Climate change presents $1 trillion in risk, but more in reward: study

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The latest climate study, released Tuesday, doesn't look at sea level rise, carbon counts, or government policy—at least not directly. Instead, it takes a strictly capitalist approach. The study, by CDP, sent questionnaires to more than 200 of the largest global companies about their forecasts for how much money they're budgeting to lose to. global warming climate change

Ahead of electric-car production, VW demands suppliers cut carbon emissions

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The Financial Times, in a Sunday report, presented some interesting pieces of. Manufacturing global warming carbon dioxide sustainability MEB architectureAs Volkswagen ramps up to build a new generation of mass-market electric vehicles in the aftermath of its diesel scandal, regulators and environmental groups will likely be paying close attention to their emissions—especially the emissions created in making them.

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Researchers propose using AC and ventilation systems for decentralized production of carbon-neutral synthetic fuels

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The team presents this “crowd oil” concept in Nature Communications. In addition, they expect carbon efficiency—i.e. the proportion of spent carbon atoms found in the fuel produced—to range from around 90 to almost 100 percent.

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BMW presents solar carport concept for i models

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The international media launch of the BMW i8 in Los Angeles will include the presentation of a solar carport concept developed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA for the use of renewable energy.

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Getting To Work In Hermosa Beach – The Carbon Neutral ClueTrain Leaves the Station

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Courtesy of YouTube and the Hermosa Beach City website and converted and enlarged through the magic of Greenius we bring you this exclusive look at the Carbon Neutral ClueTrain leaving the Hermosa Beach station this week. You say you’d like to see that presentation?

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Volvo Trucks presents second electric truck model in three weeks: Volvo FE Electric

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Today, each of our 300 conventional refuse vehicles emits approximately 31.300 kg carbon dioxide every year.

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Greenius Presents: Governor Schwarzenegger on What’s Coming Soon To California

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As your friendly neighborhood Greenius continues with his efforts to help Hermosa Beach become the first carbon neutral city in the South Bay, it might help some of you to get up to speed on what we already know is coming our way here in California from climate change and global weirding.

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Renault presents the 235 mpg EOLAB prototype; plug-in “Z.E. Hybrid”; targeting production

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Renault has presented EOLAB, a new prototype which explores ways to deliver ultra-low fuel consumption. Work to reduce the glass’s weight led to collaboration with Saint Gobain Sekurit with the aim of saving between 30 and 50% compared with present-day standards. EOLAB.

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Polymer microcapsules with liquid carbonate cores and silicone shells offer a new approach to carbon capture

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The approach, described in a paper in the journal Nature Communications , could be an important advance in carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). They have significant performance advantages over the carbon-absorbing materials used in current CCS technology.

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Lamborghini presents electric super sports car design concept, developed in collaboration with MIT labs

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Now we are presenting an exciting and progressive concept car. Lamborghini aims to further develop its leadership in the design and production of carbon fiber structures and parts, enhancing its ability to develop features and functions that take lightweight materials to the next level.

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SGL Carbon produces prototypes of fully integrated composite battery enclosures for NIO; battery swapping

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In collaboration with SGL Carbon, Chinese automotive manufacturer NIO has developed prototypes for battery enclosures made of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) for its NIO high performance electric vehicles.

2019 96

Evonik presents electric Elise weighing less than 1,000 kg

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Evonik Industries is presenting the lightweight battery-electric Elise-E at the Car Symposium in Bochum. The sandwich structure with the structural foam ROHACELL and carbon fibers makes the body 60-70% lighter than a comparable steel structure.

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Porsche presents more efficient Gen 2 919 Hybrid LMP1 racer for 2015

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Porsche has presented the second generation of its Le Mans Prototype 919 Hybrid race car. As is also the norm in Formula 1, the Porsche 919 Hybrid monocoque is a carbon-fiber sandwich construction that was completely redesigned for the 2015 season.

2015 112

nanoFLOWCELL to present new QUANT F flow cell EV at Geneva

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Liechtenstein-based R&D company nanoFLOWCELL will present its new QUANT F electric vehicle at the upcoming Geneva show; the QUANT F is a further development of the QUANT E from 2014, the first automobile with flow cell drive to be approved by the German TÜV technical inspection authority.

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Carbon offsets, silicon-wafer batteries, Porsche Turbo S plug-in: Today's Car News

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Porsche rolls out one very fast plug-in SUV, just after it outlined a carbon-offset program. The 2020 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid is the quickest, fastest SUV ever presented from the performance brand. Could more moss clean city air? And are silicon-wafer batteries a good idea? All this and more on Green Car Reports. Perhaps it wasn’t. Today in Car News

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Researchers present lower temperature version of ultra-high capacity molten air battery

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The iron, carbon and VB 2 molten air batteries they proposed offered intrinsic volumetric energy capacities of 10,000 (for Fe to Fe(III)); 19,000 (C to CO 3 2- ) and 27,000 Wh liter -1 (VB 2 to B 2 O 3 + V 2 O 5 ), compared to 6,200 Wh liter -1 for a lithium-air battery.

