Argonne study finds BEVs can have lowest scheduled maintenance costs, but highest cost of driving

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Previous analyses of TCO, particularly those dealing with alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), have often focused on the purchase cost and the fuel cost. Among the many findings was that the estimated scheduled maintenance cost for a light-duty battery-electric vehicle (BEV) totals 6.1

Feature: How Expensive Is EV Maintenance?

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All vehicles require some form of maintenance. That said, drivers will typically spend less on long-term maintenance than they would for an internal combustion engine (ICE) car over time. So, just how expensive is EV maintenance overall? Average Maintenance Costs.


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Roy Hill purchases Wabtec’s FLXdrive battery-electric locomotive

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Roy Hill , the largest single iron ore mine in Australia, has purchased Wabtec’s FLXdrive battery-electric locomotive, the world’s first 100% battery-electric, heavy-haul locomotive ( earlier post ) for the region and the mining industry. The ongoing use of the FLXdrive will also reduce ongoing operational costs through maintenance spend.

Electric Car Maintenance with the Jaguar I-PACE

Plug In India

In this blog we will talk about benefits of driving an electric car like the Jaguar I-PACE and also the maintenance aspect of the car. Video: ​Electric Car Maintenance with the Jaguar I-PACE Introduction There are lots of benefits of driving an electric car like the Jaguar I-PACE.

EV Charging: A Look at the International Landscape

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Open networks mean that property owners can select from more vendors, more drivers can use the charging stations and system maintenance and updates are easier to implement over time. Australia Keeping Pace The global surge in EV purchases is reflected in the Australian market as well.

Feature: Top 6 Reasons Why an EV Is the Right Choice

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Low Maintenance Costs. It has fewer parts that would need constant maintenance and replacement. Car dealerships will advise you on the frequency of maintenance needed at the time of purchase. An electric car has no internal combustion engine burning fossil fuels.

LA Metro to purchase up to 25 new BYD electric buses as part of $30M pilot project

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This marks the first time that all-electric transit buses will be purchased and placed into Metro revenue service. Metro’s Advanced Transit Vehicle Consortium (ATVC), a partnership with LA City, LA County and South Coast Air Quality Management District, will initially purchase five low-floor, 40-foot all-electric buses. After an initial period of testing and evaluation, Metro may then choose to purchase up to 20 additional buses.

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This Volvo and Harris Poll Study investigates the state of EVs in America

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Further amplifying Volvo’s commitment to electrification, this report sought to provide new insights on the evolution of electric vehicles (EVs), the current barriers to purchasing, and the future of the EV economy. Would increase likelihood to purchase EV.

2019 52

TU Dresden study on external costs of automotive transportation in Europe calls for internalization of the high external costs; raising user prices to change behavior

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Neither infrastructure costs (area purchase, construction, maintenance, demolition, administration of infrastructure) nor congestion costs were included. Among their other conclusions, the authors suggested that the frequent claim “that cars cover all their internal and external costs” cannot be sustained. Average external costs from cars per 1,000 vkm by country. Click to enlarge.

2012 239

DOE labs study on costs and benefits of new transportation technologies the most comprehensive to date

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They are newer to the road, so it was hard to know, for instance, their historic needs for maintenance over their operational life. The study finds, for example, that battery electric vehicles have maintenance costs 40% lower than ICE vehicles.

Renault outlines initial HYVIA hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and infrastructure offerings

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The joint venture is equally owned by the two partners and is chaired by David Holderbach, with more than 20 years of experience in strategic, product and international sales at the Renault Group. A range of financing options and maintenance services will also be offered.

Clean Energy Fuels delivered 143M gallons of Redeem renewable natural gas in 2019, up 30% year-on-year

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Clean Energy’s 2019 Redeem totals were bolstered by a seven-year contract with UPS for 170 million gallons to fuel their large fleet of natural gas heavy-duty trucks around the country, the largest purchase of RNG ever in the US.

2020 254

Electric-Car Battery Costs Already Cheaper Than 2020 Predictions: Study

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It''s widely assumed that electric cars will never emerge into the mass market if buying them requires paying a significant premium over comparable internal-combustion models. While owners may save money on fuel and maintenance over the long term, a higher initial purchase price remains intimidating, and take time to amortize.

2015 131

Con Edison, Lion and Posi-Plus developing all-electric bucket truck

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The truck will be unique on US roads when Con Edison takes possession early next year, running entirely on electricity as it lifts lineworkers and equipment as high as 60 feet for construction, maintenance and repair work.

Ford opens E-Transit Registration site for commercial customers; new pricing

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To date, more than 450 commercial customers in North America, including 200 top fleets and fleet management companies, have said they’re interested in purchasing the E-Transit. No deposit or purchase commitment is required.

