Tips: 5 Best Car Maintenance Practices

Clean Fleet Report

Whatever’s under the hood, regular maintenance will make it run better. By staying on top of maintenance routines, you’ll prevent several mechanical issues. That’s why auto repair and maintenance practices should be a priority.

Hamburg project testing use of liquid hydrogen in aviation maintenance and ground processes

Green Car Congress

Funded by the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Lufthansa Technik will work with the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the Center for Applied Aeronautical Research (ZAL) and Hamburg Airport over the next two years to design and test maintenance and ground processes in handling hydrogen technology.


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Argonne study finds BEVs can have lowest scheduled maintenance costs, but highest cost of driving

Green Car Congress

We use vehicles modeled in Autonomie to estimate vehicle costs and fuel economy along with fuel price projections from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), and focus on developing internally consistent estimates for other relevant cost parameters.

Feature: How Expensive Is EV Maintenance?

Clean Fleet Report

All vehicles require some form of maintenance. That said, drivers will typically spend less on long-term maintenance than they would for an internal combustion engine (ICE) car over time. So, just how expensive is EV maintenance overall? Average Maintenance Costs.

Tesla eliminates annual service, keeps some periodic maintenance

Green Car Reports

Electric cars are supposed to be more reliable than internal combustion models. Yet Tesla, like most corner auto dealerships, has made money selling extended service plans for annual maintenance on its cars, sometimes mandatory. Scheduled MaintenanceCertainly, they have a lot fewer moving parts and need a lot less lubrication. With hundreds of thousands more Teslas.

Tesla updates maintenance plans; higher fees now include hardware updates

Green Car Reports

Electric cars may require significantly less maintenance than internal-combustion cars, but even they will break down eventually. So the Silicon Valley automaker offers maintenance plans, which allow owners to prepay for annual inspections and other routine work. plug-in cars Scheduled MaintenanceEarly in the life of the Model S, owners criticized the company for appearing to tie.

Electric Car Maintenance A Third Cheaper Than Combustion Vehicles?

Green Car Reports

In contrast, internal combustion engines can be made up of hundreds of parts--even thousands, in particularly advanced engines. Driving an electric car has plenty of advantages, but many owners also like the simplicity of their vehicles. An electric motor is incredibly simple in operation. That's why it's perhaps unsurprising to hear that new

SAE International publishes updated standard for on-route mechanized conductive EV charging systems for buses: SAE J3105

Green Car Congress

SAE International published its latest standard, SAE J3105 : Electric Vehicle Power Transfer System Using Conductive Automated Connection Devices, along with three new tributary documents. In addition, low cost of ownership, coupled with low maintenance cost of electric buses, specially battery electric buses (BEB) is expected to benefit the market during the forecast period.

2020 170

Feature: Top 6 Reasons Why an EV Is the Right Choice

Clean Fleet Report

Low Maintenance Costs. It has fewer parts that would need constant maintenance and replacement. Car dealerships will advise you on the frequency of maintenance needed at the time of purchase. An electric car has no internal combustion engine burning fossil fuels.

FPT International introduces 8.7-liter CNG engine in China

Green Car Congress

This is further supported by new piston rings to increase the oil service intervals by 17% vs. the Cursor 8 CNG, arriving at best in class for scheduled maintenance. FPT Industrial has extended its range of on-road alternative fuel solutions with the 8.7-liter Cursor 9 CNG, based on the Cursor 9 diesel architecture. The Cursor 9 CNG offers power up to 400 hp @ 2000 rpm, and torque up to 1700 N·m @ 1.200 rpm, while at the same time having emissions lower than Euro VI.

2016 150

EV Charging: A Look at the International Landscape

EV Connect

Open networks mean that property owners can select from more vendors, more drivers can use the charging stations and system maintenance and updates are easier to implement over time. With stations in the US, Europe and Australia, we can help you scale internationally.

Fiat 875cc TwinAir named International Engine of the Year 2011

Green Car Congress

Fiat’s 875cc TwinAir engine ( earlier post ) was named the International Engine of the Year 2011. The TwinAir is equipped a number of features usually found in higher engine classes, such as the electrohydraulic control of the Multiair inlet valves and an innovative timing chain that cuts engine running costs because it does not need any maintenance. The other winners in this year’s International Engine of the Year awards were: Best Performance Engine.

2011 224

EPA and State Department to partner on overseas real-time air quality monitoring; AirNow-International

Green Car Congress

A new fellowship program will enable US technical experts to visit participating diplomatic missions to help transfer skills and build capacity for air quality monitoring data analysis and maintenance. In 2010, the EPA and the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) launched AirNow-International , with real-time air quality data reporting from the 2010 World Expo.

2015 192

International Transport Forum recommends 12 ways for governments to make roads safer for pedestrians

Green Car Congress

A report released by the International Transport Forum (ITF) at the OECD highlights. This hazard is in part related to maintenance and design of public spaces, not to a collision with a vehicle. Create national pedestrian observatories and encourage international comparisons. the role of national governments in improving pedestrian mobility and proposes 12 sets of measures to create safer walking environments.

