Has the crossover craze peaked? Or will EVERY car be a crossover by 2030?

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A quick tally of the crossover market reveals there are around 90 different models that fall into this category available today in the UK

2016 Chevy Volt MPG, EPA Clean Power Plan, 2016 Mazda CX-3 Driven: Today's Car News

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Today, we have efficiency ratings for the 2016 Chevrolet Volt, the EPA finalizes rules that will limit carbon emissions from power plants, and we drive the 2016 Mazda CX-3 crossover. We've updated our July plug-in electric car sales report, and will continue to do so as more information becomes available. Today in Car News

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Zero-Emission 2014 Chevy Silverado Model Now Available

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Now there's a zero-emission version, and it's available today. It doesn't get much attention as a green vehicle, but the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck line is the best-selling vehicle line at General Motors. That means that you can acquire one even before this spring's launch of the all-new models with more efficient V-6 and V-8 gasoline

UC Berkeley EBI, Shell sign $25M partnership to fund new energy tech research

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The collaboration will also focus on creating new energy technology that will enable fuels derived from sustainable sources to be readily available alongside conventional fossil fuels in the market. EBI’s research focus to date has been on enabling feedstock availability—a goal shared with Shell, which currently holds 50% equity in Raízen, the world’s largest producer of one of the lowest-CO 2 biofuels available today.

2017 35

Efacec licenses Qualcomm’s wireless EV charging technology

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We believe Qualcomm Halo technology delivers the most advanced and comprehensive WEVC technology available today. Efacec Electric Mobility, a global supplier of energy, engineering, environment and transportation solutions, has licensed Qualcomm Halo wireless electric vehicle charging technology to commercialise WEVC systems for Plug-In Hybrid (PHEVs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs).

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Toyota’s second turbocharged gasoline engine now available in Auris in Japan; 36% thermal efficiency

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The new 8NR-FTS 1.2-liter direct-injection turbo engine is now available as an option for the partially redesigned Auris, which went on sale in Japan today. Toyota’s new turbo engines deliver fuel economy on a par with some of the most efficient non-hybrids available today.

2015 34

SABIC introduces novel thermoplastic roof fairing concept for 3% improvement in heavy-duty truck fuel economy

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Specifically, SABIC applied CFD modeling to compare a baseline day cab with dimensions and geometry representative of top aerodynamic designs available today to a day cab featuring many iterations of an injection-molded, aerodynamically-optimized roof fairing.

2015 33

Cal Energy Commission grants $2.4M for Class 8 fuel cell hybrid trucks at ports; $1.2M for PEV fleet and V2G software upgrade

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Standards adopted today require that all showerheads not exceed 2.0 gallons per minute models available today. The California Energy Commission approved a grant of $2.4 million to the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) under the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program to build and to test seven hybrid fuel-cell, Class 8 trucks to transport cargo at the Long Beach and Los Angeles ports. The Commission also approved $1.2

GENIVI Alliance launches new open source vehicle simulator project

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The GENIVI Alliance, a non-profit alliance focused on developing an open in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and connectivity software platform for the transportation industry, launched the GENIVI Vehicle Simulator ( GVS ) open source project, with both developer and end-user code available immediately. While there are multiple potential uses for the application, we believe the GVS is the most comprehensive open source vehicle simulator available today.

Range Rover Hybrid Coming

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Now owned by Indian automaker Tata, Range Rover’s flagship has been given the most cutting-edge features available today. These hybrids are available to order in Europe now, but we are still waiting to hear if and when they will reach the United States.

Toyota Denies Prius Range To Go All Plug-In Hybrid By 2014

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In about a year’s time Toyota will launch the long-awaited plug-in hybrid version of its top-selling Prius, selling it alongside the regular version of the Prius that’s already available today. According to a new report from Japan’s Nikkei business daily, however, Toyota may make plug-in hybrid the standard option for the Prius

Ford and Baidu invest $150M in Velodyne LiDAR

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Ford has a long-standing relationship with Velodyne and our investment is a clear sign of our commitment to making autonomous vehicles available for consumers around the world. Our investment will accelerate our efforts in autonomous driving with what, in our view, are the best LiDAR sensors available today and advance Velodyne’s development of increasingly sophisticated LiDAR sensors. Velodyne LiDAR, Inc.,

2016 26

Proterra introduces 2nd generation electric bus

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The Proterra Solution, the company’s first 40-foot model, weighs less than any other transit bus available today and offers the highest fuel efficiency on the market. Proterra Inc. launched its second-generation all-electric bus, The Proterra Solution, at the American Public Transportation Association Bus and Paratransit Conference.

Lux forecasts global driver assist market to grow to $102B market by 2030

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billion today to $102 billion in 2030, corresponding to a 26% CAGR. ADAS are entering the latest generation of vehicles with common features available today including lane departure warning; automatic parking; autonomous emergency braking; and lane keeping assist.

