Scientists call for careful use of time scales, reference dates and statistical approaches in analyzing climate change trends to avoid distortion and hampering of response

Green Car Congress

Demonstrating that the use of different time scales, reference dates, and statistical approaches can generate highly disparate results in climate reports, scientists at the University of Alaska Anchorage argue that careful use of these tools is critical for correctly interpreting and reporting climatic trends in Alaska and other polar regions. These observations are important to consider in the context of climate change. 2001 to account for the 1976 PDO event.

Latest GHG Inventory shows California remains below 2020 emissions target; much steeper rate of GHG reductions required

Green Car Congress

Per capita GHG emissions in California have dropped from a 2001 peak of 14.0 All these climate programs have considerably more stringent emissions reduction targets starting in 2021. Climate Change Emissions Market Background Policy Regulations

2020 83

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Copenhagen Diagnosis Released, Detailing Accelerating Indicators of Climate Change In Last Three Years

Green Car Congress

A team of 26 climate scientists from Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States have published the “Copenhagen Diagnosis”, an interim synthesis report on developments in climate change science from mid-2006 to the present day. The report points out that many key harbingers of climate change “ are occurring at the high end or even beyond the expectations of only a few years ago."”

Devil in the Details: World Leaders Scramble To Salvage and Shape Copenhagens UNFCCC Climate Summit

Green Car Congress

Although most countries have already revealed their opening emissions reduction proposals, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer pointed out Thursday that “ we still await clarity from industrialized nations on the provision of large-scale finance to developing countries for immediate and long-term climate action. Climate Change And The IPCC Fourth Assessment Report. Australia is considered to be one of the most vulnerable developed nations to climate change.

2009 81

Study Highlights the Importance of Considering Climate Effects of Non-CO2 Emissions from Transport in Mitigation Strategies and Policies

Green Car Congress

The on-road transportation (ORT) and power generation (PG) sectors are major contributors to CO 2 emissions and a host of short-lived radiatively-active air pollutants, including tropospheric ozone and fine aerosol particles, that exert complex influences on global climate. The study applied the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) model for Physical Understanding of Composition-Climate INteractions and Impacts (G-PUCCINI). Tags: Climate Change Emissions

2009 60

Current climate policies destined for ‘imminent failure’

Green Cars News

Current climate change policies which focus on overall carbon emissions are failing and should be abandoned, a consortium of research institutes concludes. With the G8 set to meet in Italy this week, a report outlining a strategy to avert an otherwise imminent failure in climate policy is being published by the London School of Economics (LSE) and Political Science’s Mackinder Programme and the Institute for Science, Innovation & Society at the University of Oxford today.

2009 32

California ARB: GHG emissions fell below 1990 levels for first time in 2016; down 13% from 2004 peak; transportation emissions up 2%

Green Car Congress

The state’s latest Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory shows that California emitted 429 million metric tons of climate pollutants in 2016—a drop of 12 million metric tons, or three percent, from 2015. They fell 23% from a peak of 14 metric tons per person (roughly equal to driving 34,000 miles) in 2001 to 10.8 The carbon intensity of California’s economy has dropped 38% since the 2001 peak and is now one-half the national average.

2018 80

Alberta Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation Awarding C$37.5 Million in Funding for Renewable Energy Projects from Biofuels to Home Generation

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Alberta, Canada’s Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCMEC) Corporation is awarding more than C$37.5 One compliance option is to pay into the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund at $15/tonne. is a privately owned Alberta corporation formed in 2001 to design, build and operate biogas cogeneration facilities. million (US$36.6

2010 81

The View From Here Today

Creative Greenius

I contributed the following to the World Wildlife Climate Witness site last week and it was published this morning. We’ve always planned on retiring and spending the rest of our lives right here, but these days we’re worried about what climate change is already doing – and about the far more serious consequences headed our way. In 2001 she terminated our grass lawns and replaced them with drought tolerant plants because of her concerns for water use.

