Economic stimulus: EU could remove VAT on EVs

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COVID-19 isn't just a human tragedy. In economic terms it is devastating, with up to 14 per cent of GDP potentially being wiped from the UK's balance sheet this year with other countries suffering even more. Stimulating economies is now a top priority, and in the EU plans are afoot to drive the green transport agenda at the same time

Consortium Seeks Stimulus Funding for DME-Electric Hybrid Buses

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A consortium is seeking US stimulus funding available through the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Transit Investments for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction (TIGGER) program to convert 20 hybrid diesel-electric buses to hybrid dimethyl-ether (DME)-electric propulsion.


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California High Speed Rail Authority Votes to Include $4.5B for High-Speed Train Projects In State Federal Stimulus Funding Application

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billion in federal stimulus funding for engineering, design and construction on the state’s high-speed train system (earlier post) —generating an investment of $9.1 The California High-Speed Rail Authority Board unanimously approved an application for more than $4.5 billion when state matching funds are added. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to formally submit California’s bid by the federal government’s 2 Oct.

mPhase to Pursue Funding From Stimulus Plan’s $2B for Advanced Automotive Battery Technology

Green Car Congress

says it will pursue funding opportunities arising from the $2 billion allocated for advanced battery technology in the new economic stimulus package. mPhase Technologies , Inc., mPhase is developing a “smart” reserve battery, the Smart NanoBattery, which is a primary battery typically designed for a special purpose such as emergency or military use. The electrolyte is kept separate from the solid electrodes by a nanostructured membrane, preventing battery activation until power is needed.

Stimulus Bill Provides Major Increase in Plug-in Vehicle Purchase Credit Program

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The $787-billion stimulus bill (HR 1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) that emerged from the joint House-Senate conference committee this week provides funds for a large range of transportation-related projects. It also made significant changes in the current plug-in vehicle tax credit program, including increasing the limit from a program total of 250,000 vehicles to a maximum of 200,000 plug-ins per manufacturer.

Enova Announces 16 Unit Hybrid School Bus Order; Initial Deployment of Federal Stimulus Dollars for School Buses

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Enova Systems confirmed today that they, along with Navistar International Corporation and its subsidiary IC Bus, will deploy 16 hybrid school buses ( earlier post ) used for a number of school districts. This deployment represents the initial large scale utilization of US Department of Energy grants for clean school buses.

Ryder Awarded First-of-Its-Kind Natural Gas Heavy Duty Truck Rental and Leasing Project Using $19.3M in Stimulus Funding

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The San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) Board has selected Ryder System, Inc. as its fleet partner in a groundbreaking heavy-duty natural gas truck rental and leasing project in Southern California. Ryder will use $19.3 million in state and federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) funding secured by SANBAG to implement the project. This is the first time that natural gas trucks will be deployed into a large commercial truck rental and leasing operation.

Enova Confirms Participation in $10M DOE PHEV Award; Applies for $82M in Incremental Stimulus Opportunities

Green Car Congress

Enova Systems confirmed that it will be the supplier to Navistar’s IC Bus Division for the US Department of Energy (DOE) Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Technology Acceleration and Deployment Activity program. Earlier post.). Navistar, with Enova, will develop and deploy 60 plug-in electric hybrid buses to fleets across the nation during the program. Using Enova’s electric drive system, IC Bus is the only bus manufacturer that currently offers a plug-in production hybrid school bus.

DOE to Award Up to $300M in Stimulus Bill Funding for Projects to Expand Use of Alt-Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles

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The FOA modifies a much smaller and earlier-issued FOA by incorporating a supplemental $300 million appropriated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 (the stimulus bill) for the Energy Policy Act (EPACT) of 2005 Section 721 to fund a competitive grant pilot program to be administered through the Clean Cities Program.

2009 150

Eaton to Support Project to Develop and Deploy Medium-Duty Plug-in Hybrid Systems; Stimulus Funding to Support Largest Commercial PHEV Demonstration to Date

Green Car Congress

Eaton Corporation’s truck and electrical businesses will support a $45.4 million grant to develop a fully integrated, production plug-in hybrid system for Class 2 – 5 vehicles (8,501 – 19,500 lbs gross vehicle weight), and the accompanying demonstration of a fleet of 378 plug-in hybrid trucks and shuttle buses. The funding is part of the recently announced $2.4 billion in grants by the US Department of Energy under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Earlier post.)