2015 17

Demonstration series hydraulic hybrid transit bus yields fuel economy of 6.9 mpg, 110% better than conventional diesel, 30% better than electric hybrids

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The majority of the system components were available from Parker offerings, including the bladder accumulator, hydraulic cooler, engine mounted pump, and gearbox with pump/motors. The series hydraulic transit bus. Click to enlarge.

MIT analysis finds current EVs could replace ~90% of personal vehicles now on the road based on driver’s energy consumption

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A study by a team at MIT has concluded that roughly 90% of the personal vehicles on the road in the US could be replaced by an electric vehicle available on the market today, even if the cars can only charge overnight. The team looked at once-daily charging, at home or at work, in order to study the adoption potential given today’s charging infrastructure.

New Linde hydrogen station officially begins operating in Emeryville, CA

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Performance-wise, it meets the Daimler requirement of a three-to-four minute complete fill with a delivered gas temperature of -40 °C, the best available today. Linde’s newest hydrogen fueling station has officially begun operating at AC Transit’s Emeryville, California, municipal bus operating division, fueling 12 fuel cell buses and up to 20 passenger cars a day. This is the first public hydrogen fueling station in the San Francisco Bay area.

Pike Research forecasts automotive Li-ion battery prices to drop by more than 1/3 by 2017

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While most PEVs today have a range of between 40 and 100 miles, continued concerns over range and the availability of charging infrastructure, remain among the biggest impediments to the wider adoption of Li-ion batteries. of Li-ion chemistries are available today, none of them can claim to be the ideal solution.

Ford enters 2 new European research collaborations for innovation in mobility and autonomous vehicles

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Ford’s semi-autonomous vehicle features available today include Lane Keeping Aid, Adaptive Cruise Control, Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection and Active Park Assist – with Traffic Jam Assist coming. The vehicles use the same semi-autonomous technology in Ford vehicles today, while adding four LiDAR sensors to generate a real-time 3D map of the surrounding environment.

Study: even with high LDV electrification, low-carbon biofuels will be necessary to meet 80% GHG reduction target; “daunting” policy implications

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A significant level of electrification is certainly viable for these vehicles, as BEVs and PHEVs are currently commercially available. Renewable and nuclear electricity supply technologies are available today.

2015 24

Primus Green Energy synthetic gasoline demo plant hits 720 hours continuous operation

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The independent engineers’ report provides critical validation of our technology and of our value proposition, and the data suggests that our technology is more economical than competing gas-to-liquids processes available today. Primus Green Energy, Inc.,

Mercedes-Benz presents autonomous Future Truck 2025 research vehicle; “Highway Pilot”

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The Highway Pilot is comparable to an autopilot system in an airplane—probably the most advanced form of autonomous mobility in existence today, the company noted. The radar sensor is the basis for the Proximity Control Assist and Emergency Braking Assist already available today.

2014 26

Efficient Drivetrains, Shannxi Automotive reveal PHEV Class 8 cement mixer truck

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The collaboration between Efficient Drivetrains and Shaanxi Automotive to capture the construction industry marks the third successful initiative for the two companies, with PHEV mass transit (Class-6 and 7 city buses) and Class-8 port truck offerings available today as part of previous engagements.

Aleris to invest $350M to upgrade Kentucky aluminum rolling mill for anticipated growth in automotive demand

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We have partnered with customers in the premium automotive segment from our Duffel, Belgium facility for years to develop and produce some of the most technically advanced lightweight aluminum solutions available today. To optimise friction behavior in the press-shop, different types of pre-lubes (oils and hot-melts) are available upon request. Aleris will invest $350 million to upgrade capabilities at its aluminum rolling mill in Lewisport, Kentucky.

GM Ventures invests in nano-structured steel alloys company NanoSteel; potential for light-weighting

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The automotive industry has identified a future generation of Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) materials for lightweighting vehicles across all lines, with an availability target of 2017-2025 for integration into vehicle structural designs and production.

FPT Industrial unveils new Cursor 13 natural gas heavy-duty engine

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The Cursor 13 Natural Gas is the most powerful 100% natural gas engine available on the on-road segment market today, and is the first purely NG engine on the market specially developed for long-haul missions. FPT Industrial has introduced its newest and most powerful natural engine.

CAP-XX introduces supercap modules to support batteries in stop-start applications

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milliohms, the CAP-XX module offers the best power density available today, the company claims, and the energy necessary to support frequent start cycles in all weather and traffic conditions. CAP-XX stop-start system architecture.

ClipperCreek upgrades HCS-40 and CS-40 series EV charging stations from 30A to 32A

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All of ClipperCreek’s charging station products are safety certified by independent testing laboratories and compatible with all plug in vehicles available today. ClipperCreek has upgraded the popular HCS-40 and CS-40 series EV charging stations from 30 Amps to 32 Amps continuous as a standard offering, with no increase in price.

