Study finds direct seawater splitting has substantial drawbacks to conventional water splitting, offers almost no advantage

Green Car Congress

A study by a team of researchers from Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) and Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft has found that direct seawater splitting for hydrogen production has substantial drawbacks compared to conventional water splitting and offers almost no advantage.

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Texas: From Shale Boom to Water Revolution

Green Car Congress

Now the slick but dry state is becoming famous for water: that precious element that both resolves the drought problem and also makes it possible to pump more oil out of the ground. Not only does Texas have the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford shale, but it also has the Gulf of Mexico and its massive oil deposits and endless gallons of seawater that are now economically treatable thanks to next generation water processing technology. A Water Revolution Takes Root.

2015 213

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The Game-Changing Water Revolution: Interview with Stanley Weiner

Green Car Congress

Globally, water demand is threatening to dangerously outpace supply, while in the US, dry states such as Texas and California are suffering from shortages and the future forebodes more suffering. For the North American shale boom, the lack of water is suffocating. The water revolution is here, according to Stanley Weiner, CEO of STW Resources -a Texas-based company that has the exclusive North American license for Dutch-developed next-generation Salttech desalination technology.

2015 216

ABB Develops Cost-Effective Process to Clean Oily Produced Water

Green Car Congress

Oily water treatment schematics. ABB has developed a water treatment technology that cleans oily wastewater—by far the largest waste product in oil and gas production—quickly, cost-effectively and energy-efficiently. Oily wastewater, also known as produced water, is basically water that is trapped in underground formations that is brought to the surface during oil and gas production. Water before, during and after treatment at one of the ABB de-oiling plants.

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CalSEED awards $4.2M to early-stage clean energy innovations

Green Car Congress

The California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development (CalSEED) program announced that the fourth cohort of innovative clean energy concepts has been approved by the California Energy Commission (CEC); 28 companies out of 212 were selected to receive grants of $150,000 each. Cypris Materials, Inc is developing paintable solar reflective coatings for the built environment to decrease cooling costs, improve energy efficiency, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

2020 290

3 Duke Energy subsidiaries plead guilty to 9 criminal violations of Clean Water Act; $102M settlement

Green Car Congress

Three subsidiaries of North Carolina-based Duke Energy Corporation, the largest utility in the United States, pleaded guilty to nine criminal violations of the Clean Water Act at several of its North Carolina facilities and agreed to pay a $68-million criminal fine and spend $34-million on environmental projects and land conservation to benefit rivers and wetlands in North Carolina and Virginia.

2015 188

@MayorOfLA Is Ready! Garcetti Comes Out Gunning For Gas – Scattergood, Haynes & Harbor Power Plants To Stop Shoving Pollution Down Citizens Throats, Calls For Shutdown Of Aliso Canyon. #MerchantsOfDoubt In Fossil Fuel Industry Argue For More Climate Destruction

Creative Greenius

City Council, board members of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Commission and long term colleagues from the climate justice action community to be part of a historic announcement. Garcetti was ready for clean power NOW. Green groups like Communities For A Better Environment, Food & Water Watch and Sierra Club had worked for this critical win for many year and it was beautiful to be there to see their leaders gobsmacked by the great news.

2019 229

Oleophobic hydrophobic magnetic sponge selectively soaks up oil, sparing water and wildlife

Green Car Congress

A Northwestern Engineering-led team has developed a highly porous smart sponge that selectively soaks up oil in water. With an ability to absorb more than 30 times its weight in oil, the sponge could be used to clean up oil spills inexpensively and efficiently without harming marine life.

2020 217

WHO attributes more than 1 in 4 deaths annually of children under 5 years to unhealthy environment

Green Car Congress

Most of these diseases and conditions are at least partially caused by the environment, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports. WHO estimated in 2012 that 26% of childhood deaths and 25% of the total disease burden in children under five could be prevented through the reduction of environmental risks such as air pollution, unsafe water, sanitation and inadequate hygiene or chemicals. Health facilities: Ensure safe water, sanitation and hygiene, and reliable electricity.

2017 174

Ford, Ford Credit introduce sustainable financing framework prioritizing EV, clean production, community investments

Green Car Congress

Net proceeds from sustainable financing will be invested and expended in four areas: Clean Transportation – Designing, developing and manufacturing zero-emissions transportation, focusing on battery-electric vehicles and the batteries that power them across the full range of design, development, manufacturing and end-of-life.

DOE awarding $35M to 11 projects for hydrokinetic turbine development; ARPA-E SHARKS

Green Car Congress

Projects will work to reduce the LCOE through multiple approaches, including increasing generation efficiency, increasing rotor area per unit of equivalent mass, lowering operation and maintenance costs, minimizing potential impacts on the surrounding environment, and maximizing system reliability.

