Rice study finds Houston intersections with traffic lights 9x more likely to see fatal pedestrian- and bicyclist-automobile crashes

Green Car Congress

A new report from Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research has found that intersections with traffic lights in Houston are nine times more likely to see fatal car crashes with pedestrians and bicyclists than expected by chance. Hu used two colocation measures—global and local—to analyze the spatial relationship between pedestrian- and bicyclist-automobile crashes and intersections. fatalities are attracted to traffic light-controlled intersections).

2017 200

Terrafugia obtains FAA Special Light-Sport Airworthiness Certificate for roadable aircraft; “flying car”

Green Car Congress

has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining an FAA Special Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) airworthiness certificate for its Transition roadable aircraft. Terrafugia, Inc.

Light 326

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UCLA team devises method to weld previously unweldable aluminum alloy AA 7075; potential for wider use in automobiles

Green Car Congress

Developed in the 1940s, AA 7075 long held promise for use in automobile manufacturing, except for one key obstacle. By comparison, an aluminum alloy known as AA 6061 that is widely used in aircraft and automobile parts, has a tensile strength of 186 megapascals in welded joints.) But the alloy’s resistance to welding, specifically, to the type of welding used in automobile manufacturing, has prevented it from being widely adopted.

2019 263

Groupe Renault changes China strategy: light commercial vehicles and electric passenger cars

Green Car Congress

Groupe Renault is setting a new strategy for China, based on Electric Vehicles (EV) and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV). Renault and Dongfeng will continue to cooperate with Nissan on new generation engine supply to DRAC and diesel license to Dongfeng Automobile Co.,

2020 312

Advanced Battery Technologies to supply Li-ion batteries for 20K Jiangsu Duke New Energy Automobile electric cars

Green Car Congress

Advanced Battery Technologies signed a strategic partnership agreement with Jiangsu Duke New Energy Automobile Co., Jiangsu Duke New Energy Automobile specializes in research and development, design and manufacture of its Supercar-branded electric sports cars. Jiangsu Duke New Energy Automobile’s new energy project is authorized by the China Development and Reform Commission.

2015 205

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, IVECO and ENGIE collaborating to promote natural gas in Europe starting from Belgium

Green Car Congress

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), IVECO (a brand of CNH Industrial) and ENGIE (Global Energy Player) are broadly collaborating to promote natural gas vehicles and infrastructure in Europe. The brand has achieved a technological advantage in natural gas engines by having developed a complete range of both CNG and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) vehicles, from the Daily light commercial vehicle to the Urbanway city bus, and the new Stralis NP for long-haul transport, launched last June.

StreetScooter to form JV with Chery for electric light utility vehicles

Green Car Congress

StreetScooter GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Post and market leader for electric light commercial vehicles (eLCV), has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Chinese automobile manufacturer Chery Holding Group (Chery) establishing a joint venture between the two companies. Chery is one of China’s leading automobile manufacturers, with a 20% market share in electric commercial vehicles sector.

Chery 203

Volkswagen Group & Anhui Jianghuai Automobile (JAC) jointly to develop EVs in China; new JV focused on NEVs

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen AG and Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., —An Jin, Chairman of the Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd (JAC) is a comprehensive automobile company encompassing R&D, production, sales and service and other businesses related to the production and sale of commercial and passenger vehicles, including powertrains.

2016 150

StreetScooter showcases all-new versions of successful WORK and WORK L electric light commercial vehicles

Green Car Congress

StreetScooter has presented the next generation of its successful all-electric light commercial vehicles (eLCVs): the WORK and WORK L. StreetScooter is a well-known early bird in the electric light commercial vehicle sector. The new version of the WORK L will also serve as the basis for electric light commercial vehicles for the Chinese market. StreetScooter’s new electric light commercial vehicle will also be pilot-tested at DHL Express in the USA.

2019 175

New Open Fuel Standard Act would set minimum requirement for non-petroleum fuel capability in new automobiles

Green Car Congress

2493 ) which would require 30% of new automobiles in 2016, 50% in 2017, and 50% in each subsequent year, to operate on non-petroleum fuels in addition to or instead of petroleum based fuels. The 50% level is a significant reduction from prior legislation introduced that would have required 95% of new automobiles eventually be able to operate on non-petroleum fuels.

2013 184

Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers comments on proposed MY2017-2025 LDV CAFE/GHG regulations

Green Car Congress

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers has filed comments in response to the Notice of Intent (NOI) and Technical Assessment Report (TAR) for MY2017-2025 light-duty vehicle fuel economy/greenhouse gas regulations released last month by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ( earlier post ).

Toray and Daimler to Jointly Develop CFRP Automobile Parts for Mercedes-Benz Models

Green Car Congress

has signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Daimler AG to develop automobile parts made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP). The two companies plan to promote the joint development of diverse CFRP automobile components by utilizing High Cycle Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), a CFRP molding process technology developed by Toray. Toray Industries, Inc.

