California Air Resources Board Head: All New Cars Should Be Zero-Emission In 2030

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And that's largely due to regulations overseen by the state's Air Resources Board. emissions California California Air Resources Board plug-in cars transportation policyAmong U.S. states, California is by far the most enthusiastic when it comes to electric cars. But Mary Nichols--the chair of this agency since 2007--isn't satisfied with having just a few electric cars on California roads. DON'T MISS: California Approves Aggressive.

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Using new seismic imaging technique, BP finds significant additional resources in the Gulf of Mexico

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BP announced a major breakthrough in seismic imaging that has identified more than 200 million barrels of additional resources at BP’s Atlantis field in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. As a result of this early success, BP now is deploying this technique to fields elsewhere in the Gulf of Mexico as well as in Azerbaijan, Angola, and Trinidad and Tobago.

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Plenty of lithium resources for electric vehicles

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Will there be enough lithium resources to support increased demand from the use of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles? Their prediction suggests that even with a rapid and widespread adoption of electric vehicles there will be enough resources to support demand until at [.]. Electric cars Ford Green cars Latest news Lithium-ion batteries lithium resources University of Michigan

Green Hero: California Air Resources Board

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California Air Resources Board outlines environmental targets

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The California Air Resources Board met in Sacramento late last week and has announced a number of targets aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 and 2035. Tags: Green cars Green credentials Latest news California California Air Resources Board environmental targets greenhouse gas emission targets renewable energy targets

USGS releases first shale-oil and shale-gas resource potential assessment for the Alaska North Slope

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The US Geological Survey has released its first estimate of the potential of undiscovered, technically recoverable onshore shale oil and gas resources in Alaska’s North Slope. Resources.

UW researchers discover major lithium resource in Wyoming; potential integrated brine production/CO2 storage system

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Researchers at the University of Wyoming Carbon Management Institute (CMI) discovered a major new lithium resource near Rock Springs during a geological carbon dioxide storage site characterization project sponsored by the US Department of Energy. The potential new lithium resource discovered by CMI could transform the US from a significant lithium importer to an independent lithium producer.

Electric cars improving fast, CA should raise zero-emission requirements: report

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Environmental Protection Agency was even formed, and its powerful Air Resources Board has been a vital force in getting plug-in electric vehicles onto the state's roads. emissions EPA California California Air Resources Board CARB Zero Emission Vehicle regulation state lawsFor 50 years now, California has been at the very forefront of reducing vehicle emissions. It was doing so before the U.S.

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California Air Resources Board adds another $25 million to expand clean vehicle rebate program

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The California Air Resources Board (ARB) voted to immediately expand the funding and current waiting list for incentive funds that help consumers buy zero-emission and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The Board’s action expanded the current $5-million waiting list, established last month, by an additional $25 million to accommodate expected market growth into the summer. The move is in response to the growing demand for zero-emission and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles over the past two years.

California to test electric-car 'point of purchase' rebate for electric cars

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rebates California incentives California Air Resources Board CARB plug-in carsIt's clear that incentives to buy specific cars work best when they can be applied directly at the time of sale. That's why purchase rebates are widely preferred by electric-car advocates to tax credits, which may take up to 15 months to be usable, depending on the timing of the purchase and tax filing. While the federal electric-car incentive is.

Toyota 'Project Portal' hydrogen fuel-cell heavy-duty semi tractor as proof of concept

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emissions hydrogen California Air Resources Board CARB hydrogen fuel cell Zero Emission Vehicle semisThe challenges of building fueling infrastructure for passenger cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells are well known by now. Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai now lease low volumes of fuel-cell vehicles in selected areas of California where a few dozen hydrogen fueling stations are now up and running. The challenges for fueling may be less daunting for.

California mulls ban on new cars with engines, joining China in climate action

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China zero emissions California California Air Resources Board CARB climate change plug-in cars state laws legislationWith China mulling an eventual ban on sales of cars with gasoline or diesel engines, the world's largest car market made it clear earlier this month that it intends to force a conversion to zero-emission vehicles. Now California, which has led the U.S. in environmental awareness and emission reduction for decades, is doing the same. Governor Jerry.

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Ignore VW Diesels, Make Company Sell Electric Cars: Tesla CEO Musk, 44 Others

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TDI VW California Air Resources Board CARB Volkswagen diesel scandalIt will cost a huge sum, likely billions of dollars, to make Volkswagen fix all of the 482,000 TDI diesel vehicles it has admitted use "defeat device" software to ignore emission laws. Indeed, it may not be practically possible for VW to modify 325,000 of those cars--and it would cost the company less simply to buy them back and scrap them.

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Electrification Coalition and FleetAnswers launch partnership to provide electrification resources for commercial fleets

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The Electrification Coalition ( earlier post ) and FleetAnswers have formed a partnership to provide online resources on plug-in electric vehicle deployment to US commercial fleet operators. Resources will include information on best practices in vehicle deployment and case studies from early-adopter companies.