2020 334

Ford launches 10-year project to transform Dearborn campus; sustainability in the built environment; Living Building Challenge

Green Car Congress

The transformation will integrate sustainability and innovation throughout the built environment, including a new Sustainability Showcase building on the product campus, which will aim to meet Living Building Challenge standards, the highest level of sustainability certification today. Ford’s zero-waste, net zero-energy, net zero-water Sustainability Showcase facility will produce more energy than it consumes, and will use geothermal heating and cooling and photovoltaic power generation.

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Sasol, GE develop new anaerobic microbial technology for cleaning of Fischer-Tropsch waste water; boosting gas-to-liquids (GTL) value proposition

Green Car Congress

Sasol and General Electric (GE: NYSE)’s GE Power & Water have together developed new technology that will clean waste water from Fischer-Tropsch plants used to produce synthetic fuels and chemicals, while also providing biogas as a by-product for power generation. AnMBR involves anaerobic micro-organisms that are able to live in environments devoid of oxygen, such as sediment layers on floors of lakes, dams and the ocean.

2013 180

Greenius To Preach Community Choice & Climate Justice in South L.A. Church

Creative Greenius

You friendly neighborhood Creative Greenius is one of the keynote speakers at next Tuesday night’s California Crossroads to talk about his work with South Bay 350 Climate Action Group and South Bay Clean Power to help the 15 cities of the South Bay and their neighboring communities 100% renewable energy by 2025 and why they need to get there that quickly. .

2015 150

MIT researchers advancing development of supercritical water upgrading of heavy crude; lower cost, energy use and CO2

Green Car Congress

Findings by MIT researchers could help advance the commercialization of supercritical water technology for the desulfurization and upgrading of high-sulfur crude oil into high-value, cleaner fuels such as gasoline without using hydrogen—a major change in refining technology that would reduce costs, energy use, and CO 2 emissions. Increasingly, however, crude oil tends to be heavier, and higher in sulfur, than the lightweight, clean, and easily refined crudes produced in the past.

2015 205

Big Science tools for clean transportation: neutron scattering at ORNL

Green Car Congress

This begins an occasional series on “big science” tools hosted at US national laboratories that are being applied to support the development of technology innovations for clean transportation. All the instruments are supported by a variety of sample environments and data analysis and visualization capabilities. The adsorbed water allows detection by neutrons. Images of Li-air cathode produced by neutron-computed tomography. Source: ORNL. Click to enlarge.

2013 251

IEA: time to tap into hydrogen’s potential to play a key role in a clean, secure and affordable energy future

Green Car Congress

In a major new report on hydrogen, the International Energy Agency says that the time is right to tap into hydrogen’s potential to play a key role in a clean, secure and affordable energy future. The report—The Future of Hydrogen: Seizing Today’s Opportunities—finds that clean hydrogen is currently receiving strong support from governments and businesses around the world, with the number of policies and projects expanding rapidly.

2019 212

U of Birmingham scientists launch project to tackle global clean cold challenge

Green Car Congress

Scientists from the University of Birmingham launched a major research project to investigate how “clean cold” could help to achieve almost all of the United Nations’ (UN) global Sustainable Development Goals. The 17 Global Goals include abolishing poverty and hunger; providing good healthcare and education; raising peoples’ quality of life; and cleaning up the environment, while promoting economic growth. Clean cold is, therefore, central to achieving the Global Goals.

2017 163

UK government launches new clean air strategy; ending sales of conventional diesel and gasoline LDVs by 2040

Green Car Congress

UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove published a new Clean Air Strategy to cut air pollution backed up through new primary legislation. To work with international partners to research and develop new standards for tires and brakes to address toxic non-exhaust emissions of micro plastics from vehicles which can pollute air and water. This is why today we are launching this clean air strategy, backed up with new primary legislation. —Environment Secretary Gove.

2018 174

NCSU team develops catalyst for thermal hybrid water-splitting and syngas generation with exceptional conversion; H2 gas and liquid fuels

Green Car Congress

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a highly effective new perovskite-promoted iron oxide redox catalyst for a hybrid solar-redox scheme they had proposed earlier for partial oxidation and water-splitting of methane. We’re excited about the new material and process because it converts water, inexpensive natural gas and clean, renewable solar energy into valuable syngas and hydrogen fuels.

