Tue.Mar 08, 2022

DOE: cobalt is the most expensive material used in lithium-ion battery cathodes

Green Car Congress

With the accelerating transition to electric vehicles (EVs), demand for the materials used to produce batteries will increase significantly and rapidly.

GM wants future EVs to be home power banks—and it starts with a California pilot program

Green Car Reports

Electric vehicles have the potential to be more than just transportation—by using their battery packs for supplemental home energy and grid stabilization.

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Uhnder bringing 4D digital imaging radar-on-chip to mass production

Green Car Congress

Uhnder , a developer of digital imaging radar technology for automotive and next-generation mobility applications, will soon become the first company to mass-produce a fully automotive qualified, 4D digital imaging radar-on-chip.

Research suggests solid-state EV battery cells aren't always safer than conventional lithium-ion

Green Car Reports

One of the touted benefits of solid-state batteries is increased safety owing to a more stable solid electrolyte, but new research casts doubt on that claim.

ARPA-E selects SwRI to create more effective burner to reduce methane emissions

Green Car Congress

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) will collaborate with the University of Michigan (UM) to use additive manufacturing and machine learning to create an advanced burner that will eliminate 99.5% of the methane encountered during oil production.

Volvo plans to test wireless fast-charging with XC40 Recharge taxis

Green Car Reports

Volvo Cars has announced that it will be testing electric taxis equipped with wireless charging, in “a live city environment” to evaluate the potential of the technology.

EPA proposes new heavy-duty truck emissions rules

Green Car Congress

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing new, stronger standards to promote clean air and reduce pollution from heavy-duty vehicles and engines starting in model year (MY) 2027.

EPA 343

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RMI report finds substantial emissions reductions possible with smart EV charging

Green Car Congress

A new report from RMI has found that optimized charging of electric vehicles, which involves automatically and strategically shifting when an EV charges, could significantly reduce transportation sector emissions, and could potentially result in an average of 800 pounds of CO? saved per vehicle annually. This is equivalent to avoiding the emissions resulting from 900 miles of driving by a typical gasoline-powered car, in addition to the emissions savings already captured by driving an EV.

SpaceX upgrading Starship noses and domes for easier assembly


While a separate team closes in on the completion of a new and improved Starship nosecone, SpaceX also appears to have begun assembling upgraded ‘tank domes’ that feature a similar underlying design change.

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Rocsys to supply autonomous CCS charging solutions to SSA Marine for electric yard tractors at Port of Oakland

Green Car Congress

Rocsys , the first company offering autonomous charging solutions that automate industry-standard CCS connectors, has signed an order of agreement with SSA Marine, the world’s largest independent, privately-held marine terminal operator, to supply ROC-1 autonomous charging systems.

Tesla Model X Plaid misses launch against Lamborghini Huracan EVO, still dominates


A Tesla Model X Plaid recently went head-to-head against a Lamborghini Huracan EVO in a quarter-mile race. While the all-electric flagship SUV intentionally missed its launch against the supercar, the drag race results between the two high-performance vehicles were just as expected.

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GM and POSCO Chemical to process cathode active material at new $400M joint venture plant in Québec

Green Car Congress

General Motors and POSCO Chemical are working with the governments of Canada and Québec to build a new $400-million facility in Bécancour, Québec, to produce cathode active material (CAM) for GM’s Ultium batteries, which will power electric vehicles such as the Chevrolet Silverado EV, GMC HUMMER EV and Cadillac LYRIQ.

Tesla Giga Fest at Giga Texas: Attendance figures, time, other details revealed


Tesla’s Giga Fest at Gigafactory Texas is officially set for April 7, and new documents released today reveal the plans for the event, including attendance figures, time, and other details. What is the Giga Fest.

Texas 110

Volvo Trucks introduces route planning and connected technology tools to support customers in scaling electromobility solutions

Green Car Congress

Volvo Trucks North America is introducing two new innovative technology tools to support customers in successfully deploying Volvo VNR Electric Class 8 models into their fleet operations.

Solid-state battery safety, GM bidirectional charging, Volvo XC40 Recharge wireless: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

GM and PG&E are aiming to test bidirectional EV charging at homes. Volvo is testing high-power wireless charging on XC40 Recharge taxis. And are solid-state batteries safer after all? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

NREL: zero-emissions medium- and heavy-duty vehicles will reach cost-parity with diesel vehicles by 2035

Green Car Congress

A new study by the US Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) finds that with continued improvements in vehicle and fuel technologies (in line with DOE targets and vetted with industry), zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) can reach total-cost-of-driving parity with conventional diesel vehicles by 2035 for all medium- and heavy-duty (MD/HD) vehicle classes (without incentives).

GM and PG&E launch pilot program to use EVs as home generators


General Motors and Pacific Gas and Electric announced the launch of a new pilot program today that will allow California residents to use their GM electric vehicles to act as on-demand power sources for homes.