2012 224

CFM international to use GE additive layer manufacturing for some LEAP-X engine parts

Green Car Congress

CFM International, a 50:50 venture between GE Aviation and France’s Snecma, will produce some parts for the Leap-X family of engines ( earlier post ) for single-aisle short-haul aircraft using an additive layer manufacturing process (ALM, earlier post ) developed at GE’s Global Research Center. Advanced engine design also cuts noise and emissions and lowers maintenance demands. CFM is showing the LEAP-X engines during the 2012 Farnborough International Airshow, which started today.

2012 191

Sustainable Rail International, U of Minnesota partner to develop most powerful carbon-neutral locomotive, using new steam engine and biocoal

Green Car Congress

The Coalition for Sustainable Rail (CSR)—a collaboration of the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment (IonE) and the nonprofit Sustainable Rail International (SRI)— plans to develop what it calls the most powerful carbon-neutral locomotive to date, proving the viability of solid biofuel and modern steam locomotive technology.

Proterra beats out BYD for Mineta San José International Airport electric bus contract; 10 Proterra electric buses to be in service by late 2018

Green Car Congress

Mineta San José International Airport (SJC). Combining this with greatly improved vehicle efficiency, at 21 MPG equivalent, vs. 5 MPG for their current CNG buses and reduced vehicle maintenance costs will result in an estimated savings of about $4 million during the 12-year lifetime of these ten new Proterra buses.

2017 150

TU Dresden study on external costs of automotive transportation in Europe calls for internalization of the high external costs; raising user prices to change behavior

Green Car Congress

Neither infrastructure costs (area purchase, construction, maintenance, demolition, administration of infrastructure) nor congestion costs were included. Among their other conclusions, the authors suggested that the frequent claim “that cars cover all their internal and external costs” cannot be sustained. Average external costs from cars per 1,000 vkm by country. Click to enlarge.

2012 239

Cavotec to Supply PCAir and Other Ground Support Systems to Bahrain International Airport in 30M Deal

Green Car Congress

The Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain, as represented by the Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), has selected Cavotec to supply and integrate a range of environmentally friendly ground service equipment for remote aircraft aprons at Bahrain International Airport, in a deal worth approximately €30 million (US$45 million). The installation work is due for completion in February 2011 with a subsequent operation and maintenance period for one year.

FEV Showcased Partner and Internal Advanced Hybrid Development Projects at SAE World Congress; Demonstrations of Capability

Green Car Congress

At SAE 2009 World Congress, FEV showcased two advanced hybrid development projects it undertook with partners—the range-extended electric vehicle (ReEV) HUMMER H3 done in cooperation with Raser and a heavy-duty series hydraulic hybrid yard hostler done in partnership with EPA—as well as two internal hybrid development projects: a Dodge Caliber-based range-extended electric vehicle, and a small Wankel-based 18 kWe APU that could, for example, also be used as the genset in the Caliber.

2009 150

Hyundai has 5 reminders for making your EV battery last longer

Green Car Reports

Electric cars require much less maintenance than internal-combustion vehicles, but owners still need to be aware of certain maintenance practices.

2020 147

Hyundai Motor Group launches E-mobility pilot in Singapore with SP Group and Komoco Motors; EV-integrated solutions

Green Car Congress

Through the E-mobility platform, Hyundai Motor Group’s proprietary system developed for BEV maintenance and being operated jointly with program partners, drivers will be able to receive diverse services.

Nikola and PGT trucking sign LOI for 100 Nikola FCEV trucks

Green Car Congress

PGT), an international multi-service flatbed transportation company, to advance electric drive heavy-duty transport. The lease order will include the Nikola Tre FCEV, scheduled maintenance and hydrogen fueling solutions.

DOE labs study on costs and benefits of new transportation technologies the most comprehensive to date

Green Car Congress

They are newer to the road, so it was hard to know, for instance, their historic needs for maintenance over their operational life. The study finds, for example, that battery electric vehicles have maintenance costs 40% lower than ICE vehicles.

SAE and ISO publish joint automotive cybersecurity standard

Green Car Congress

SAE International , in collaboration with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), published ISO/SAE 21434™ Standard: Road Vehicles – Cybersecurity Engineering. The standard focuses on the fundamentals of cybersecurity including requirements, process and goals in business disciplines including product development, production, operations and maintenance.

Aquarius Engines unveils free-piston linear engine operating on 100% hydrogen

Green Car Congress

The new Aquarius Hydrogen Engine’s lightweight design and unique internal-gas-exchange-method would greatly reduce emissions and lower the global carbon footprint. Israel-based Aquarius Engines unveiled a hydrogen-fueled version of its free-piston linear engine new hydrogen engine.

Engine 427

Bloom Energy receives DNV AiP for initial design for SOFC-powered LNG carrier; ABS verification as alternative power source

Green Car Congress

In conjunction with Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), the companies’ initial design for an engineless, fuel-cell-powered liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier has received Approval in Principle (AiP) from DNV, a premier international maritime classification society. The opportunity for fuel cell-powered ships has accelerated in recent years, as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) set aggressive environmental targets to combat climate change.

