MIT researchers boost efficiency of carbon capture and conversion systems

Green Car Congress

Researchers at MIT have developed a method that could significantly boost the performance of carbon capture and conversion systems that use catalytic surfaces to enhance the rates of carbon-sequestering electrochemical reactions. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Solar fuels

Phillips 66 progressing its conversion of California refinery to renewable fuels

Green Car Congress

In April, the company completed the diesel hydrotreater conversion, which will ramp up to 8,000 bbl/d (120 million gallons per year) of renewable diesel production by the third quarter of 2021. Subject to permitting and approvals, full conversion of the refinery is expected in early 2024.


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Researchers develop titanium and copper heterostructured photocatalyst for conversion of CO2 into CH4

Green Car Congress

Scientists at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, have developed a novel heterostructured photocatalyst using titanium and copper, two abundant and relatively inexpensive metals, for the conversion of CO 2 into CH 4. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels

2020 275

New process uses localized surface plasmons for room-temperature conversion of CO2 to CO

Green Car Congress

The chemical process employed by the scientists also could reduce costs and energy requirements for producing liquid hydrocarbons and other chemicals used by industry. The conversion normally requires significant amounts of energy in the form of high heat—a temperature of at least 700 ?C,

2020 254

Toshiba develops new magnetic material that delivers improved motor energy conversion efficiency

Green Car Congress

Toshiba Corporation has developed a new magnetic material with characteristics that deliver major improvements in motor efficiency at minimum cost, and with the potential to win significant reductions in power consumption.

2020 387

BMW i Ventures invests in Prometheus Fuels; CO2 air-capture and conversion to carbon-neutral gasoline

Green Car Congress

The ability to create gasoline from air, cost competitively with fossil fuels, is a game changer. The conversion of CO 2 to fuels in these inexpensive water-based systems has shown high faradic efficiencies for reduction of CO 2. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Emissions Fuels Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 260

Voltabox to supply battery systems to e-troFit for conversion of diesel buses to electric

Green Car Congress

Voltabox AG secured a long-term framework contract with e-troFit GmbH as the preferred supplier of high-performance battery systems for e-troFit’s conversion solutions for diesel buses. Batteries Bus Conversions Diesel Electric (Battery

2020 241

Tata Ace Gold - Electric Truck Conversion

Plug In India

By Atul Gopal ​We had an opportunity to visit Nothway Motorsports to check out their new electric truck conversion kit. Though a wee bit underpowered with its 2 cylinder engine, the low operating and maintenance costs, along with a loading capacity of 1 t has been a hit formula.

ReactWell licenses ORNL catalyst for direct conversion of CO2 to ethanol

Green Car Congress

ReactWell , LLC, has licensed a novel waste-to-fuel technology from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory to improve energy conversion methods for cleaner, more efficient oil and gas, chemical and bioenergy production. ReactWell will bring ORNL’s electrochemical process, which converts carbon dioxide directly into ethanol ( earlier post ), into the company’s existing conversion solution known as the ReactWell process.

2019 249

Hydra Energy partners with Chemtrade to provide commercial truck fleets with green hydrogen below the cost of diesel

Green Car Congress

In exchange for long-term, discounted fuel contracts with fleets, Hydra installs hydrogen-diesel co-combustion conversion kits into existing semi-trucks and provides the fueling infrastructure for green hydrogen sourced from chemical producers such as Chemtrade. Hydra pays for the truck conversion and the on-site fueling infrastructure. The company’s distinctive HaaS model helps commercial fleets reduce costs and emissions with limited risk and no up-front investment.

Fleet 184

Rice, C-Crete team optimizes conversion of tire waste into graphene for stronger concrete

Green Car Congress

The lab calculated electricity used in the conversion process would cost about $100 per ton of starting carbon.

Waste 222

2019 Keeling Curve Prize winners include Opus 12; conversion of CO2 into fuels and chemicals

Green Car Congress

into cost-competitive chemicals and fuels. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) FuelsThe Keeling Curve Prize (KCP) has selected 10 winners for 2019, among them Opus 12 (Berkeley, California) which is developing a device that recycles CO? Earlier post.). The Opus 12 process—based on the electrochemical reduction of CO 2 —combines CO?, water and electricity to produce higher-energy carbon-based products and a co-product of pure oxygen.

