Electric Ferrari, Magnum, P.I. style

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What do you do with a toasted Ferrari? This 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS looks like it drove straight out of an episode of Magnum, P.I., but underneath it's very different from that television star. That's thanks, ironically, to the 308's apparent propensity to catch fire. DON'T MISS: All-electric Corvette sets EV top speed record (video) This particular. Vintage plug-in cars

Tesla Model S P85D Obliterates Ferrari In Drag Race (Video)

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Sure enough, video of a P85D drag racing a Ferrari has already appeared on the clearinghouse for questionable stunts The Tesla Model S P85D has only been on sale for a few weeks.

Tesla 60

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Ferrari debuts experimental hybrid car

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Ferrari isn’t a name we feature too often here at TheGreenCarWebsite.co.uk Tags: Green cars Hybrid cars Latest news 2010 Geneva Motor Show Ferrari Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Ferrari California Ferrari HY-KERS Ferrari hybrid car Ferrari hybrid vehicle geneva motor show but even the esteemed motor racing giant can’t resist getting in on the green act.

2010 19

The Ferrari LaFerrari Hybrid Can Run Only On Electricity: Video Proves It

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The Ferrari LaFerrari supercar may be a hybrid, but Ferrari claims it isn''t meant to be particularly green. RELATED: Even Ferrari To Cut Carbon Emissions, With Hybrid V-12

2014 41

McLaren v Ferrari: There’s only one winner. The Green Piece

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It was the battle of McLaren v Ferrari at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, and what fascinating viewing it made. The Green Piece Ferrari McLaren supercarsMcLaren called the shots first, by teasing the P1 prior to revealing it fully during the build up to the show.

2013 24

Rimac Concept_One Electric Supercar Vs Ferrari 458: Guess Who Wins?

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The Ferrari 458 Spider is not a slow car. The 4.5-liter, V-8-engined Ferrari has no answer for the Concept_One, the thousand-plus horsepower supercar from Croatian builder Rimac.

Even Ferrari To Cut Carbon Emissions, With Hybrid V-12 & Turbo V-8 Engines

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Ferrari, possibly the best-known among sought-after supercar brands, plans to cut average carbon emissions across its fleet by 20 percent over the next seven years The fastest, most expensive sports cars and supercars must constantly boost performance to stay competitive--and now they''re also having to cut their carbon emissions at the same time.

Ferrari Reveals Latest HY-KERS V-12 Hybrid Drivetrain

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In recent years however, even automakers like Ferrari have embraced the concept of hybrid drivetrains in an attempt to build cars that satisfy ever-tougher emissions and gas-mileage regulations without sacrificing performance. There was a time when hybrid drivetrains were only used in ultra-green cars like the venerable Toyota Prius.

2012 23

Energica Ego Electric Superbike Beats 2 Teslas, Ferrari In 1/4-Mile (Video)

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Energica recently released a video that puts its Energica Ego electric superbike in direct competition with a variety of well known high-powered cars and motorcycles.

When a Tesla Model S and Ferrari drag-race an electric van.what happens?

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It's become apparent fairly recently that electric cars are particularly well suited to drag racing. Their instant torque gets the cars off the line very quickly, and electric motors are capable of power outputs rivaling those of many of the most muscular internal-combustion engines. The Internet is chock full of videos showing Tesla electric cars. Videos drag racing plug-in cars

2014 BMW i3 Likes & Dislikes, Elon Musk In Buffalo, Ferrari Cuts Emissions: Today's Car News

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Today on Green Car Reports: An early 2014 BMW i3 electric-car owner on his likes and dislikes, Elon Musk takes Solar City to an unlikely place, and Ferrari plans to continue cutting its cars'' emissions. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Find out what an early owner thinks of the 2014 BMW i3 electric car, both his likes and his dislikes.

Ferrari's Enzo Supercar Successor Goes Down Hybrid Route

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It now looks almost certain that Ferrari will use hybrid technology for the next iteration of its range-topping supercar line, according to reports. Following the iconic 288 GTO, F40, F50 and Enzo hypercars, the next model--dubbed by some as F70--looks set to use Ferrari's HY-KERS hybrid system, which pairs two electric motors with a 12-cylinder

Ferrari Developing V12 Hybrid, Downsized V6s Possible

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Modern Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches have to meet the same regulations as regular passenger cars, even if ultimately they still use more gasoline and pump out more emissions. Ferrari is hoping to cut its gas guzzling ways further by developing a hybrid Even supercar makers take the environment into account when designing a car these days.

Ferrari Boss: No Electric Prancing Horses, But Hybrids Are OK

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Ferrari has been making super-fast, super-sexy sports cars for over 80 years. In fact, talking to engadget on Friday, Ferrari president Luca di Montezemelo firmly asserted But just as it won’t ever be making a four-door coupe, the firm won’t be switching roaring gasoline engines for the quiet hum of an electric motor any time soon.