2009 150

Ricardo responds to electric drive stimulus package

Green Cars News

The company’s CEO Dave Shemmans described the Recovery Act funding as a “welcome stimulus&# and said it should provide some much needed and far-sighted direction that other countries may wish to emulate. “If the history of previous downturns holds any lessons for us, it is that as an industry we must not lose sight of the importance of research, development and product innovation,&# he said.

Even with $8,000 tax credit extended, fuel-cell lease prices won't change, automakers say

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An $8,000 federal tax credit on qualifying hydrogen fuel-cell passenger vehicles has been extended through January 2022 though the latest economic stimulus bill passed by the U.S.

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Report: Jaguar Land Rover working on hydrogen fuel-cell SUV

Green Car Reports

The automaker will receive UK government funding to develop a prototype called "ZEUS," for "zero and low-emissions vehicles in urban society," as part of a stimulus program for

IHS Markit forecasts 18% drop in global vehicle sales YoY to 73.3M units under extended lockdown scenario

Green Car Congress

A 15% probability of an extended lockdown with ineffective stimulus scenario contains stringent virus-fighting efforts lasting into the third quarter of 2020. Stimulus measures prove ineffective at backstopping crisis and unemployment rates spiral.

2020 213

Current issue of fka/Roland Berger E-mobility Index drops US to 4th place

Green Car Congress

Increased sales volumes in Europe are to a large extent due to the purchase incentives contained in stimulus packages. But its effect on electric mobility has been the reverse, with sales volumes burgeoning thanks to government stimulus packages, particularly in Europe.

Zero-Emission Truck (ZET) Coalition calls for government to prioritize investments benefiting ZETs

Green Car Congress

The National Zero-Emission Truck (ZET) Coalition, including some four dozen organizations representing the US’ major heavy truck makers, innovators, suppliers and key stakeholders, sent a letter to Congressional leadership calling on any stimulus or recovery legislative package to prioritize investments that benefit U.S. Support stimulus investments that boost U.S.

2020 164

EGEB: Global megacities call for a ‘green recovery’ for public transport


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): C40 mayors, transport workers, and unions call for stimulus funding for public transport. The EDF releases two sets of policy recommendations on heavy-duty truck electrification and infrastructure.

BYD sells 18,220 EVs in China in November, up 128% year-on-year

Green Car Congress

The market began to recover in the second quarter, supported by government stimulus measures to encourage the use and purchases of such vehicles, notes Argus Media. Chinese automotive manufacturer BYD sold 18,220 pure-electric passenger vehicles in November, up by 22.1% from October and by 127.8% from a year earlier. November sales of plug-in hybrids passenger vehicles hit 7,333, up by 2.9% on the month and by 174.1% on the year.

2020 246

BMW, Bosch, Volkswagen founding members of Quantum Technology and Application Consortium (QUTAC)

Green Car Congress

In the Stimulus and Future Package, the German Government has given a big boost to the development of Quantum Computers. Ten leading German corporations are jointly founding the Quantum Technology and Application Consortium ( QUTAC ).

Germany and Namibia form partnership for green hydrogen

Green Car Congress

The Federal Research Ministry will provide up to 40 million euros in funding from the economic stimulus package for cooperation within the framework of this partnership. Germany’s Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek and Director General Obeth M. Kandjoze of Namibia’s National Planning Commission agreed to establish a hydrogen partnership between Germany and Namibia and signed a Joint Communiqué of Intent (JCoI).

Minneapolis gets EV Ready

Plugs and Cars

Minneapolis will be getting 18 electric cars from Ford, and stimulus funding will be used to install charging points, as reported in the Twin Cities

thyssenkrupp Steel, HKM and Port of Rotterdam jointly investigate setting up hydrogen supply chains

Green Car Congress

A concrete and significant demand for hydrogen from the steel industry as an alternative to coal as well as the options to store CO 2 can work as a stimulus for the realization of this infrastructure. German steel companies thyssenkrupp Steel and HKM and the Port of Rotterdam will jointly investigate setting up international supply chains for hydrogen.

