GlobalData: Global coal production set to grow to 2022, despite major players scaling down capacities

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Although Germany, the UK, US, Canada and Ukraine are phasing out domestic coal production capacity, expansion of production capacity in countries such as India and Indonesia is predicted to generate modest annual growth of 1.3% Coal Forecasts Power Generation

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Russia Considering Coal-to-Liquids Plant

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Russia is considering building a coal-to-liquids (CTL) plant, according to Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko, speaking at an energy forum in Moscow. Russia holds the world’s second largest recoverable coal reserves (173 billion short tons), behind the United States (274 billion short tons), according to a 2008 assessment by the US Energy Information Administration. Russia abounds in black and brown coal that can be used to synthesize liquid fuel.

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EIA: India’s steel industry dominated by electric-based processes; intensive coal use for DRI

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India is the third-largest steel producer in the world after China and Japan, having surpassed other large steel-making countries such as the United States, Russia, and South Korea over the previous decade, according to the World Steel Association. Coal India Manufacturing Materials

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Rostec and Shenhua to invest up to $10B into coal mine development and infrastructure in Russian Far East; coal and power

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Russian State Corporation Rostec, one of the largest Russian industrial conglomerates, and Chinese State Corporation Shenhua, the world’s leading producer and distributor of coal, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The parties plan to explore jointly coal deposits in Siberia and the Far East of Russia; to develop industrial and transport infrastructure;and to build generating capacities and high-voltage transmission lines for exporting electricity to China.

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BP Statistical Review finds global oil share down for 12th year in a row, coal share up to highest level since 1969; renewables at 2%

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Coal’s market share of 30.3% Oil demand grew by less than 1%—the slowest rate amongst fossil fuels—while gas grew by 2.2%, and coal was the only fossil fuel with above average annual consumption growth at 5.4% Output grew rapidly in Qatar (+25.8%), Russia (+3.1%) and Turkmenistan (+40.6%), more than offsetting declines in Libya (-75.6%) and the UK (-20.8%). OECD coal consumption declined by 1.1%, although the EU used 3.6%

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DOE to Award Up to $5M in Grants for RD on Hydrogen Production from Coal

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The US Department of Energy has issued up to a $5-million Funding Opportunity Announcement (DE-FOA-0000103) to solicit laboratory-level R&D projects to develop novel technologies for producing hydrogen from coal. Issues associated with current membrane development—including resistance to contaminants in syngas, temperature limitations, durability, and cost—have led to the need for alternative methods of producing hydrogen from coal-based facilities.

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Will climate talks bring real progress? Twitter poll results

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Australia, Russia, Saudi Arabia and others meeting on the sidelines to promote burning coal, the leaders reached some agreements on how the Paris Climate Accords will be implemented when it goes into effect in 2020: Each. Last month, world leaders met in Poland to agree on the next steps in measuring and limiting climate change. Despite the U.S.,

BP Energy Outlook 2030 sees emerging economies leading energy growth to 2030; global CO2 emissions from energy well above IEA 450 scenario

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World energy growth over the next twenty years is expected to be dominated by emerging economies such as China, India, Russia and Brazil while improvements in energy efficiency measures are set to accelerate, according to BP’s latest projection of energy trends, the BP Energy Outlook 2030.

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Envidity launches $1B UCG-GTL project in Mongolia

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announced the commitment of funds to launch a US$1-billion underground coal gasification gas-to-liquids (UCG-GTL) project in Mongolia. The project will transform low-quality deeply-embedded, underground coal into synthetic diesel.

IEA finds CO2 emissions flat for third straight year even as global economy grew in 2016

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This was the result of growing renewable power generation, switches from coal to natural gas, improvements in energy efficiency, as well as structural changes in the global economy. The decline was driven by a surge in shale gas supplies and more attractive renewable power that displaced coal.

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Opinion: The End Of An Era: Is The US Petrodollar Under Threat?

