UK and Brazil team up for biofuels

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Brazil has become the epicentre of the world’s biofuels push: so it’s no surprise that a major UK company is looking to get in on the act. Biofuels Green cars Latest news bioethanol biofuels Brazil cellulosic bioethanol ethanol TMO Renewables UK

A Brief History Of Ethanol In Brazil

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While many North Americans may not know it, Brazil presently leads the world in deploying biofuels for road vehicles. Specifically, a majority of cars sold in Brazil--especially lower-priced high-volume models built in the country--can run either on gasoline or pure ethanol. The modern history dates back to 1975, when the South American country

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Shell and Cosan make Raízen JV permanent; commitment to Brazil sugar, ethanol and fuels distribution

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Shell and Cosan have agreed to remove the mutual time-bound buyout options included in the original Raízen joint venture agreement, signed in June 2011, and in doing so have transformed Raízen from a temporary to a permanent joint venture. Earlier post.). Raizen is a 50:50 joint venture (JV) between Shell and Cosan. The changes to the JV agreement remove the time-bound options for Shell and Cosan to buyout each other’s shares in the JV from 2021 and replace them with event-triggered options.

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Honda begins operation of 1st wind farm by an automaker in Brazil; covering electricity needs for annual local auto production

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Honda Energy), Honda’s wind power generation business subsidiary in Brazil, has begun operation of its wind power generation facility. Honda thereby the first automaker in Brazil to start a wind power generation business. Honda Energy will be proactive in promoting the use of renewable energy in Brazil. Honda Energy do Brasil Ltda.

Brazil's Green-Car Incentive Surprise: Electrics, Plug-In Hybrids Omitted

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Many countries have adopted green-car incentives as a way to combat air pollution and lower oil consumption, and they tend to focus on electric cars, plug-in hybrids, and hydrogen-fuel cell vehicles. These incentives help encourage the adoption of more-efficient cars, and act as a counterweight to negative factors like cost and the lack of

Driving Entirely On Ethanol: Brazil’s Volkswagen Gol Flex-Fuel Vehicle

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What’s it like to drive on pure ethanol, known as E100, without a drop of gasoline in the car? In the case of the Brazilian Volkswagen Gol, it’s quite unremarkable. Brazil’s most popular small car for 27 years starts, performs, and otherwise behaves just like a gasoline-fueled car—except that it’s burning pure ethanol

Boeing, Embraer open joint aviation biofuel research center in Brazil

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Boeing and Embraer have opened a joint sustainable aviation biofuel research center in a collaborative effort to further establish the aviation biofuel industry in Brazil. The research will focus on technologies that address gaps in creating a sustainable aviation biofuel industry in Brazil, such as feedstock production, techno-economic analysis, economic viability studies and processing technologies. Aviation Brazil Fuels

Novozymes launches world’s first biological foam control for sugarcane ethanol; up to 20% cost reduction

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Brazil is the world’s largest producer and exporter of sugar and second-largest ethanol producer. There are more than 26 million such vehicles in Brazil. Brazil Enzymes EthanolNovozymes has launched Fermax, an enzyme protease that prevents foam development during the sugarcane ethanol fermentation process, while delivering improved control and replacing chemicals.

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RFA, ABFA and UNICA announce joint biofuel trade mission to Brazil

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Leading biofuels advocacy organizations from the United States and Brazil announced a joint trade mission to improve and enhance biofuels trade by matching businesses seeking greater trade opportunities in ethanol and other biofuels as well as green technology designed to expand and enhance biofuel production. million gallons US) of ethanol to Brazil, while 397 million liters (105 million gallons US) of Brazilian ethanol have been imported into the United States.

Honda to build wind farm to cover 100% of electricity needs of Brazil plant

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HAB), the Honda automobile production and sales subsidiary in Brazil, will build a wind farm in the city of Xangri-lá in Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state in Brazil—approximately 1,000 km (621 miles) south of HAB’s automobile production plant in Sumaré, São Paulo. HAB will be the first automobile manufacturer in Brazil to invest in wind power generation. Honda Automoveis do Brasil Ltda.