Flex-Fuel Ferrari? So What? Makes No Difference At All

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Ferraris aren't typically known for their green credentials. Most methods of extracting greater power from the 2012 Ferrari FF's 6.3-liter, 650-horsepower V-12 In fact, they tend to be known for everything but green credentials: High performance, for example. High-revving V-8 and V-12 engines. Being painted very, very red. Not being painted green.

Ferrari Hybrid Patents Revealed, Two Motor System

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"Ferrari hybrid" is right up there with "Porsche diesel" and "Bentley SUV" as far as oxymorons go. Unusual or not, it's a reality--Ferrari has been Even so, Porsche has been producing diesels for several years now, soon to hit the U.S, and Bentley showed an SUV concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, so maybe it isn't that unusual after all.

Forget Red Ferraris; It's Green Cars Men Should Drive To Attract Women

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Apparently, women like miles per gallon more than horsepower. A British survey finds that women are more attracted to men with green cars, Mother Nature Network reports. A total of 2,000 adults from the United Kingdom were surveyed. Of that number, the majority of women viewed Toyota Prius hybrid and Nissan Leaf electric car owners as

Why the LaFerrari points to a greener future

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Is isn’t often that a hyper sportscar which emits 330g/km of CO2 and has a rumoured top speed of around 220mph is featured on this website, however we are making an exception for Ferrari’s new model. Hybrid cars Latest news Ferrari HY-KERS hybrid

What Does A 1088-HP Rimac Electric Supercar Sound Like At Speed? (Video)

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While it doesn''t exactly assault the ears like a shrieking Ferrari V-12, the Rimac Concept One electric supercar from Croatia certainly makes its presence known. DON''T MISS: Rimac Concept_One Electric Supercar Vs Ferrari 458: Guess Who Wins? Electric cars are known for their silent powertrains, but there''s an exception to every rule.

Is A Ferrari California Hybrid Model In The Works?

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When you think of automakers building or researching hybrid vehicles, Ferrari probably isn’t the first manufacturer to come to mind. Many people don’t even realize that the automaker has previously shown a hybrid model, the Ferrari 599-based HY-KERS Concept, at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Showing a concept and putting hybrid vehicles

Ferrari Electric Car Conversion

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What's the best electric motor I can use to get the same acceleration out of my Ferrari when I convert it to electric? And which batteries? Sigh, Madi

Tesla P85D Destroys Dodge Challenger Hellcat On Dragstrip: Electric Car Thrashes 707-HP Hemi (Video)

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DON''T MISS: Tesla Model S P85D Obliterates Ferrari In Drag Say "P85D" to Tesla owners and fans, and you will see the drooling and twitching and heavy breathing and lustful stares--and more drooling--that Tesla''s fastest, highest-performance electric car brings.

Tesla 62

Ferrari 458 Italia Offers Best-In-Class Emissions With HELE System

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Take Ferrari, for example. Believe it or not but even a manufacturer of high-performance supercars endowed with V-8 and V-12 engines can be conscious about the environment. The Italian marque has used this week’s 2011 Geneva Motor Show to present a new version of its stunning 458 Italia supercar equipped with its High Emotion Low Emissions

Koenigsegg Regera Supercar: A New Configuration For Plug-In Hybrids?

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But that’s changed in very pronounced ways the past several years, as the fastest supercars in the world--from McLaren, Ferrari, and Porsche--have all adopted some form of hybrid technology that helps with acceleration and performance. Hybrid powertrains used to always tag vehicles as optimized for fuel efficiency.

The latest green sports cars. The Green Piece

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Porsche The Green Piece electric car Ferrari green hybrid Jaguar Lamborghini sports carTuesday May 9, 2011. The Green Piece. Last week, luxury car maker Jaguar announced that it would be making one of its newest models a hybrid after confirming that its C-X75 hybrid model would be going into production (see article). Of course Jaguar is not a name that most motoring enthusiasts would traditionally associate with [.].

2016 Audi R8 Sports Car To Offer Diesel, Electric Variants

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Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren have all released hybrid hypercars. A few years ago the concept of a green sports car would have been completely alien, but fast-forward a few years and the market has changed significantly. Tesla, for a time, produced its electric Roadster. And with its next-generation R8 sports car, Audi could offer both diesel and

2014 33

Oullim: Yet Another All-Electric Supercar, This One From South Korea

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Think of supercars, and your thoughts might turn to Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens or Vipers. A South Korean vehicle with a Dutch electric drivetrain probably doesn''t spring to mind. Though that''s what you''re looking at here. It''s called the Oullim Motors Spirra EV, and according to Dutch site De Telegraaf, it''s due to go into production

Jaguar C-X75 Hybrid Supercar Video: "Veyron Performance, Prius Emissions"

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Not to be outdone by Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren, Jaguar and the Williams F1 team spent the last few years working behind the scenes on their own hybrid supercar, showing that going green could also be exciting.