2019 184

Cost for Jeep Cherokee EV Conversion Kit

Electric Cars are for Girls

How much does the full conversion kit and batteries cost for a 1994 jeep cherokee? Hi, Greg - The answer is: it depends on the conversion kit components

Kits 106

ORNL team discovers mechanism behind direct ethanol-to-hydrocarbon conversion; implications for energy efficiency and cost of upgrading

Green Car Congress

The research, supported by DOE’s BioEnergy Technologies Office (BETO), has implications for the energy efficiency and cost of catalytic upgrading technologies proposed for use in bio-refineries. Uncovering the mechanism behind the reaction helps support the potential economic viability of ORNL’s own direct biofuel-to-hydrocarbon conversion approach. This has renewed interest in the conversion of ethanol to hydrocarbon blend-stock and other industrial chemicals.

2015 229

Researchers develop co-catalyst system for lower cost conversion of CO2 to CO; syngas for synfuels

Green Car Congress

A team from the University of Illinois and startup Dioxide Materials has developed an electrocatalytic system for the reduction of CO 2 to CO—a key component of artificial photosynthesis and thus an enabler for the conversion of CO 2 to synthetic fuels—at overpotentials below 0.2 high overpotentials are needed to convert CO 2 because the first step in CO 2 conversion is the formation of a “CO 2 ? CO 2 conversion into useful products should decrease upon.

2011 216

DOE selects 7 gasification projects for funding; focus on reducing cost of coal conversion

Green Car Congress

The projects conducted through this program are geared toward reducing the cost of coal conversion and mitigating the environmental impacts of fossil-fueled power generation. The funded research projects fall under two subtopic areas: development of gasification technologies applicable to in situ bio-gasification of coal to methane; and the development of low cost advanced air separation technologies that can produce oxygen for use in coal gasification processes.

2015 184

Columbia University engineers make breakthrough in understanding electroreduction of CO2 for conversion to electrofuels

Green Car Congress

Recent research in electrocatalytic CO 2 conversion points the way to using CO 2 as a feedstock and renewable electricity as an energy supply for the synthesis of different types of fuel and value-added chemicals such as ethylene, ethanol, and propane. Knowing the exact structure of the activated CO 2 is essential because its structure dictates both the end product of the reaction and its energy cost. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Climate Change Emissions Solar fuels

2018 179

New Na-ion battery combining intercalation and conversion could be promising low-cost energy storage system

Green Car Congress

Scheme of the new full sodium-ion battery, which combines an intercalation cathode and a conversion anode. This battery system combines an intercalation cathode and a conversion anode, resulting in high capacity, high rate capability, thermal stability, and much improved cycle life. (In For the anode, they selected carbon-modified iron oxide (C-Fe 3 O 4 ) conversion material. 1 when used in a lithium cell and undergoes a conversion reaction (Fe 3 O 4 + 8Li + + 8e ? ?

2014 199

Researchers develop efficient single-atom Ni catalyst for conversion of CO2 to CO

Green Car Congress

If there were a sustainable, cost-efficient route to transform CO 2 to CO, it would benefit society greatly. A competing reaction, called the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) or “water splitting,” takes precedence over the CO 2 conversion reaction. A few noble metals, such as gold and platinum, can avoid HER and convert CO 2 to CO; however, these metals are relatively rare and too expensive to serve as cost-efficient catalysts. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Catalysts

2018 183

DOE to award up to $3M for cost-effective low-concentration CO2 capture or conversion for coal-relevant applications

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a funding opportunity announcement ( DE-FOA-0001342 ) for cost-effective CO 2 capture or conversion solutions for coal-relevant applications at low concentrations. Total funding is anticipated to be $3 million, with at least 20% cost-share.

2015 205

U of I study: synthetic fuels via CO2 conversion and FT not currently economically & environmentally competitive

Green Car Congress

They used currently achievable performance levels for the system components—electrolyzers and the Fischer−Tropsch process—to compute key metrics, including (i) cost of the synthetic fuel; (ii) well-to-gate CO 2 emissions; and (iii) overall energy efficiency. They used a discounted cash flow analysis method to calculate the cost of diesel fuel using a 500 MW power plant as the CO 2 source. The major findings were: The final cost varies from $3.80

2016 210

Berkeley Lab copper catalyst yields high-efficiency CO2-to-fuels conversion

Green Car Congress

While propanol is a very effective fuel, it is currently too costly to manufacture to be used for that purpose. What we know is that this unique structure provides a beneficial chemical environment for CO2 conversion to multicarbon products,” he said. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Catalysts Climate Change Fuels

2017 150

Electric Bike Conversion Kit Selection

Electric Vehicless

As the cost of an electric bike conversion kit in comparison to a new electric cycle is half approx & not too tough to assemble, if you have time & little bit of idea about installation you have to go with an e bike conversion kit. Costly & more modification required.