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Recent trade deals and high-level cooperation between Russia and China have set off alarm bells in the West as policymakers and oil and gas executives watch the balance of power in global energy markets shift to the East. The reasons for the cozier relationship between the two giant powers are, of course, rooted in the Ukraine crisis and subsequent Western sanctions against Russia, combined with China’s need to secure long-term energy supplies. Russia and China Cozy Up.

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Opinion: Ukraine’s Next Crisis? Economic [and energy] Disaster

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Ukraine’s next crisis will be a devastatingly economic one, as violent conflict destroys critical infrastructure in the east and brings key industry to a halt, furthering weakening the energy sector by crippling coal-based electricity production. The Ukrainian military’s showdown with separatists in the industrial east has forced coal mines to severely cut production or close down entirely. Key industry sources say they will potentially run out of coal in less than three weeks.

Europe/US team: transitioning to a low-carbon world will create new rivalries, winners and losers

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For example, rich countries such as Germany can throw billions of dollars at their coal sector to ease their transition pain, offering generous financial aid to lignite-producing regions. Russia might align with China. This drives the development of fossil fuels, including coal and shale production, as well as renewables. Oil-producing countries in the Middle East, Russia and Africa see political turmoil as government coffers empty.

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Global CO2 emissions stalled for the third year in a row

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Other main findings include: In 2016, China, US, EU28, India, Russia and Japan, the world’s largest emitters in decreasing order of CO 2 emissions, accounted for 51% of the population, 65% of global Gross Domestic Product, 67% of the total primary energy supply and emitted 68% of total global CO 2 and circa 65% of total global GHGs. CH 4 is mainly generated by agricultural activities, the production of coal and gas, as well as waste treatment and disposal.

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India, China, Brazil, Japan, other non-Arctic countries want a voice on Arctic Council; interest in climate change impact and access to resources

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The issue has divided existing members, with Russia and Canada most strongly opposed. Full members of the Arctic Council are Canada, Russia, the United States, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark (Greenland): the eight countries with Arctic territory. Many non-Arctic countries are interested in the Arctic as the “canary in the coal mine” that can teach them about how climate change will impact their own states.

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BP Energy Outlook: 30% growth in global demand to 2035; fuel demand continues to rise, even with EVs & fuel efficiency

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Natural gas grows more quickly than either oil or coal over the Outlook, with demand growing an average 1.6% Its share of primary energy overtakes coal to be the second-largest fuel source by 2035.

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IIASA: removing fossil fuel subsidies will not reduce CO2 emissions as much as hoped

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That means that in some cases the removal of subsidies causes a switch to more emissions-intensive coal. The largest effects of removing subsidies were found in areas that export oil and gas, such as Russia, Latin America, and the Middle East and North Africa.

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Electric Cars and a Smarter Grid - Green Inc. Blog -

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The vision is fuelled by the fear of climate change and the need to find green alternatives to dirty coal, unpopular nuclear power and unreliable gas imports from Russia. Are we going to burn more oil, natural gas, or (gasp) coal to produce it?

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IEA: Global CO2 emissions up by 1.0 Gt (3.2%) in 2011 to record high

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Coal accounted for 45% of total energy-related CO 2 emissions in 2011, followed by oil (35%) and natural gas (20%). China made the largest contribution to the global increase, with its emissions rising by 720 million tonnes (Mt), or 9.3%, primarily due to higher coal consumption. India’s emissions rose by 140 Mt, or 8.7%, moving it ahead of Russia to become the fourth largest emitter behind China, the United States, and the European Union.

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IEA WEO-2012 finds major shift in global energy balance but not onto a more sustainable path; identifies potential for transformative shift in global energy efficiency

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barely rises in OECD countries, although there is a pronounced shift away from oil, coal (and, in some countries, nuclear) towards natural gas and renewables. Iraq accounts for 45% of the growth in global oil production to 2035 and becomes the second-largest global oil exporter, overtaking Russia. In the New Policies Scenario, global coal demand increases by 21% and is heavily focused in China and India.