2010 185

Pollution Probe and CAA Publish Comprehensive Primer on Automobile Fuel Efficiency and Emissions

Green Car Congress

Canada-based environmental NGO Pollution Probe has released a comprehensive Primer on Automobile Fuel Efficiency and Emissions , produced in partnership with the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA). More than just a technical challenge, solving the emissions dilemma for light-duty vehicles requires an understanding of the business of manufacturing, the automotive wholesale and retail market, consumer perceptions and behaviour, as well as transportation infrastructure.

2009 170

NADA forecasts light-duty vehicle sales of 16.94M in US in 2015; 56% trucks and SUVs

Green Car Congress

Low gasoline prices and pent-up consumer demand will combine to drive new car and light truck sales to an estimated 16.94 million in 2015, according to the National Automobile Dealers Association. million new cars and light trucks for 2014 was on target. The split among the segments this year is expected to be 44% cars and 56% light trucks and SUVs because of lower gasoline prices, increased job growth and an improving housing market.

2015 210

China Changan Automobile Group and PSA Peugeot Citroën Sign Contract for JV in China

Green Car Congress

China South Industries Group Corporation, Changan Automobile Group’s main shareholder, and PSA Peugeot Citroën have signed a contract to create an equally owned joint venture to produce and market light commercial vehicles and passenger cars in China.

2010 161

California ARB to begin enhanced testing of modern light-duty diesel engines to detect emissions cheating

Green Car Congress

The California Air Resources Board sent a letter to automobile manufacturers notifying them that ARB will begin using enhanced testing procedures for modern light-duty diesel vehicles to determine compliance with emission levels to which they were originally certified.

2015 210

Irish Government, ESB, Mitsubishi Motors, MC Automobile (Europe) and MMC Commercials to Promote Electric Motoring in Ireland

Green Car Congress

The Irish Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Eamon Ryan; Electricity Supply Board (ESB); and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation; MC Automobile (Europe), N.V.; The parties intend to make the vehicles available to a wide range of users—both residential and pilot corporate customers—and to promote EVs in light of the recently announced enhanced Irish Government incentives.

Audi and Somerville, Mass to partner on urban mobility; swarm intelligence and automated parking, networking cars with traffic lights

Green Car Congress

Audi will work with the city of Sommerville, Massachusetts to develop an urban strategy for Somerville, applying technologies for swarm intelligence or automated parking, and networking cars with traffic lights. In the long term, the two sides aim to develop innovations that reduce the space requirement of automobiles in the city and increase the speed of traffic flow. Therefore Audi is supporting the project at Union Square with innovations such as the traffic-light assistant.

2015 199

Valeo acquires 80% stake in the Chery Group’s lighting company in China

Green Car Congress

As part of its development strategy in high-growth countries, and particularly China, Valeo has acquired an 80% shareholding in the company Ruby (a lighting specialist) from Chery Technology, a subsidiary of Chinese automaker Chery Automobile. Located at Wuhu in Anhui province, this joint venture, which will be renamed Wuhu Valeo Automotive Lighting Systems, will design, manufacture and sell Valeo Lighting Systems products, mainly for Chery Automobile on the Chinese market.

Chery 170

TEAM Industries licenses NuVinci continuously variable transmission technology for light vehicle applications

Green Car Congress

TEAM) announced that their development partnership has continued to progress and the two have entered into an exclusive licensing arrangement for the use of NuVinci CVP (continuously variable planetary) technology in North America and Europe for electric and gasoline light vehicle applications. Fallbrook Technologies Inc. and TEAM Industries, Inc.

2012 196

Auto Alliance urges EPA to withdraw premature Final Determination on light-duty GHG regulations, resume Midterm Evaluation process with NHTSA

Green Car Congress

The Auto Alliance has sent a letter to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt requesting that the US Environmental Protection Agency withdraw the Final Determination on the Appropriateness of the Model Year 2022-2025 Light-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards under the Midterm Evaluation which EPA announced on 13 January 2017.

2017 174

BMW Group hits 100K electrified vehicle mark for this year, lights up Group HQ like a battery

Green Car Congress

In recognition of the miletone, BMW used a light installation to transform its Group headquarters—the world-famous “Four-Cylinder” in the north of Munich—on the evening of 18 December 2017 into a battery. This 99-meter-high signal is lighting the way into the era of electro-mobility. The 1,500 units sold around the world are in addition to the 100,000 electrified automobiles the company has sold in 2017.

2017 150

GM China and FAW Establish Light Commercial Vehicle Joint Venture

Green Car Congress

have formed a light commercial vehicle joint venture: FAW-GM Light Duty Commercial Vehicle Co. It is focused on the production and sale of light-duty trucks and vans. The new joint venture includes Ha’erbin Light Vehicle Co., which is located in Ha’erbin, Heilongjiang, and FAW’s share in Hongta Yunnan Automobile Manufacturing Co., Light-duty commercial vehicles will play a strategic role in China’s urbanization and rural development.

