thyssenkrupp Steel, HKM and Port of Rotterdam jointly investigate setting up hydrogen supply chains

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German steel companies thyssenkrupp Steel and HKM and the Port of Rotterdam will jointly investigate setting up international supply chains for hydrogen. The cooperation between Rotterdam as Europe’s largest port and Duisburg as Europe’s largest steel site can have a signaling effect to establish supply chains for the energy transition, building an important sustainable European industry and logistics cluster.

From Intel Intern to Inventor of the Year

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Our vast supply chain involves 16,000 suppliers in 100 countries managing the production and delivery of over 8,000 different products. We also perform more than 511,000 maintenance activities per year and monitor and analyze 1.8 This is a sponsored article brought to you by Intel.


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SAE International publishes updated standard for on-route mechanized conductive EV charging systems for buses: SAE J3105

Green Car Congress

SAE International published its latest standard, SAE J3105 : Electric Vehicle Power Transfer System Using Conductive Automated Connection Devices, along with three new tributary documents. In addition, low cost of ownership, coupled with low maintenance cost of electric buses, specially battery electric buses (BEB) is expected to benefit the market during the forecast period.

2020 174

Cavotec to Supply PCAir and Other Ground Support Systems to Bahrain International Airport in 30M Deal

Green Car Congress

The Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain, as represented by the Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), has selected Cavotec to supply and integrate a range of environmentally friendly ground service equipment for remote aircraft aprons at Bahrain International Airport, in a deal worth approximately €30 million (US$45 million). The installation work is due for completion in February 2011 with a subsequent operation and maintenance period for one year.

IEA: non-OPEC oil supply tops 43 mb/d for first time in decades; global demand to reach 92.4 mb/d in 2014

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The International Energy Agency’s (IEA’s) Oil Market Report (OMR) for December raised the estimate of global oil demand for 2013 by 130,000 barrels per day (130 kb/d) to 91.2 Global oil supplies increased by 310 kb/d in November to 92.3 Year-on-year, November supplies rose by 810 kb/d, as a 1.9 OPEC crude supply fell by 160 kb/d in November to 29.73

2013 197

Enova Secures US GSA Exclusive Contract to Supply the Enova Ze Electric, Walk-In Step Van

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As part of the contract, Enova will supply Enova Ze all-electric walk-in step vans ( earlier post ) to GSA with a GVWR between 10,001 and 16,000 lbs. Benefits of the Ze drive system technology include: Ease of use, with none of the maintenance requirements associated with gasoline drive trains. Combined Electronic Drive Motor (EDM), Enova Control Electronics Unit (CEU), and batteries eliminate the need for an internal combustion engine. Enova Systems, Inc.

2010 183

Valence Signs Multi-Year Li-ion Supply Agreement with Bénéteau Group for Hybrid Vessels

Green Car Congress

has signed a multi-year supply agreement with BJ Technologie, a subsidiary of Bénéteau Group, the world’s largest sailing yacht manufacturer. New hybrid-electric sea-going vessels yield low to zero-emissions, reduce fuel consumption and require less maintenance than traditional diesel marine propulsion systems. Valence Technology, Inc.

2010 174

Hyundai Motor to establish hydrogen refueling station for fuel cell electric buses at Incheon Airport with partners, provide buses

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Company is partnering with Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC), Air Liquide Korea and Hydrogen Energy Network (HyNet) to establish a hydrogen refueling station for fuel cell electric buses at Incheon Airport’s Terminal 2 by March 2021.

2020 316

Power Global, Rap Eco Motors to launch mass electric auto-rickshaw line powered by swappable battery technology

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Simultaneously, with fuel prices surging as much as 20% in the last six months, and the cumulative costs of internal combustion engine-vehicle maintenance, drivers are increasingly turning to cost-effective electric auto-rickshaws as the modern and reliable vehicles of choice.

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TR Group & Hiringa partner to introduce heavy fuel cell electric trucks into NZ

Green Car Congress

Hiringa Energy and TR Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to offer heavy fuel cell electric trucks for the New Zealand market powered by Hiringa’s nation-wide hydrogen refueling network, and TR’s heavy fleet lease, rental, and maintenance management expertise.

