California Governor signs new super-pollutants legislation into law; black carbon, fluorinated gases and methane

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signed SB 1383 , establishing the nation’s toughest restrictions on super pollutants including black carbon, fluorinated gases and methane. SB 1383 reduces the emission of super pollutants (also known as short-lived climate pollutants) and promotes renewable gas by requiring a 50% reduction in black carbon and 40% reduction in methane and hydrofluorocarbon from 2013 levels by 2030. Reducing these pollutants can have a more immediate beneficial impact on climate change.

Large-scale study finds long-term exposure to air pollution linked to high blood pressure

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Long-term exposure to air pollution is linked to a greater incidence of high blood pressure, according to the largest study to investigate the effects of both air pollution and traffic noise by following more than 41,000 people in five different countries for five to nine years. This study is one of the first to investigate both air pollution and traffic noise simultaneously and it found that traffic noise is associated with an increase in cases of hypertension as well.

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New maps give Europeans close-up picture of air pollution from diffuse sources

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The new set of 32 maps allows Europeans to see on a scale of 5 km by 5 km where pollutants are released. It complements existing data on emissions from individual industrial plants from the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR).

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PIP Declares Victory

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Automobile pollutants are one of the largest contributors to climate changing emissions. I t's pretty rare when you get to declare victory and bring the troops home.

The 80-20 Rule

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T here are a lot of facts and misstatements about Plug-Ins that circulate these days about water consumption, pollution, the need for new power plants, and the like. Here's a piece of it: Why do PHEVs reduce greenhouse pollution ?

China Plucky Plug In

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WN : What about the argument that cars fueled by electricity from a coal-fired power plant ultimately are as polluting as cars using fossil fuels?

California ARB soliciting research suggestions for FY 2012-2013 plan; sustainable communities, behavior, pollutant exposure, air pollution science, GHG targets

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The FY 2011-2012 plan focused primarily on five areas of interest: sustainable communities; behavior and technology adoption; health and air pollution exposures; air pollution science; and greenhouse gas targets. Development of sustainable communities strategies can also provide an opportunity for associated criteria pollutant emission reductions that will be needed to attain air quality standards for ozone and particulate matter as well as reduce near-roadway exposures.

What about the Pickens Plan?

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But we find ourselves in 2008. While less polluting than petroleum, burning natural gas emits significant carbon. The good news about electricity as a transportation fuel for cars is finally breaking through to the mainstream. GM’s centennial celebration in mid-September saw the unveiling of the production version of the Chevrolet Volt, still scheduled for appearance in showrooms in November 2010. Hundreds of articles were published asking if the Volt can save GM.

Study finds even moderate air pollution can raise stroke risks; risk rises within hours of exposure

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Air pollution, even at levels generally considered safe by federal regulations, increases the risk of stroke by 34%, according to a new study by researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The link between increased stroke risk and these particulates can be observed within hours of exposure and are most strongly associated with pollution from local or transported traffic emissions. Mittleman, MD, DrPH (2012) Ambient Air Pollution and the Risk of Acute Ischemic Stroke.

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Al Gore Joins Call for Electric Cars

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An electric vehicle fleet would sharply reduce the cost of driving a car, reduce pollution, and increase the flexibility of our electricity grid. Buried in Al Gore's challenge today calling for a 100% renewable electric grid within ten years is a call for plug-in electric cars. This represents a big change in his thinking, and will hopefully quickly push political and environmental leadership to coalesce around policies to push plug-in cars into the market as quickly as possible.

Canada publishes proposed regulations for criteria pollutants from locomotives

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This marks Canada’s first regulation of air pollutant emissions from locomotives. These regulations were updated in 2008. The Government of Canada has published proposed Locomotive Emissions Regulations in the Canada Gazette, Part I. The proposed regulations will criteria air contaminants (CACs), from locomotives operated by railway companies under federal jurisdiction through increasingly stringent emission standards and reduced idling.

Sandia Labs Researcher Says Electric Makes More Sense

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He briefly recaps the problems with ethanol and hydrogen and concludes: Of the alternative transportation options, electric vehicles coupled with increased use of renewables and other clean sources of energy will be the most efficient way to reduce pollution and eliminate dependence on foreign oil.

EPA, US Coast Guard to enforce air pollution requirements for vessels operating in US waters

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Coast Guard (USCG) will jointly enforce US and international air pollution requirements for vessels operating in US waters. The large marine diesel engines that provide propulsion and auxiliary power on many ocean-going vessels emit significant amounts of pollution. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is a United Nations agency which deals with maritime safety, security and the prevention of marine pollution from ships across the globe.

Hawaii opts for EVs and renewable energy

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There is no pollution to speak of with these plants. Oil burning is one of the single biggest sources of pollution coming from the whole state. Published: December 2, 2008. My wife, Zan, and I were recently on the Big Island, Hawaii, and while there we toured the state’s only geothermal plant. It’s located close to the town of Hilo on the island’s east side and on the flank of Kilauea, the world’s most active volcano.