2009 185

US DRIVE releases comprehensive cradle-to-grave analysis of light-duty vehicle GHGs, cost of driving and cost of avoided GHGs

Green Car Congress

The US DRIVE Cradle-to-Grave Working Group has published the “Cradle-to-Grave Lifecycle Analysis of US Light-Duty Vehicle-Fuel Pathways: A Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Economic Assessment of Current (2015) and Future (2025–2030) Technologies” Argonne National Lab Report. Light-Duty Vehicle-Fuel Pathways: A Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Economic Assessment of Current (2015) and Future (2025-2030) Technologies” ANL/ESD-16/7.

2016 230

Navistar to expand partnership With China truck maker JAC; school buses and light trucks

Green Car Congress

plans to expand its collaboration with Chinese truck maker Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co. Light-duty truck export opportunities from JAC in China to Navistar dealers in Brazil. Navistar and JAC are also exploring new export opportunities for certain models of JAC’s light- and medium-duty truck line to select Navistar truck dealers in Brazil. Navistar, Inc.

2012 200

Canada aligns with US on light-duty vehicle GHGs, Tier 3 regulations and heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency

Green Car Congress

The final Regulations Amending the Passenger Automobile and Light Truck Greenhouse Gas Emission Regulations for model year 2017 and beyond will be published in the Canada Gazette, Part II, on 8 October. The proposed Tier 3 emission standards would apply to new passenger cars, light-duty trucks, and certain heavy-duty vehicles (such as delivery vans).

2014 185

IHS: average age of light vehicles in US rises slightly in 2015 to 11.5 years; length of new vehicle ownership hits record high

Green Car Congress

The combined average age of all light vehicles on the road in the US has climbed slightly to 11.5 Registrations for light VIO in the US also reached a record level of 257,900,000—an increase of more than 5.3 Average age for both passenger cars and light trucks increased just slightly in 2015, and both now stand at 11.5 As long as we have tracked average age, it has gradually risen over time due to the increasing quality of automobiles.

2015 210

Study finds light-duty gasoline vehicles responsible for about about half of PM2.5 mass, 14% of PM10 in road tunnel

Green Car Congress

and PM 10 emissions—mainly from gasoline-fueled light-duty vehicles (LDVs)—in the Washburn Tunnel in Houston Texas as a mechanism for better determining the contribution of LDVs to particulate emissions. and PM 10 Emitted from Light Duty Vehicles in the Washburn Tunnel of Houston, Texas: Release of Rhodium, Palladium, And Platinum.” Contributions of various primary sources to tunnel PM mass. Credit: ACS, Bozlaker et al. Click to enlarge.

2013 221

China develops 3rd generation of automotive steel; light weight and safety

Green Car Congress

According to the group, the newly-developed material is expected to be applied commercially in 2014 in China by some automakers, including Beijing Hyundai and FAW-Volkswagen, a major passenger sedan manufacturer jointly ventured by First Automobile Works Group Corporation of China and Volkswagen AG, Audi AG and Volkswagen Automobile (China) Investment Co., People’s Daily.

2011 196

Alcoa Foundation awards Ohio State University $400K to research light-weight, metal-based, vehicle structures

Green Car Congress

Daehn notes a pressing need to reduce the mass of all classes of wheeled vehicles, including light automobiles, trucks, and passenger busses. The Alcoa Foundation recently awarded a $400,000 grant to the Ohio State University (OSU) Institute for Materials Research in support of innovative design and manufacturing technologies that will enable the creation of lighter, more environmentally friendly vehicle structures.

Ohio 185

Ford and Toyota to collaborate on new rear-wheel drive hybrid system for light trucks, SUVs; partnering also on telematics standards and technologies

Green Car Congress

Ford and Toyota are collaborating as equal partners on the development of an advanced new hybrid system for light trucks and SUVs. Under the MOU agreement, the two companies will bring the best of their independently developed hybrid powertrain technology and knowledge to a new co-developed hybrid system, which will be used in rear-wheel-drive light trucks arriving later this decade.

2011 214

Chrysler Upgrades Pentastar V-6 For Fuel Efficiency; Lack Of Direct Injection A Hint Of Future EPA Rules?

Green Car Reports

For the 2016 model year, Chrysler has extensively re-engineered its Pentastar V-6 engine, a mainstay powerplant in the light trucks that comprise the. emissions EPA diesel particulate filter (DPF) V-6 Pentastar Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA Automotive engineers are very good at incremental improvements to existing technologies, and that skill will be much tested in meeting increasingly stiff fuel-economy rules between now and 2025.

