charger. more….

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German official calls for “Tesla Speed” efforts to shift away from Russian gas


Germany vice-chancellor Robert Habeck, who made headlines earlier this year by stating that the country must transform its power system “at Tesla speed,” is now calling for significant efforts to reduce the country’s reliance on Russian gas.

India’s Tata aims to build 80,000 electric vehicles this financial year.

Electric Vehicles India

The most successful and unremarkable and best-selling carmaker in the Indian market.Tata motors except to increase the annual production of the electric vehicle near to 80000 units in this financial year, sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

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Elon Musk’s 9.1% Twitter share purchase is being examined by FTC


Elon Musk’s initial purchase of Twitter stock, which the Tesla CEO said started at the end of January and continued until the beginning of April, is now reportedly being examined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Musk purchased a 9.1

Best dealer EV deals on Bolt EV/EUV, EV6, Ioniq 5, more


According to KBB , the average transaction price for a new electric vehicle increased by 1.8% in March amidst a 17% year-over-year increase.

Elon Musk’s Twitter deal puts the pressure on Tesla stock


Elon Musk’s Twitter deal puts increased pressure on Tesla stock ( NASDAQ: TSLA ) and its shareholders, as the automaker’s price per share continues to spiral downward after losing nearly 13 percent of its value this week.

Arcimoto turns its 3-wheeled electric vehicle into Hollywood’s next backward-facing film crew car


Oregon-based Arcimoto has a whole new use for its three-wheeled electric vehicles in the form of the Cameo, a slightly different spin on its popular FUV electric three-wheeler. more….

SpaceX director says six Crew Dragon launches per year is a sustainable goal


A senior manager says that SpaceX could sustainably launch six or more Crew Dragons per year if the market for private missions grows large enough to demand it.

Formula E reveals faster, lighter, and much more angular Gen3 car ahead of Monaco ePrix


Formula E has revealed the much-anticipated “Gen3” car, which will race in the 2023 season, with significantly improved performance over the current Gen2 cars. And an angular body which is – let’s say – “polarizing.”.

Tesla’s EVs still have great financing deals compared to rivals, even with recent price increases


Tesla’s electric vehicles are premium-priced, but their financing deals make them quite compelling against their rivals in the EV market. In a way, Tesla’s financing deals involve interest rates that could end up undercutting the costs of rival EVs by a notable degree.