Volvo LX1 series hybrid wheel loader demonstrates 50% improvement in fuel efficiency; renewable diesel in the engine

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The CEC program provides funding to help both develop next generation transportation technology components and vehicles, as well as speed the deployment of lower carbon transportation product available today.

Houston start-up proposes different approach to hydrogen refueling: thousands of small networked outlets and smart app

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Instead of relying on a series of heavily-subsidized “mega-stations”, Hydrogen-XT is proposing combining many small, inexpensive fueling outlets that reform hydrogen from natural gas with intelligent software that locates the stations and displays fuel availability, reserves the amount a customer wants, routes the customer to the selected station, and then completes the transaction, all on a smartphone or infotainment system.

Postal Fleet Services selects Ryder for natural gas vehicle solution in four states; 20 CNG heavy-duty trucks

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service locations where Ryder has partnered with Clean Energy Fuels to offer renewable natural gas, the cleanest fuel available today. Ryder System announced that Postal Fleet Services has signed a full-service agreement for 20 compressed natural gas (CNG) heavy-duty vehicles supporting mail delivery operations in Orlando, Fla., Lafayette, La., Jackson, Miss., and La Vergne, Tenn.

Magna forms e-powertrain joint venture in China with SAIC Motor subsidiary

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In 2009, the company announced a vehicle-development partnership with Ford Motor Company to introduce a zero-emission lithium-ion battery electric vehicle (BEV)—this became the Ford Focus BEV, which entered the market in 2011 and is still available today.

NVIDIA introduces new Drive PX AI computing platform for Level 5 autonomous vehicles: Pegasus

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The computing demands of driverless vehicles are easily 50 to 100 times more intensive than the most advanced cars today, NVIDIA says. Pegasus reduces the volumetric requirements from this: To this: Pegasus will be available to NVIDIA automotive partners in the second half of 2018.

President Obama launches $500M Advanced Manufacturing Partnership; Ford involved as an initial partner

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US President Barack Obama today launched the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP), a national effort bringing together industry, universities, and the federal government to invest in emerging technologies such as information technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. The AMP is being developed based on the recommendation of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), which today released a report entitled “Ensuring Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing.”

Neste Oil to launch the first diesel complying with Category 4 WWFC diesel specification; reduces fuel consumption by 5% and emissions

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Neste Pro Diesel will be produced at Neste Oil’s Porvoo refinery and will be available at Neste Oil’s service stations across Finland beginning this fall. Tests at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the Tampere University of Applied Science, and Neste Oil’s Motor Laboratory have shown that Neste Pro Diesel offers the best set of fuel product properties available today for all diesel vehicles.

Microchip introduces first automotive-grade LIN SiP with touch hardware support

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The system solution comes in a 7 × 7 mm QFN package, with wettable flanks ready for automatic optical solder inspection and is available with 16k, 32k or 64k Flash memory, up to 8 KB SRAM and 2 KB Read-While-Write Flash. Various tools such as GCC and IAR C/C++ compilers, ICE debuggers and a QTouch software function library are also available. The SAMHA1GxxA is available today in volume production with prices starting at $2.88. Microchip Technology Inc.,

Novelis and Henkel partner on advanced bonding technology for high-volume aluminum vehicles

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Novelis, the world leader in automotive aluminum sheet, and Henkel Adhesive Technologies today signed a long-term agreement to collaborate on the development of advanced bonding technologies for the use of aluminum in high-volume vehicles. BONDERITE M-NT 8453 is designed to outperform other available pre-treatments in its compatibility with the new thermal treatment processes being introduced by automakers to achieve elevated levels of strength from aluminum alloys.

Audi survey finds more than half of US drivers would support government initiative to spur diesel vehicle sales

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Audi believes there are a variety of viable alternative fuel solutions, including electric, but diesel is readily available today. The objective is to reward efficiency, and diesel is an efficient alternative available today. A poll conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Audi of America found that a majority of American drivers would support government initiatives aimed at spurring clean diesel vehicle sales in the US.

Infineon launches next gen AURIX hexa-core microcontroller for automotive applications; 3x more performance than current

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The TC3xx microcontrollers offer the highest level of integration on the market and real-time performance that is three times higher than that available today. Infineon Technologies AG launched the next generation of its AURIX microcontroller family.

Deloitte Survey finds only 4% of global consumers likely to be satisfied with current EVs despite increasing consideration and willingness to buy; higher ICE fuel economy reduces interest in EVs

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Consumers’ expectations around the performance and purchase price of electric vehicles are so divergent from the actual offerings available today, that no more than 2–4% of consumers worldwide would have their expectations met, according to a new survey from Deloitte.