Toyota unveiles flexible fuel hybrid prototype in Brazil

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Toyota unveiled a prototype hybrid flexible-fuel vehicle (Hybrid FFV) during an event Toyota held São Paulo, Brazil. Brazil Ethanol HybridsStakeholders including the state government, universities, and the sugarcane association (the Sugarcane Industry Union: UNICA) attended the event.

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OXIS Energy to build Li-S manufacturing plant in Brazil

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OXIS Energy and the Minas Gerais Development Company CODEMGE have signed a 15-year lease agreement with Mercedes Benz Brazil (MBB) to take possession of a plant located at the MBB manufacturing site in Juiz de Fora in southeast Brazil to build a Li-sulfur battery manufacturing operation. NORDIKA Pharmaceutical of Brazil will undertake the design and engineering associated with the plant and machinery layout. Batteries Brazil Li-Sulfur Manufacturing

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Grove Hydrogen Automotive and State Government of Minas Gerais Brazil announce hydrogen vehicle cooperation program

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signed a cooperation agreement with the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil to proceed with the production and distribution of Grove hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for Brazil. Much like China, Brazil is a country rich in geographic resources. Brazil China Fuel Cells Hydrogen

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BP forming 50:50 biofuels JV with Bunge in Brazil; growing existing biofuels business >50%

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BP will combine its Brazilian biofuels and biopower businesses with that of Bunge to create a world-scale, highly-efficient producer of sugarcane ethanol in Brazil: BP Bunge Bioenergia. Brazil is the world’s second-largest and most integrated market for ethanol as a transportation fuel with demand forecast to grow rapidly. BP Bunge Bioenergia will have 11 biofuels sites in Brazil. Together the two businesses currently employ more than 10,000 people in Brazil.

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Brazil’s Aerotec to invest ~$5M in Li-S battery company OXIS Energy; expanding into Brazil

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The Aerotec Fund is centred on Aerospace and advanced manufacturing and is anchored by CODEMIG, the Economic Development Company in the state of Minas Gerais in south-eastern Brazil. The Aerotec investment paves the way for OXIS Energy to open a subsidiary in Brazil.

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Boeing, Embraer open joint aviation biofuel research center in Brazil

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Boeing and Embraer have opened a joint sustainable aviation biofuel research center in a collaborative effort to further establish the aviation biofuel industry in Brazil. The research will focus on technologies that address gaps in creating a sustainable aviation biofuel industry in Brazil, such as feedstock production, techno-economic analysis, economic viability studies and processing technologies. Aviation Brazil Fuels

OXIS Energy to build Li-sulfur battery plant in Brazil; initial capacity 2M cells/year

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OXIS Energy Ltd UK has signed a contract with CODEMGE PARTICIPACOES SA, a public company incorporated in the city of Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, to establish the world’s first digital manufacturing plant for the mass production of OXIS’ lithium-sulfur cells.

2019 132

BP and Copersucar to form a new ethanol joint venture in Brazil

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BP Biofuels and Copersucar have agreed to form a joint venture to own and operate a major ethanol storage terminal in Brazil, better and flexibly connecting ethanol production with the country’s main fuels markets. Copersucar is the world’s leading sugar and ethanol trader, with the largest sugar and ethanol storage capacity in Brazil. BP Biofuels, part of BP’s Alternative Energy business, is a significant producer of ethanol from sugarcane in Brazil. Brazil Ethanol

A Brief History Of Ethanol In Brazil

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While many North Americans may not know it, Brazil presently leads the world in deploying biofuels for road vehicles. Specifically, a majority of cars sold in Brazil--especially lower-priced high-volume models built in the country--can run either on gasoline or pure ethanol. The modern history dates back to 1975, when the South American country

Novozymes and Raízen to collaborate on cellulosic ethanol in Brazil

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Novozymes has entered into a collaboration agreement with Brazil’s largest sugarcane crusher, Raízen Energia S/A (the $12-billion joint venture between Shell and Cosan founded in 2011). As part of the agreement, Novozymes will supply enzyme technology to Raízen’s first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant in Brazil, scheduled to be operational by end 2014. Furthermore, Novozymes intends to establish new enzyme-manufacturing capacity in Brazil.