2009 109

PwC analysis finds meeting 2 C warming target would require “unprecedented and sustained” reductions over four decades

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—Leo Johnson, Partner, Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC. Resilience will become a watch word in the boardroom—to policy responses as well as to the climate. —Jonathan Grant, director, sustainability and climate change, PwC. The pace of reducing global carbon intensity has been slow despite growing international focus on climate change. Regardless of the outcomes at the UN climate change summit in Doha this year, one thing is clear.

2012 87

Global study shows uneven urbanization among large cities in the last two decades

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The country had undergone the biggest urban expansion in the period, between 2001 and 2018, its BUA increase accounted for 47.5% The world has experienced significant urbanization in recent decades.

Nepal 104

Study casting doubt on GHG benefits of corn stover ethanol draws sharp criticism by other researchers; Liska responds

Green Car Congress

A study published earlier this year in the journal Nature Climate Change that cast doubt on whether biofuels produced from corn residue could meet federal mandates for cellulosic biofuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% compared to gasoline ( earlier post ) has drawn critical response published as correspondence in the same journal. Parton & Xuesong Zhang (2014) “CO 2 emissions from crop residue-derived biofuels,” Nature Climate Change 4, 933-934 doi: doi:10.1038/nclimate2402.

2014 90

EIA: US energy-related CO2 dropped 2.7% in 2015; of end-use sectors, only transportation increased

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The nuclear share of non-fossil electricity generation has generally declined since reaching 75% in 2001. Climate Change Emissions Market BackgroundAccording to a report from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), US energy-related CO 2 emissions decreased by 146 million metric tons (MMmt) in 2015 to 5,259 MMmt, down 2.7% from 5,405 MMmt in 2014. This decline occurred despite growth in real gross domestic product (GDP) of 2.6%

2017 69

Singapore introducing stiff new feebate scheme for low carbon cars

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The scheme will be reviewed, taking into consideration its impact on motorists’ purchasing decision, technological advances and the progress in Singapore’s overall mitigation efforts on climate change. The outgoing Green Vehicle Rebate (GVR) scheme was introduced in 2001 to encourage the take up of green vehicles. Climate Change Fuel Efficiency Other Asia Policy

The Most Powerful Greenius In America

Creative Greenius

And what’s working for the Greenius and Mrs. Greenius will work for the rest of America, even the little brain people who aren’t sure if climate change is man-made or not and probably even the Stepford brainwashed pod people who think Al Gore is a bad man. Somehow when they look in the mirror they don’t see the people who are the most responsible for the climate crisis we are now in, but the rest of us see them for who they really are.

2009 109

Devil In The Details: Is Copenhagens 2 ºC Guardrail Obsolete?

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From the opening day of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) climate negotiations in Copenhagen, also known as Conference of Parties (COP) 15, the relevance of a key threshold metric—the 2 °C maximal warming limit, or “guardrail”—has repeatedly been called into question by delegates of COP member states which are particularly vulnerable to climate change. Reasons For Concern” About Climate Adaptation. by Jack Rosebro.

2009 75

The Greenius Goes Into Overdrive

Creative Greenius

As the climate change crisis goes from bad to worse (while the deniers get nuttier and more cult-like with each passing day) and Australia gives Californians an advanced sneak preview at what is without a doubt headed our way sooner than you expect , your Creative Greenius has only gotten more Fired Up, Ready to Go! In Manhattan Beach I’ve been watching the four committees of the ETF present their recommendations for the city council on water, waste, building and climate change.

2009 100

EPA: US greenhouse gases up 2% in 2013; increased coal consumption, cool winter

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billion gallons in 2001 to 1.4 Climate Change Emissions US GHG emissions by sector, 1990-2013. Source: EPA. Click to enlarge. Total US greenhouse emissions were 6,673 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2013, an increase of 2% (127.9 MMT CO 2 Eq.) over the prior year, according to the EPA’s newly published Inventory of US Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990–2013. Total US emissions have increased by 5.9% from 1990 to 2013.