Report On Tesla-Style Direct Sales Cites GM Brazil Program Ended In 2006

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The topic of Tesla Motors and its direct-sales model continues to roil state legislatures, with bills for and against the practice under debate in several states. In May 2009, the U.S. Justice Department issued a paper that looked at the economic effects of state bans on such direct sales. Now it turns out that one example of direct sales. Green Dealership NADA Tesla Motors dealers plug-in cars sales state laws

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Brazil and US to deepen cooperation on energy; aviation biofuels

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Among the statements and agreements emerging from President Obama’s official visit to Brazil and meeting with President Dilma Rousseff were overall support for the US supporting “ the rise of Brazil as a global power ” as well as an agreement to launch a Strategic Energy Dialogue between the two countries. By some estimates, noted President Obama, the oil Brazil recently discovered off its shores could amount to twice the reserves in the United States.

Leo Motors to develop electric scooters for Brazil

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has reached an agreement to develop electric scooters for DAFRA Motos, one of the largest motorcycle companies in Brazil. After development and proper tests, Leo will supply power trains and engineering services to DAFRA, and DAFRA will assemble the scooters using Leo’s power trains and chassis manufactured by DAFRA in Brazil. DAFRA is the third largest motorcycle brand in Brazil with approximately 200,000 motorcycles sold each year. Leo Motors, Inc.

Iogen and Raízen begin production of cellulosic ethanol in Brazil

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Cellulosic biofuel technology developer Iogen Corporation and Raízen, one of the world’s largest producers of sugarcane ethanol, have begun production of cellulosic ethanol on schedule at Raízen’s newly expanded Costa Pinto sugar cane mill in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil. The company has more than 5,200 service stations for retail fuel distribution in Brazil, more than 900 convenience stores, 60 fuel distribution depots, and aviation fuel businesses in 58 airports in Brazil.

BMW i3 REx Review, Flex-Fuel VWs In Brazil, Tesla In CA: The Week In Reverse

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In our new feature, The Week In Reverse, we take a look back at the most significant story we published each day of the previous week--collating them all in a single article for you to review, ogle, ponder, or simply catch up on any you may have missed. From TK to TK and more, these are the stories we talked most about during the past week.

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Amyris to enter partnership to supply renewable jet fuel from sugar to GOL Airlines

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The anticipated partnership was announced during the first commercial flight with a renewable jet fuel in Brazil by the airline earlier today. We are committed to working with the aviation industry to bring cleaner skies, starting in Brazil in 2014.

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LS9 collaborating with MAN Latin America to test UltraClean renewable diesel in Brazil

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a synthetic biology company producing renewable fuels and chemicals directly by microbes, has begun a collaboration with MAN Latin America, a leading Brazilian engineering and vehicles manufacturing company, to test LS9’s renewable diesel in both stationary engines and operational fleet vehicles in Brazil. We want to offer more renewable and alternative fuels to our clients in Brazil and in other Latin American countries. Bio-hydrocarbons Biotech BrazilLS9, Inc.,

BP and Copersucar to form a new ethanol joint venture in Brazil

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BP Biofuels and Copersucar have agreed to form a joint venture to own and operate a major ethanol storage terminal in Brazil, better and flexibly connecting ethanol production with the country’s main fuels markets. Copersucar is the world’s leading sugar and ethanol trader, with the largest sugar and ethanol storage capacity in Brazil. BP Biofuels, part of BP’s Alternative Energy business, is a significant producer of ethanol from sugarcane in Brazil. Brazil Ethanol

In Brazil, Even Humble Power Outlets Love The Nissan Leaf

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Over the years we’ve seen a whole load of electric vehicle ad campaigns, ranging from the clichéd to the quirky and from the aspirational to the downright bizarre. Some companies have even created electric car adverts aimed directly at children. But one Brazilian ad agency has gone a little further towards the fine line between

Chevron suspends current and future drilling operations offshore Brazil

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has not yet received formal notice from Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency (ANP) suspending its drilling license, the company has suspended its current and future drilling operations, offshore Brazil in the wake of the seeps from its well in the Frade field.

