Torotrak to present extreme engine downsizing solution at Dresden supercharging conference

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In comparison with the incumbent fixed-ratio positive-displacement supercharger on a 1.0L V-Charge system with mechanical variable drive outperforms conventional boosting methods on downsized gasoline engine.

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Google and IEEE launch $1M challenge for downsized inverters

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As a few points of comparison, the Bosch INVCON 2.3 Google and the IEEE have launched the Littlebox Challenge—an open competition to design and build a small kW-scale inverter with the highest power density (of at least 50 W/in 3 , or 3.05

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ICCT-led analysis of turbocharged, downsized engine tech finds lower costs and greater benefits than 2012 EPA/NHTSA analysis; 48V, e-boost, Miller

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A new white paper published by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), in collaboration with Eaton, Ricardo, JCI, BorgWarner, Honeywell, and the ITB Group, analyzes current turbocharged, downsized gasoline engine technology developments and trends.

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Study Finds Strong Synergy Between Spark Ignition Engine Downsizing and Low-to-Moderate Alcohol Blend Fuels

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A study by engineers from Mahle Powertrain Ltd and BP found strong synergy between spark ignition (SI) engine downsizing and fuel containing low-to-moderate amounts of alcohol, including ethanol and butanol. Among their findings was that for gasoline fuels, aggressively downsizing the engine and adopting homogeneous direct fuel injection enabled an improvement in fuel consumption of ~17% over the New European Drive Cycle compared to a naturally aspirated PFI unit.

VW Premieres New Polo GTI; Textbook Downsizing Results in 25% Reduction in Fuel Consumption from Predecessor

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By comparison, its direct predecessor with regard to power—equipped with a 132 kW 1.8-liter turbo engine—consumed 7.9 The new Volkswagen Polo GTI. Click to enlarge. Volkswagen is premiering the new Polo GTI.

CALSTART survey of major auto suppliers finds 70% don’t want US to change CAFE targets; split on amount of electrification needed

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When presented with a list of technologies analyzed within a National Academies of Science report ( earlier post ) that might be used to meet fuel-efficiency standards, suppliers picked turbocharging and engine downsizing, along with higher-speed automatic transmissions, as the most critical.

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Study finds fleet switch from PFI to GDI engines will result in net reduction in global warming

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Although real-world fuel economy improvements from GDI technology alone are close to 1.5%, they can reach 8% by downsizing and turbocharging the engine, which can be achieved on GDI engines without loss of power compared to PFI engines.

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ETH Zürich Developing Pneumatic Hybrid Engine; Approaches Hybrid-Electric Performance at Lower Cost

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The pneumatic hybrid engine, which follows the downsizing and supercharging paradigm, offers a fuel-saving potential that is almost equal to that of hybrid electric powertrains while inducing much lower additional mass and cost penalties, according to the ETH Zürich researchers.

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Ford assessment of two cylinder deactivation strategies for award-winning 3-cyl. EcoBoost

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A comparison of the benefits of two different cylinder deactivation operating strategies for downsized 3-cylinder engines such as the 1.0L Cylinder deactivation is a well-known and increasingly applied approach to achieving a downsizing benefit on larger displacement engines.

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Rotrak testing prototype variable drive supercharger in vehicle on dyno

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In a 2010 paper, Roger Stone, Engineering Director, Torotrak noted that conventional turbo- and supercharging technologies are more than capable of delivering the required peak power and torque levels from downsized engines but suffer from a number of.

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ICCT working paper highlights benefits of current and emerging light-duty diesel technology; “promising pathway for compliance”

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Comparison of rulemaking and ICCT/supplier estimates of direct manufacturing cost per percent fuel consumption reduction in 2025.

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Ricardo: achieving light-duty diesel RDE NOx compliance in urban driving is possible, at a price

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The vehicles on which the research was based were representative of current production models at the more aggressive end of the downsizing spectrum in terms of engine capacity and output, but modeled with a future three cylinder 1.5 The cost comparison is with respect to a Euro 5 baseline.

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FEV analysis of automotive-scale Pinnacle opposed-piston engine finds potential for significant increases in fuel economy

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The fuel economy study, using GT Power, encompassed both a naturally aspirated 1.5-liter, 3-cylinder design of the Pinnacle engine, as well as a downsized, turbocharged 750cc Pinnacle design. FEV investigated the impact of six fuel saving technologies: friction reduction; turbocharging; Variable Compression Ratio (VCR); Variable Cam Timing (VCT); Early Intake Valve Closure (EIVC); and downsizing. As a point of baseline comparison, an unnamed production MY2009 1.5L

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ICCT: 2025 target average of 70 g/km CO2 for new cars in EU feasible and economical; more so with electric drive

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A 2025 CO 2 target of an average 70 g/km for new cars in the EU could be met with very little electrification and with an average payback period of less than 4 years, according to a new study by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT).