DOE issues RFI in support of medium- and heavy-duty truck research and development

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EERE is specifically interested in information on safe, efficient, affordable solutions that reduce energy use, emissions and total cost of ownership (purchase, fuel, maintenance and operational cost) for medium and heavy-duty trucking. Internal Combustion Engine, Powertrain, Fuels and Emssions Control.

2020 174

ComEd to replace all LDVs in fleet with electrified vehicles by 2030

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ComEd will replace end-of-life internal combustion vehicles with plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles, reducing fuel and maintenance costs and creating savings that will be passed on to customers. ComEd has recently introduced an EV Toolkit that provides information on savings, benefits and incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles, along with an overview of EV brands and models, rate options, EV chargers and a public charging station locator by zip code.

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Why Businesses Should Adapt EVs to Their Fleet?

Get Electric Vehicle

Because the price of oil swings every day, drivers of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles are at the mercy of variable gas costs when natural disasters or market disruptions disrupt supply. Maintenance Costs are Reduced.

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UPS/Greenbiz study identifies motivators and barriers to electric fleets

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In addition to the fuel savings, electric vehicles typically require less maintenance than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, which means lower maintenance costs. Fifty-five percent of respondents cited the initial purchase price of electric commercial vehicles as the top barrier. —Scott Phillippi, UPS senior director of automotive maintenance and engineering.

2018 207

Leasing vs. Buying EV Charging Stations

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The International Energy Agency expects the number of charging stations to grow between 800,000 and 1.7 million by the end of the decade, which should result in a substantial uptick of electric vehicle purchases. Worldwide, electric vehicles are growing in popularity.

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CARB approves zero-emission airport shuttle rule

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ARB also projects a beneficial economic impact for shuttle fleets owners of an estimated $30 million in reduced fuel and maintenance costs. Zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) have an advantage over internal combustion vehicles in terms of energy and fuel efficiency, as well as maintenance costs, when operating in this way. Six airports as well as private businesses serving nine airports have purchased ZEV airport shuttles.

2019 197

CARB approves ICT regulation; 100% zero-emission bus fleets by 2040; ZEB tech symposium in Feb 2019

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Their buses drive in stop-and-go traffic where conventional internal combustion engines waste fuel while idling. Deployment of zero-emission buses is expected to accelerate rapidly in the coming years, from 153 buses today to 1,000 by 2020, based on the number of buses on order or that are otherwise planned for purchase by transit agencies. Agencies will then follow a phased schedule from 2023 until 2029, by which date 100 percent of annual new bus purchases will be zero-emission.

2018 285

Why personalisation matters for electric vehicle transition

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There are commonly discussed fears when it comes to purchasing an EV: Range : There is a widespread fear that with an EV, drivers will get stuck somewhere with no charging ability. Cost : EVs have higher ticket prices compared to similar internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs).

2020 83

Ford introduces F-150 Lightning Pro electric pickup targeted at commercial customers

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To help gauge potential purchase and operating cost savings, Ford commercial customers have exclusive access to a new Ford digital fleet planning tool that calculates a variety of factors including purchase and lease costs, federal and regional tax incentives, and regional fuel and energy costs.

F-150 344

Iwatani, SG H2 & City of Lancaster to launch green hydrogen transportation eco-system

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According to the multi-year Off-Take Hydrogen Supply contract, Iwatani will purchase a large portion of SG H2’s green hydrogen from the Lancaster plant, where tube trailers will be filled with compressed gaseous hydrogen at high pressure and delivered directly to HRS throughout Southern California.

J.D. Power survey finds China consumers increasingly enthusiastic about new-energy vehicles; ongoing importance of subsidies; battery worries

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Power survey on Chinese consumers’ purchase intentions regarding new-energy vehicles. Among the highlights of the results: 86% of consumers say they “completely agree” or “partially agree” that new-energy vehicles (NEVs) will replace internal combustion engine cars, and 95% say they are “very willing” or “slightly willing” to choose an NEV for their next vehicle purchase.

2018 200

How does leasing an electric car work?

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There are two main forms of leasing: Contract Hire and Contract Purchase. Contract Purchase. If you’d rather have the option of owning your car at the end of your lease, a Business Contract Purchase (BCP) or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) could be for you.

How EV Connect Helps Service Charging Stations Beyond the Initial Installation

EV Connect

When you’re choosing an EV charging station provider, there’s more to it than just selecting a company with brand-agnostic, turnkey certified charging stations, a reliable software platform and knowledge assistance on every aspect of purchase and installation.

EV Charging Basics for Property Developers

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Rebates of up to $80,000 for purchasing and installing commercial chargers are offered in LA, Orange Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. Grants of up to $50,000 are available to qualified projects, covering up to 80% of the cost of purchase and installation of EV charging units.

