Argonne study finds BEVs can have lowest scheduled maintenance costs, but highest cost of driving

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Previous analyses of TCO, particularly those dealing with alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), have often focused on the purchase cost and the fuel cost. Among the many findings was that the estimated scheduled maintenance cost for a light-duty battery-electric vehicle (BEV) totals 6.1

IRENA sees renewable hydrogen at least cost-possible within decade

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Hydrogen produced with renewable electricity could compete on costs with fossil fuel alternatives by 2030, according to a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The report— Green Hydrogen Cost Reduction: scaling up electrolyzers to meet the 1.5

2020 383

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Hyzon Motors introduces new hydrogen storage system expected to cut development costs in half

Green Car Congress

a global supplier of hydrogen fuel-cell-powered commercial vehicles, has developed new onboard hydrogen storage system technology that it says is capable of reducing the weight and manufacturing cost of commercial vehicles powered by Hyzon’s hydrogen fuel cells. In addition to reducing the weight and costs, the storage system can be configured to hold varying numbers of hydrogen tanks. Hyzon Motors Inc.,

Cost-effective catalysts for metal-air battery

Electric Vehicles India

Cost-effective catalysts for metal-air battery. The Union Ministry of Science & Technology said that the ARCI has developed cost-effective catalysts for a metal-air battery that will help to decrease cost and increase the efficiency of metal-air batteries.

MIT team reexamines rates of Li-ion cost decline

Green Car Congress

The cost of the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries used for phones, laptops, and cars has fallen significantly over the last three decades, and has been a major driver of the rapid growth of those technologies.

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New ORNL novel composite catalyst for cost-effective ethanol-to-jet-fuel conversion

Green Car Congress

The well-established, cost-competitive ethanol market provides an opportunity to shift the composition of jet fuel and other fuel products away from petroleum. There are two challenges that hinder current conversion techniques from wider adoption: low olefin yield and high production costs.

Human Cost of Climate Change

Electric Cars are for Girls

Polar bears aside, what is the human cost of climate change? Do you ever think about how climate change will affect you and me

A new Iron Age? Startup promises low-cost, high-energy iron-air batteries for home grids

Green Car Reports

The startup's first product will be an iron-air battery, which can be used in energy-storage applications for one-tenth the cost of current lithium-ion chemistry, according to an announcement.

New ICCT study finds low-cost carriers driving 90% of US airline CO2 emissions growth

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Further, the study found that low-cost carriers (LCCs) such as Spirit, Frontier, and Southwest have driven virtually all that airline emissions growth since 2005. Source: “Low-cost carriers and US aviation emissions growth, 2005 to 2019”.

Scientists have cost-effectively harvested lithium from seawater


Researchers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia have figured out how to extract lithium, an essential part of electric vehicle batteries, from seawater in a more cost-effective way.

Distribution Costs and Distributed Generation

Energy Institute at HAAS

We need to get a handle on distribution costs as we get serious about electrification. This post is co-authored with Duncan Callaway) Our household gets unusually excited about power system … Continue Reading Distribution Costs and Distributed Generation.

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AMPLY Power saves up to 40% on energy costs for Tri Delta Transit electric buses

Green Car Congress

Municipal and commercial fleets are on the front lines of state-wide goals to decarbonize our transportation sector, and they deserve solutions that make the transition both simple and cost-effective.

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Vitesco Technologies presents cost-effective dedicated hybrid transmission for PHEVs

Green Car Congress

We have identified further potential here which our DHT [Dedicated Hybrid Transmission] technology for cost-effective PHEVs is designed to leverage. The DHT for cost-effective PHEVs is designed for speeds of up to 120 km/h in all-electric mode, and up to 160 km/h in hybrid mode.

2019 238

Nature editorial: environmental and human costs of Li-ion technology must be addressed quickly

Green Car Congress

An editorial in the journal Nature calls on policy makers, industry leaders and researchers to mitigate quickly the environmental and human costs of Li-ion batteries. But this increase is not itself cost-free … Lithium-ion technology has downsides—for people and the planet. Li-ion batteries currently are the indispensable enabling technology for electric vehicles and the electric grid, the latter due to the need to store energy from renewable sources.

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Who Will Pay for Legacy Utility Costs?

Energy Institute at HAAS

Today’s post is co-authored by Catherine Hausman, an associate professor … Continue Reading Who Will Pay for Legacy Utility Costs? New Energy Institute paper asks what the “electrify everything” movement could mean for natural gas customers who are left behind.

