Nuro partners with CVS on autonomous prescription deliveries in Houston

Green Car Congress

Nuro is working with CVS Pharmacy to provide the delivery of presriptions and essentials by autonomous vehicles in Houston, Texas. CVS customers in the Houston pilot area can place prescription orders along with their non-prescription items on or via the CVS Mobile Pharmacy app.

SAKOR Technologies provides new dyno to U Houston for testing electric motor, inverter and control system designs

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a recognized leader in the area of high-performance dynamometer systems, recently provided the University of Houston’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering with a dynamometer test system designed to test motor and inverter designs for use in hybrid and electric vehicle applications.

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BIOX commissions 90M gallon biodiesel production facility in Houston

Green Car Congress

BIOX Corporation announced that World Energy BIOX Biofuels LLC (WEBB), a 50/50 joint venture between World Energy and BIOX, has completed the commissioning of its 90-million US gallon (USG) (341 million liters) nameplate capacity biodiesel production facility in Houston, Texas. The Houston facility operates two equal-sized production trains that combine to provide its nameplate capacity.

Gulf Racing isobutanol fuels going to Houston Race Track

Green Car Congress

Gulf Racing Fuels announced that it has been selected as the Official Fuel of MSR Houston Race Track, a private membership country club race track in Houston, Texas. The track will offer the new Gulf ethanol-free gasolines—EPA Approved Gulf 93 and Gulf 100 with Isobutanol—a key factor in MSR Houston making the switch to Gulf Racing Fuels. All fuels are distributed nationally by HYPERFUELS based in Houston, Texas.

Gevo enters on-road automobile gasoline market in Houston with 12.5% isobutanol blend

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blend of its bio-isobutanol with gasoline marketed for use in automobiles has begun to be sold in the Houston area. Musket Corporation is Gevo’s distribution partner serving the Houston market and is blending the specially formulated gasoline containing Gevo’s isobutanol to distribute into the on-road automobile market. Gevo, Inc. announced that a 12.5% This marks the first time that Gevo’s isobutanol has been specifically targeted towards on-road vehicles.

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EIA: port district of Houston-Galveston became a net exporter of crude oil in April

Green Car Congress

The US port district of Houston-Galveston in Texas recently began exporting more crude oil than it imported for the first time on record, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Crude oil exports from the Houston-Galveston port district have increased since the restrictions on US crude oil exports were lifted at the end of 2015. In April 2018, crude oil exports from Houston-Galveston surpassed crude oil imports by 15,000 barrels per day (b/d).

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Houston-Galveston area to deploy 30 battery-electric delivery trucks

Green Car Congress

The Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) has partnered with the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) and Smith Electric Vehicles Corporation (Smith Electric) to reduce vehicle emissions from delivery trucks in the Houston-Galveston region. As part of a US Department of Energy sponsored effort, local fleets will replace existing diesel delivery vehicles with all-electric medium- and heavy-duty Smith Newton trucks for daily operations in the Houston-Galveston area.

Celanese plans methanol plant for Houston complex

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Taking advantage of abundant and affordable US natural gas supplies, Celanese Corporation intends to construct and operate a methanol production facility at its Clear Lake, Texas acetyl complex. The company currently produces acetic acid and vinyl acetate monomer at the facility and is finalizing construction of its TCX ethanol technology development unit. Earlier post.). Following necessary approvals, Celanese intends to construct a 1.3

Two case studies outline how Houston and Loveland are saving money with EVs in their fleets

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The Electrification Coalition released two case studies outlining how two cities— Houston, Texas and Loveland, Colorado —are saving money by using electric vehicles (EVs) in their vehicle fleets. City officials in Houston estimate that the city’s 27 Nissan LEAF electric vehicles will save the city $110,000 annually compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. —Laura Spanjian, director of sustainability for the City of Houston. Houston.

Second Tesla Gallery, Service Center Opening This Weekend In Houston

Green Car Reports

After failing to convince the Texas legislature to legalize direct sales (twice), the company is opening a second gallery in Houston this weekend. Like the existing Tesla gallery--also in Houston--the new one will show. Tesla Motors may not be allowed to sell its electric cars directly to customers in Texas, but it can still put them on display.