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Mercedes-Benz delivers first two of eight Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid buses to Dresden

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The articulated Citaro series hybrid uses a downsized diesel engine as the genset to provide power for a lithium-ion battery pack located on the roof. In comparison with a conventional diesel bus, the combustion engine is about half as large, at 450 kg instead of 1000 kg and a cubic capacity of only 4.8 Mercedes-Benz has delivered the first two of a total order of eight Mercedes-Benz Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid ( earlier post ) buses to the Dresden (Germany) Transport Company.

Atomic cobalt on nitrogen-doped graphene catalyst shows promise to replace platinum for hydrogen production

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To expose more active sites, these catalysts are generally downsized into nanoparticulate form and stabilized onto certain substrates.

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Pinnacle 4-stroke opposed-piston SI engine shows fuel economy improvements of between 30-60% at light loads, 12-30% at medium loads over conventional

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Comparison of ISFC (@42.9 For a comparison engine, Pinnacle used a 200 cc, conventional two-valve, air-cooled, carbureted model. MJ/kg) (4000 RPM) between 250cc Pinnacle and 200cc poppet valve engine. Source: Pinnacle. Click to enlarge.

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Pinnacle Engine pre-production prototype opposed piston engine shows about 27% fuel consumption improvement across different scooter cycles compared to conventional engine

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Fuel mass flow comparison shows Pinnacle engine ahead at just about all points in the map. We did another study with FEV, projecting our data onto a turbo downsized application; we get nearly 50% improvements in common automobiles.

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SAE technical experts: fuel cell technology has advanced significantly, FC vehicle production has begun, further cost reductions & infrastructure development required

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Employing original Honda technologies, the fuel cell stack for this model was downsized by 33% compared to the previous version of the fuel cell stack yet delivers 130 kW of output, with an output density of 3.1

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Hyundai completes development of 3rd generation fuel cell vehicle; targeting mass production in 2015

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Overall volume of the fuel cell system was downsized by 20% compared to the previous system via modularization of bulky parts in the fuel cell system including fuel cell stack, balance of plant (BOP), inverter and high voltage junction box. Tucson ix Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle.

FEV to Show GT2 2-Stage Turbo Charging Unit at SAE World Congress

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Right : Comparison of CO 2 -emissions and performance of the GT2-concept. GT²: Two-stage Charging as a Downsizing Concept for Large SI Engines”; FEV Spectrum No. Left : Full load engine torque curves. Source: FEV. Click to enlarge. FEV, Inc., (FEV) FEV) a leading developer of advanced powertrain and vehicle technologies, will show its GT2 2-Stage Turbocharging System at the upcoming 2010 SAE World Congress, 13-15 April in Detroit.

FEV’s two-stage VCR system; 5-7% increase in fuel economy using variable length conrods

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downsized, turbocharged) gasoline engine, as operating an engine with higher compression ratios at low load can increase fuel economy compared to operating an engine with fixed compression ratio. The application of downsizing to reduce fuel consumption in context with boosting presents a disadvantage because of the higher knock sensitivity at higher engine loads. In comparison, naturally aspirated engines have a higher compression ratio in the order of 1 to 1.5

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Hyundai introduces 3rd generation Tucson ix hydrogen fuel cell vehicle; significant increase in range and fuel efficiency

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Overall volume of the fuel cell system was downsized by 20% compared to the previous system via modularization of bulky parts in the fuel cell system including fuel cell stack, balance of plant (BOP), inverter and high voltage junction box. Comparison of new Tucson ix FCEV (3rd generation) and Tucson FCEV (2nd generation. Hyundai Motor America has introduced its next-generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Tucson ix Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV).

AVL Concept Turbohybrid Mild Hybrid System Approaches Full Hybrid Fuel Savings at Lower Cost; Improved Driveability

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Comparison of Fuel Consumption, Fun to Drive and System Cost of the different powertrain concepts. Downsizing a gasoline engine (e.g., AVL reasoned that merging turbocharged GDI with a mild hybrid function can result in excellent driveability even with the combination of strong downsizing and downspeeding. By the combination of downsizing and downspeeding the balance is shifted even more towards maximum fuel efficiency, however, also towards an unacceptable driveability.

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Getrag introduces new dual clutch transmission for electric drives, prototype of range extender, mild-hybrid dual-clutch variant

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In comparison to known single-gear electric drives in hybrid or purely electric vehicles, the two-speed approach offers better starting performance and higher maximum speed, Getrag says. " alt="2eDCT600" title="2eDCT600" src="[link] />. The 2eDCT600. Click to enlarge.

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Full lifecycle CO2 of new Mercedes C-Class 10% less than outgoing model

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CO 2 emissions of the C 180 in comparison to its predecessor [t/car]. The C 180 with manual transmission shows a drop in fuel consumption in comparison to its predecessor from between 7.6 Source: Mercedes-Benz. Click to enlarge.

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GFEI report finds improvements in average new LDV fuel economy lagging pace required to cut 50% fuel use for new cars worldwide by 2030; policy focus should be on emerging markets

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The report—“International comparison of light-duty vehicle fuel economy: An update using 2010 and 2011 new registration data”—was published for the GFEI by the International Energy Agency (IEA) which is a partner in the initiative.

