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Researchers produce green syngas using CO2, water and sunlight

Green Car Congress

Researchers from the University of Michigan and McGill University in Canada report photochemical syngas synthesis using a core/shell Au@Cr 2 O 3 dual cocatalyst in coordination with multistacked InGaN/GaN nanowires (NWs) with the sole inputs of CO 2 , water, and solar light.

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Study: Demand for hybrids and EVs is soaring in rural America

Green Car Reports

Overall United States hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and EV sales have increased steadily in recent years, but the strongest growth of electrified vehicles has been in rural America, according to new analysis from iSeeCars.


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Tesla Cybertruck production machines already being ordered: report


Recent reports are hinting that Tesla is already setting the stage for the Cybertruck’s initial production next year. In previous comments, Elon Musk had mentioned that 2023 would be the year when the Cybertruck, Tesla’s entry into the all-electric pickup market, would enter production.

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NIO ET5, XPeng G9 get regulatory green light for sales in China

CN EV Post

Deliveries of the NIO ET5 are expected to begin in September, and the XPeng G9 will be officially launched in September. The post NIO ET5, XPeng G9 get regulatory green light for sales in China appeared first on CnEVPost. For more articles, please visit CnEVPost. NIO NIO ET5 XPeng G9

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HyMethShip seeks to fuel ship engines with hydrogen from methanol

Green Car Congress

The EU-funded HyMethShip project developed a system that innovatively combined a membrane reactor, a CO 2 capture system, a storage system for CO 2 and methanol as well as a hydrogen-fueled combustion engine to power ships. The top part of the graphic shows onshore methanol production.

EV prices soar, as one exec warns of market "collapse" if they don't get cheaper

Green Car Reports

EV prices are soaring at a non-sustainable rate, one auto-industry executive warns. As noted by Autoblog, several automakers have raised prices on their electric models in recent months. Tesla has raised prices multiple times this year, and the GMC Hummer EV got a $6,250 price bump last week.

Hummer 158

The Musk Foundation plans to donate directly to families


Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that his private foundation, The Musk Foundation, plans to donate directly to families. He also tweeted that he is increasing childcare benefits at his companies and hopes that other companies follow suit. You can read more about that in Simon’s article here.

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IEA: nuclear power can play a major role in transition to low emissions energy systems; Russia, China leading on new reactor starts

Green Car Congress

As the world contends with a global energy crisis, nuclear power has the potential to play a significant role in helping countries to securely transition to energy systems dominated by renewables, according to a new special report by the IEA.

Russia 358

China's GAC reveals "super iron" LFP battery with 20% boost in energy density by volume

Green Car Reports

While other companies look to experimental solid-state batteries to boost energy density, Chinese automaker GAC is finding ways to improve existing lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry.

Elon Musk formally moves to terminate Twitter’s $44 billion acquisition


In a recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Tesla CEO Elon Musk formally moved to terminate his acquisition attempt of social media platform Twitter. Musk and the Twitter board had agreed to a buyout at $54.20 per share, or $44 billion.

A team in China has developed the country’s first pure solar-powered vehicle


As several companies across the globe move closer to delivering scaled production of solar EVs , a team in China has taken sustainable transportation a step further by creating a solar vehicle that runs entirely on energy from the sun. Introducing the Tianjin solar car. more….

Daimler Buses delivers 100th eCitaro to ESWE Verkehr in Wiesbaden; 120 in total order

Green Car Congress

Three years ago, ESWE Verkehr in Wiesbaden placed its first major order for 56 all-electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro city buses. In all, 120 electric buses have now been ordered. The 100th eCitaro from this overall package has now been delivered.

Chevy Bolt EV discount, Toyota tax-credit phaseout, EV market collapse: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Retroactive discounts apply to the Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV. Toyota likely hit the ceiling for the EV tax credit. Electric trucks could pull off the majority of fleet uses today at a cost advantage. Is the EV market on the verge of collapse over price pressures?

Tesla’s Elon Musk planning to increase childcare benefits in his companies


Tesla CEO Elon Musk is an advocate for big families, and he seems ready to walk the walk. In a recent update on Twitter, Musk remarked that he is planning on increasing childcare benefits at his companies, such as Tesla and SpaceX.

Wind and solar produce more electricity than nuclear for the first time in the US


For the first time ever, wind and solar produced 17.96% more electricity in the month of April than nuclear power plants. . more…. The post Wind and solar produce more electricity than nuclear for the first time in the US appeared first on Electrek.

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Moscow rolling out all-electric bus fleet in New Moscow district

Green Car Congress

Moscow, which overall has the largest electric bus fleet in Europe ( earlier post ) has 8 separate bus fleets—all of them consisting of a mixture of e-buses and diesel buses. Now, the Russian capital is deploying its first all-electric bus fleet in the New Moscow district.

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GM issues retroactive discount for Chevy Bolt EV models bought new in 2022

Green Car Reports

General Motors is issuing a retroactive discount for Chevrolet Bolt EV models bought in 2022, reimbursing owners who bought their cars before a big price cut announced one month ago.

Tesla Megapack demand evident in latest Giga Nevada photos


Demand for the Tesla Megapack remains strong based on the latest photos of Giga Nevada. Recent photos from OttoPilot reveal that Tesla is preparing for many Megapack shipments soon.

Nevada 114

Tesla expands deployment of Starlink satellite internet systems at Supercharger stations


Tesla appears to now expand its deployment of Starlink satellite internet systems at Supercharger stations as the satellite dish appears at a new station. more…. The post Tesla expands deployment of Starlink satellite internet systems at Supercharger stations appeared first on Electrek.