Study finds global oil demand likely to grow despite pandemic, climate policies

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Despite relatively aggressive government policies aimed at reducing oil demand, such as within green stimulus packages enacted in several countries during the pandemic, global oil demand may not peak before 2030.

Japan ends subsidy program for green car purchases

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The government revived the stimulus in a fourth supplementary budget for fiscal 2011 as many carmakers suffered disruptions to production and exports following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, and flooding in Thailand. Nikkei. Japan has decided to end a government subsidy program to encourage purchases of environmentally friendly cars as funds dwindle. According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the government only has ¥2.5 billion (US$32 million) left of the ¥274.7

2012 215

Study Finds Global CO2 Emissions Dropped 1.3% in 2009; Emissions in China and India Rose 9% and 6%

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Although the stimulus package from the Chinese government in 2008 was said to have a green focus, even construction of windmills is a relatively emission intensive activity, at least in the short run Peters said. Due to large exports, China doesn’t only benefit from its own stimulus package, but also from stimulus packages in other countries ”, said Peters. Global CO 2 emissions decreased 1.3%

2010 190

IEA: global carbon dioxide emissions have rebounded strongly

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In March 2020, the IEA urged governments to put clean energy at the heart of their economic stimulus plans to ensure a sustainable recovery.

Argus: China’s Southern Rare Earth ups Tb, Ho, Gd, Dy prices; rising magnet demand

Green Car Congress

China’s NEV industry began to recover in the second quarter of this year from the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak, which started in late January, supported by government stimulus measures to encourage production and sales of such vehicles. Chinese medium and heavy rare earths producer Southern Rare Earth has continued to raise its weekly prices for terbium, holmium, gadolinium and dysprosium, supported by a shortage of spot supplies and firmer magnet demand, according to Argus.

2020 164

Dayton RTA Adding 10 Gillig Hybrid Buses

Green Car Congress

Dayton RTA used two-thirds of the stimulus money it received in spring, 2009, to buy buses, offsetting the cost of fleet replacement and reducing the agency’s budget deficit. The Dayton, Ohio RTA is adding 10 hybrid buses to its fleet, which also includes electric trolley buses. The hybrids, manufactured by Gillig, use the GM-Allison parallel hybrid drive system.

2010 184

IHS Markit: better-than-expected growth in global automotive semiconductor revenue in 2020; bolstered by uptake in EVs

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Two factors are driving the recovery, notably low automotive inventory that will result in new car growth next year, combined with stimulus packages designed to benefit the ailing car sector while favoring the switch to electric and hybrid cars, which are typically more expensive than equivalent internal combustion-driven models.

2020 164

New report showcases innovative finance tools to electrify truck, bus fleets; TCE Toolkit

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The electrification of trucks and buses offers a massive investment opportunity, especially at a time when cities, counties, states and the federal government are exploring ways to merge economic stimulus initiatives with a commitment to build back better.

2020 213

Obama Administration Buys Electric Cars, Charging Stations

All Cars Electric

The President may be currently abroad experiencing the horror of European ramps, but his government has been busy at home ordering the very cars its stimulus program has helped to fund. The General Services Administration responsible for the upkeep of the federal government’s 600,000 strong vehicle fleet has announced it will be buying 116

Obama 74

Report: New China Policies to Favor, Boost Domestic EVs

Green Car Congress

Zero emission pure electric cars would be the preferred technological paths for new energy cars in China, which would be reflected in the stimulus plan, said sources. The government’s stimulus policy, which will be released soon, will focus mainly on promotion of pure electric cars,” said Xu Changming, a senior economist of State Information Center, a thinktank under the National Development and Reform Commission.

