City of Oakland using NEXBTL renewable diesel for municipal fleet

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The City of Oakland, California has begun filling up its vehicles with Neste’s NEXBTL renewable diesel in order to reduce the emissions of their municipal fleet. Oakland is the first major US city to convert their entire fleet to renewable diesel. Oakland operates 250 diesel-powered vehicles, which include street sweepers, dump trucks, tractors, construction equipment, and mowers.

Port of Oakland completes shore power infrastructure

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The Port of Oakland, California, has completed construction of its shore power (also known as “cold-ironing” infrastructure. In 2008 the Oakland Board of Port Commissioners committed to reducing health-risk from seaport-related diesel emissions by 85% by 2020 from a 2005 baseline. Shore power at the Port of Oakland is a two-phase, multi-year program covering eleven berths.

Truck diesel PM emissions at Port of Oakland down 98% in past decade; ship emissions down 75%

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Diesel PM emissions from trucks serving the Port of Oakland, California declined 98% between 2005 and 2015, according to an emissions inventory released by the Port. The Port said that an analysis of the 2015 Emissions Inventory shows a 76% decrease in total diesel emissions at the Oakland Seaport. In that same timeframe, ship emissions dropped 75%. The results indicate the Port is advancing its 2008 commitment to reduce seaport-related diesel health risk by 85% by the year 2020.

Study finds truck fleet clean-up significantly decreases engine emissions near Port of Oakland

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demonstrates that mandatory upgrades to diesel truck fleets serving the Port of Oakland are responsible for significant reductions in two major air pollutants. In this case, the improvements are attributed to the ARB’s Drayage Truck Regulation and to the Comprehensive Truck Management Program at the Port of Oakland, which require vehicle owners serving the port to clean up their trucks by either replacing them with newer models or installing diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

APL first shipping line to cold-iron in Oakland

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Singapore-based container shipping line APL became the first to cold-iron a vessel’s engines to eliminate exhaust emissions at the Port of Oakland, California. APL expects cold-ironing to eradicate 50,000 pounds of nitrogen oxides emissions from its ships annually in Oakland. APL is one of only a handful of carriers currently cold-ironing in California, and the only one in Oakland.

ARB Puts in Additional $8M for Port of Oakland Trucks

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Hours before the deadline for the state port truck regulation is set to take effect (on 1 January 2010), the California Air Resources Board announced an additional $8 million in compliance assistance funding that, combined with the recently announced $3 million in funding ( earlier post ), will partly pay for more than 1,200 retrofits and more than 100 new trucks serving the Port of Oakland.

Port of Oakland Bans Drayage Trucks With Older Engines; Exceeds ARB Requirements

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The Oakland(California) Board of Port Commissioners last week adopted a strict truck ban effective 1 January 2010, barring drayage trucks with engine year models earlier than 1994 at the Oakland seaport. Drayage trucks with engine year models between 1994 and 2003 will have to be retrofitted with diesel particulate filters to enter Port of Oakland maritime facilities. The Oakland seaport is the fifth-busiest container port in the US.

US Government Providing $2M to Supplement $20M in California Funding to Reduce Emissions at Port of Oakland

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The San Francisco Bay Area Air Quality Management District announced a new $2 million federal grant to supplement the $20 million in state and local funds to install diesel exhaust filters and replace old trucks to reduce particulate emissions at the Port of Oakland. This program is an partnership between the Air District, the Port of Oakland, the California Air Resources Board and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

California ARB fines California port terminal operator $2.5M over air quality violations

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The Seattle-based company received a notice of violation for failing to repower, retire or retrofit its cargo-handling equipment at the ports of Long Beach and Oakland, and for failing to certify large spark ignition engines on yard trucks servicing those terminals, as required by state law. and its affiliates operate in various locations in California, including Oakland, Stockton, Long Beach, Port Hueneme, San Pedro and San Diego.

The 60,000 Volt Question

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GM Could Reportedly Produce 60,000 Plug-in Hybrids in 2010 Source: by Jeff Green at Bloomberg OAKLAND, Calif., I f there is any doubt that GM is serious about PHEVs, here is one more story that indicates that they are indeed very serious.

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Stan Ovshinsky’s New Project

Revenge of the Electric Car

They have a small staff and are testing the product in Oakland County. Bob Stempel and Stan Ovshinsky. Stan Ovshinsky — one of the stars of ‘Who Killed the Electric Car ?’ ’ – is out of retirement and working with former business partner (and ex-GM head) Bob Stempel to develop solar panels. More details in the Detroit Free Press article: Panels may brighten job market. by Carol Cain.