Tesla 114

GAC unveils new higher energy density LFP battery, 1.5L hydrogen engine

Green Car Congress

Among the technologies displayed at 2022 GAC Tech day at the GAC R&D Center was a new-generation LFP battery built on microcrystalline technology (SmLFP).

Engine 351

Study: Electric pickups could replace nearly half of gasoline ones—with an ownership-cost savings

Green Car Reports

Pickup trucks are the bestselling vehicles in the United States, and many manufacturers are planning electric versions. That could help fleet operators reduce emissions and ownership costs, according to a new study from Geotab. Geotab is a company that sells vehicle telematics systems.

Tesla Giga Berlin becomes largest industrial employer in the capital region


Tesla Giga Berlin has become the largest industrial employer in Germany’s capital region. This is quite impressive, especially as Giga Berlin only started vehicle production at the end of March.

NIO may build dedicated swap stations for other brands in the future, president says

CN EV Post

When demand is high enough, NIO could consider building dedicated battery swap stations for other brands, which could significantly reduce costs, according to Qin Lihong. The post NIO may build dedicated swap stations for other brands in the future, president says appeared first on CnEVPost.

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MAHLE says it has developed the most durable electric motor; new cooling concept

Green Car Congress

The automotive supplier MAHLE has developed what it says is the most durable electric motor available: the superior continuous torque (SCT) E-motor. The traction motor can run indefinitely with high performance due to its new cooling concept.

Motor 350

Tesla leads in EVs and BYD tops plug-in sales globally, but VW's in the passing lane

Green Car Reports

For years, BYD sold the most plug-in vehicles of any other automaker—even Tesla. Tesla still leads in what we—and likely most shoppers—consider electric vehicles, however, despite a confusing set of recent headlines declaring BYD at the top in EVs.

BYD 139

Fisker creates “Fisker Finance” with JPMorgan Chase and Santander


Fisker has announced that through its mobile app, customers will soon be able to finance their vehicle via a partnership with JPMorgan Chase Bank in the US or Santander Bank in Europe.

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Tesla (TSLA) achieves record monthly production – ready for impressive second half of 2022


Tesla (TSLA) achieved record production in June – exiting the year’s first half – setting the automaker up for an impressive second half of the 2022. more…. The post Tesla (TSLA) achieves record monthly production – ready for impressive second half of 2022 appeared first on Electrek.

Volkswagen Group software company CARIAD selects BlackBerry QNX for its software platform

Green Car Congress

CARIAD, the Volkswagen Group’s software company, has selected BlackBerry QNX technology as one component of its software platform VW.OS. Announced as part of Volkswagen Group’s NEW AUTO strategy, CARIAD is developing a unified software platform that consists of VW.OS, the Volkswagen Cloud VW.AC

Nio hits 1,000 battery swapping stations, announces 500-kw fast-chargers for Europe and China

Green Car Reports

Chinese automaker Nio on Wednesday announced completion of its 1,000th battery swapping station. The announcement was part of Nio's second annual Power Day presentation, where the automaker also announced an ambitious charging expansion plan.

Octopus Energy launches “EV Concierge” service in Texas


In a bid to help newcomers to electric vehicles transition more quickly and efficiently, Octopus Energy has begun to offer an “EV Concierge” service to help customers buy and integrate an EV into their lives.

Texas 113

Shenzhen to become first Chinese city to allow L3 autonomous driving for regular vehicles

CN EV Post

The regulations will take effect on August 1, marking a breakthrough in autonomous driving legislation in China. The post Shenzhen to become first Chinese city to allow L3 autonomous driving for regular vehicles appeared first on CnEVPost. For more articles, please visit CnEVPost.

BMW to produce next-gen e-drives at Steyr engine plant; more than 600k units per year

Green Car Congress

From 2025 onwards, the next generation of BMW e-drives will be manufactured in its engine plant in Steyr, Austria—with both production and development on site—with eventual annual production capacity of more than 600,000 units.

Survey: Even before the gas-price surge, 71% of Americans would consider an EV

Green Car Reports

High gas prices help make the case for electric cars, but even before prices spiked, many Americans were giving EVs some level of consideration, according to a newly released Consumer Reports survey. Of those surveyed, 71% showed at least some interest in buying or leasing an EV.

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Tesla Giga Texas to receive EV parts from Pass Automotive Mexico


Stephan Matz, the general director of Pass Automotive Mexico, has stated that his company will be providing parts for Tesla’s electric vehicles. The executive noted that Pass Automotive’s production of Tesla parts is expected to begin later this year.

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NIO Power Day 2022: Live updates

CN EV Post

NIO is holding NIO Power Day 2022 event online, the company's other major annual event in addition to NIO Day. The post NIO Power Day 2022: Live updates appeared first on CnEVPost. For more articles, please visit CnEVPost.

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Yuchai ignites 16L hydrogen engine

Green Car Congress

The Yuchai YCK16H hydrogen-fueled engine was successfully ignited in Yulin, Guangxi. The engine, with a displacement of 15.93 liters and a maximum horsepower of 560 hp, is the largest hydrogen-fueled engine with the largest displacement and horsepower in China.

Toyota EVs and plug-in hybrids: Full $7,500 EV tax credit will likely phase out October 1

Green Car Reports

It appears that sales of Toyota’s plug-in models in recent months were enough to trigger the automaker’s phaseout period for the federal EV tax credit this past quarter—leaving buyers less than nine months to buy a vehicle like the BZ4X electric car or RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid and be able to claim the full $7,500 amount. Across.