2015 174

New Audi paintshop at Ingolstadt; heating energy & water per car down by 20%, CO2 by 30%, VOCs by 90%; bell-bell

Green Car Congress

The new paint shop incorporates technologies such as air recirculation, dry separation and exhaust air cleaning that enable a significant reduction in the use of resources. Heating energy and water consumption per car are reduced by 20%. Air recirculation also helps to reduce CO₂‑emissions per painted car by 30%, while the cleaning of exhaust air reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 90%.

2016 180

EPA awards $8M in FY2014 clean diesel grants in 21 states, Puerto Rico

Green Car Congress

The DERA funding covers engine replacements, repowers and idle reduction technologies to clean up a variety of older diesel engines, including those in heavy-duty trucks used at ports, delivery trucks, long haul trucks, marine vessels, school buses, and even agricultural equipment. Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is retrofitting 36 school buses with technologies to cut soot and reduce idling. Louis Clean Cities is replacing six school busses.

Nissan develops self-cleaning car

Green Cars News

Not only is cleaning your car a major drag, but it can also be harmful to the environment. Either way the run-off water ends up going back into local waterways, untreated and[.]. If you wash your car on the street or on your drive, much of the run-off either evaporates or runs into nearby street drains. Nissan Editor Pick

2014 41

Give Me A #BreakFreeLA & Then Give Me 100% Renewables RIGHT NOW

Creative Greenius

To their great credit, our members of Congress, Representatives Maxine Waters and Ted Lieu have been stronger than anyone on this issue, but even they aren’t saying the obvious – that we need to #breakfree from fossil fuels – and an exploding refinery owned by lying racketeers is as good a place to #breakfree as any. Real leadership is coming from The Carson Coalition and Communities for a Better Environment and from all the Bernie Sanders for President supporters.

2016 235

Al Muratsuchi Votes To Kill Community Choice Then Finds Out He Was Duped & Calls Me To Apologize

Creative Greenius

The union bosses and their overlords at the utilities, whose water is carried by their bought-and-paid-for-guy in the Assembly, Democrat, Steven Bradford of Inglewood, think they’ve killed CCAs on behalf of Edison and PG&E and that they control the power. This political primary season just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

2014 303

Lillian Light Is No Lightweight - The Environmental Lioness of the South Bay is Fired Up, Ready To Go!

Creative Greenius

We covered: global warming, nuclear power, clean air, smart growth, globalization and the environment. But I say it is because the money we spend there cannot be spent on fixing the environment. Number two, we’ve made a terrible mess of the environment there. And using all this money to kill people is exactly opposite of what it should be used for - for the environment. I agree, but I can see where you could get in political hot water with that.

2009 207

Feature: How To Make Your EV Your Own

Clean Fleet Report

They allow you to drive around in emissions-free style while helping the environment. Look for one made from neoprene for its water resistance. Photos from Clean Fleet Report archives. The post Feature: How To Make Your EV Your Own first appeared on Clean Fleet Report.

Fleet 67

Feature: Going Green on Car Care, Repair and Insurance

Clean Fleet Report

Just be careful to conserve your water consumption because if you leave your hose running and spray water for hours on end, you’ll waste so much water that you’ll have a net loss on your going green efforts. Exploring Ways to Green Your Current & Future Vehicles.

Clean 66

Microbes for Quick Clean Up of Toxic Byproducts from Heavy Crude and Oil Sands

Green Car Congress

These acidic compounds persist in the environment, taking up to 10 years to break down. NAs are resistant to breakdown and persist as pollutants in the water used to extract the oils and tar. This water is contained in large settling or tailing ponds. We are now piecing together the degradation pathways involved which will allow us to develop more effective bioremediation approaches for removing naphthenic acids from the environment.

The View From Here Today

Creative Greenius

What we’re not breathing is clean air, because the smoke from the La Canada-Flintridge fire, about 38 miles from here, is still making air quality hazardous and people in the L.A. Meanwhile our long term drought, now its its third year with no end in sight, means less available water to fight the fires with. In 2001 she terminated our grass lawns and replaced them with drought tolerant plants because of her concerns for water use.

2009 163

News: 2023 Fisker Ocean Introduced

Clean Fleet Report

Clean Fleet Report has found, after driving many electric vehicles for thousands of miles, that once you make the leap (which isn’t all that big anymore) into eschewing gasoline to propel your car, SUV or truck, you will wonder why you didn’t do it earlier. Swimming with the Big Boys.

Feature: Storing Your EV for an Extended Period

Clean Fleet Report

Keeping your EV in an enclosed, climate-controlled environment will also minimize damage caused by floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters. Prepare for the rainy season by replacing warped or rotting garage doors and redirecting water away from your home. What You Need to Know.