UH team develops fast, cost-efficient method to grow OER catalyst for seawater splitting

Green Car Congress

This work affords a cost-efficient surface engineering method to steer commercial Ni foam into robust OER catalysts for seawater electrolysis, which has important implications for both the hydrogen economy and environmental remediation.

IHS Markit: average cost of lithium-ion battery cell to fall below $100/kWh in 2023

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The average cost of a Li-ion battery cell—used to power electric vehicles and to provide flexibility in the power grid as more renewables, such as solar and wind, are added will fall below $100 per kilowatt hour (kWh) in the next three years, according to a new analysis by IHS Markit. The average cost of a li-ion cell is expected to decline further through the end of the decade, to as low as $73/kWh in 2030. LFP will remain the lowest cost option throughout the next ten years.

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How much does it cost to charge a Tesla?


When thinking about a future electric vehicle purchase like a Tesla, your first thought might be, “how much does a Tesla cost?” ” Excellent question, it costs $10. more… The post How much does it cost to charge a Tesla?

Faradion and Phillips 66 to develop lower cost and higher-performing sodium-ion battery materials

Green Car Congress

UK-based Faradion, a developer of sodium-ion battery technology ( earlier post ), and Phillips 66 have launched a new technical collaboration to develop lower-cost and higher-performing anode materials for sodium-ion batteries.

Sodium 240

EC JRC finds delivery of large amounts of green hydrogen over long distances could be cost-effective

Green Car Congress

The European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC) published a policy brief showing that delivery of large amounts of renewable hydrogen over long distances could be cost-effective.

NREL, INL team assesses levelized cost of light-duty EV charging in US in 2019

Green Car Congress

A team from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Idaho National Laboratory has produced a detailed assessment of the current levelized cost of light-duty electric-vehicle charging (LCOC) in the United States, considering when, where, and how EVs are charged.

2020 255

Researchers design nanoparticles for cost-effective hydrogen production process

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Arkansas, with colleagues from Brookhaven National Lab and Argonne National Lab, have found that nanoparticles composed of nickel and iron are more effective and efficient than other more costly materials when used as catalysts in the production of hydrogen fuel through water electrolysis.

2019 275

NYU team develops novel ion-conducting copolymer to increase power and reduce cost of fuel cells

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, led by Miguel Modestino, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a novel ion-conducting polymer (ionomer) that increases the power and lowers the cost of fuel cells.

2020 344

Tesla patent reveals Elon Musk’s ‘table salt’ lithium extraction process that could slash costs


It could cut costs by more than 30%, according to the automaker. more… The post Tesla patent reveals Elon Musk’s ‘table salt’ lithium extraction process that could slash costs appeared first on Electrek.

Hydrogen Council report finds cost of hydrogen solutions to fall sooner than previously expected

Green Car Congress

The Hydrogen Council has published a new report, Path to Hydrogen Competitiveness: A Cost Perspective , demonstrating that the cost of hydrogen solutions will fall sharply within the next decade, sooner than previously expected.

2020 275

The National Average Cost of Fuel for an Electric Vehicle is about 60% Less than for a Gasoline Vehicle

EV Obssesion

Vehicle Technologies Office Transportation Analysis Fact of the Week #1186 Electric vehicles are more efficient than internal combustion vehicles, but fuel cost comparisons can be complicated due to differences in the units of measure.

DOE selects 15 projects for $32M to advance lower-cost fusion concepts; ARPA-E BETHE

Green Car Congress

These projects will work to develop timely, commercially viable fusion energy, with the goal to increase the number and performance levels of lower-cost fusion concepts. Winning BETHE projects are: Category A: Development of Lower-Cost Concepts.

2020 273

Canadian startup launches INDIEGOGO funding campaign for low-cost electric self-charging solar tricycle produced in Pakistan

Green Car Congress

The team projects that the high-efficiency vehicle will have a a minimum unit cost of only $1,400 to produce—the price of an average mountain bike—once the funding goal is reached.

EGEB: Here’s how much it costs to charge your EV with rooftop solar


more… The post EGEB: Here’s how much it costs to charge your EV with rooftop solar appeared first on Electrek. In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): Charging an electric vehicle with rooftop solar in the US is cheaper than using grid power or public chargers.