2009 116

It's Got a Name: Chevrolet "Volt" Plug-in Hybrid

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in Oakland, CA, the Volt might actually be a GM car people would buy With an Auto Show overview article dated tomorrow, Sunday, Jan 7, the New York Times becomes the first publication to name the much-anticipated GM plug-in hybrid vehicle. General Motors will unveil an electric concept car, the Chevrolet Volt, which has created the most buzz in advance of the show. says the Volt, a plug-in hybrid, could deliver the equivalent of 150 miles a gallon.

2007 100

Who knew?

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There's a carpark at touristy Beach and Hyde ; the Park 55 Hotel downtown; and the Expresso long term parking near the Oakland Airport that could run $15/day for the valet service. A few more J-plugs have appeared in the San Francisco Bay Area, tho I challenge you to find out where they are.

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New California program to make clean cars affordable for lower-income residents

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The Clean Vehicle Assistance Program, run by the Oakland-based nonprofit Beneficial State Foundation, was launched with a $5-million CARB grant. The California Air Resources Board announced a new statewide grant and loan program to help lower-income consumers across California get into the cleanest new and used cars on the market.

2018 74

SF Bay Area local governments roll out 90 EVs into their fleets

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The public agencies receiving vehicles are: Alameda County, Sonoma County, San Francisco, Concord, Santa Rosa, San Jose, Oakland, Fremont, the Marin Municipal Water District, and Sonoma County Water Agency. The number of vehicles being acquired by each agency is as follows: Alameda County: 26, Concord: 10, Fremont: 2, Marin Municipal Water District: 1, Oakland: 3, San Francisco: 14, San Jose: 3, Santa Rosa: 4, Sonoma County: 22, and Sonoma County Water Agency: 5.

CARB awards $20M in Cap-and-Trade funding to zero-emission transportation technology demos, H2 ferry, BEV locomotive

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The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has awarded $20 million in grants to accelerate California’s transition to zero-emission off-road equipment in the freight, agriculture and waterborne mass transit sectors.

2018 99

Tesla + Toyota

Revenge of the Electric Car

There’s even lingering hope among some residents that the Oakland A’s will still move to Fremont, where owner Lew Wolff had once hoped to finance a stadium by surrounding it with a “ballpark village&# of housing units. Tesla has breathed new life into the recently shut down NUMMI plant in Fremont, announcing its plans last week to team up with Toyota to start making its $50,000 electric Model S at the NUMMI plant.

Toyota 161

AC Transit Board greenlights a $108M, 9.5-mile infrastructure project for first Bus Rapid Transit line; diesel-hybrid buses

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AC Transit’s BRT will operate between downtown Oakland and San Leandro—primarily utilizing historic International Boulevard and East 14 th Street. The BRT service will replace the portion of existing Line 1 Between 20 th Street and Broadway in Uptown Oakland and the San Leandro BART station. The BRT will make direct connections to 46 bus lines, five BART stations, and the Oakland Airport (via transfers with Line 73 – Eastmont Transit Center/Oakland Airport).

Summer Update

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Oakland, Sacramento, and Salt Lake City. Roger Duncan gives Campaign Update The Plug-In Partners National Campaign has now been underway for six months.

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California Energy Commission awards $17M to expand hydrogen refueling infrastructure

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The remaining three will be in the San Francisco Bay Area: in Campbell, Oakland and Sunnyvale. During its latest business meeting, the California Energy Commission approved more than than $17 million was approved for nine new hydrogen stations that will expand the refueling infrastructure network in California. FirstElement Fuel, Inc. will develop eight hydrogen refueling stations.

2017 64

PRIME Coalition invests in three startups: electrochemical reduction of CO2, lightweight materials; Li extraction

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PRIME Coalition, a 501(c)(3) public charity funding tech start-ups that fight climate change, closed three new investments: Opus 12 in Berkeley, CA; Mallinda in Denver, CO; and Lilac Solutions in Oakland, CA. With these investments, PRIME has now funded nine start-up companies through 11 financing rounds mobilizing more than $17 million in philanthropic capital. Fifty-six foundations, philanthropists, and impact investors have backed PRIME and our portfolio companies.