Study finds paved surfaces in Houston worsen air quality

Green Car Congress

Paved surfaces in the Houston area keep the city warmer than more natural surfaces. New research by a team from the US, China and Japan focusing on the Houston, Texas area suggests that widespread urban development alters weather patterns in a way that can make it easier for pollutants to accumulate during warm summer weather instead of being blown out to sea. ““The very existence of the Houston area favors stagnation.”

Automobili Lamborghini collaborating with Houston Methodist Research Institute on bioengineering carbon fiber composite study

Green Car Congress

Automobili Lamborghini is collaborating with Houston Methodist Research Institute in a research project focused on a biocompatibility study of composite materials to be used mainly in prosthetic implants, but also in subcutaneous devices. In addition to Houston Methodist Research Institute, Lamborghini collaborates in Italy, on this and other research projects, with the Occupational Medicine Unit of Bologna University Hospital Authority St.

Rice study finds Houston intersections with traffic lights 9x more likely to see fatal pedestrian- and bicyclist-automobile crashes

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A new report from Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research has found that intersections with traffic lights in Houston are nine times more likely to see fatal car crashes with pedestrians and bicyclists than expected by chance. The report, “Dangerous Crossings: The Relationship Between Intersections and Crashes in Houston”, was authored by Yujie Hu, a research fellow at the Kinder Institute.

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Biofuels Power to build small-scale gas-to-liquids plant in Houston

Green Car Congress

Houston-based Biofuels Power Corporation ( BFLS ) has signed a letter of intent with ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions (Africa) (Pty) Ltd and Liberty GTL, Inc. to build a small-scale gas-to-liquid demonstration facility in Houston. The GTL Pilot Plant will be assembled at the Houston Clean Energy Park, which is an industrial estate owned by BFLS.

Houston start-up proposes different approach to hydrogen refueling: thousands of small networked outlets and smart app

Green Car Congress

A Houston, Texas start-up is proposing a different approach to building out a hydrogen refueling infrastructure.

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Univ. Houston, Caltech team develops new earth-abundant, cost-effective catalyst for water-splitting

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A team of researchers from the University of Houston and the California Institute of Technology has developed an active and durable earth-abundant transition metal dichalcogenide-based hybrid catalyst for water-splitting that exhibits high hydrogen evolution activity approaching the state-of-the-art platinum catalysts.

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Zipcar and the City of Houston launch municipal car sharing program; hybrids and EVs

Green Car Congress

partnering with with the City of Houston, Texas, to launch a municipal electric vehicle (EV) fleet sharing program: Houston Fleet Share. The City of Houston currently has the third largest municipal hybrid fleet in the country, with approximately 50% of the City’s non-specialty, light-duty fleet having been replaced with hybrid vehicles. The City of Houston selected Zipcar as its fleet technology provider through a competitive bidding process. Zipcar,

University of Houston team demonstrates new efficient solar water-splitting catalyst for hydrogen production

Green Car Congress

Researchers from the University of Houston (UH) have developed a cobalt(II) oxide (CoO) nanocrystalline catalyst that can carry out overall water splitting with a solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of around 5%. The project involved researchers from UH, along with those from Sam Houston State University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Texas State University, Carl Zeiss Microscopy LLC, and Sichuan University.

Nissan Enters into EV Partnership with City of Houston

Green Car Congress

Nissan is entering into an agreement with the City of Houston to advance zero-emission mobility in the city by promoting the development of an electric-vehicle charging network and policies to support widespread adoptions of electric cars. The announcement, made at the Houston stop of the Nissan LEAF Zero Emissions Tour, helps pave the way for the 2010 introduction of Nissan LEAF, the industry’s first all-electric, zero-emission car designed for the mass market.

Greyrock to build small-scale gas-to-liquids plant near Houston

Green Car Congress

Greyrock Energy, a company transforming natural gas into premium transportation fuels ( earlier post ), announced a final investment decision (FID) to build a small-scale Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) facility near Houston, Texas. The plant will be commercially operational by the end of 2015.

U. Houston-led project looking for new exhaust treatment catalysts for low-temperature lean-burn combustion engines

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A chemical engineer from the University of Houston is leading a $2.1-million project to find new catalytic materials that work at lower exhaust temperatures, allowing automakers to build vehicles that operate more efficiently while retaining the ability to clean emissions before they leave the tailpipe.