Kits 52

New catalyst improves conversion of CO2 to syngas

Green Car Congress

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) have identified molybdenum disulfide as a promising cost-effective substitute for noble metal catalysts for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide. While noble metals such as gold and silver are able to reduce carbon dioxide at moderate rates and low overpotentials, their cost is a challenge to the development of inexpensive systems with an efficient CO 2 reduction capability.

2014 205

Comparing Conversion Costs with Paul

Open Source Civic EV Kit

Paul Pancella (see link at right) put together a great spreadsheet comparing his Civic conversion costs with mine. There are a few minor updates, but things are very close for the most part. The only things that have changed on the Open Source Civic are the MES vacuum pump for the brakes and the fact that I ditched the custom tachometer and pillar pod. Even with these differences, the prices only change about $100. Thanks for assembling this list, Paul!

2009 100

ORNL team devises electrocatalyst for direct conversion of CO2 into ethanol with high selectivity; pushing the combustion reaction in reverse

Green Car Congress

The researchers’ initial analysis suggests that the spiky textured surface of the catalysts provides ample reactive sites to facilitate the carbon dioxide-to-ethanol conversion. Given the technique’s reliance on low-cost materials and an ability to operate at room temperature in water, the researchers believe the approach could be scaled up for industrially relevant applications. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Emissions Ethanol

2016 234

New photocatalyst for selective conversion of fatty acids to diesel- and jet-range molecules

Green Car Congress

In this context, bio- derived fatty acids are promising candidates, owing to their inherent structural similarities to diesel-type hydrocarbons, inedible nature, abundance and low cost.

2020 254

GWU team demonstrates highly scalable, low-cost process for making carbon nanotube wools directly from CO2

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The resulting CNT wool is of length suitable for weaving into carbon composites and textiles and is highly conductive; the calculated cost to produce the CNTs is approximately $660 per ton, compared to the current $100,000+ per ton price range of CNTs. This synthesis consumes only CO 2 and electricity, and is constrained only by the cost of electricity. The process is constrained by the (low) cost of electricity.

2017 248

Venchurs CNG aggressively prices 6.2L CNG conversions

Green Car Congress

Venchurs Vehicle Systems, a Qualified Vehicle Modifier of CNG conversions for Ford Motor Company, will offer 6.2L F-250 and F-350 CNG conversions (bi-fuel and dedicated) with a 23.5GGE system utilizing the new 3M tank, all priced at $8,350. We have been working with companies like 3M to reduce the overall cost of conversion. Because Venchurs is a QVM, the original Ford warranty stays intact and the conversion can be financed through Ford Credit.

2013 237

Ammonia-salt solvent pretreatment for biomass could significantly reduce cost of cellulosic biofuels

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Similar processes could greatly reduce the cost of producing biofuels from waste biomass like corn stalks and leaves. Speeding up the conversion of cellulose into sugars such as glucose with enzymes requires suitable solvents or heat- and/or chemical-based pretreatments.

2020 288

Study finds CNG conversion policy in Bangladesh did result in more travel; congestion costs still half the health benefits

Green Car Congress

In a 21013 study, researchers found large air quality and associated health benefits accruing to the residents of Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh) as a result of the rapid conversion of the motor vehicle fleet to CNG. Now, however, there is a widespread belief among policymakers that the CNG conversion may have increased car ownership and car travel due to their lower running costs, resulting in more congestion; a reversal of the strategy is possible.