2018 68

Researchers use Google Street View cars for high-resolution air pollution mapping

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The team equipped two Google Street View vehicles with the fast-response Aclima Ei measurement and data acquisition platform and repeatedly sampled every street in a 30-km 2 area of Oakland, CA, over the course of a year, developing the largest urban air quality data set of its type.

2017 83

Electric-Car Dealerships Struggle, But Why Such Surprise?

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A recent article in the Oakland Tribune highlights the high failure rate of independent car dealerships selling only electric vehicles. Frankly, we're not at all surprised. We worried readers might find a subtext that the slew of EV-only dealerships that have closed--in Berkeley, Concord, Davis, and Santa Rosa--is evidence that even the greenest

Neste to begin selling 100% renewable diesel in Finland

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Users of Neste Renewable Diesel include cities of San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Carlsbad, and county of Sacramento. Neste plans to start selling diesel produced entirely from renewable raw materials at selected stations in Finland around the turn of the year. The new product offers environmentally conscious consumers and corporate customers a sustainable and easy solution for reducing traffic-borne emissions.

Nissan and City of San Francisco Collaborate on EV Charging Network

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The cities of Oakland and San Jose, county governments in the Bay Area and other public and private stakeholders are participants in the regional EV Corridor program. In November 2008, Newsom, San Jose Mayor Chuck Read and Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums pledged to make the Bay Area the “EV Capital of the US”.

San Diego begins using Neste renewable diesel in city fleet

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San Diego joins other California fleets including the City of San Francisco, City of Oakland, City of Walnut Creek, City of Carlsbad, and County of Sacramento in using Neste renewable diesel. The city of San Diego, California has begun using Neste renewable diesel in its vehicle fleet.

DOE to award up to $1.2M to project converting wastewater solids to biogas and liquid fuels; hydrothermal processing

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DOE funding is expected to pay for about half of the design and planning of a pilot plant to produce these renewable fuels at a municipal wastewater treatment facility near Oakland, California. The Central Contra Costa Sanitary District, near Oakland, California, will host the pilot system. Southern California Gas Co. SoCalGas) announced a pilot hydrothermal wastewater processing project has been selected by the US Department of Energy (DOE) to receive up to $1.2

2017 68

California ARB clears XL Hybrids for hybrid van conversions in California; unit on sale

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ERG has facilities in Sacramento, Oakland, Redding and Ontario. XL Hybrids, Inc. has received California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order (EO) #D-731-1 allowing aftermarket conversions of gasoline-powered 2012-2014 model year General Motors 2500 and 3500 vans, Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana vans into hybrid electric vehicles. The XL Hybrids XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System ( earlier post ) is on sale now in California for the first time.

2014 78

Linde close to completing its first retail H2 fueling station in the US; next-generation ionic compressor

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Linde received funding for two of the stations—in Oakland and San Ramon, California—to go along with the five previous station awards Linde has received. Linde has also built and is operating two hydrogen fueling stations for California’s AC Transit to fuel 12 hydrogen fuel cell buses in Emeryville and Oakland. Design of the IC 90 ionic compressor. (US+EU US+EU Version) Source: Linde. Click to enlarge.

2014 98

GTI International acquires BKi; operator of California Fuel Cell Partnership

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BKi was founded in Oakland, California in 1981, and works chiefly on energy efficiency program design, development, implementation, and consulting. GTI International (GTII), a subsidiary of Gas Technology Institute (GTI), has acquired BKi, a professional energy services and consulting firm serving energy efficiency, energy supply, and alternative transportation markets.

New Linde hydrogen station officially begins operating in Emeryville, CA

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AC Transit is the transit bus operator for 13 cities in the East Bay Area, including Emeryville, Oakland and Berkeley, and also operates trans-bay service to San Francisco. The second, located at the Oakland operating division, is expected to begin operating in 2013. Linde’s newest hydrogen fueling station has officially begun operating at AC Transit’s Emeryville, California, municipal bus operating division, fueling 12 fuel cell buses and up to 20 passenger cars a day.

ChargePoint ranks US metro areas for EV friendliness; SF Bay Area still on top

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The San Francisco Bay Area (including San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose) led the nation, followed by Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego and Honolulu. ChargePoint—the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network—released a list of the top 10 friendliest metropolitan areas in the US for EV drivers.