Clean 56

The Most Powerful Greenius In America

Creative Greenius

Yes, even these unfortunate dimwits can still save what’s left of their retirement funds while helping out the rest of us who weren’t fooled by the right wing, unabashed carbon pimps who ran things in the US government from 2000-2008 and did more damage to our environment than any government in history. I learned all bout this in Joe Romm’s great book, “Hell and High Water&# (c) 2007). FOLLOW ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE.

2009 163

When You See Something, Say Something: Climate Emergency Alarm Bells Ringing While Local Electeds Pretend Not To Hear

Creative Greenius

If that report didn’t motivate you, the following month the US Climate Assessment, produced by 13 different United States federal agencies, detailed the hell and high water headed our way. economy, environment, and human health and well-being over the coming decades.”. According to the Homeland Security Department the biggest lesson of the 9-11 terrorist attacks was. “ If you see something, say something.”.

2019 200

Feature: Are Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars The Future?

Clean Fleet Report

They offer a way for motorists to keep their personal cars while doing less damage to the environment. When the hydrogen is converted to electricity, the only output the car will have is water vapour. Related Stories You Might Enjoy–Clean Fleet Report’s Fuel Cell Experience.

Fleet 60

Audi Environmental Foundation, TUB developing microplastics filter for tire wear particles

Green Car Congress

The filters prevent tire wear particles and other environmentally harmful substances from being washed into sewers and bodies of water along with rainwater. Our goal is to take preventative actions wherever possible so that less microplastics get into the environment.

Audi 335

CritMET team examines distribution of germanium and gallium in deep-sea crusts

Green Car Congress

Although it is controversial because of its unclear effects on the environment, it could supply large amounts of the many metals without which, for example, climate policy goals such as the energy transition cannot be realized.

What’s In It For Me?

Creative Greenius

That’s what someone always asks when I pitch them our South Bay Clean Power initiative, especially when they find out I’m doing this work full time. It KILLS me that we are going to stick the kids with the mess we made and the trash we didn’t clean up from our nonstop baby boomer party from 1946 to present day.

2015 284

US DOE Awards $300 Million in Clean Cities Grants to Support Alternative Fuels, Vehicles, and Infrastructure Development

Green Car Congress

Geographical distribution of Clean Cities Recovery Act awards. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has selected 25 cost-share projects under the Clean Cities program that will be funded with nearly $300 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Like the Recovery Act-funded projects, the annual Clean Cities projects include grants for vehicles, infrastructure, and education. Puget Sound Clean Air Agency’s Puget Sound Clean Cities Petroleum Reduction Project.

2009 200

Bradford: Twelve Years A Failure – His Reason To Kill CCAs

Creative Greenius

That’s been the strategy of SCE’s man-on-the inside of the California State Assembly, Steven Bradford, who says he “ resents the implications ” that he is carrying water for his former employers and current campaign contributors. . Too bad he missed o ur MB2025 forum in Manhattan Beach to see the 150 people who filled the Joslyn Center for the very first meeting we had featuring Sonoma Clean Power’s program.

2014 277

Road Test: 2021 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD

Clean Fleet Report

Clean Fleet Report’s CX-9 Signature, painted in Snowflake White Pearl, had a color-keyed shark fin antenna and a power moonroof, with the dual, bright exhaust tips completing the graceful and attractive design. Driving Fun in a Three-Row Crossover SUV. Story and photos by John Faulkner.

Mazda 52

Urgent: Assemblymember Chris Holden Trying to Kill California’s 100% Renewable Climate Bill, #ChangeTheClimate, #SB100

Creative Greenius

SB 100 accelerates the existing renewable energy targets to 60 percent RPS by 2030, and requires retail energy sellers to plan, model, and invest over the next 28 years to reach the 100% clean, zero carbon, and renewable energy target. Those impacts will hit home in all of California’s neighborhoods, affecting our already-stressed water supply, air quality, public health, coasts, fisheries, agricultural communities, power reliability, and many other issues.

2017 163

Hot Tub Time Machine WayBack Wednesday – Reposted Word-for-Word from June 25 of 2008

Creative Greenius

Here’s the version I remember hearing in New Jersey: A man goes on vacation and his brother agrees to housesit for him — feeding the cat, picking up the newspapers and mail, watering the plants, etc. You’ll have free fuel for life for your new clean burning electric car, you’ll end your dependence on gasoline of any kind and you’ll stop pumping more C02 into the atmosphere. Filed under: environment Tagged: , 350ppm , Bill McKibben , climate change , Dr. James Hansen.

2015 230