2013 35

Green highlights of Goodwood

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So you thought the Goodwood Festival of Speed was just for petrol heads with a deep-seated desire to see the world’s resources burn in one of a Ferrari’s twelve cylinders?

2014 24

2014 Volkswagen XL1: First Drive Of Wolfsburg's 261-MPG Car

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Although in recent years the term hypercar has been distorted—to include cars that are faster (and often even thirstier) than those supercars from Lamborghini, Ferrari, and others—we''re getting back to basics Look out, owners of 200-mph testosterone-supplement poster cars. If there ever was a real hypercar, it''s the Volkswagen XL1.

2013 28

NHTSA fines Ferrari $3.5M for failing to submit early warning reports, three fatal accidents

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The US Department of Transportation''s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that Ferrari will pay a $3.5-million civil penalty and has been ordered to comply with NHTSA oversight requirements as set forth in a Consent Order for failing to submit early warning reports (EWR reports) identifying potential or actual safety issues. However, while Ferrari was not required to file quarterly reports, it must report fatal incidents nonetheless.

Porsche 918 Spyder: Plug-In Hybrid Sports Car Photo Gallery

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What do the Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Toyota Prius all have in common? Apart from four wheels and an engine, not a lot, you might be thinking. But there''s something else that connects the four--they''re all hybrids. Specifically, the Porsche and its supercar cousins are plug-in hybrids, and with Porsche''s offering just

Electric-Car Study Controversy, Diesel Ownership Costs, Tesla P85D Drag Race: Today's Car News

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Today we''ve got a study that--despite headlines to the contrary--doesn''t say "electric cars aren''t green," a comparison of diesel and gasoline-car ownership costs, and video of a Tesla Model S P85D trouncing a Ferrari in a drag race. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Imagine electric-car charging stations every 25 miles. France could have

2014 20

Liverpool FC star and his green car

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When you''re a footballer at one of the world''s most famous clubs and with 49 England caps to your name, it''s fair to say you''re earning quite a lot of money: and that the Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis of this world are comfortably within reach.

Ferrari unveils HY-KERS hybrid system in the limited series 950 hp LaFerrari

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Ferrari’s limited-series special hybrid (499 units) unveiled at the Geneva Motor SHow, the LaFerrari, introduces a hybrid system exploiting the experience of the Scuderia Ferrari’s F1 KERS. The LaFerrari is the first Ferrari to be powered by the HY-KERS system.

All-Electric SRT Viper: Battery-Powered Supercar On Sale Now

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With hybrid supercars starting to appear at last--the Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 among them--many electric-car fans wonder when we''ll see another battery-electric supercar to follow the Tesla Roadster. One already exists, it turns out--and we didn''t even notice. You can literally put a plug-in electric SRT Viper in your garage today if you

2013 22

Reports: Ferrari working on a hybrid car

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Let’s be honest, when you picture a green car it’s unlikely to be a Ferrari. With Ferrari’s system, the equation is reversed with a traditional set-up of front or mid-engine and rear-wheel drive, but with an electric motor to power the front wheels. The system is meant to heighten performance by improving traction and, according to the patent filings, it appears Ferrari’s system will allow for electric-only propulsion at slow speeds.

Tesla's Wrist Slapped, Frugal SUVs & Hybrid Ferraris: Today's Car News

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Today on Green Car Reports: Tesla gets told off over its safety scores, green SUVs are the new black, and we ponder Toyota''s disinterest in pure electric vehicles. All this and more in today''s car news, right here on Green Car Reports. Tesla Motors isn''t the messiah, it''s a very naughty boy--that''s according to the NHTSA, who didn''t like its "5.4.

Ferrari Confirms Upcoming Hybrid Version Of 599 Coupe

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During this week’s 2010 Ferrari Formula One presentation, Ferrari CEO Luca di Montezelmo announced that a prototype road-going hybrid Ferrari 599 will be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and that a hybrid iteration of the 599 coupe is scheduled for production. Ferrari also holds several patents on all-wheel drive hybrid powertrains. Motor Authority.

No electric cars from Ferrari says firm’s boss

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‘You will never see an electric Ferrari’-so says Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemelo in an interview with US website engadget.com. Electric cars car development electric Ferrari future hybridWhile the prancing horse brand is known to be working on a hybrid model, the outspoken boss of the Italian car maker well and truly puts the boot in the idea of going fully electric, [.].