First week with a Tesla

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Those cars are just as expensive and far far more polluting. Even I was surprised. In my rear view mirror I watched a Los Angeles Sheriff’s car pull out of the Chevron and turn on both its blue and red flashing lights to pursue me down Ventura Boulevard. It had only been hours since I eased out of the Tesla dealership in West Los Angeles and already I had a date with the police.

What’s New With The 2009 Highlander Hybrid?

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Basically, the 2009 model of this green people hauler is the same as the 2008 Highlander hybrid , with minor changes in the redesigned headlights. The 2009 Toyota Highlander hybrid is a Super Low Emissions vehicle, which means that it puts out 80% less pollutants that the average mid-sized SUV.

California Air Resources Board posts revised draft of strategy to reduce “Super Pollutants”

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The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has posted a revised draft of California’s proposed Short-Lived Climate Pollutant (SLCP) Strategy. —“Revised Proposed Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy”.

Fossil Fuel Production Up in 2008 Despite Recession

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in 2008 to reach 27.4 By 2008, coal production represented a third of fossil energy production. Despite marginal improvements in utilization efficiency, coal continues to be the most polluting fossil fuel. Mtoe per day in 2008, representing 39% of fossil energy production and slightly above the level in 2006, the next-highest production year. million barrels per day (Mbpd) in 2008, up from 1.0 in 2008 to reach 7.6

California ARB moves forward with climate and air quality actions

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CARB also adopted a new plan to curb destructive “super pollutants” including black carbon, fluorinated gases and methane. The District’s plan also contains important actions to achieve further reductions of pollutants from large industrial facilities such as refineries and power plants.

EPA finalizes Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (Transport Rule)

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized the new Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) (also called the Transport Rule). The rule will improve air quality by cutting SO 2 and NO x emissions that contribute to pollution problems in other states. Transport Rule states.

EPA report: diesel engine grant program has delivered major air, public health benefits

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Clean diesel grants aimed at cleaning up old diesel engines have greatly improved public health by cutting harmful pollution that causes premature deaths, asthma attacks, and missed school and workdays, according to a new report by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since its start in 2008, the Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA) program has significantly improved air quality for communities across the country by retrofitting and replacing older diesel engines.

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EPA Proposes Transport Rule to Cut Pollution from Power Plants in 31 States and DC; New Approach for Pollution Reduction

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The proposed Transport Rule sets in place a new approach that can and will be applied again as further pollution reductions are needed to help areas meet air quality health standards, EPA says. In the first alternative, EPA is proposing to set a pollution limit or budget for each state.

New study finds asthma morbidity in children is enhanced in areas with high traffic-related air pollution near the home

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Results from a new study by researchers at the University of California Irvine support a growing body of scientific literature indicating that sensitive populations, including children, certain ethnic groups and people of lower socioeconomic status, are more vulnerable to the effects of high exposures to traffic-related air pollution. The UC Irvine study, which examined the effect of chronic exposure in asthmatic children living in homes near traffic pollution, was led by Ralph J.

Federal Appeals Court vacates EPA Cross-State Air Pollution Rule

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A three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia held in a 2-1 opinion that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had overstepped its authority with the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), and, as a result, vacated the regulation (USCA Case #11-1302). The rule was intended to improve air quality by cutting SO 2 and NO x emissions that contribute to pollution problems in other states.

Study Finds Elevated Ultrafine Particle Pollution Levels Near Regional Airports

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Air pollution may pose an important but largely overlooked health concern for people living near smaller regional airports, according to a new study published in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology. Aircraft exhaust includes pollutants linked to a variety of health problems. They found that emissions of ultrafine particles (UFP) were significantly elevated when compared to background pollution levels.

EPA offering $2M in funding to reduce pollution from older diesel engines

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Since 2008, DERA has awarded more than $500 million to grantees across the country to retrofit, replace, or repower more than 50,000 vehicles. By cutting air pollution and preventing thousands of asthma attacks, emergency room visits and premature deaths, the clean diesel projects are projected by EPA to generate health benefits worth up to $8.2


EEA finds only mixed progress for Europe’s transport sector in meeting environment, climate goals; GHG emissions up 25% since 1990

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Issues covered in the briefing include emissions, air pollution, noise and renewable energy and the impact of transport on ecosystems and biodiversity. Air pollution.

Mazda announces SKYACTIV-X: gasoline Spark Controlled Compression Ignition

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Compression ignition makes possible a super lean burn that improves engine efficiency up to 20–30% over the current SKYACTIV-G, and from 35–45% over Mazda’s 2008 gasoline engine of the same displacement. From 2019, Mazda will begin introducing electric vehicles and other electric drive technologies in regions that use a high ratio of clean energy for power generation or restrict certain vehicles to reduce air pollution.