2015 117

EC proposes 95 grams CO2/km target for new cars by 2020, 147 grams for light vans; super credits for cars below 35g

Green Car Congress

The European Commission today proposed targets for the further reduction of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions from new cars and light commercial vehicles (vans) by 2020. The Commission will issue a communication around the end of this year in order to carry out a consultation on the form and stringency of post-2020 CO 2 targets for light duty vehicles.

2012 227

Government of Canada Releases Draft Regulations to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from New Light-Duty Vehicles; Outcome Aligned With US

Green Car Congress

Under the proposed standards, the average GHG emission performance of the 2016 Canadian fleet of new cars and light trucks would match the average level of 155 g CO 2 /km (250 gCO 2 /mile) that has been projected for the US. Of that quarter, cars and light trucks account for nearly half, accounting for 12% of Canada’s total GHG emissions. Consultation Draft Passenger Automobile and Light Truck Greenhouse Gas Emission Regulations.

2009 203

California Air Resources Board Adopts Regional Targets for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated with Light Duty Vehicles

Green Car Congress

Proposed Regional Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets for Automobiles and Light Trucks Pursuant to Senate Bill 375 ( ARB Staff Report ). At its meeting in Sacramento yesterday, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) adopted targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 and 2035 associated with passenger vehicle travel in the state’s 18 Metropolitan Planning Organizations. Earlier post.).

2010 196

DOT, EPA Set National Standards for Fuel Economy and First Greenhouse Gas Emission Levels For Light-Duty Vehicles

Green Car Congress

mpg for the combined industry-wide fleet (cars and light-trucks) for model year 2016. Each light vehicle model produced for sale in the United States will have a fuel economy target. The CAFE levels that must be met by the fleet of each manufacturer will be determined by computing the sales-weighted harmonic average of the targets applicable to each of the manufacturer’s passenger cars and light trucks.

2010 161

California ARB Adopts Regulation to Allow Compliance with Federal Light Duty Vehicle GHG Standards Satisfy California Requirements

Green Car Congress

The Board’s action is the third and final step California committed to as part of an agreement with automobile manufacturers and two federal agencies announced last May by President Obama in the Rose Garden to establish the harmonized national GHG standard. The ARB is beginning work on a follow-up set of greenhouse gas regulations for light-duty vehicles (Pavley 2), targeting model years 2017 and following.

2010 170

Consumer Federation analysis of polling data and tech pricing finds consumer demands aligned with proposed MY 2017-2025 CAFE and GHG regulations for light-duty vehicles

Green Car Congress

The CFA polling data finds continued strong consumer support for the proposed standards, which CFA rounded up to 55 mpg in its question (“ The federal government has proposed requiring automobile manufacturers to increase the fuel economy of their motor vehicle fleets to an average of 55 miles per gallon by 2025. ”).

2012 213

2014 Nissan Versa Note Tops Subcompact Gas Mileage; Clever Aero, Light Weight

Green Car Reports

As automobile manufacturers strive for greater fuel efficiency, it''s the low-hanging fruit proving most effective for immediate gains. That''s why Nissan''s new 2014 Versa Note--replacing the old 2012 Versa hatchback--has improved by a full 5 mpg on the old car''s combined economy. The 2014 Nissan Versa Note achieves EPA gas mileage figures of 31 mpg

2013 73

European Parliament votes to introduce CO2 limits in EU for new vans and light commercial goods vehicles; initial target of 175 g/km

Green Car Congress

The European Parliament has voted to introduce CO 2 limits in the EU for new vans and other light commercial goods vehicles. The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) issued a statement saying that the new CO 2 legislation for light commercial vehicles sets extremely challenging targets in particular for the long term. Emission performance standards for new light commercial vehicles.

2011 170

New Comprehensive Lifecycle Energy and Emissions Inventory Includes Non-Operational Components; Large Aircraft Can Perform Better than Light Rail

Green Car Congress

Ranges in passenger occupancy can easily change the relative performance of modes, with large aircraft performing better than light rail in some of the areas investigated. The onroad systems include three automobiles—(2005 Toyota Camry), SUV (2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer), and pickup (2005 Ford F-150) to represent the range in the US automobile fleet and critical performance—and two urban buses with off-peak and peak passenger loadings.

2009 150

Minnesota becomes latest state to adopt California clean car standards

Green Car Congress

The zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) standard requires automobile manufacturers to deliver more vehicles with ultra-low or zero tailpipe emissions for sale in Minnesota, including electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid models.

DOT and EPA release revised fuel economy and GHG emission standards for MY 2021-2026 light-duty vehicles

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released the final Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles Rule setting corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) and CO 2 emissions standards for model years 2021-2026 passenger cars and light trucks. Under the framework, gasoline and diesel cars and light trucks will get cleaner through 2026 at about the same rate as the current program.

2020 161