2010 184

Application process now open for 2015 BASF/VW “Science Award for Electrochemistry”

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The international Science Award for Electrochemistry supports outstanding work in natural and engineering science and aims to provide a stimulus for the development of high-capacity energy storage systems. The application process for the fourth (2015) BASF/VW “ Science Award for Electrochemistry ” ( earlier post ) is now open. Researchers have until 24 July 2015 to apply. The International Science Award offers total prize money of €100,000, including €50,000 for the first rank.

2015 189

Dow to produce advantaged materials for energy storage; initial focus on automotive

Green Car Congress

Federal stimulus funds channeled toward domestic development of electric vehicle technology has created an opportunity to strengthen the energy storage industry in the US, which is currently based in Japan and Korea. The combination of unmet technical needs, stimulus for rapid growth in vehicle electrification, and geographic shift creates unique opportunities for Dow.

2010 164

LSE report calls for global investment of an additional $3T each year to drive economic recovery and transformation

Green Car Congress

It recommends “ frontloading a public investment push, on the order of 1–2% of GDP, initially financed by public borrowing and declining in the outer years of the 2020s ”, and adds: “ Public investment should replace rescue-related consumption spending and be financed by public borrowing in order to avoid premature withdrawal of macroeconomic stimulus ”.

EnerDel To Deploy AeroVironment Advanced Electric Vehicle Power Cycling and Test Systems at Indiana Facility

Green Car Congress

Automotive lithium-ion battery maker EnerDel will be using a portion of its recent federal stimulus grant to purchase eight AeroVironment (AV) advanced electric vehicle power cycling and test systems. million grant to expand its domestic manufacturing capacity under the Advanced Battery Manufacturing Initiative (ABMI), part of the federal stimulus package enacted last February.

2009 175

Researchers suggests high level of air pollution in Northern Italy a co-factor in COVID-19 mortality rate

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Moreover, a prolonged exposure to air pollution leads to a chronic inflammatory stimulus, even in young and healthy subjects. Researchers from the University of Siena in Italy and Aarhus University in Denmark are suggesting that the high level of pollution in Northern Italy should be considered an additional co-factor of the high level of COVID-19 fatalities recorded in that area. An open-access paper on their work is published in the journal Environmental Pollution.

2020 214

Report: total investment of $8.1T in nature required over next 3 decades; tripling current investments needed by 2030

Green Car Congress

of projected economic stimulus spending. A total investment of $8.1

ITF: worldwide transport activity to double by 2050, emissions to rise 16% compared to 2015

Green Car Congress

Gearing stimulus packages towards decarbonization.

2015 248

Brookings analysts recommend against repeating cash for clunkers program in future recession

Green Car Congress

jobs for each million dollars of program costs) than other fiscal stimulus programs, such as increasing unemployment aid, reducing employers’ and employees'' payroll taxes, or allowing the expensing of investment costs.

European automotive sector calls for vehicle renewal incentives to kickstart economic recovery after COVID-19; 25-point action plan

Green Car Congress

Demand stimulus will boost the utilization of our manufacturing capacity, safeguarding jobs and investments. The response to COVID-19 is having a major impact on the economy, with retail and manufacturing activity crippled without precedence and concerns mounting on consumer sentiment. The European automotive sector, which has been hit particularly badly, is proposing a plan comprising 25 actions to support a strong restart of the sector and the economy at large.

2020 189

South Bay Bicycle Coalition Scores $240,000 Grant! Huge Grassroots Victory for Brand New Bike Group

Creative Greenius

And we can thank Barack Obama and his stimulus programs for all the money to do this since the grant dough comes from the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health and was made available as a result of a stimulus grant the County itself won from Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Communities Putting Prevention to Work initiative.

2010 283

Government of Canada Awarding $18.79M to Biodiesel Producer

Green Car Congress

The Government of Canada’s Economic Action Plan also dedicates $1 billion for the Clean Energy Fund and $1 billion for the Green Infrastructure Fund to provide additional economic stimulus. The Government of Canada is delivering an investment of up to $18.79 million over seven years to Biocardel Québec Inc. through the ecoENERGY for Biofuels program. Biocardel Québec Inc., located in Richmond, Quebec, will produce about 40 million liters (10.6 million gallons US) of biodiesel a year.

2010 175