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BIOX and World Energy JV to acquire & operate 90M USG biodiesel plant in Houston; 3rd-largest biodiesel plant in NA

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BIOX Corporation and World Energy announced a 50/50 joint venture to acquire and operate a 90 million US gallon (USG) (341 million liter) biodiesel production facility in Houston, Texas. The facility, formerly known as Green Earth Fuels, is located within the Kinder Morgan Liquids terminal on the Houston Ship Channel and is the third-largest biodiesel production facility in North America.

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TU Delft, Royal HaskoningDHV and Iv-Infra explore design concepts for Houston flood barrier; the “Ike Dike”

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The Delft University of Technology, Royal HaskoningDHV and Iv Infra are exploring possible designs for a flood barrier off the coast of Houston to provide coastal defense against hurricanes such as Hurricane Ike. Five years ago, that hurricane caused more than $38 billion in damage and more than 100 deaths in and around Houston and Galveston—third in the list of the costliest hurricanes in US history.

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Agilent Technologies and University of Houston collaborate to advance petroleum research

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and the University of Houston will work together to further understanding of the geology and composition of crude oil. The state-of-the-art instruments that Agilent is furnishing through this collaborative effort will allow the research teams at the University of Houston to move to the forefront of their research areas by generating data that has not been available to them until now. Agilent Technologies Inc.

TransCanada announces additional commitments to proposed Keystone XL system; the Houston Lateral and capacity expansion to 830,000 barrels per day

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TransCanada Corporation has received additional binding commitments in support of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline system—designed to bring Canadian oil sands crude to Gulf Coast refineries—following the successful conclusion of the Keystone Houston Lateral Open Season. On 15 August 2011, TransCanada launched a binding Open Season to obtain firm commitments from interested parties for the Keystone Pipeline System to transport crude oil from Hardisty, Alberta to Houston, Texas.

Zipcar to bring electric car sharing to Houston

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Electric vehicles are in high demand in the city of Houston, Texas – and now Zipcar is responding to this surge in popularity by launching a municipal electric vehicle car sharing programme. Electric cars Green cars Latest news car sharing electric cars green cars Houston USA ZipCarThe car sharing programme will involve 25 Nissan LEAF electric vehicles (pictured), featuring Zipcar’s proprietary fleet sharing technology. According to a recent survey, [.].

Largest Electric-Car Charging Site: Would You Believe Houston?

Green Car Reports

So it might seem a little strange to learn that Houston, Texas is now home to North America's largest car-charging site. When we think of Texas, we think of many things: open roads, desert landscapes, Beyoncé And of course, we also think of oil, since Texas is one of the country's largest producers of the stuff. But then, truth is always

Enterprise Products and Energy Transfer to form JV for crude oil pipeline from Cushing to Houston

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have agreed to form a 50/50 joint venture to design and construct a crude oil pipeline from Cushing, Oklahoma to Houston, Texas. The project would allow greater access to the US Gulf Coast-area refining complex and add approximately 500,000 barrels of storage capacity at new facilities to be constructed and owned by the joint venture at Enterprise’s new Houston crude oil terminal. Enterprise Products Partners L.P. and Energy Transfer Partners, L.P.

Port of Houston Authority, Maersk Line and EPA Demonstrate Fuel Switching in the Gulf of Mexico

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Maersk Line conducted the first “fuel switch” demonstration on a container ship in the Gulf of Mexico as the result of a partnership between the EPA, the Port of Houston Authority and Maersk Line. The partnership is optimistic that there will be significant emission reductions in ports in the Gulf of Mexico where the test vessel will dock: the Port of Houston and the Port of Progreso, Mexico.

Waste Management to expand natural gas-powered fleet in Houston area; CNG to be 80% of US new truck purchases in NA in 2012

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Waste Management plans to expand its fleet of natural gas-powered collection vehicles in the Houston area and open a new compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in Conroe. Waste Management currently operates five CNG-powered collection vehicles in Houston’s north suburban communities and expects to roll out an additional 35 in the area by the end of 2012.