2020 254

Hyundai Motor partners with regional firms to establish H2 fuel cell commercial vehicle ecosystem in China

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor will supply its fuel cell electric commercial vehicles to major logistics companies in the Yangtze River Delta area where the company is going to establish and manage a fuel cell electric commercial vehicle operating company.

2020 302

SwRI forms joint industry program to investigate safety, longevity of grid-connected energy storage systems

Green Car Congress

On a normal evening, a battery might supply 1,000 houses with continuous power, which is slow and sustained behavior. But in an emergency, that same battery could be called upon to supply an immediate surge of electricity to prevent a blackout. The more we know about what causes these fires, the better we can develop maintenance protocols to prevent them by replacing batteries before they cause damage and injury.

Grid 243

Iwatani, SG H2 & City of Lancaster to launch green hydrogen transportation eco-system

Green Car Congress

The City of Lancaster, host and co-owner of the green hydrogen production facility, will facilitate the supply of guaranteed feedstock of waste paper, reducing methane produced by landfill and saving the City between $50 to $75 per ton in landfilling and landfill space costs. Iwatani will use SG H2’s greener than green hydrogen to supply both existing and new refueling stations rolling out across the state.

DOE awarding $35M to 11 projects for hydrokinetic turbine development; ARPA-E SHARKS

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Projects are encouraged to apply concurrent (as opposed to sequential) design methodologies: control co-design, co-design, and designing for operation and maintenance. The internal propeller drives an ordinary electric generator. SRI International.

2020 344

Seven Considerations Before Bringing EV Charging to Your Workplace

Plug N Drive

This can be done several ways; employee surveys, webinars, internal forums and news bulletins to name a few. Some site considerations to be mindful of are the proximity to the building’s electrical supply, accessibility and security. Equipment Upkeep and Maintenance.

Why Businesses Should Adapt EVs to Their Fleet?

Get Electric Vehicle

Because the price of oil swings every day, drivers of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles are at the mercy of variable gas costs when natural disasters or market disruptions disrupt supply. Maintenance Costs are Reduced.

Fleet 52

Siemens building first stretch of eHighway on public roads in Germany

Green Car Congress

The line will supply electricity for the electric drive of a hybrid truck. Siemens will be responsible for the planning, construction and, as an option, maintenance of the system. The eHighway is twice as efficient compared to internal combustion engines. Siemens has been commissioned by the German state of Hesse to build an overhead contact line for electrified freight transport on a ten-kilometer stretch of autobahn.

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Dürr delivers one of biggest paint shops in China to SAIC Volkswagen; AI and big data

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On top of this, sensors supply many gigabytes of data in process values for temperature, pressure, and humidity, for one example. Dürr supplied all of the plant engineering and the most comprehensive portfolio yet of its proprietary DXQ software products for the highly digitized factory. Over the 18-month project duration, six international product development teams from Dürr worked with up to ten developers in each case on the new technologies.

China 174

Swiss Post, Austrian Post to move to fully electric fleets by 2030

Green Car Congress

EV100 is led by The Climate Group, the international non-profit focused on accelerating climate action. Post CH has already electrified its mail delivery fleet consisting of 6,000 electric three-wheeled vehicles and now wants to switch 4,600 delivery vans (up to 3.5t) and 180 service vehicles to EVs by 2030, if market supply and operating and real estate conditions allow.

2019 236

Volkswagen bringing additional partners to Industrial Cloud; 11 in first step

Green Car Congress

As a first step, eleven pioneering international companies, ABB, ASCon, BearingPoint, Celonis, Dürr, GROB-WERKE, MHP, NavVis, SYNAOS, Teradata and WAGO, will be joining the Industrial Cloud.

2020 286

BMW Group opens >$1B plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico; digitalization and new sustainability benchmarks

Green Car Congress

The new BMW Group plant is a pioneer in the field of intelligent maintenance. Smart Maintenance Assistant Software is being used for the first time, enabling proactive maintenance throughout the plant to be planned ahead of time, thereby increasing equipment availability. Service activities are based on current, intelligently organized system data instead of predefined maintenance intervals.