Brazil’s UNICA opposes EPA’s proposed RFS changes; says sugarcane ethanol can meet volume requirements

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of Brazil’s arable land and reduces lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 90% on average compared to gasoline. UNICA is the largest representative of Brazil’s sugar, ethanol, and bioelectricity producers; its members are responsible for more than 50% of Brazil’s ethanol production and 60% of Brazil’s sugar production. Brazil’s investment in sugarcane ethanol. Brazil’s sugarcane ethanol producers are investing more than $3.5

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Brazil’s Ambev Brewery will use 1,600 electric trucks from Volkswagen; electric version of the Delivery

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Brazil-based Ambev Brewery, owner of brands such as Skol, Brahma, Antarctica and Guaraná, announced that by 2023, it will use 1,600 electric trucks made by Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus (VWCO) to transport beverages.

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The Next Big Offshore Boom Is About To Happen in Brazil

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The latest demonstration of the viability of deepwater projects, even in the post-2014 oil industry era, comes from none other than Brazil. Some Big Oil majors are already in Brazil, including Statoil, Shell, and Total. This should be indication enough that Brazil’s deposits hold enough appeal for an industry that has suffered a worrying shortage of new discoveries in the last few years. Brazil Oilby Irina Slav for

Raízen breaks ground on Iogen cellulosic ethanol facility in Brazil

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After concluding that Iogen had the most advanced technology for building co-located commercial plants at Raízen’s sugar cane ethanol facilities, Raízen committed, in July 2012, an initial investment to a project in Brazil with Iogen through their jointly owned Iogen Energy affiliate. With the technology now being commercialized in Brazil, Iogen has plans to pursue a deployment program in North America and Europe that will help meet the renewable fuel obligations in those jurisdictions.

GraalBio to build $145M cellulosic ethanol plant in Brazil; first in the Southern Hemisphere

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GraalBio, a biotechnology company of the Graal Group, is planning to build a commercial plant for the production of cellulosic ethanol in Brazil. The development of energy cane is intended to expand the potential for the development of biochemicals in Brazil. Brazil Cellulosic ethanol

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OnStar expanding to Brazil in Chevy Cruze

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GM OnStar will launch its Emergency, Security, Navigation, Diagnostics and Connectivity services in Brazil on the Chevrolet Cruze later this year. In Brazil, OnStar services will be customized according to the market’s preferences.

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Semcon developing autonomous vehicle system in Brazil

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The assignment is mainly based in Brazil as part of Semcon’s global strategy to involve expertise in high-tech development projects from different countries. The new agreement will initially consist of ten specialists from Semcon in Brazil and four in Europe engaged in a joint development project in close cooperation with the customer. Semcon has been in Brazil since 2006 and now has 180 employees there.

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Ceres and Raízen sign multi-year collaboration to scale-up sweet sorghum for ethanol in Brazil

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Sweet sorghum can extend the ethanol production season by up to 60 days in Brazil. he ethanol industry in Brazil has a history of successfully competing against low-priced oil and we believe that sweet sorghum, which has lower production costs than sugarcane, can be further developed and scaled up as an integral part of the industry’s feedstock supply. Raízen is Brazil’s fifth largest company in terms of revenue and the nation’s leading producer of sugarcane ethanol.

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IEA: record oil output from US, Brazil, Canada and Norway to keep global markets well supplied

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Over the next three years, gains from the United States alone will cover 80% of the world’s demand growth, with Canada, Brazil and Norway—all IEA members—able to cover the rest, according to Oil 2018 , the IEA’s five-year market analysis and forecast.

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UK and Brazil team up for biofuels

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Brazil has become the epicentre of the world’s biofuels push: so it’s no surprise that a major UK company is looking to get in on the act. Biofuels Green cars Latest news bioethanol biofuels Brazil cellulosic bioethanol ethanol TMO Renewables UK

Iveco Electric Daily Prototype Begins Testing in Brazil

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The Electric Daily in Brazil. Iveco has presented a prototype of its new Electric Daily in Brazil, destined to be the first zero emission light commercial vehicle produced in Latin America. Tags: Brazil Electric (Battery Click to enlarge.

Brazil and US to deepen cooperation on energy; aviation biofuels

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Among the statements and agreements emerging from President Obama’s official visit to Brazil and meeting with President Dilma Rousseff were overall support for the US supporting “ the rise of Brazil as a global power ” as well as an agreement to launch a Strategic Energy Dialogue between the two countries. By some estimates, noted President Obama, the oil Brazil recently discovered off its shores could amount to twice the reserves in the United States.

