As The #Pussygrabber Circus Performs Putin’s USA Strategy Is Winning

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Party Of Lying, Dirty Old Bitter Men Holding America Down, Forcing Prep School Dick On USA

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News News Media Truth & Reality Brett Kavanagh rapists Republican SCOTUS sexual abusers

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@LATimes Soft Pedals Threat To USA Caused By Reeling, Deranged Despot #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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Even With Fossil Flaws, California is USA’s Last Desperate Climate Action Hope #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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2018 152

Landi Renzo USA awarded $600K from South Coast AQMD & SoCalGas for near-zero natural-gas Ford 7.3L engine

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California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District’s (South Coast AQMD) Clean Fuel Funds and Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) have awarded a combined $600,000 ($300,000 each) to Landi Renzo USA for Landi Renzo’s 7.3L Landi Renzo USA is the US subsidiary of Landi Renzo Group.

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USA Rare Earth acquires US rare earth permanent magnet manufacturing capability from Hitachi; mine-to-magnet

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USA Rare Earth, LLC, the funding and development partner of the Round Top Heavy Rare Earth and Critical Minerals Project in West Texas, has purchased the neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) permanent magnet manufacturing equipment formerly owned and operated in North Carolina by Hitachi Metals America, Ltd. At 2,000 tonnes per year, the USA Rare Earth Magnet Plant would produce approximately 17% of the current US market, and would generate more than $140 million in annual sales (at 2019 prices).

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Bimbo Bakeries USA orders 5 Motiv all-electric EPIC-equipped step vans; delivery in Q3 2019

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Motiv Power Systems announced a five-vehicle purchase order from Bimbo Bakeries USA, the US business of Mexico City-based Grupo Bimbo. Bimbo Bakeries USA will be deploying these vehicles for fuel-efficient product delivery in Ceres, California.

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Big O Yes "Jello" (2017) :30 (USA)

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Automotive Read more about Big O Yes "Jello" (2017) :30 (USA). For all your big "Oh nos," there's a big O Yes. Big O Tires. Why do I want Jell-O all of a sudden? Add new comment

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Voltageville, USA

Revenge of the Electric Car

Sacramento’s News 10 reports on the electric cars of Vacaville, CA. In 2003 Vacaville, also known as Voltageville , was miles ahead of other cities with over 100 electric cars on the road in both GM EV1 s and Toyota RAV4-EV s. The California Air Resources Board’s 1990 Zero Emissions Vehicle mandate would have required 10% of all vehicles sold in California to be zero emissions. But the CARB ZEV mandate was rescinded in 2003 due to pressure from the automakers.

2008 100

Will Volkswagen's electric Microbus be made in the USA?

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Volkswagen is expecting to launch at least three new all-electric vehicles in the U.S. in the next five years. The first will be the 2020 introduction of the ID, a unique electric-only that would replace the e-Golf; the much-anticipated, all-electric ID Buzz, a remake on the counterculture-icon microbus, due in 2022; and the I.D. Crozz, a

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MINI USA survey finds 73% say 75 miles EV range sufficient for daily use

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According to a new survey MINI USA recently commissioned from market research and business intelligence firm Engine International, Inc, 63% of consumers said the best way to use an EV is for commuting or city driving, At the same time, 73% of consumers surveyed said that battery range of up to 75 miles was sufficient for their daily use. —Andrew Cutler, Head of Corporate Communications, MINI USA.

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Dear Iowa & New Hampshire – Your Too White Populations Do Not Look Or Sound Like The USA & Shouldn’t Be Choosing Anything But Your Local Dog Catchers. #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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@LATimes Becomes Least Credible Newspaper On ClimateCrisis In USA As Chevron Toxic Fumes Incapacitate Editors & Journalists. No Hope For Recovery Seen #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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The Real Reason for USA based Economic Recessions.

DIY Electric Car

The True Cause of Recessions: OIL. By Douglas A. Stansfield. Recently I had the opportunity to speak at the annual Pennsylvania Energy Festival ( [link] ) back in September of this year. I was asked to speak about the economic impact of our oil dependency and so I began researching this topic to see if I could draw some insightful conclusions. My initial analysis looked at the recessions that have happened within my lifetime and since I am 45 years old that record goes back to the 1970s.

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Hotstick USA exclusively licenses ORNL direct-current detector for emergency responder safety

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North Carolina-based Hotstick USA has exclusively licensed a direct-current detector technology developed by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory to help emergency responders safely detect high voltages. —William Beckmann, president of Hotstick USA.

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GEICO "The great penguin migration' (2017) 1:00 (USA)

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uncategorized Read more about GEICO "The great penguin migration' (2017) 1:00 (USA). As long as GPS can still get you lost, you can count on GEICO saving folks money. Pretty funny stuff, penguins using GPS to migrate. You know what? I'm gonna trust my instincts.".