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Toyota opens new plant in Brazil for subcompact Etios

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TDB), Toyota Motor Corporation’s (TMC) Brazilian sales and manufacturing subsidiary, has opened its new vehicle plant in Brazil. TDB President Shunichi Nakanishi said that Toyota aims to double its sales in Brazil in the next two years and become a leading player in the Brazilian market within the next 10 years. Toyota do Brasil Ltda. The new Sorocaba Plant will manufacture the Etios, a strategic subcompact targeted at emerging markets.

California ARB fines California port terminal operator $2.5M over air quality violations

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BrazilThe California Air Resources Board (ARB) announced a $2.5-million settlement with SSA Containers, Inc. and its affiliates. The Seattle-based company received a notice of violation for failing to repower, retire or retrofit its cargo-handling equipment at the ports of Long Beach and Oakland, and for failing to certify large spark ignition engines on yard trucks servicing those terminals, as required by state law. The company and its affiliates will pay $1.25

Ballard signs LOI to provide hydrogen fuel cell modules to power 25 buses in Sao Pãulo, Brazil

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Ballard Power Systems has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with The City of Sao Pãulo, Brazil for 25 FCvelocity-HD6 fuel cell modules to power 25 buses in that city. Brazil’s National Plan on Climate Change is a set of inter-ministerial programs designed to cut emissions in the transportation, forestry, industrial and energy sectors.

Honda begins construction of the first wind farm by an automaker in Brazil

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Honda Energy), Honda’s wind power generation business subsidiary in Brazil, has started construction of a new wind farm in the city of Xangri-lá in Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state in Brazil (approximately 1,000 km south of Honda’s current automobile production plant in Sumaré, São Paulo). Honda Energy do Brasil Ltda.

The Next Big Offshore Boom Is About To Happen in Brazil

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The latest demonstration of the viability of deepwater projects, even in the post-2014 oil industry era, comes from none other than Brazil. Some Big Oil majors are already in Brazil, including Statoil, Shell, and Total. This should be indication enough that Brazil’s deposits hold enough appeal for an industry that has suffered a worrying shortage of new discoveries in the last few years. Brazil Oilby Irina Slav for

Report: Raízen to invest ~US$927M in sugarcane cellulosic ethanol plants in Brazil over next 10 years

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The Financial Times reports that Raízen, Shell’s joint venture in Brazil, will invest about R$2.5 All gasoline sold in Brazil contains 25% anhydrous ethanol content. billion (about US$927 million) on eight cellulosic ethanol plants using sugarcane bagasse, straw and leaves as feedstock before 2024 in an effort to increase its biofuel output by up to 50%. Its first second-generation ethanol plant, with an annual capacity of 40 million liters (10.6

Rhodia and the National Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory in Brazil partner on pathways for high value-added molecules from sugarcane biomass

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Rhodia, a member of the Solvay Group, and the National Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory (CTBE) in Brazil have signed an agreement to develop chemical routes and processes to obtain high value-added molecules from sugarcane biomass. The project will be supported by Brazil’s state-owned development bank, the Banco Nacional do Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social - BNDES, which will provide BRL 7.0

Petrobras’ June oil production in Brazil up 1.7% exceeding 2M bpd; gas production reaches record

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Petrobras’s June oil production in Brazil averaged 2,008 thousand barrels/day (bpd), up 1.7% Including the production operated by Petrobras for its partners in Brazil, the volume reached 2,135 thousand bpd, up 2.1% The company’s oil and natural gas production in Brazil in the same month was 2,426 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed), indicating a 1.6% from May’s production of 1,975 thousand bpd.

Iveco Trakker bi-fuel ethanol-diesel truck for Brazil

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Iveco, FPT Industrial and Bosch presented the Iveco Trakker Bi-Fuel Ethanol- Diesel vehicle at Agrishow, held last week in Ribeirão Preto, the largest agricultural fair in Brazil. The Iveco Trakker Bi-Fuel Ethanol-Diesel has been developed in Brazil with the institutional support of UNICA, the Brazilian association of sugar-cane producers under a program to promote “green policies” in the sugar and ethanol business.