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Gogoro unveils the world’s first-ever solid state swappable electric vehicle battery


Gogoro, the company behind what has become the de facto standard for swappable batteries in light electric vehicles, has just unveiled the world’s first swappable solid state EV battery prototype. more….

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Powering Municipal Aggregation with Offshore Wind

Green Energy Consumers

Last week, with a resounding vote of 144-12, the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed the Offshore Wind and Clean Ener g y bill. It will now go to the State Senate.

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Here’s a closer look at Arcimoto’s radical new leaning three-wheeled electric bike


Arcimoto recently unveiled a fascinating new electric bicycle-like vehicle known as the Mean Lean Machine, or MLM for short.

Rivian faces lawsuit after price hike on R1T, R1S preorders


Hagens Berman and Portnoy Law firm are reaching out to Rivian investors as they prepare for lawsuits related to the EV company’s R1T and R1S price increase, which reportedly resulted in many customers canceling their preorders.

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Smart EV charging results in substantial emissions reduction – new study


Smart, or optimized, EV charging – automatically and strategically shifting when an EV charges – could significantly reduce transportation sector emissions, according to a new report from nonprofit RMI and environmental tech nonprofit WattTime. more….

Tesla submits partial response to NHTSA’s probe on in-car “Passenger Play” feature


A recent memo posted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has revealed that Tesla had submitted a partial response to the agency’s ongoing probe into the electric vehicle maker’s retired “Passenger Play” feature.

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Tesla Cyberquad for Kids sells out in less than a day (again) after the electric ATV briefly restocked


Even though you can’t buy an actual Tesla Cyberquad yet, your kids can already get a half-sized version. Or at least they could have if they were quick, since Tesla and Radio Flyer’s co-developed Cyberquad for Kids only briefly returned to being in stock before immediately selling out again. more….

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Tesla’s Elon Musk requests judge to end his 2018 consent decree with the SEC


A court filing on Tuesday revealed that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is seeking to end a 2018 consent decree with the SEC, which he claims is being used to “trample” his “First Amendment rights and to impose prior restraints on his speech.”

2018 83

Elon Musk says drill for oil, but he should worry more about nickel prices skyrocketing


Elon Musk recently made a call for the world to drill for more oil as prices are surging amid anticipated shortages due to the situation between Russia and Ukraine. It’s surprising coming from someone who is trying to get the world off oil.

Ironic Today Show segment explains tips for gas mileage while anchor sits in electric vehicle


The Today Show released a helpful segment during this morning’s broadcast, showing tips on how consumers can increase gas mileage as prices at the gas pump are reaching record levels.

How US-made heat pumps could help weaken Russian power over Europe [Update]


Environmentalist, author, and journalist Bill McKibben wrote about an innovative idea that would help curb Europe’s dependency on Russian fossil fuels, and the Biden administration might actually implement the plan. more….


Tesla sells 56,515 vehicles in China in February, a 208.5% year-over-year increase


The China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) has released its monthly sales report for the country.

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Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai output holds incredible pace amid rumors of second factory


Tesla’s February numbers in China are out and it confirms that Gigafactory Shanghai is maintaining an incredible output of more than 600,000 electric vehicles per year.

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SpaceX Starbase facilities already taking advantage of new “Port Connector Road”


SpaceX’s Starbase facilities appear to have immediately begun to take advantage of a brand new “South Port Connector Road” built by the Port of Brownsville.

Tern launches new Quick Haul e-bike, its most affordable Bosch mid-drive cargo electric bike yet


When I think of Tern and its popular electric cargo e-bikes, I think of two things: Incredible quality and incredibly expensive. But with the launch of its latest model today, the Tern Quick Haul, one of those things is fading away, and it’s not the quality. more….

Citroën e-C4 Review – Function For The Family

Drive Electric

The Citroen e-C4 is an electric five-seat, five-door family hatchback that’s comfortable to drive with a 217-mile range, and it’s competitive in terms of its price. Summary. All-electric five-seat, family hatchback. Comfortable ride. Driving range of 217 miles. Great value. Quick Facts.

Quick Charge Podcast: March 8, 2022


Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from Electrek. Quick Charge is available now on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , TuneIn and our RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. more…. The post Quick Charge Podcast: March 8, 2022 appeared first on Electrek.

Hyundai increases IONIQ 5 battery size

Discover EV

Updated Hyundai IONIQ 5 available with bigger battery and new features to enhance driving experience

Yadea KS5 Pro electric scooter review: China’s biggest electric scooter manufacturer nails it


The Yadea KS5 Pro electric scooter isn’t some low-performance, toss-it-after-a-month-type of electric scooter. The largest electric scooter company in China made sure to pack it full of performance, features, and value.

Volvo introduces single motor C40 Recharge

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Volvo C40 Recharge gains single motor and XC40 gets design refresh