In China, Wuling launches electric minivan, Chevrolet introduces 48V MHEV Monza

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With the same dimensions as its siblings powered by traditional internal combustion engines and a 3,050-millimeter wheelbase, the Rong Guang EV offers 5.1

2020 238

Clean Energy signs deals for more than 20M gallons of renewable natural gas in past 45 days

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Alpha Lion will also participate in Clean Energy’s Zero Now TouchPoint program, in partnership with the Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi), to provide Alpha Lion with first-class hands-on customer service pertaining to their purchase of new natural gas heavy-duty vehicles. Noble Environmental in Pennsylvania has purchased a CNG mobile unit, along with monthly services, to fuel its CNG refuse trucks until Clean Energy completes construction of a permanent station.

2020 260

Tech: Don’t Believe These 5 Plug-In Hybrid Myths!

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ICE refers to “internal combustion engine.” BEV fans will also cite high maintenance and repair costs that supposedly come along with ICE vehicles. Modern PHEVs and BEVs are subject to maintenance and repairs at any time. Diffusing Disinformation on PHEVs.

How Do Electric Cars Work: Everything You Need To Know

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policies incentivizing the purchase of EVs. You probably already know that EVs are more energy efficient than cars with internal combustion engines (ICE). With no alternator, no carburetor, no spark plugs and fewer parts overall, EVs require less maintenance.

Jervois to acquire SMP nickel & cobalt refinery in Brazil; concentrate from Idaho for refining, cobalt metal back to US

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SMP Refinery has annual refined production capacity of 25,000 metric tonnes of nickel and 2,000 metric tonnes of cobalt and is currently on care and maintenance. On Closing, Deposit Payment shall be applied to the purchase price for SMP Refinery.

2020 238

UK Government consultation on plans to simplify public EV chargers

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The current internal combustion engined cars impact the environment, and EVs are the solution to reducing these emissions. Why purchase an EV. Besides fuel cost savings, you might want to purchase an EV because of its low carbon footprint.

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Indianapolis plans to add 425 PHEVs and BEVs to municipal fleet by 2016

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This is a landmark step in revitalizing our aging fleet and replacing expensive internal combustion engine vehicles with cutting-edge EV technology, all while reducing our dependence on oil and saving Indianapolis taxpayers thousands in fuel costs each year. Each gasoline powered sedan in Indy’s fleet would have cost taxpayers approximately $9,000 per year over the next decade, including purchase, fuel, maintenance and insurance.

Driving my Tesla Model 3 from Denmark to Coral Bay WA

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When you arrive at your destination you don’t feel as tired as an ICE (internal combustion engine) car. So, the initial up-front cost of buying an electric car is offset over five years because of the much lower running and maintenance costs. .

ICCT calculates consumer benefits of increased efficiency in 2025-2030 light-duty vehicles in the US

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A new report from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) estimates Consumer benefits of increased efficiency in 2025-2030 light-duty vehicles in the US. According to the analysis, under current standards, buyers of model year 2025 vehicles would fully recoup the extra cost for technology in the vehicle in the third year of ownership under a cash-purchase scenario. These results are shown assuming a 3% discount rate, AEO Reference fuel prices, and cash purchase.

2017 163

Should Cities Offer Free EV Charging?

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Some cities are expanding their charging infrastructure with pay-per-use models to help offset installation and maintenance costs. Plus, selling advertising can be a way to recoup some of the installation and maintenance costs without extending that cost to the consumer.

How Do EVs Compare To Gas Cars?


Moreover, you can save up to €6.000 on the purchase price thanks to several electric vehicle incentives available across Europe. Well, besides the aforementioned EV incentives , it’s mostly fuel savings and lower maintenance costs.

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Colorado State University retrofits two delivery trucks with hydraulic hybrid systems

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Colorado State University will retrofit two internal delivery trucks with fuel-efficient hydraulic hybrid systems, paid for by a grant from the Colorado Energy Office. The University anticipates the systems will save it up to $1,700 a year each in fuel and maintenance costs. Other local entities, including the City of Loveland and the City of Greeley, have purchased or are in final negotiations to install systems in their fleets in the next few months.

2013 195

Mercedes-Benz selects Plug Power fuel cell technology for lift truck fleet

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Mercedes-Benz US International, Inc. MBUSI) has purchased 72 Plug Power GenDrive hydrogen fuel cell units to operate its Hyster electric lift truck fleet in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The GenDrive units will replace lead-acid batteries, which require space-consuming charging areas and an expensive maintenance infrastructure. The GenDrive fuel cells will power a portion of the automotive plant’s lift truck fleet.

2012 204

Pennsylvania invests $7.9M in 21 alt-fuel projects

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Awards include (ranked by amount): PHL Taxi Management LLC —$900,000 – to purchase and deploy 50 new CNG taxis in Philadelphia that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and to build a publicly accessible CNG fueling station in the city. —$750,000—to purchase 29 compressed natural gas ( CNG ) and electric/plug-in vehicles , and to install 10 public electric vehicle charging stations—the first of their kind in Pennsylvania. International Battery Inc.