2017 53

Electrified vehicle sales accelerate in the USA

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Latest news alternative fuel electric car hybrid USASales of electrified vehicles in the US have increased by 73 per cent since 2011, the latest research from Mintel shows.

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USA Broadcast Premiere, and DVDs in Whole Foods

Revenge of the Electric Car

Still available on DVD online, and streaming on multiple outlets over the internet, we're happy to announce our USA broadcast premiere of the film this month! This month, Revenge of the Electric Car celebrates Earth Day with some great new ways to see the film.

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Indianapolis becomes USA first to switch to plug-in vehicles

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Electric cars Hybrid cars electric car hybrid car USAIndianapolis is to become the US’ first city to convert its entire municipal non-police fleet to electric and plug-in hybrids by 2025.

Report: USA heading for “best ever year” for emissions

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Global warming Green cars Green credentials Latest news CO2 emissions EPA fuel economy green cars greenhouse gas emissions US Environmental Protection Agency USA

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Landi Renzo USA to offer MY 2018 F-150 with CNG; 50,000-mile warranty

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Landi Renzo USA , a division of Landi Renzo Group, a global leader in alternative fuel systems, will offer the Ford F-150 with compressed natural gas (CNG) for model year 2018 with Ford Ship-Thru strategically located adjacent to the Ford assembly plant in Kansas City, Mo. As a Ford-approved Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) system developer, Landi Renzo USA is the first to offer the all-new F-150 truck for MY2018 with 5.0L

2017 60

CleanFUEL USA teams with Westport for propane autogas-powered 2016 Ford F-150

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CleanFUEL USA, an industry leader in propane autogas technology, announced an agreement with Westport Innovations Inc. The Westport WiNG Power System will employ the CleanFUEL USA Liquid Propane Injection (LPI) technology. to serve as a supplier for the Westport WiNG 2016 Ford 5.0L F-150 propane truck. Westport’s F-150 with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), or propane, offers Ford QCM/QVM warranty protection with expected EPA and CARB certifications.

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Hybrid and electric car sales surge in the USA

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Sales of hybrid and electric cars soared last month over in the USA as the number of available models increased. Electric cars Hybrid cars electric car hybrid USAAccording to industry residual value firm Kelley Blue Book, sales of hybrid and electric vehicles surged 164 per cent on sales volumes in June of last year, despite falling fuel prices widely expected to dull [.].

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Iowa State to manage biorefinery projects for new Manufacturing USA Institute

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Iowa State University will bring its expertise in biorenewable technologies and pilot plant operations to the country’s 10th Manufacturing USA Institute. Earlier post.) The recently announced advanced manufacturing institute is dedicated to improving the productivity and efficiency of chemical manufacturing. Those improvements could include combining processes such as mixing, reacting and separating into single steps.

Iowa 65

USA gains first E15 fuel pump

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Latest news E15 Environmental Protection Agency ethanol USAAfter last month’s approval of E15 fuel by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (see story), the state of Kansas becomes the first in the US to welcome the fuel. Despite on-going controversy over the use of E15, the country ‘s first E15 fuel pump opened yesterday at a Zarco 66 station in Lawrence, Kansas. E15 [.].

smart USA delivers first retail electric drive vehicle

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smart USA Distributor LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Automotive Group, Inc., This year, smart USA is placing 250 smart fortwo electric drive vehicles across the United States with selected companies, municipalities, organizations and individuals. delivered the first smart fortwo electric drive to a retail customer in the United States. The smart fortwo electric drive is powered by a 30 kW magneto-electric motor and 16.5 kWh lithium-ion battery.

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Cisco DeVries’ AB 811 Baby Goes Nationwide: President Clinton Backs USA PACE Bond Program

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Sept 24, 2009, New York City ( Sourced from prnewswire ) - The Clinton Global Initiative announced this afternoon a breakthrough for the long overdue clean energy retrofitting of America’s homes, commercial and apartment buildings.

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car2go continues expansion in Canada and the USA

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car2go North America LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler North America Corporation, will expand its carsharing operations in Canada and the United States this summer. car2go will officially start operations in Toronto on 30 June; in Calgary on 21 July; and in Miami, Florida on 28 July. Member registration for all three cities is open at

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Porsche to offer diesel Cayenne in USA

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Green cars Latest news Porsche green cars Porsche Cayenne USAFor the first time in its history, the Porsche Cayenne diesel (pictured) is heading to the United States market. Starting from the 2013 model year, the Cayenne Diesel will be made available with a 3.0litre, V6 turbo diesel engine – it offers 240hp and 406lb-ft of torque from as low as 1,750rpm. It can accelerate [.].