Design 260

China Yuchai forms joint venture in Beijing to develop fuel cell powertrain systems

Green Car Congress

China Yuchai International, a leading manufacturer and distributor of engines for on- and off-road applications in China through its main operating subsidiary, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Company Limited (GYMCL), announced that its subsidiary Yuchai Xin-Lan New Energy Power Technology Co.,

China 179

ARPA-E to award $27M for advanced nuclear reactor systems operational technology: GEMINA

Green Car Congress

GEMINA’s goal is to reduce fixed operations and maintenance (O&M) costs from ~13 $/MWh in the current fleet to ~2 $/MWh in the advanced fleet. GEMINA projects include: GE Research: AI-Enabled Predictive Maintenance Digital Twins for Advanced Nuclear Reactors - $5,412,810.

2020 265

Hyliion and Dana partner with Idealease to demonstrate hybrid system for Class 8 trucks

Green Car Congress

Idealease is a North American full-service commercial truck leasing, rental and maintenance company. Hyliion Inc.,

2020 292

Hyundai Motor to establish hydrogen refueling station for fuel cell electric buses at Incheon Airport with partners, provide buses

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Company is partnering with Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC), Air Liquide Korea and Hydrogen Energy Network (HyNet) to establish a hydrogen refueling station for fuel cell electric buses at Incheon Airport’s Terminal 2 by March 2021.

2020 311

Renault outlines initial HYVIA hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and infrastructure offerings

Green Car Congress

The joint venture is equally owned by the two partners and is chaired by David Holderbach, with more than 20 years of experience in strategic, product and international sales at the Renault Group. A range of financing options and maintenance services will also be offered.

Canadian startup launches INDIEGOGO funding campaign for low-cost electric self-charging solar tricycle produced in Pakistan

Green Car Congress

The simple engineering design is low maintenance due to having a minimalized drive train as the hub motor (1 kW brushless motor) is directly attached to the rear wheel.

Rio Tinto secures direct container service from Pilbara to Singapore

Green Car Congress

Mining major Rio Tinto has secured a new commercial freight shipping service connecting Western Australia’s Pilbara region to the major international shipping hub of Singapore.

Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter : Huge Money Savings

Plug In India

Maintanance Expenses Let’s talk about maintenance costs associated with this petrol scooter for a period of 5 years. Most petrol scooters have maintenance costs of Rs 6000 per annum, which results in Rs 30,000 for 5 year period.

TR Group & Hiringa partner to introduce heavy fuel cell electric trucks into NZ

Green Car Congress

Hiringa Energy and TR Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to offer heavy fuel cell electric trucks for the New Zealand market powered by Hiringa’s nation-wide hydrogen refueling network, and TR’s heavy fleet lease, rental, and maintenance management expertise.

2020 249

Clean Energy Fuels delivered 143M gallons of Redeem renewable natural gas in 2019, up 30% year-on-year

Green Car Congress

The contract also includes continued operation and maintenance for the length of the agreement. The City of Tucson, AZ has signed a multi-year maintenance agreement with Clean Energy. Clean Energy also has a ten-year maintenance contract for this station.

2020 249

Motiv Power Systems debuts fifth-generation medium-duty electric chassis

Green Car Congress

With proven reliability on par with internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts, Motiv-powered vehicles offer fleets more than 99% uptime and up to 85% operation and maintenance cost savings compared to ICE vehicles.

2020 270

Successful first flight of the world?s largest all-electric aircraft: Cessna Grand Caravan 208B

Green Car Congress

The successful flight of the eCaravan, enabled by a 750-horsepower (560 kW) magni500 propulsion system, took place at the AeroTEC Flight Test Center at the Grant County International Airport (KMWH) in Moses Lake, Washington on Thursday.

2020 413

Why The Ford F-150 Lightning Is The Most Important EV Ever

EV Adoption

The fundamental reason the Lightning is so paramount to EV adoption in the US is because it is the first EV that easily answers the most basic of questions: Why should I buy an EV over an ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle? Less maintenance/Lower TCO.

F-150 114

Mahindra and REE Automotive to establish a strategic collaboration for the development of electric commercial vehicles

Green Car Congress

Preventive maintenance AI. The partnership will support REE’s global customer need for 200,000-250,000 electric commercial vehicle units over a few years, including potential Mahindra’s domestic and international volumes.

2020 349

Roy Hill purchases Wabtec’s FLXdrive battery-electric locomotive

Green Car Congress

The ongoing use of the FLXdrive will also reduce ongoing operational costs through maintenance spend. The company has a clear path to power new locomotives—and repower existing locomotives—with batteries, hydrogen internal combustion engines, and hydrogen fuel cells.

CA Tesla Owner Calculates That UberX Is Cheaper Than Electric Car

Green Car Reports

Cheap electricity and reduced maintenance needs make most electric cars cheaper to operate per mile than internal-combustion models, but perhaps that doesn''t take things far enough. There seems be an even better way to save money on transportation in some areas: Get rid of the car entirely. Car-sharing and ride-sharing services in urban areas are

2014 124