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Volkswagen, BASF present “Science Award Electrochemistry” to Dr. Jennifer Rupp from MIT; solid-state batteries

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With Catalytic Innovations he is developing a high-pressure reactor design for the selective synthesis of ethanol from carbon dioxide reduction and water oxidation. The award has been presented every year since 2012 and is targeted at scientists working in academic research all over the world. The BASF and Volkswagen international “ Science Award Electrochemistry 2017” ( earlier post ) this year goes to Dr. Jennifer Rupp at MIT.

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Daimler Trucks NA presents new Class 8 Freightliner Cascadia with fuel efficiency improved up to 8%

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Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) has presented its new heavy-duty truck flagship: the new Freightliner Cascadia. The multi-year program will further increase the fuel economy of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles while decreasing carbon pollution.

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Enerkem, NREL team develops High Octane Low Carbon Gasoline (HOLCG) hydrocarbon blends

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Researchers from Enerkem and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have succeeded in producing a new high-performance biofuel that could improve the octane rating of fuels sold on the market and reduce their carbon footprint.

2018 117

BMW Group presents prototype of i8 plug-in hybrid; first use of new 3-cylinder engine

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BMW i presented a prototype of its second production vehicle, the i8 ( earlier post ), at a driving event at the BMW Group’s Miramas test track in France. Prototype BMW i8 at the track. Click to enlarge.

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Siemens presents three-point plan for implementing cost-efficient energy transition in Germany

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The fact that German electricity prices are among the highest in Europe, despite relatively low wholesale prices, must serve as a warning signal ,” said IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven as she presented the report, Energy Policies of IEA Countries – Germany 2013 Review.

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Study finds “markedly” high levels of diesel exhaust present in commuter trains powered by locomotives in pull-mode

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Diesel-powered commuter trains may expose their passengers to elevated levels of certain black carbon and ultrafine particles, especially in the coach directly behind the locomotive, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Toronto. Installing the higher grade filters did produce a marked improvement, with an 80% reduction in the levels of black carbon, said Evans.

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Study finds behavior-influencing policies remain critical for mass market success of low-carbon vehicles

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Policies to entice consumers away from fossil-fuel powered vehicles and normalize low carbon, alternative-fuel alternatives, such as electric vehicles, are vital if the world is to significantly reduce transport sector carbon pure-emissions, according to a new study.

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GWU team uses one-pot process to co-generate H2 and solid carbon from water and CO2; solar fuels

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One-pot electrolytic process produces H 2 and solid carbon from water and CO 2. In this study, they focused on the electrolysis component for STEP fuel, producing hydrogen and graphitic carbon from water and carbon dioxide.

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Audi presents A6 L e-tron PHEV concept at Auto China in Beijing

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Audi is presenting the Audi A6 L e-tron concept at Auto China 2012 in Beijing. In designing car bodies, developers will intelligently use new combinations of materials, including carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP). The A6 L e-tron PHEV concept. Click to enlarge.

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Europe/US team: transitioning to a low-carbon world will create new rivalries, winners and losers

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In an opinion piece in the journal Nature , a team from the US and Europe suggests that the transition to a low-carbon world will create new rivalries, winners and losers, and that it is therefore necessary to put geopolitics at the heart of debates about the energy transition. abating carbon will create losers. Financial markets divest fossil-fuel assets and reallocate capital to low-carbon firms.

2019 73

GWU team develops low-cost, high-yield one-pot synthesis of carbon nanofibers from atmospheric CO2

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A team led by Dr. Stuart Licht at The George Washington University in Washington, DC has developed a low-cost, high-yield and scalable process for the electrolytic conversion of atmospheric CO 2 dissolved in molten carbonates into carbon nanofibers (CNFs.) An open access paper on their work is published in the ACS journal Nano Letters ; the work was also presented at ACS’ 250 th National Meeting & Exposition this week in Boston.

2015 77

Visio.M partners present new lightweight EV; 13.5 kWh pack delivers ~100 mile range

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The passenger compartment consists of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, while aluminum is used in the front, rear and room frame. s passenger compartment is an innovative, multi-piece monocoque made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic in combination with ultra lightweight sandwich materials and is characterized by a particularly high level of rigidity. Visio.M Click to enlarge. The academic and industry partners in the Visio.M

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Partners Present Details of 29M Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Project in UK; 15 Separate Workstreams from Battery Cells to Aerodynamics

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More details of the £29-million (US$44.7-million) Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Project (LCVTP) Based in the UK’s West Midlands were revealed at a launch event held at the Heritage Motor Centre in Warwickshire. The Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Project comprises 15 separate technical R&D workstreams, each of which is led by a partner who will work closely with selected SMEs. The goal of the LCVTP is to accelerate the introduction of low carbon vehicles by 4 years.