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Former Commerce and Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta urges technology neutral policies in reaching proposed CAFE standards

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Mineta cited a 2008 well-to-wheel comparison of different vehicle technologies by the MIT Electric Vehicle Team that ranked electric vehicles, diesel and turbocharged gasoline engine vehicles within a 10–15% performance band.

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Frost Sullivan Projects That About 80% of European Vehicle Sales Will Be in the 150 g/km CO2 Band by 2015; EVs as a Strategy of Premium Automakers

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As a point of comparison, the US EPA’s proposed national CO 2 emissions standards for light-duty vehicles under section 202 (a) of the Clean Air Act would require these vehicles to meet an estimated combined average emissions level of 250 grams/mile of CO 2 —155.26 Downsizing, gasoline direct injection (GDI), and start-stop will be the key technologies helping original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) achieve emission targets by 2015.

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Advanced Turbocharged, Direct Injected Gasoline Engines Poised to Take on Diesels in US and in Europe for Reduced Fuel Consumption and Emissions

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Comparison of Emission Standards (g/mi). . We see dramatic downsizing and boosting [as] something that’s going to for gasoline engines especially. To be able effectively to implement downsizing and downspeeding, good low-end torque is essential.

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Volkswagen introduces new 1L, 3-cylinder gasoline Golf; 54.7 mpg

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Despite its efficiency, the Golf TSI BlueMotion with the 85 kW / 114 hp downsized 999 cc EA211-series engine reaches 100 km/h in 9.7 Golf Comparisons. In Europe, Volkswagen has introduced the new Golf TSI BlueMotion featuring a new 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder with low fuel consumption of 4.3

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Promising Delphi 1st-gen Gasoline Direct Injection Compression Ignition engine meeting ultra fuel efficient program targets

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For this reason, GDCI is a good candidate for aggressive downsizing, downspeeding, and boosting, which is a proven strategy for high vehicle-level fuel economy. The hybrid engines did not produce enough torque at these loads for comparison, and were labelled “off map.”.

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Global WorldAutoSteel Project Presents Interim Results of FutureSteelVehicle (FSV) Phase 2 Project for Low GHG Body Structure for Electrified Vehicles

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General results included: New benchmark in weight reduction achieved through Advanced High-Strength Steel optimized structures, enabling powertrain downsizing for affordable electrified vehicles. Key to our Phase 2 evaluations of different structural options is a life cycle assessment of each system based on the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) GHG Materials Comparison Model.

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2018 VW Tiguan and new 2.0 TSI B-cycle engine gives VW a strong offering in compact SUV segment

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Put another way, the rightsizing approach combines the fuel economy benefits of downsizing with the power of a larger-displacement unit. By comparison, the 2017 Tiguan with 2.0L

2017 85

Ford E85 Direct Injection Boosting Study: A Less Expensive Alternative to Diesel

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The resulting higher BMEP levels allow downsizing of the engine at equivalent vehicle performance. Furthermore, by enabling higher CR, downsizing and downspeeding, E85 DI + gasoline PFI makes the engine more efficient in itsusee of gasoline. In comparison, a diesel SCR vehicle owner who does not refill the urea tank will experience a range of inducements including limited vehicle speed and eventually failure to start.

2009 65

Ricardo and Growth Energy Collaborate On First Vehicle-Based Demonstration of Ricardos Ethanol Boosted Direct Injection (EBDI) Engine Technology

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Based on test work already carried out, Ricardo estimates that a fuel economy improvement of up to 30% is possible with no loss of power or performance, using a downsized EBDI engine in place of currently available gasoline powertrain technology. by Bill Cooke. The 3.2L EBDI engine.

2010 78

Downspeeding and supercharging with transmission optimization can deliver fuel economy improvement over downspeeding and turbocharging

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Engine downsizing and downspeeding are two strategies that can be applied to gasoline and diesel engines to improve vehicle fuel economy. The also created revised shift schedules for the baseline gear ratios for the turbo for comparison.

2012 60

Daihatsu develops e:S Technology for 30 km/l in JC08 Mode; equivalent to 71 mpg US or 3.3 L/100km

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In the process of this development, Daihatsu overhauled all aspects of the engine, the transmission, and the body structure, to maximize energy efficiency and achieve almost a 40% increase in fuel efficiency comparison with the Mira 2WD/CVT without idle reduction functions. and the downsizing of the particles sprayed from the injector.

2011 65

Ford Unveils Ford Fiesta for North America at Los Angeles Auto Show; 1.6L I4 with Ti-VCT Delivers Estimated 40 mpg Highway

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Fiesta features Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) ( earlier post ) which allows the engine to be downsized for fuel economy while continuously optimizing camshaft phasing for throttle response, performance and flexibility. Fiesta four-door sedan. Click to enlarge.

National Research Council Study Finds That Available Technologies Can Result in Significant Fuel Savings for Passenger Vehicles Over the Next 15 Years, But at Higher Purchase Prices for Consumers

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The committee’s estimates are based on a variety of factors including recent reports from regulatory agencies and other sources; component cost estimates from suppliers; discussions with experts; and comparisons of prices and fuel consumption of similar vehicles. For example, the report notes the promise of cylinder deactivation, turbocharging and downsizing.

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