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CenterPoint Energy Selects GE for Smart Grid Advanced Metering System for Houston, TX

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The AMS is designed to give Houston-area electric consumers the ability to better monitor and manage electric use and cost in near real-time—a first step toward developing and deploying a full smart grid. More than 145,000 smart meters will be installed across the Houston area by the end of 2009. million consumers within a 5,000 square mile service area around metropolitan Houston. CenterPoint Energy , Inc.’s

Ford Partners with Austin Energy and Centerpoint Energy to Prepare Austin and Houston Areas for EVs

Green Car Congress

Ford announced two partnerships with utilities in Texas— Austin Energy in Austin and Centerpoint Energy in Houston—to prepare those two regions for electric vehicles. Ford will work with Austin Energy and Centerpoint Energy to develop consumer outreach and education programs on electric vehicles as well as share information on charging needs and requirements to ensure the electrical grid can support the necessary demand.

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CDTI Awarded $960,000 Grant from the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) for NOx-PM Diesel Retrofit System

Green Car Congress

CDTI ) has received a diesel emissions reduction technology development grant under the New Technology Research and Development (NTRD) program from the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) totaling $960,971. Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. The project goal is to develop and verify a Nitrogen Oxide-Particulate Matter (NO x -PM) reduction retrofit system for on- and off-road engines, including those used in Class 8 type diesel fleets.

Houston EAA Extends a Texas Welcome to the "SPIRIT of DC" to Houston this Saturday EVe, 14 March 2009

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Howdy, This is Ben Chamberlain, Houston EAA VP, announcing that you can see the Houston notice on the "Spirit" by clicking on: HEAA extends a most warm and hospitable Texan Welcome to the "Spirit." From the Lone Star State, Ben PS Note: EVJerry is wearing a Houston EAA green ballcap in honor of Happy St Patrick's Day

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Space Reserved for Dale, Ben, Steve et Houston EAA'rs al at Green Bank, Sunday, 15 March 2009

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Space reserved for Dale, Ben, Steve et Houston EAA'rs al for blogging in and posting pixs for Sunday at the Green Bank. Watch for EVJerry's Comment perhaps

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Phoenix Motorcars, EasyMile win grant for development of first FMVSS-compliant autonomous shuttle bus in US

Green Car Congress

The city of Houston is set to receive the first Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Buy America-compliant mid-size autonomous bus in the US.

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Nissan adds another city to list of partners

Green Cars News

Last week it was Orlando (see article) and this week it is the turn of the city of Houston to enter into an agreement with Nissan to advance zero emission mobility. An announcement was made at the Houston stop of the Nissan LEAF zero emissions tour as the build up continues towards the launch of the [.]. Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news Nissan electric vehicle recharging electric vehicles Houston Nissan LEAF recharging infrastructure Renault-Nissan Alliance

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Ford to get electric motors from Toshiba

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The company will now supply electric drive motors to Ford for both hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles while also expanding its manufacturing capacity at its plant in Houston, Texas, making the location its first base overseas for [.]. Tags: Electric cars Ford Green cars Latest news Ford electric cars Ford electric vehicles Houston hybrid vehicles plug-in hybrid electric vehicles toshiba Toshiba International Corporation

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Platinum breakthrough could boost fuel cell cars

Green Cars News

Fuel cell cars may have been left trailing all things electric in the green car race, but a breakthrough by researchers at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and the University of Houston may put them back on track. Tags: Fuel Cells Green cars Hydrogen fuel Latest news cost of platinum Department of Energy fuel cell cars hydrogen cars Nature Chemistry platinum University of Houston

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More conferences and events outside of China being cancelled due to caution over COVID-19

Green Car Congress

These include: CERAWeek 2020, scheduled to take place in Houston, 9-13 March. CERAWeek will simply skip this year, and reconvene in Houston in 2021.

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Anheuser-Busch transitioning 30% of dedicated fleet to renewable natural gas

Green Car Congress

In 2014 and 2015, Anheuser-Busch converted 160 diesel-fueled trucks in Houston and St. Anheuser-Busch is transitioning more than 180 trucks—representing approximately 30% of its dedicated fleet—to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

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Tesla Motors Opens Gallery In Oil Country

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TK TK Palo Alto-based electric auto maker Tesla Motors doesn’t sell cars in its new Houston showroom, sales lot, dealership uh… “gallery” now open in Houston, Texas. According to Texas state law, they are, for some reason, not allowed to actually sell cars at their new digs in the Houston Galleria shopping center

Rice University team links PM2.5 and ozone levels with cardiac arrest

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A team from Rice University and the Houston Fire Department EMS has found a direct correlation between out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCA) and levels of air pollution and ozone. The research, based on a massive data set unique to Houston, was published this month in the American Heart Association journal Circulation.

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