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Geely invests in Carbon Recycling Intl.; vehicles fueled by methanol from CO2, water and renewable energy

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million in Carbon Recycling International (CRI). Geely’s CRI investment and work with renewable methanol is similar to the approach Audi is taking with its own e-fuels projects—producing very low carbon liquid or gaseous fuels using only renewable energy, water and CO 2. Renewable methanol is also a low-carbon feedstock for production of synthetic materials. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) China Climate Change Fuels Methanol

2015 84

Researchers convert atmospheric CO2 to carbon nanofibers and nanotubes for use as anodes in Li-ion and Na-ion batteries

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Researchers from George Washington University and Vanderbilt University have demonstrated the conversion of atmospheric CO 2 into carbon nanofibers (CNFs) and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for use as high-performance anodes in both lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries. STEP is an efficient solar chemical process, based on a synergy of solar thermal and endothermic electrolyses, designed to convert greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into a useful carbon commodity.

2016 76

New inventory of black carbon emissions from China finds 2007 levels higher than previously reported

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A new black carbon (BC) emissions inventory from China found BC emissions levels in 2007 of 1,957 Gg BC—higher than reported in earlier studies. Considering the information presented here, provincial fuel consumption data provided by CESY for 1980?2007

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USC researchers outline their proposed anthropogenic chemical carbon cycle; the Methanol Economy

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Anthropogenic chemical carbon cycle. Under their scheme, carbon dioxide is captured by absorption technologies from any natural or industrial source, from human activities, or even from the air itself. It is based on the chemical anthropogenic carbon cycle.

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Altran and Quimera to present All Electric GT prototype at Frankfurt

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Quimera and Altran, its global technological partner of Quimera, will present the “All Electric GT” AEG prototype at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The monocoque chassis is made entirely of carbon fiber to make it lighter and more rigid.

2011 96

Al Muratsuchi Votes To Kill Community Choice Then Finds Out He Was Duped & Calls Me To Apologize

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This political primary season just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, representing the 66th District in California explains as State Controller, John Chiang listens at the Lunquist Mansion on the Palos Verdes Peninsula during a recent fundraiser (photo by Joe Galliani).

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Fraunhofer researchers develop carbon nanotube thin film heater for EVs

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The heating concept is based on a film that is coated with a very thin layer of conductive carbon nanotubes (CNTs). A first demonstration model of the film heater will be presented at the IAA in Frankfurt.

2015 106

Researchers present new explanation for the long-range transport of PAH pollutants

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A team led by researchers from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is presenting a new explanation for the long-range airborne transport (LRT) of polluting polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs); a paper on the work is published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. Created from carbon-based molecules given off by trees, vegetation, and fossil fuel burning, airborne particles known as secondary organic aerosols travel in the air and contribute to cloud formation.

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Digging into the differences in carbon accounting for biofuels

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The benefit to the climate of using biofuels as a substitute for fossil fuels has been sharply contested for years; much of the disagreement is based on the assumptions underlying the carbon accounting in the lifecycle analysis. The argument essentially boils down to whether or not biofuels are inherently carbon neutral because the CO 2 released when they are burned is derived from CO 2 uptake during feedstock growth. The analysis presented by DeCicco et al.

2017 60

Up close and personal with Volkswagen’s e-Golf carbon offset project: Garcia River Forest

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This project, to which Volkswagen contributes along with companies such as UPS, repairs and preserves a ~24,000-acre native redwood forest, increasing carbon sequestration and storage, while also helping to restore the natural wildlife habitat. Carbon offsets.

2015 139

Opel presents new 1.0 SIDI Turbo engine at Aachen Colloquium; below 100 gCO2/km and ~59 mpg in the Adam

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Opel presented details of its new three-cylinder 1.0-liter turbocharged gasoline direct injection engine ( earlier post ) at the 22 nd Aachen Colloquium in Germany. New 1.0-liter SIDI turbo with 85 kW/115 hp. Click to enlarge.

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EPA report to Congress finds a strong scientific and technical foundation for mitigating black carbon emissions

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has submitted its final Report to Congress on Black Carbon , in response to an October 2009 request from Congress to advance efforts to understand the role of black carbon (BC) in climate change. —Report to Congress on Black Carbon.

Harmonizing Low Carbon Fuel Standards

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For example, while the carbon intensities of fuels in differing LCFS programs may differ due to regional differences in the energy required for feedstock production, the feedstocks used for electricity production, and the transportation distances of feedstocks and fuels used for estimating CI, the inclusion of CIs in all LCFS programs will encourage the production of lower CI fuels, staff said. —Low Carbon Fuel Standard 2011 Program Review Report.

UK LowCVP seeking nominations for Low Carbon Champions Awards

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The UK’s Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) is inviting organisations that have made a real difference in the area of low carbon transport to apply for the Low Carbon Champions Awards. The 2014 LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards are held in association with Cenex’s LCV2014 Event (Millbrook, 10-11 September), the UK’s premier technology showcasing and networking event for low carbon vehicles and fuels. Low Carbon Heavy Duty Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year.

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