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Leak At Natural-Gas Field Now One-Quarter Of All CA Methane Emissions

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emissions California natural gas California Air Resources Board CARB electric utilities MethaneFor half a century, California has been at the forefront of reducing emissions and cleaning up air pollution. And the state has made breathtaking progress since the days of early-Seventies technicolor photochemical smog alerts. But then bad things happen--and a leak at a single natural-gas well shows how much damage can be done to air quality by.

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Alabama, Mississippi to assess oil sands resources in their states

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Alabama and Mississippi are forming a partnership to further study the oil sands resources in the two states, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley and Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant announced on Saturday while speaking to the Southern States Energy Board.

CARB reaffirms state emission, electric-car rules for 2025

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The California Air Resources Board voted Friday to confirm its stricter emissions standards for 2025, setting up a potential clash with the Trump Administration. emissions Politics government EPA California California Air Resources Board CARB transportation policyThe CARB vote reaffirms a decision by the EPA in the waning days of the Obama Administration to lock in emissions standards for vehicles in model years 2022 through 2025. Under Trump, the.

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University of Michigan and Ford researchers see plentiful lithium resources for electric vehicles

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report in Journal of Industrial Ecology that even with a rapid and widespread adoption of electric vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries, lithium resources are sufficient to support demand until at least the end of this century. The researchers compiled data on 103 deposits containing lithium, with an emphasis on 32 deposits that have a lithium resource of more than 100,000 metric tons each. Resources. Researchers from the University of Michigan and Ford Motor Co.

Ford prepares EV market with online resources

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Ford has launched specially dedicated online resources to help motorists understand electric car technology and adapted to its use. Ford App electric car facebook Focus EV MyFord resource smartphone websiteThe US carmaker now has a dedicated website, a Facebook page and an electrified vehicles video to help drivers understand electric cars and learn about Ford’s planned electric and hybrid model launches. Furthermore, when drivers finally [.].

States to force emission, fuel-economy rules showdown with Trump Administration?

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emissions Politics EPA California NHTSA California Air Resources Board CARB CAFE Fuel Economy regulation Donald TrumpContinuing political turmoil and news coverage of the Trump Administration haven't stopped the president's agency heads from drastically reshaping policies on energy, the environment, and emissions. Comments are now being taken on the reopened EPA limits on vehicular carbon emissions for 2022 through 2025, although reporters had to dig to find out.

CARB Shows Test Equipment That Found VW Diesel Defeat Device (Video)

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TDI VW California Air Resources Board Volkswagen diesel scandalVolkswagen's diesel-emissions cheating went on for more than six years in part because the company's use of "defeat device" software was hard to detect.

UNEP and partners launch Global Initiative for Resource-Efficient Cities; role of public transport

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The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and partners have launched a new initiative that aims to reduce pollution levels, improve resource efficiency and reduce infrastructure costs in cities across the world. Urban areas account for 50% of all waste, generate 60-80% of all greenhouse gas emissions and consume 75% of natural resources, yet occupy only 3% of the Earth’s surface, UNEP said. —“Sustainable, Resource Efficient Cities in the 21 st Century”. Resources.

New study doubles estimate of BC gas resources

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A new joint report on the shale-gas potential of Northeastern British Columbia’s (BC) Horn River Basin more than doubles a previous assessment of gas resources within the province. Location of unconventional resources currently recognized in British Columbia. Resources.

VW settlement with EPA announced over diesel emission scandal (updated)

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emissions EPA VW California Air Resources Board Volkswagen diesel scandalVolkswagen and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said today that they had reached an agreement on a plan to address hundreds of thousands of diesel vehicles sold over six years deliberately designed to violate U.S. emission laws. The agreement, released at 8 am California time this morning, complied with a deadline of today imposed by U.S.

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California Rejects VW Diesel Fix Plan: 'Gaps,' 'Lacks Detail'

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The California Air Resources. EPA TDI VW California Air Resources Board Volkswagen diesel scandalIt seems owners of Volkswagen diesel cars equipped with illegal "defeat device" software will have to wait longer for a recall to update their cars. The plan submitted by VW in November to modify its 2.0-liter four-cylinder TDI diesel models has been rejected by the regulatory agencies that must approve those fixes.

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DOE to release hydrogen safety training resource

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) Fuel Cell Technologies Office (FCTO) and Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) are developing a hydrogen training resource focused on fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) technology and how it can be utilized for federal fleets.

Tesla Battery Swapping: Useful Service Or Minimal Effort For Extra Income?

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Elon Musk California California Air Resources Board CARB Tesla Motors plug-in cars EV credits Tesla Motors has been opening its Supercharger DC fast-charging stations at a dizzying pace lately, with 175 U.S. sites operating, and almost two dozen more either in construction or permitted. Globally that total is almost 400 sites, which likely represents more than 2,000 separate outlets. But Tesla battery swapping? Ah, that''s a different.