Anglo-Brazilian JV to launch first commercial bagasse cellulosic ethanol production plant in Brazil

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UK-based TMO Renewables (TMO) and Usina Santa Maria Ltda have entered into an agreement to form a joint venture to build the first commercial production plant in Brazil to convert sugar cane waste (bagasse) to cellulosic bioethanol. TMO signed a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Usina Santa Maria Ltda to build Brazil’s first cellulosic bioethanol production facility in São Paulo state. Biotech Brazil Cellulosic ethanol

SG Biofuels signs deals in Brazil to develop Jatropha as an alternative energy crop

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SG Biofuels) has signed agreements in Brazil with Embrapa (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation), the country’s leading agricultural research institution, and with Fiagril, one of the country’s leading biodiesel refiners, to advance the development of Jatropha as a next-generation energy crop. Embrapa has identified Jatropha as one of the most promising new energy crops in Brazil. Bio-hydrocarbons Biodiesel Biotech BrazilSGB, Inc. (SG

GranBio and NextChem partner to develop cellulosic ethanol market

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Brazil-based GranBio announced a strategic alliance with NextChem, the subsidiary of Italian engineering giant Maire Tecnimont dedicated to the energy transition, to co-license its patented technology for the production of second-generation (2G) ethanol worldwide. Some countries like the United States, China and Brazil already recognize the renewable carbon premium. Brazil Cellulosic ethanol Market Background

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Automakers in Brazil Hit 10M Flex-Fuel Vehicle Mark; Brazilian Sugarcane Association Urges Global Dissemination

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The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) commented that this milestone should encourage automakers to invest more in the global dissemination of what has been accomplished in Brazil, as well as in their countries of origin. Brazil Flex-Fuel January 2010 Quick Stats.

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Iogen and Raízen begin production of cellulosic ethanol in Brazil

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Cellulosic biofuel technology developer Iogen Corporation and Raízen, one of the world’s largest producers of sugarcane ethanol, have begun production of cellulosic ethanol on schedule at Raízen’s newly expanded Costa Pinto sugar cane mill in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil. The company has more than 5,200 service stations for retail fuel distribution in Brazil, more than 900 convenience stores, 60 fuel distribution depots, and aviation fuel businesses in 58 airports in Brazil.

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Dedini and Novozymes Sign MoU on Cellulosic Ethanol Production in Brazil

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Dedini S/A Indústrias de Base and Novozymes A/S signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aiming at continuing to develop a technological route to produce cellulosic ethanol in Brazil. Tags: Brazil Cellulosic ethanol Integrating cellulosic ethanol production via DHR. Source: Dedini.

Petrobras ready to launch renewable diesel production upon regulatory approval

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Renewable diesel still depends on regulation by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) to be traded in Brazil. Biodiesel Brazil Diesel FuelsAnelise Lara, the head of Petrobras’ refining, announced that the company is ready to begin production of renewable diesel from soy or other edible oils at commercial scale. Petrobras will expand investments in the segment as soon as it is granted a permit, Lara said.

2020 81

GranBio begins producing cellulosic ethanol in Brazil; very low carbon intensity of 6.98 gCO2e/MJ for California LCFS

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This marks the first time lignin is being used to this purpose in Brazil in the sugar-based alcohol industry. Brazil Cellulosic ethanol GranBio, a 100% Brazilian industrial biotech company, has begun production at the first commercial-scale plant for second-generation (cellulosic) ethanol in the Southern Hemisphere. The Bioflex 1 unit, built in São Miguel dos Campos, Alagoas, has an initial production capacity of 82 million liters (21.6

2014 78

EU and Brazil to work together on 5G mobile technology

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The EU and Brazil signed an agreement to develop 5G, the next generation of communication networks. To face this global challenge, the EU joined forces with Brazil to strengthen cooperation in this strategic area and to make sure that 5G does not develop in silos at the international level. The EU and Brazil, which are close trading partners, have been cooperating on information and communication technologies since 2008.

2016 65

EIA: US ethanol imports from Brazil down in 2013; US net exporter for the year

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US imports of sugarcane ethanol from Brazil fell by 40% last year to 242 million gallons, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). In the fourth quarter of 2013, Brazil had a record sugarcane harvest and increased ethanol production.