London to phase out diesel buses; all new single deckers for central London to be zero emission

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A number of US ZEB transit operators were present in London to share the practicalities of fleet integration and operation, including AC Transit (Oakland, CA); Foothill Transit (West Covina, CA); Orange County Transportation Authority (Orange, CA); Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (Canton, OH); and SunLine Transit (Thousand Palms, CA). The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan recently committed to phasing out purchasing new pure diesel buses from the capital.

2016 113

Linde Ionic Compression Hydrogen Technology to Fuel AC Transit buses

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Linde has contracted with Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) in California to supply the ionic compression hydrogen fueling technology ( earlier post ) and the hydrogen for two new refueling stations, which will be located at AC Transit's Emeryville and Oakland operating divisions. AC Transit is the transit bus operator for 13 cities in the East Bay Area, including Oakland, Emeryville, and Berkeley, and also operates trans-bay service to San Francisco.

Electrify America announces $200M Cycle 2 zero emission vehicle investment plan for California

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San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward.

2018 105

UPS/Greenbiz study identifies motivators and barriers to electric fleets

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The findings will be explored in depth at the GreenBiz VERGE conference in Oakland, California on 16 October. Attaining environmental benefits and lower cost of ownership are driving more commercial fleets to electrify, according to a new study by UPS and GreenBiz.

2018 79

San Francisco switches city fleet to Neste NEXBTL renewable diesel

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Earlier this fall Californian cities Walnut Creek and Oakland switched their diesel-powered municipal fleet to Neste renewable diesel. Neste’s NEXBTL renewable diesel is now being used by the City and County of San Francisco, California. San Francisco announced December 11, 2015 that the City and County of San Francisco has completely ended its use of petroleum diesel in the City’s fleet and replaced it with renewable diesel.

Propel Fuels and Solazyme offer consumer access to algae-based biodiesel in pilot program

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Berkeley, and Oakland. Propel Fuels and Solazyme, Inc., a renewable oil and bioproducts company, are bringing algae-derived fuel to retail pumps in a month-long pilot program to test consumer response. Solazyme’s algae-based Soladiesel BD will be available to drivers through Propel’s Bay Area network of retail renewable fuel locations. Soladiesel BD is a Fatty Acid Methyl Ester-based (FAME) fuel (i.e., biodiesel).

California Environmental Justice Advisory Committee launches series of statewide meetings

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Meetings will be held in San Bernardino (Monday, July 11); San Diego (Thursday, July 14); Oakland (Tuesday, July 19); Wilmington (Monday, July 25); South Los Angeles (Tuesday, July 26); Fresno, Modesto, and Bakersfield (Thursday, July 28); and Sacramento (Friday, July 29).

2016 60

ATT Rolls Out its 1,000th Alternative Fuel Corporate Fleet Vehicle

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The 10-year initiative includes an expected $350 million to purchase approximately 8,000 compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles over a five-year period, including the 1,000th alternative-fuel vehicle, a CNG van deployed in Oakland, California. AT&T has deployed its 1,000th alternative-fuel vehicle in its corporate fleet.

California awarding $46.6M for 28 new hydrogen refueling stations and 1 mobile refueler

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Linde LLC will receive $4,250,000 to construct stations in Oakland and San Ramon. The California Energy Commission will award $46.6 million to 8 different applicants to accelerate the development of publicly accessible hydrogen refueling stations in California in order to promote a consumer market for zero-emission fuel cell vehicles. The recommended funding awards were made through the Energy Commission’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program ( ARFVTP ).

2014 78

Meritor collaborating with Peterbilt on all-electric Class 8 trucks; selects UQM as supplier for e-axles

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The 80,000-pound, short-haul Peterbilt 579 drayage trucks will support operations at ports throughout California, including Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, and Oakland. Meritor, Inc. will supply all-electric drivetrain systems for two Peterbilt vehicle platforms through its alliance with TransPower. Earlier post.) These include 12 Peterbilt all-electric Class 8 Model 579 day cab tractors and three Model 520 refuse trucks.

2018 64

California Energy Commission awards nearly $5M to encourage natural gas-powered buses and trucks

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TEC of California (Oakland, La Mirada and Fontana) is awarded $1,280,000 in incentives to help buy-down 40 heavy-duty natural gas-powered trucks in the 26,001 pounds and greater gross vehicle weight range. Oakland) is awarded a total of $380,000 in incentives for 25 vehicles manufactured by Tiffany Coachworks, Perris, California. Oakland) is awarded $380,000 in incentives to help buydown 25 vehicles manufactured by Federal Coach.