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EIA projects world liquid fuels use to rise 38% by 2040, driven by growth in Asia and Middle East; transportation 92% of demand

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Other liquids refer to natural gas plant liquids (NGPL), biofuels (including biomass-to-liquids [BTL]), gas-to-liquids (GTL), coal-to-liquids (CTL), kerogen (i.e., However, other countries, including Mexico, Russia, Argentina, and China, begin producing substantial volumes of tight oil between now and 2040.

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Study: 87% of world’s population in 2013 lived in areas exceeding WHO PM2.5 guidelines

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grid cell level were evident in the Eastern US, Europe, Russia and in parts of Southeast Asia. In 2013, 87% of the world’s population lived in areas exceeding the World Health Organization (WHO) Air Quality Guideline of 10 μg/m 3 PM 2.5

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Roskill: graphite prices could push higher on tightening markets for batteries & electrodes

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First, environmental plant closures in the raw material coal needle coke industry hampered the production of graphite electrodes. Other projects are also planned in Austria, Canada, India, Russia and the US. Synthetic graphite electrode prices rose nine-fold through the first three quarters of 2017, increasing from US$1,748/t in January 2017 to a high of US$16,309/t in September, according to Roskill Information Services.

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INPEX and Total launch the $34B Ichthys offshore Australia LNG Project; entire 8.5 Mt/y LNG output already sold for 15 years

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interest alongside Santos, Petronas and Kogas in the GLNG Coal Seam Gas to LNG project launched in early 2011. The GLNG project consists of the development of coal seam gas fields, the construction of a 420-kilometer (261-mile) gas transmission pipeline and of a liquefaction plant of 7.2 The group has interests in LNG projects in Indonesia, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Angola, and Russia. Location of the Ichthys project. Source: INPEX.

Global CO2 emissions up 3% in 2011; per capita CO2 emissions in China reach EU levels

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Some of the findings of the report include: Global consumption of coal (responsible for about 40% total CO 2 emissions) grew in 2011 by 5%, whereas global consumption of natural gas and oil products increased by only 2% and 1%, respectively. The much smaller amount of global CO 2 emissions from gas flaring did not change significantly in 2011, with the largest increases occurring in the United States and Russia, and the largest decrease occurring in Libya.

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Lockheed Martin pursuing compact nuclear fusion reactor concept

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Petersburg, Russia) noted one problem with the Lockheed approach (while also noting the difficulty of commenting fully on the design without published papers). According to the UW team’s analysis, their new sustainment method may lead to fusion power that is cost competitive with coal.

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Stanford launches major new natural gas research initiative

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Compared with burning coal, natural gas emits about half the carbon dioxide and substantially less soot, mercury and sulfur. Idle natural gas import terminals are being retooled to export liquefied natural gas to Asia and Europe, which is looking to lessen its dependence on Russia for natural gas. Stanford University has launched a new research initiative to study comprehensively the development and use of natural gas.

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Annual Increase in Global CO2 Emissions Halved in 2008; Decrease in Fossil Oil Consumption, Increase in Renewables Share

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Coal consumption: lower increase due to financial crisis and more renewable electricity. Global emissions from coal consumption increased by 3.5%, which was less than in previous years, where average annual increases were about 5%.

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Steep increase in global CO2 emissions despite reductions by industrialized countries; driven by power generation and road transport

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Over the period 1990-2010, in the EU-27 and Russia CO 2 emissions decreased by 7% and 28% respectively, while the USA’s emissions increased by 5% and the Japanese emissions remained more or less constant. Global CO 2. emissions from fossil fuel use and cement production per region.

2011 123

International study identifies 14 key measures to reduce methane and black carbon emissions; reduction in projected global mean warming of ~0.5 °C by 2050

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Seven measures target CH 4 emissions, covering coal mining, oil and gas production, long-distance gas transmission, municipal waste and landfills, wastewater, livestock manure, and rice paddies. National benefits of the CH 4 plus BC measures versus the reference scenario.