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Electric Cars Cut Greenhouse Gases, Energy Use: New EPRI-NRDC Study

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Environmental emissions research Study plug-in cars natural resourcesElectric cars charged on the grid generally have a lower carbon footprint than internal-combustion vehicles--and their wells-to-wheels carbon emissions only shrink as more renewable energy comes online. That's the conclusion of a new study on the environmental effects of future transportation electrification, jointly conducted by the Electric.

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USGS’ first assessment of shale gas resources in the Utica Shale: 38 trillion cubic feet

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The Utica Shale has a mean of 940 million barrels of unconventional oil resources and a mean of 208 million barrels of unconventional natural gas liquids. Resources.

Air Resources Board seeks nominations for 2014 Haagen-Smit Clean Air Awards

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The California Air Resources Board is accepting applications for the 2014 Haagen-Smit Clean Air Awards. Resources. The awards are annually bestowed upon scientists, policy makers, community leaders and educators who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of clean air and climate change science, technology and policy. California’s premier air quality award is named for the late Dr. Arie Haagen-Smit, known as the “father” of air pollution science and control.

Scenarios For 2030 Zero-Emissions Cars In CA: Hydrogen Or Not?

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Green CARB California California Air Resources Board hydrogen plug-in cars state laws zero emissions With epic smog in the Los Angeles Basin, the state of California has led the nation''s charge to reduce emissions from road vehicles for more than half a century. And it is now state policy to reduce emissions of climate-change gases, primarily carbon dioxide, from its 30 million-plus road vehicles by a whopping 80 percent by 2050. How the state.

California conundrum: 2018 Leaf, Bolt EV, or Mirai fuel-cell car?

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emissions zero emissions California California Air Resources Board CARB plug-in cars Zero Emission Vehicle smog state lawsCalifornia is very different from the rest of the United States. All by itself, it's the sixth largest economy in the world. One eighth of all Americans live there. It's home to Silicon Valley, as well as much of the global entertainment industry, and it produces a large proportion of the nation's fruit and vegetables. DON'T MISS: A Brief History.

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California Air Resources Board adopts GHG cap-and-trade program; first auctions slated for Aug/Nov 2012

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The California Air Resources Board on Thursday adopted the final greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions cap-and-trade regulation. Resources. Earlier post.) The cap-and-trade joins a suite of other major climate program measures including standards for ultra-clean cars (Advanced Clean Cars, earlier post ), low-carbon fuels (Low Carbon Fuel Standard, earlier post ) and renewable electricity.

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Why Electric Cars Are Rare Outside CA: Arcane 'Travel Provision' Rule

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New York California California Air Resources Board CARB plug-in cars Zero Emission Vehicle Connecticut MassachusettsThe sparsity of cars with plugs has been one of the biggest frustrations for Northeastern electric-car shoppers and advocates. While California buyers can choose among roughly two dozen different battery-electric and plug-in hybrid offerings, just a handful are available outside the state. And that's despite nine Northeastern states having adopted.

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Researchers argue that the optimal use of biomass as a renewable resource is for production of select chemicals, not power, heat or fuels

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Biomass differs from the other renewable resources, they note, since the energy it contains is stored as chemical bonds. A wide gap in the effective H/C ratio between a resource and a target chemical implies that a lengthy process is needed for its conversion. Resources.

New EIA report boosts estimates of global recoverable shale oil resources 10-fold to 345 billion barrels

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The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has released a new report that estimates that shale oil and shale gas resources in the United States and in 137 shale formations in 41 other countries represent 10% of the world’s crude oil and 32% of the world’s natural gas technically recoverable resources—i.e., The ARI assessment of shale formations looks exclusively at shale resources and does not consider other types of tight formations. Resources.

Which carmakers show CA 2025 zero-emission vehicle rules are already within reach?

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California California Air Resources Board CARB plug-in cars Zero Emission Vehicle regulation state lawsThe sales growth of electric cars has made strides in recent years, and California's Zero-Emission Vehicle mandate has more than a little to do with that. The program adopted by the state of California more than 20 years ago, and much modified since then, requires that carmakers sell a certain number of zero-emission models in California and 10.

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Rock River Resources to build small refinery and crude-by-rail terminal in Utah

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Houston-based Rock River Resources plans to build a small refinery and terminal for shipping crude by rail in Green River, Utah, with the goal of providing a long-term viable refining option in the region. —Kim Green, a spokeswoman for Rock River Resources. The Green River refinery will use the latest developments in emissions control technology, allowing it to be classified as a minor source of emissions by Utah regulators, Rock River Resources said.

Which states follow California's emission and zero-emission vehicle rules?

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emissions zero emissions EPA California California Air Resources Board CARB transportation policyCalifornia leads the nation in policies that promote reductions of carbon emissions from road vehicles. It is unique in having a federal waiver that allows it to set its own, stricter emissions standards, along with a zero-emission vehicle mandate that requires automakers reaching certain sales volumes to sell a certain number of cars without.

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US DOI report highlights impacts of climate change on Western water resources

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The report, which responds to requirements under the SECURE Water Act of 2009, details several increased risks to western United States water resources during the 21 st century. Resources.