2019 163

UPS/Greenbiz study identifies motivators and barriers to electric fleets

Green Car Congress

In addition to the fuel savings, electric vehicles typically require less maintenance than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, which means lower maintenance costs. —Scott Phillippi, UPS senior director of automotive maintenance and engineering. Converting from internal combustion engines to electric depends on specific vehicle uses, the size and distribution of fleets across regions, the costs of electricity and access to charging infrastructure.

2018 207

ARPA-E awarding $33M to 10 projects for natural gas pipeline retrofitting: REPAIR

Green Car Congress

The PLUTO system to provides efficient pipeline maintenance, a key enabler to lower emissions by reducing pipeline transit loss and maintenance burdens. Autonomous Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Natural Gas Pipes - $5,000,000. TuFF Internal Wrap for Rapid Pipeline Repair (TuFF iWRAP) - $5,954,637. The material is supplied nonstop using a tethered material feeding system and is placed and UV-cured with the internal Wound Rapid Automated Placement (iWRAP) system.

2020 248

Jervois to acquire SMP nickel & cobalt refinery in Brazil; concentrate from Idaho for refining, cobalt metal back to US

Green Car Congress

SMP Refinery has annual refined production capacity of 25,000 metric tonnes of nickel and 2,000 metric tonnes of cobalt and is currently on care and maintenance.

2020 238

How Do EVs Compare To Gas Cars?


Well, besides the aforementioned EV incentives , it’s mostly fuel savings and lower maintenance costs. The reason for this is that electric motors are much simpler than internal combustion engines.

Gas 87

Luxembourg bus operator orders five Volvo 7900 plug-in hybrid buses; ABB fast chargers

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Electric bus fast chargers will be supplied by ABB. Volvo will be responsible for vehicle servicing including battery maintenance for a fixed monthly cost. The chargers are based on IEC 61851-23, the international standard for fast charging of electric vehicles, ensuring the appropriate safety systems are in place, the electrical design is in accordance with regulations, and the systems architecture and working principle are supported by wider automotive community in future.

How Do Electric Cars Work: Everything You Need To Know

EV Connect

You probably already know that EVs are more energy efficient than cars with internal combustion engines (ICE). The battery powers the motor , which supplies energy to the gears and turns the wheels.

Spectacular #YearOfJoe Comes To Breathtaking Finish As #YearOfJoe2 Kicks Off With A Bang!

Creative Greenius

One of my enlightened self interest goals was to literally get my own house in order and I did exactly that during #YearOfJoe, tackling a long list of much needed but undone home improvements and maintenance items. Hey, somebody’s going to need to supply the laughs and endorphins the worse things get and I’m you’re man.

2018 245

Electric Vehicles Open-up New Business Opportunities

Get Electric Vehicle

Manufacturing Infrastructure Software Development Training and Skill Development Retrofitting Fleet operation Dealership and Franchise Maintenance and Repair. Especially when the internal combustion engine vehicles rule the market. Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment manufacturing.

Clean Energy signs deals for more than 20M gallons of renewable natural gas in past 45 days

Green Car Congress

Clean Energy has been awarded a contract to build a fueling station that will accommodate both fast- and time-filling for the City of Sacramento, along with a long-term operations and maintenance (O&M) agreement, to fuel more than 100 natural gas refuse trucks with an anticipated 8 million gallons of RNG for the next 10 years. The City and County of Sacramento have extended their RNG supply agreement with Clean Energy. Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

2020 260

Winnebago, Motiv unveil all-electric healthcare vehicles

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The Mobile Lung Unit features: The world’s first portable, battery-powered, full-body, 32-slice CT scanner, BodyTom, featuring an innovative internal drive system that can be easily transported. Winnebago partnered with Motiv Power Systems for the development and supply of the EPIC all-electric powered chassis after their joint strategic partnership announcement earlier this year.

2018 210

Goa draft EV policy 2021 subsidising 11,000 EVs for 5 years 

Electric Vehicles India

Manufacturers of EVs, batteries, EV components, EV supply equipment, are eligible for incentives. To promote service units which would include electric vehicles and battery repair and maintenance stations. Installation of 5 fast-charging stations at the international airport.