2012 115

ExxonMobil: global GDP up ~140% by 2040, but energy demand ~35% due to efficiency; LDV energy demand to rise only slightly despite doubling parc

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North America unconventional gas production will nearly triple by 2040 and the region is expected to surpass the combined output of Russia and the Caspian region as the largest gas-producing area.

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PwC analysis finds meeting 2 C warming target would require “unprecedented and sustained” reductions over four decades

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Examining the role of shale gas, PwC’s report suggests that at current rates of consumption, replacing 10% of global oil and coal consumption with gas could deliver emissions savings of around 3% a year (1gt CO 2 e per annum).

2012 116

DOE Makes First Awards from $1.4B for Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage Projects

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Noting that coal accounts for roughly 25% of the world energy supply and 40% of the carbon emissions. Chu said that it was highly unlikely that the US, Russia, China and India, which account for two-thirds of the coal reserves, “ will turn their back on coal anytime soon.”.for Roughly 6 billion metric tons of coal are used each year, producing 18 billion tons of CO 2.

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IEA World Energy Outlook 2013 sees CO2 emissions rising by 20% to 2035; oil use on upward trend

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China is about to become the largest oil-importing country and India becomes the largest importer of coal by the early 2020s. Energy demand growth moves to Asia. Source: IEA. Click to enlarge.

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IEA World Energy Outlook view on the transport sector to 2035; passenger car fleet doubling to almost 1.7B units, driving oil demand up to 99 mb/d; reconfirming the end of cheap oil

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Prospects for coal are especially sensitive to energy policies – notably in China, which today accounts for almost half of global demand. More efficient power plants and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology could boost prospects for coal, but the latter still faces significant regulatory, policy and technical barriers that make its deployment uncertain. Potential savings of natural gas alone, at 180 bcm, are close to Russia’s net exports in 2010.

2011 86

USGS CARA Concludes 13% of Worlds Undiscovered Oil, 30% of Undiscovered Gas in the Arctic

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Undiscovered natural gas is three times more abundant than oil in the Arctic and is largely concentrated in Russia, the researchers concluded. The project excluded unconventional resources such as coal bed methane, gas hydrates, oil shales, and heavy oil and tar sands.

2009 78

Separate MIT, IEA reports both outline major expansion in role of natural gas; caution on climate benefits

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In the US, a combination of demand reduction and displacement of coal-fired power by gas-fired generation is the lowest cost way to reduce CO 2 emissions by up to 50%. The study’s economic analysis of the effects of a national policy calling for a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions shows there would be a substantial substitution of natural gas for coal in electricity generation. tcm, about three times the current production of Russia.

2011 76

US EIA Projects World Energy Use to Grow 44% Between 2006 and 2030, CO2 Emissions Up by 39%

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In addition, unconventional resources (including biofuels, oil sands, extra-heavy oil, coal-to-liquids, and gas-to-liquids) from both non-OPEC and OPEC sources are expected to become increasingly competitive in the reference case. Projected growth in world carbon dioxide emissions.

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VW Chief Executive Says Company Will Introduce EVs Based on the Up! New Small Family in 2013; Cautions Against Electro-Hype

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Does it ever make sense ecologically to operate a car with power from a coal-fired plant? Other markets will have a different emphasis he suggested; flex-fuel engines in Brazil, for example, and CNG and LPG is countries with high gas resources, such as Russia. Cautioning that the development and commercialization of the electric car is “ not a sprint, but a marathon ”, Volkswagen AG Chairman of the Board of Management Prof.

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Devil in the Details: World Leaders Scramble To Salvage and Shape Copenhagens UNFCCC Climate Summit

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Australia is the world’s largest exporter of coal and one of the world’s highest per-capita emitters of greenhouse gases. Russia. Following years of indifference to climate change, Russia has unexpectedly reversed policy and offered to reduce GHG emissions 22 to 25% below its 1990 emissions baseline. by Jack Rosebro.

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