China automaker JAC sends first batch of ethanol-powered cars to Brazil

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JAC) shipped 500 ethanol-powered cars to Brazil at the end of December, the first batch resulting from a deal signed in August with Brazilian dealer SHC to export 620,000 units to Brazil over the next ten years. SHC, the largest dealer in Brazil, has more than 60 outlets selling Ford, Volkswagen, Citroen, Jaguar, and Aston Martin cars. Brazil is the fourth largest auto market, and is growing rapidly. Chinese carmaker Jianghuai Automobile Co.,Ltd.

Lula-Mexilhão gas pipeline, longest and deepest rigid undersea pipeline in Brazil, opens up

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Extending more than 216 kilometers (134 miles), 18 inches in diameter and operating at a pressure of 250 bar, it is the deepest and longest undersea pipeline ever laid in Brazil.

Brazil and US to join forces on energy

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With Brazil on the rise as a global power it has found a strong ally in the energy sector in the form of the USA. Following President Obama’s official visit to Brazil an agreement to launch a strategic energy dialogue was confirmed between the two countries. Brazil has found favour after the oil reserves it [.]. Green cars Green credentials Latest news Biofuels Brazil energy partners Green Economy Partnership President Obama U.S.A

Freedom from oil in Brazil

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International Herald Tribune reports: Brazil stages raid against debt slavery at Amazon sugar cane-ethanol plantation. Tags: ethanol brazil sugar cane

Brazil’s Nutec launches system to convert fish waste into oil for biodiesel feedstock

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Brazil’s Industrial Technology Core Foundation of Ceará (Nutec), an entity linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education of the State (Secitece), launched Biopeixe Machine, which converts 50% of fish viscera into fats for the production of oil which will, in turn, be converted into biodiesel.

Airbus forecasts Brazil will require nearly 1,100 new aircraft in next 20 years; 4th largest passenger traffic market worldwide

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According to the latest Airbus Global Market Forecast (GMF), Brazil will need 1,060 new aircraft between 2012 and 2031. With a GDP currently growing above the world average, socioeconomic indicators predict Brazil’s economy to more than double over the next 20 years. The country’s domestic air traffic market has doubled since 2006, helping make Brazil the fourth largest passenger traffic market worldwide, following the US, China and Japan.

Solazyme and Bunge form joint venture for commercial-scale renewable oil production facility in Brazil

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Solazyme produces tailored oils using heterotrophic algae grown in industrial fermenters. Source: Solazyme. Click to enlarge. Algae-based renewable oil company Solazyme, Inc.

Evogene expands castor bean biofuel activity in Brazil with SLC Agricola

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and SLC Agricola, an agribusiness company in Brazil, have expanded their agreement for the development of castor bean seeds as a cost-competitive feedstock for biofuels. This expansion follows successful completion of field trials for such varieties in northeast Brazil during 2011. Israel-based Evogene Ltd. Earlier post.)

Study finds São Paulo switch from ethanol to gasoline dropped local ozone levels by 20%, increased CO and nitric oxide concentrations

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A study by a pair of researchers at Northwestern University found that when fuel prices drove residents of São Paulo, Brazil, to switch from ethanol to gasoline in their flexible-fuel vehicles, local ozone levels dropped 20%. Behavior Brazil Emissions Ethanol Fuels

SG Biofuels teams With JETBIO and aviation stakeholders to deploy Jatropha for biojet fuel in Brazil

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SG Biofuels (SGB) has teamed with JETBIO, leader of a multi-stakeholder initiative including Airbus, the Inter-American Development Bank, Bioventures Brasil, Rio Pardo Bioenergia, Air BP and TAM Airlines, to accelerate the production of crude Jatropha oil as a source for aviation biojet fuel in Brazil.

SEE ALGAE to supply 1 hectare dual-use algae plant for Grupo JB in Brazil; biomass and ethanol

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Austria-based SEE ALGAE Technology GmbH ( SAT ), a developer of infrastructure for the commercial production of high-quality algae, signed an agreement to supply and to install a 1 hectare dual-use algae production plant for Brazil-based Grupo JB, one of the leading bioethanol producers in Brazil. Separately, SAT has also entered into a joint venture (JV) with Grupo JB to market the its algae production technology in Brazil.