ABB charges into the future with Formula E


We always talk about the total cost of ownership of an electric vehicle, and that’s pretty much on par with a combustion engine vehicle, because maintenance costs are lower, and [charging cost] is usually lower,” said Medeiros.

Porsche, Siemens Energy and partners advance climate-neutral eFuels development; Haru Oni pilot in Chile

Green Car Congress

So new supply chains are going to arise all over the world to carry renewable energy from one region to another. ENAP will support the project by providing operating staff and with maintenance and logistics.

Chile 212

Ballard’s Protonex subsidiary delivers PEM fuel cell propulsion modules for UAVs to Boeing’s Insitu

Green Car Congress

Fuel cell-powered systems offer compelling value for unmanned aerial vehicles due to improved reliability over small internal combustion engines, as well as very low heat and noise signatures. The ScanEagle is operated in conjunction with Insitu’s Mark4 Launcher—a low-maintenance, runway-independent platform—along with its SkyHook recovery system. Orbital’s new UAV engine and propulsion system includes an advanced Orbital fuel and oil supply module.

2016 150

UK Government consultation on plans to simplify public EV chargers

Green Charging

The current internal combustion engined cars impact the environment, and EVs are the solution to reducing these emissions. Electric vehicles also have low maintenance costs. Electric cars are ideal for everyone, and they are becoming the future.

Ozone 52

BMW Motorrad USA adds CE 04 electric scooter to lineup

Green Car Congress

On the one hand it was necessary to avoid excessively low temperatures due to the fact this results in an enormous increase in the cells’ internal resistance, thereby reducing power. The BMW CE 04 is ridden in exactly the same way as a scooter with an internal combustion engine.

USA 227

Electric vehicles vs. petrol/diesel/hybrid

Drive Electric

This is because the cost of charging an EV is far lower than the price of fuel, meaning electric car cost per mile figures are significantly lower than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. It’s impossible not to have noticed the sea change in the motor industry over recent years.

Hamburg Airport’s heavy-duty ground fleet using Neste renewable diesel

Green Car Congress

The switch to renewables will now be completed with the heavy duty vehicles, such as aircraft tugs and fire-fighting vehicles, making Hamburg Airport the first major international airport in the world to replace all fossil fuels with renewables in its entire diesel-powered ground fleet. The fuel had a very good engine start performance in addition to which the vehicles did not need as frequent maintenance work due to less soot and less oil dilution.

2016 183

EV Charging Basics for Property Developers

EV Connect

You can also opt to include the estimated additional cost of using the charging station to the monthly maintenance fee or rental fee.

BASF and GAC R&D Center co-develop 3 electric concept cars; debut at Auto Guangzhou 2018

Green Car Congress

Details of BASF materials and solutions on the three concept cars exhibited at the 16 th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition include: 2US: A two-seater electric vehicle designed for senior drivers has a unique design feature of a rotational seat base. 2ALL: This vehicle features several design elements to address the particular needs of car sharing, including easy operation and low maintenance. BASF and the Research and Development Center of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co.

2018 188

GE Aviation hits Farnborough at full throttle; $7.5B in R&D investments since 2010; ceramic matrix composites and 3D printing

Green Car Congress

By year’s end, GE and CFM International (the 50/50 joint company of GE and Safran) will have more than 15,000 commercial engines on back order. GE and its partner engine companies—CFM International (GE and Safran), Engine Alliance (GE and P&W), GE-Honda Engine Alliance (GE and Honda)—will deliver more than 2,800 large commercial engines in 2016. We are creating the first integrated supply chain for CMC components in the jet propulsion industry.”

2016 150

Chat with Dr Nishanth, Founder PURE EV : Electric Scooter Service Focus

Plug In India

Internal MIS reports of battery performance have been shown to banks. In future, Nishanth does not have any issues in sharing with banks, Pure’s internal audits related to failure rates. Dealer increase and supply chain strengthening have to both happen simultaneously.

2020 52