Battle over EV tax credit pits automakers against oil interests

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The possibility of an extension for the $7,500 federal EV tax credit has recently intensified lobbying efforts in Washington D.C.—and —and pitted the efforts of the auto industry soundly against those of the oil and gas industry. Plug-In Hybrids EV tax creditSo reports the Washington Post. According to its report this week, the powerful companies and interests opposing the.

U.S. EV buyers will get the $7,500 tax credit with a few catches


The United States Electric Vehicle Tax Credit is one of the most notable advantages of purchasing a battery-electric car. The future of the auto industry is electric — and made in America. Earlier this year, a $12,500 EV tax credit was discussed.


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Tesla sales, VW tech, electric Harley-Davidson: Today's Car News

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With final sales reports out from the whole auto industry, we built some context around Tesla's end-of-the-year sales numbers. sales tax creditThe Model 3 is setting the pace among luxury cars. Volkswagen buys wireless tech from Volvo. Harley-Davidson announces pricing and a date for buyers interested in purchasing its LiveWire electric motorcycle. And our.

2019 75

Trump budget could affect Lordstown Motors funding, again seeks to end EV tax credit

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The future of the program, called ATVM within the auto industry, could potentially affect the viability of Lordstown Motors, the venture aiming to make electric pickups in

2020 135

Tesla bull calls battery cost declines “good deflation” that could boost EV sales


Credit: Manheim Index ). In contrast to “good deflation,” ARK also identified an example of “bad deflation” in the auto industry, specifically in the used car market.

Car Industry Asks Government For More EV Help

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Auto lobbyists say the government should provide more cash subsidies to ease. If they don’t, then the car industry warns it’ll be hard to hit President Obama’s goal of one million electric and/or plug-in vehicles on the road by 2015. Read more in the WSJ article by Josh Mitchell: Auto Industry Plugs Electric-Car Subsidies. the introduction of EVs.

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Nissan Leaf – Taking Reservations

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After a federal tax credit and state rebate, the price of these cars will come out at around a cool 20k. Funny that this article cites “a shortage of public charging stations&# as the sole reason for auto makers scrapping electric vehicles in the 1990s. The Leaf’s suggested retail price of $32,780 drops to $25,280 after a $7,500 federal income tax credit. But that also qualifies for a 50 percent tax credit, dropping the cost to $1,100.

2010 140

CMU study finds that HEVs and PHEVs with small battery packs offer more emissions and oil displacement benefits per dollar spent than large pack PHEVs and BEVs; policy implications

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Value of life cycle air emissions and oil displacement benefits compared to federal tax credit for plug-in vehicles. US policy has been pushing the auto industry to investigate alternatives to fossil fuels; the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides up to $7,500 in tax credits for up to 200,000 plug-in vehicles. Value of life-cycle emissions externality damages and oil premium costs from vehicles in 2010 $. Michalek et al.

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VW Joke, Kia EV6 Details – EV Week in Review: March 23-30

EV Adoption

According to the Asian auto industry gurus at ZoZo Go , it’s the strongest product debut in the history of four-wheeled vehicles. And, federal subsidies or not, nearly all industry observers anticipate a boom in charger installations over the next several years.

Kia 52

Tesla Announces IPO

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The price of shares or the timing of their availability is still unclear, but industry observers expect the much-anticipated offering to be well-received by investors.&#. The price of shares or the timing of their availability is still unclear, but industry observers expect the much-anticipated offering to be well-received by investors. “This could propel them into a more prominent position in the auto industry,&# Menlow said.

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Kentucky-Argonne Partnership to Help Build US Advanced Battery Industry

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The Center’s major goals would be to support the development of a viable US battery manufacturing industry; make it easier for federal labs, universities, manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users to collaborate; develop advanced manufacturing technology to reduce advanced battery production costs; and accelerate the commercialization of technologies developed at national laboratories and universities.

Li-ion Polymer Battery Maker Kokam America Is Partner of Choice for Smith Electric Vehicles US; Kokam JV With Dow Targeted at Scaling Up Production

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million in tax credits towards that plant from the state. Kokam America has been producing its SLPB cells for 8 years in its Missouri plant, says Kokam America CEO Don Nissanka, targeting niche market applications from the military, to medical devices, to industrial applications. Going into the auto industry, we have to keep below $0.50/Wh [$500/kWh] and we believe we can get there. ”.

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GM Working with Communities to Develop Roadmap For Plug-in Infrastructure

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GM described its approach at the Washington Auto Show. Provide state tax credit for vehicles ($2,500/16 kWh vehicle) and charging equipment and installation at home/multi-family home/workplace/public (up to $3,000/home; $30,000/other site with 10 charge ports). Eliminate state sales tax on vehicle purchase; Commit/fund government fleet purchases (200 vehicles).

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Perspective: Drive Star Conversion Program Could Cut US Oil Use in Half by 2020

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When he proposes steps to improve oil industry safety, we hope he won’t say, “Let’s make sure this never happens again.” Well, America’s auto industry delivered over 100,000. That helped us become the world’s greatest industrial power. It helps that the auto industry will be building more efficient new vehicles. Right now, buyers of new plug-in cars get up to $7,500 in tax credits. Perspective by Felix Kramer, Founder, CalCars.

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Expert panel report finds achieving 1M plug-in vehicles in US by 2015 would require concentrated action to overcome barriers

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A new study sponsored by Indiana University concludes that President Obama’s vision of one million plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) on US roads by 2015 will require concentrated efforts action from all stakeholders— the auto industry, federal government, the scientific community, and consumers—to be realized. The findings include: The US PEV Industry in the Global Market.

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California environmental lawyer forecasts the future of state and federal emissions regulations


The reinvigoration of the body of interrelated federal and state fuel economy and emissions regulations will have major implications for the auto industry and the environment. If the industry doesn’t challenge it, the NGOs may challenge it—it’s never good enough for both sides.

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The electric car and grid parity -

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

The Oregon Legislature is contemplating bills that provide credits for both manufacturers and purchasers of electric cars. The state of Michigan, which has seen its economy decimated by the collapse of the gas-powered auto industry, is pouring incentives into the alt-car market. It has awarded tax credits worth about $100 million to each of four manufacturers of electric-hybrid car batteries.

Electric-Car Fans Rally Around the Volt - Green Inc. Blog -

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’s expertise on the auto industry in general, we are concerned that in its understanding of future pathways, it offers a flawed analysis and predictions based on business-as-usual,&# notes a posting on the California Car Initiative’s Web site. The high cost of manufacturing the Volt is exactly why the tax credits of $2500 for a vehicle with 4 kWh of battery capacity and $417 for every kWh over 4 (so that there is a $7500 credit for the Volt) were legislated.

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Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

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Home » Transport Stocks » Alternative Energy , Autos Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms 16 comments by: James Rickman April 24, 2009 | about stocks: ENON.OB / F / GE / GM / MMTOF.PK / NSANY / POR James Rickman 17 Followers 1 Following You are currently following James Rickman Stop Following You are no longer following James Rickman About this author: James Rickmans articles on Seeking Alpha Visit: Sustainable Virtual BiZ, Inc.

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