2014 96

Petrobras reaches its highest historical monthly oil production in Brazil

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Petrobras’ oil production in Brazil reached an average of 2,126,000 barrels per day (bpd) in October, corresponding to 0.4% Total oil production operated by Petrobras in Brazil, which includes the share operated by its partners, reached in October its fourth consecutive record of 2,268,000 bpd—up 1.3% Petrobras’ total oil and gas production in Brazil corresponded to 2,579,000 boed, indicating a rise of 0.6%

2014 80

Volkswagen Truck & Bus to invest ~€420M in Brazil; new products, connectivity services

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Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus has led the market for the sale of trucks in Brazil for 13 years running. Brazil in particular is a country with which we enjoy very successful business relations that go back decades and that will continue for a long time yet.

2016 83

Report: Denso to produce engine control units in Brazil

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will begin production of engine control units (ECUs) in Brazil in September, becoming the first company to make ECUs for cars in South America. In addition to Toyota, Denso aims to supply ECUs made in Brazil to other Japanese automakers, including Nissan Motor Co., The Nikkei reports Denso Corp. Denso will supply the ECUs to Toyota. Denso already has an ECU-related facility in the northern Brazilian city of Manaus, which it built at a cost of 400 million yen.

Renault and Itaipu to collaborate on EVs in Brazil

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Renault and Itaipu signed a collaboration deal which will lead to the local assembling of 32 Renault Twizy at Itaipu’s EV Research, Development and Assembly Center (CPDM-VE/IB) in Foz do Iguaçu, State of Paraná, Brazil. Itaipu, owned by the governments of Brazil and Paraguay, operates the Itaipu dam across the Paraná River. of the energy consumed in Brazil and 72.5%

LS9 collaborating with MAN Latin America to test UltraClean renewable diesel in Brazil

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a synthetic biology company producing renewable fuels and chemicals directly by microbes, has begun a collaboration with MAN Latin America, a leading Brazilian engineering and vehicles manufacturing company, to test LS9’s renewable diesel in both stationary engines and operational fleet vehicles in Brazil. We want to offer more renewable and alternative fuels to our clients in Brazil and in other Latin American countries. Bio-hydrocarbons Biotech BrazilLS9, Inc.,

RFA, ABFA and UNICA announce joint biofuel trade mission to Brazil

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Leading biofuels advocacy organizations from the United States and Brazil announced a joint trade mission to improve and enhance biofuels trade by matching businesses seeking greater trade opportunities in ethanol and other biofuels as well as green technology designed to expand and enhance biofuel production. million gallons US) of ethanol to Brazil, while 397 million liters (105 million gallons US) of Brazilian ethanol have been imported into the United States.

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Petrobras launches new 50 ppm ultra-low-sulfur gasoline throughout Brazil

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Petrobras launched new regular and premium ultra-low-sulfur gasoline throughout Brazil on 1 January 2014, entirely replacing the previous regular and premium gasoline.

2014 109

BYD building factory in Brazil for electric buses and battery packs

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BYD will build its first factory in Brazil in the city of Campinas (in the São Paulo region of Brazil). Maximum capacity in the first year of operation (starting in 2015) will be 1,000 electric buses as well as all of their batteries, said BYD Brazil’s General Manager Tyler Li. The factory is slated to open in 2015 and will launch the manufacturing and assembly of the BYD’s electric transit bus in South America as well as the Iron-Phosphate battery packs.

2014 87

Shell to boost deepwater and ultra-deepwater production off Brazil

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Shell and its partners are moving forward with new deepwater and ultra-deepwater projects at the Bijupirá/Salema and Parque das Conchas (BC-10) fields offshore Brazil.

2013 88

Chevron suspends current and future drilling operations offshore Brazil

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has not yet received formal notice from Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency (ANP) suspending its drilling license, the company has suspended its current and future drilling operations, offshore Brazil in the wake of the seeps from its well in the Frade field.

VTT involved in developing cellulose-based ethanol production in Brazil

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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is bringing its expertise as a developer of biomass processing technology to Brazil. VTT’s research center in Brazil has been granted BRL 10 million (about US$4.9 Odebrecht, a conglomerate and one of the southern hemisphere’s largest enterprises, is making preparations for second-generation ethanol production and plans to construct a demonstration plant.

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