Nissan LEAF now available across the USA

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Electric cars Green cars Latest news Nissan electric cars green cars Nissan LEAF USAAfter a gradual introduction in North America, the start of March marks the date in which the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle became available in all US markets. The LEAF is the first electric car to be available in all 50 US states. Anyone that holds a reservation for the vehicle in the 21 states in [.].

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Alon USA receives go ahead for Bakersfield, CA rail terminal and refinery project; Bakken light crude

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Alon USA Energy, Inc. Alon USA Energy, Inc., Alon owns 100% of the general partner and approximately 82% of the limited partner interests in Alon USA Partners, LP, which owns a crude oil refinery in Texas with an aggregate crude oil throughput capacity of approximately 73,000 barrels per day.

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ChargePoint and DBT USA partner on networked EV charging in North America

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Via a new partnership to expand networked EV charging stations in North America, DBT USA’s new North American portfolio of Level II EV charging stations now have the option to connect to ChargePoint, the world’s largest global EV charging network. Through ChargePoint, DBT USA can now provide station owners and EV drivers features including the ability to help with trip planning, manage the cost of charging, and find and operate public stations.

Ford C-Max Energi becomes USA’s cleanest plug-in

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Ford plug-in hybrid USAFord’s new C-Max Energi has been named the US’ most efficient plug-in hybrid, after being granted an official city fuel economy rating of 108MPGe city. With a combined cycle rating of 100MPGe from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that means that the new model beats the economy rating of key rival, the Toyota Prius Plug-in [.].

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Hybrid and plug-in sales show strength in USA

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It appears the market for plug-in hybrid electric and hybrid cars is gradually gathering momentum in the USA. According to figures released by the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA), sales reached 48,796 hybrids during May.

USA 67

Oil industry files lawsuit against USA’s biofuel policy

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Biofuels biofuels EPA fuel petrol USAThe U.S government faces another lawsuit against its policy to enforce petroleum firms to use biofuel. It is the second lawsuit in six months to challenge the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Renewable Fuel Standard mandate for the use of cellulosic biofuel. Filed by the American Petroleum Institute (API), which represents oil refineries in the [.].

USA 46

BYD heads to the USA

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Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news Build Your Dreams Auto BYD BYD Auto BYD e6 electric car BYD in the USA Chinese auto manufacturers Los Angeles Warren Buffet

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ZAP Completes Made-in-USA Electric Pickup Engineering Project

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Electric vehicle maker ZAP is engineering a truck in which the majority of the construction is made in the USA. ZAP has completed an engineering project to develop a four-wheel electric pickup with the majority of the parts and components supplied by US companies.

USA 78

Advanced Biofuels USA introduces “E30 Capable” high-octane fuels concept in EPA Tier 3 comments

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In extended comments, Advanced Biofuels USA cautions that the “recipe” for these higher octane fuels must maintain current gasoline blend stock (BOB). In addition to the “E30 capable” concept, Advanced Biofuels USA also suggests that, to provide a smooth path to making this “higher octane, higher ethanol content gasoline” available nationwide, EPA Tier 3 regulations should not require individual vehicle manufacturers to certify the availability of this fuel.

2013 81

Electric and hybrid car sales record in USA

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Electric cars Green cars Hybrid cars Latest news electric car sales electric cars green cars hybrid car sales hybrid cars Toyota Prius C USAElectric and hybrid cars enjoyed their highest share of the US automotive market yet, during March. According to new figures from Ward’s Auto Info Bank, consumers bought a record 52,000 hybrid and electric cars during the month – that’s an increase from 34,000 during the same month last year. Now, the two categories account for [.].

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To the four corners of the USA on an electric motorcycle

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Seattle, Los Angeles, Florida, and Maine: the four corners of the continental U.S. Those points are where I intend to ride my 2014 Zero SR electric motorcycle this summer. The summer road trip is a great tradition, and every year, electric vehicles shape up to be more road-trip-worthy than before. DON'T MISS: 'Kick Gas' Movie: Driving Across U.S. road trips electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles

USA and China team up to tackle HFCs

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The global phasedown of hydroflurocarbons (HFCs) is about to be kicked into another gear as the USA and China announced they will team up to tackle the production and consumption of the pollutant.

USA 61

Public transport on the rise in the USA

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The USA has always been seen as a distinctly car-driven location with a stubborn refusal to give up the gas-guzzling SUVs and pick-up trucks that are generally more harmful to the environment.

USA 55

Advanced Biofuels USA receives USDA grant for feasibility study of eastern shore energy beet-to-jetfuel project

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The US Department of Agriculture has provided $16,893 to Advanced Biofuels USA , a Maryland-based 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization, for a feasibility study of producing bio-jetfuel from energy beets grown on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.