DOE releases Energy Storage Grand Challenge Roadmap; 44% reduction in manufactured cost for 300-mile EV pack by 2030

Green Car Congress

DOE also released two companion ESGC reports: the 2020 Grid Energy Storage Technology Cost and Performance Assessment and the Energy Storage Market Report 2020.

2020 253

Ammonia-salt solvent pretreatment for biomass could significantly reduce cost of cellulosic biofuels

Green Car Congress

Similar processes could greatly reduce the cost of producing biofuels from waste biomass like corn stalks and leaves. But most solvents remain costly or require extreme ranges of operating pressures or temperatures to be effective.

2020 288

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Tesla Model 3 now cost more used than new: Why?

Green Car Reports

Certain used cars, including the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and Tesla Model 3, now cost more to buy used than new, according to a recent analysis of vehicle prices.

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Study: Synthetic fuels cost more money and cause more CO2 emissions vs. batteries

Green Car Reports

As buzz around synthetic fuels builds, the Europe-focused environmental group Transport & Environment (T&E) cautions that vehicles burning these supposedly greener fuels may cause more carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions than battery-powered vehicles, and cost more as well.

CO2 150

Japan team evaluates battery-assisted low-cost hydrogen production from solar energy

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The results from this study suggested a cost of hydrogen as low as ¥17 to ¥27/Nm 3 (US$0.16 - $0.25) using a combination of technologies and the achievement of ambitious individual cost targets for batteries, PV, and electrolyzers. For comparison, the US DOE’s 2020 target for the levelized cost of hydrogen (production only) is $2.30/kg.

2019 319

Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R) completed in Japan; aiming for low-cost green hydrogen production; P2G

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Renewable energy output is subject to large fluctuations, so FH2R will adjust to supply and demand in the power grid in order to maximize utilization of this energy while establishing low-cost, Green hydrogen production technology.

2020 360

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y: Safety-sensor transition is costing ratings, causing confusion

Green Car Reports

Tesla's decision to implement a new camera-only "Tesla Vision" sensor suite for the North American-market Model 3 and Model Y is drawing scrutiny from safety advocates and regulators—and it's now costing Tesla top safety ratings.

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FutureBridge expects cost-parity between solid-state and Li-ion batteries by 2025

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Market analysis firm FutureBridge expects that cost-parity between Li-ion and solid-state batteries could be achieved in another five years. The recent innovation in ionic conductivity is promising but proven improvements in cost and cycle-life, which are critical for Mobility, remain the most important challenges for mass-market commercialization of SSBs, said Georgios Stathousis, Manager at FutureBridge’s Mobility Practice.

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Consumer Reports: most popular electric vehicles cost less to own than the best-selling gas-powered vehicles in their class

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The analysis found lifetime ownership costs for the most popular EVs on the market under $50,000 are typically $6,000 to $10,000 less than the best gas-powered vehicles in their class (defined by vehicle style, size, interior volume, and cargo space).

2020 265

DOE: all-electric vehicles have the lowest estimated average annual fuel cost of all light-duty vehicles

Green Car Congress

The estimated annual fuel costs for model year (MY) 2019 all-electric light-duty vehicles are the lowest of all the different vehicle technologies, ranging from a low of $500 to a high of $900 per year, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE).

2019 316

Europe’s newest long-range, low-cost electric motorcycle is production-ready and looks good


more… The post Europe’s newest long-range, low-cost electric motorcycle is production-ready and looks good appeared first on Electrek.

BASF and Toyota collaborate for cost-effective lightweighting on 2021 Sienna

Green Car Congress

Toyota wanted the 2021 Sienna’s third seat to be lighter and cost-competitive while exceeding all performance criteria. We were able to meet our cost objective and saved 15% compared to the prior generation.

2020 222

Ampcera announces a low-cost and scalable solid electrolyte technology for solid-state batteries

Green Car Congress

Silicon-Valley-based Ampcera announced a low-cost flexible solid electrolyte (SE) membrane technology for solid-state batteries (SSBs). Performance and cost are the bottlenecks in the commercialization of SE technology and SSBs. To address them, Ampcera has been developing a scalable SE technology, and has filed multiple US patent applications and an international PCT patent application on its flexible SE membranes, a low-cost manufacturing method, and the corresponding SSBs.

2020 219

EPA finalizes ICAO-aligned GHG emissions standards for aircraft; “no costs and no emission reductions”

Green Car Congress

In its technical support document for the rulemaking, EPA noted that: The main conclusion of the impact analysis for the airplane GHG emissions rule is that it will result in no costs and no emission reductions.

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