Analysis finds air-quality justification for CNG vehicle conversion in developing cities, despite negative climate impact

Green Car Congress

An analysis by a team in Bangladesh found large air quality and associated health benefits accruing to the residents of Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh) as a result of the rapid conversion of the motor vehicle fleet to CNG. Around 2,045 avoided premature deaths in greater Dhaka can be attributed to air quality improvements from the CNG conversion policy in 2010, resulting in a saving of around US$400 million, they found. The monetized costs (USD 17.7

2013 234

Unifrax introduces new nano-structured alumina catalyst support technology for a greener catalytic conversion option: Eco-lytic

Green Car Congress

The solution is designed to help prolong a cleaner engine life and enable vehicle manufacturers to meet increasingly stringent environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards and regulations, while providing considerable cost savings as the market transitions to electric vehicles (EVs). Eco-lytic’s flexible structure not only offers efficiency and cost savings benefits, it also provides transportation industry partners and manufacturers with unique packaging options.

Electric Bicycle Conversion

Electric Cars are for Girls

Interview with Don Otto about his electric bicycle conversion, how much it cost, and how long it took to put it together

New stable Fe3O4/C composite material for conversion electrode in solid-state Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers in Europe, with colleagues from Samsung R&D Institute in Japan, have developed a highly stable Fe 3 O 4 /C composite for use as a conversion electrode in all-solid-state Li-ion batteries. In addition, recently a new chemistry has surfaced, allowing to store more Li + by the so-called conversion mechanism. Among the others, several transition metal oxides, sulfides, nitrides, phosphides and fluorides have been explored and tested as conversion anodes.

2020 161

Stunning Classic Bentley S1 EV Conversion Makes All Kinds Of Sense


Too bad it costs almost half-a-million dollars

Conversion supporters petitioning Obama Administration to extend tax incentives to plug-in conversions

Green Car Congress

Entrepreneurs and advocates for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles conversions have taken advantage of the platform to create a petition urging the Administration to extend the Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicles (IRC 30D) tax incentives, currently granted for new plug-in vehicles, to plug-in conversions. —Equal Incentives for Conversions petition.

2012 237

EPFL team develops low-cost catalyst for splitting CO2

Green Car Congress

EPFL scientists have developed an Earth-abundant and low-cost catalytic system for splitting CO 2 into CO and oxygen—an important step towards achieving the conversion of renewable energy into hydrocarbon fuels. Using only Earth-abundant materials to catalyze both reactions, this design keeps the cost of the system low. This is the first time that such a bi-functional and low-cost catalyst is demonstrated.

246th ACS National Meeting symposium on CO2 conversion to fuels

Green Car Congress

Converting CO 2 to usable fuels was the topic of a symposium— CO 2 Conversion: Thermo-, Photo- and Electro-Catalytic —on Sunday at the 246 th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society in Indianapolis, Indiana. The electron affinity and pKa quantitatively show that concerted PCET is favored over sequential PCET in the PyH 0 catalyzed reduction of HCOOH due to the high cost of localizing electron density on HCOOH and deprotonating PyH 0.

2013 192

Georgia Tech team develops conversion-type iron-fluoride Li battery cathode with solid polymer electrolyte

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a promising new conversion-type cathode and electrolyte system that replaces expensive metals and traditional liquid electrolyte with lower cost transition metal fluorides and a solid polymer electrolyte. Cathodes made from iron fluoride have enormous potential because of their high capacity, low material costs and very broad availability of iron.

2019 201

New plasma synthesis process for one-step conversion of CO2 and methane into higher value fuel and chemicals

Green Car Congress

Instead of using H 2 , direct conversion of CO 2 with CH 4 (dry reforming of methane, DRM) to liquid fuels and chemicals (e.g. This is a major breakthrough technology that has great potential to deliver a step-change in future methane activation, CO 2 conversion and utilization and chemical energy storage, which is also of huge relevance to the energy & chemical industry and could help to tackle the challenges of global warming and greenhouse gas effect.

2017 174

Argonne team finds copper cluster catalyst effective for low-pressure conversion of CO2 to methanol with high activity

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory have identified a new material to catalyze the conversion of CO 2 via hydrogenation to methanol (CH 3 OH): size-selected Cu 4 clusters—clusters of four copper atoms each, called tetramers—supported on Al 2 O 3 thin films. The structure of the copper tetramer is such that most of its binding sites are open, which means it can attach more strongly to carbon dioxide and can better accelerate the conversion.

2015 216

Suzuki Swift Dzire Electric Car Conversion with Gears

Plug In India

By Atul Gopal We had an opportunity to visit Nothway Motorsports to check out their new electric car conversion kit. Government norms for conversion allow you a 10% deviation.) The other could be capital cost.