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GCP Carbon Budget Finds Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions Rose 2% in 2008 Despite Global Financial Crisis; Natural Sinks Not Keeping Pace With Increasing Emissions

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Despite the economic effects of the global financial crisis (GFC), carbon dioxide emissions from human activities rose 2% in 2008 to an all-time high of 1.3 The authors, under the umbrella of the Global Carbon Project , reported a 29% increase in global CO 2 emissions from fossil fuel between 2000 and 2008 (the latest year for which figures are available), and by 41% between 2008 and 1990, the reference year of the Kyoto Protocol. Global carbon budget 2008.

Pollution in Eastern China Cuts Light, Useful Rainfall

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New research shows that air pollution in eastern China has reduced the amount of light rainfall over the past 50 years and decreased by 23% the number of days of light rain in the eastern half of the country. The study links for the first time high levels of pollutants in the air with conditions that prevent the light kind of rainfall critical for agriculture. While the light rains have diminished, pollution has increased dramatically in China in the last half of the 20 th century.

EEA: Traffic pollution still harmful to health in many parts of Europe

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Trend in emissions of air pollutants from transport in EEA-32: PM 2.5 , CO, SO x , NMVOC, NO x. Transport in Europe is still responsible for damaging levels of air pollutants and a quarter of EU greenhouse gas emissions, despite some progress in reducing the impacts from transport. Although air pollution has decreased over the last two decades, it is still a major problem in many areas. These pollutants can affect the cardiovascular system, lungs, liver, spleen and blood.

Comparative study finds that B20 increases emission rates of a number of pollutants in both light- and medium-duty diesel engines at idle

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They found that the level of emissions of regulated and unregulated pollutants in diesel exhaust depends on fuel, load, engine calibration, and exhaust aftertreatment technology. Unregulated pollutants also include ozone precursors and bioaccumulative and toxic compounds.

EU Likely to Miss 2010 Air Pollutant Limits; NOx the Toughest

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Updated emission estimates for the EU for 2010 show just 14 Member States expect to meet their respective 2010 air pollutant limits set under the EU National Emission Ceilings Directive (NEC Directive), according to the European Environment Agency (EEA). For the other three pollutants (SO 2 , NMVOCs, NH 3 ) the situation is better, reflecting that most EU Member States are expected to reduce their emissions beyond the level of their ceilings.

Cutting Non-CO2 Pollutants Can Delay Abrupt Climate Change; The Fast Action Climate Agenda

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2009), reproduced from Ramanathan and Feng (2008) Click to enlarge. With indoor air pollution killing 1.6 Probability distribution for the committed warming by GHGs between 1750 and 2005.

Research shows clean fuel-use for ships off California coast extremely effective in reducing sulfur dioxide pollution

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Data collected during a major 2010 state-federal atmospheric research project show that the first-in-the-nation regulation requiring ocean-going vessels to use clean fuel when near the California coast has been extremely effective in reducing sulfur dioxide pollution from ships, according to the California Air Resources Board (ARB). Ships, especially ocean-going vessels, are powered by very large diesel engines that generate a tremendous amount of pollution impacting air quality onshore.

Commercial Shipping Emits Almost Half As Much Particulate Pollution as Total Released by World’s Cars

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Globally, commercial ships emit almost half as much particulate matter pollutants into the air as the total amount released by the world’s cars, according to a new study led by NOAA and the University of Colorado at Boulder. Ship pollutants affect local air quality and the health of people living along coastlines. The study is the first to provide a global estimate of maritime shipping’s total contribution to air particle pollution based on direct measurements of emissions.

California ARB to Hold Public Workshop on LEV III Technologies; Criteria Pollutants and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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The first workshop, on 2 March, focused on preliminary elements of the proposed criteria pollutant emission standards and involved a presentation of technical information from several studies that are under evaluation for potential greenhouse gas emission reduction. This second workshop will go into more detail in several areas related to criteria pollutant emissions and greenhouse gas emissions. Volkswagen, 2008.

EPA pinpoints areas that miss particle standards

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will pinpoint 31 areas across the country that are not meeting its daily standards for fine particle air pollution (PM 2.5) Following a review of recommendations in December 2008, the EPA identified areas based on air quality monitoring from 2005-2007 but these were never published and were placed under review. So, as the 2008 air quality data is the most recent, the EPA has used this to make its final designations.

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MIT team calculates lead emissions from avgas fuel in US contribute to ~$1B in annual damages due to IQ losses

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Their study, published in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology , found that that atmospheric lead pollution attributable to leaded aviation gas (avgas) contributes to US$1.06

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Shipboard Technology for Scrubbing CO2 and Criteria Pollutants from Exhaust Gas

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Chew Hwee Hong, Managing Director and Founder of Ecospec, said that results of a CSNOx pilot test, performed on board an ocean-going supertanker in December 2008, showed 92.9%, 82.2% Singapore-based Ecospec Global Technology Pte Ltd, earlier this year unveiled CSNOx, a single system it claims can reduce NO x , SO 2 , CO 2 and PM emissions from ships.

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