2015 77

Google Unveils Faster, Cheaper Mechanism To Track Worldwide Deforestation Online; Support for Land Use Change Measurement, Verification and Reporting

Green Car Congress

satellite imagery; from left, 1975, 1989, and 2001. The new tools are designed to be used by policy makers, governments, the scientific community, and the public via a dedicated Forest Carbon Tracking portal , and were introduced at the UNFCCC climate summit in Copenhagen. Tags: Climate Change Policy by Jack Rosebro. Progressive deforestation in Rondonia, Brazil as seen in. Sources: USGS. Landsat images via Google Earth. Click to enlarge.

2009 96

Motiv Power Systems delivering 7 electric walk-in vans to USPS as part of CARB program; deployment in Central Valley

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Since 2001, the USPS has operated 30 electric two-ton vehicles on the streets of New York City, and these were later joined by a pair of two-ton hybrid electric vehicles in Long Island. The funds are meant to provide an incentive to Californian fleets to adopt the cleanest emerging technologies and continue to advance California's Air Quality and Climate goals.

2019 77

Satellite study suggests California clean air regulations working to reduce PM2.5 emissions in state

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km-resolution MISR aerosol properties over Southern California for years 2001–2003, 2007–2009 and 2013–2015. The MISR instrument used in the study was initially designed to help understand Earth’s climate. To determine how the climate may be changing, researchers need to know the amount of sunlight that is scattered in different locations around the globe.

2018 86

California greenhouse gas inventory shows state is tracking to achieve 2020 AB 32 target

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Carbon intensity has dropped 23% from the peak in 2001, and declined an average of 1.9% tons per person in 2001 to 12.0 The Air Resources Board is also tracking short-lived climate pollutants (methane, black carbon, fluorinated gases) and plans to release a strategic plan to reduce these pollutants later this year. These climate pollutants the potential to warm the atmosphere hundreds and even thousands of times more than CO 2.

2015 83

Annual Increase in Global CO2 Emissions Halved in 2008; Decrease in Fossil Oil Consumption, Increase in Renewables Share

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In China, oil consumption increased by 3% in 2008, according to BP data, which was down from 5% in 2007 and 8%, on average, since 2001. In total, CO 2 emissions from the US and the European Union decreased by about 3% and 1.5%, respectively, in 2008, Although China’s emissions showed an increase of 6%, this is the lowest increase since 2001. Tags: Climate Change Emissions Global CO 2 emissions from fuel use and cement production by region. Source: PBL. Click to enlarge.

2008 65

Converting Oil Shale to Gasoline via Alberta Taciuk Processor Results in Full Fuel Cycle GHG Emissions 1.5-1.75 Larger Than From Conventionally Produced Gasoline

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To put these figures in perspective, emissions from all sectors in the state of Colorado equaled 24 million t of carbon in 2001. Tags: Climate Change Emissions Lifecycle analysis Oil Shale GHG emissions for ATP shale (low and high cases) and conventional gasoline in grams of CO 2 e per MJ of final fuel delivered. Credit: ACS. Click to enlarge.

2009 81

NOAA: 2012 global temperatures 10th highest on record

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The globally-averaged temperature for 2012 marked the 10 th warmest year since record keeping began in 1880, according to the latest State of the Climate report from NOAA’s National Climactic Data Center. Including 2012, all 12 years to date in the 21 st century (2001–2012) rank among the 14 warmest in the 133-year period of record.

2013 75

ICCT analysis finds real-world vehicle fuel consumption gap in Europe at all-time high of 42%

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However, says Dr. Peter Mock, Managing Director of ICCT Europe, since 2001 Europe has seen the largest increase in its gap. Since 2001, the discrepancy between official measurements of vehicle efficiency and actual performance of new cars in everyday driving has more than quadrupled (from 9% to 42%)—a discrepancy that translates into €400 (US$465) per year in extra fuel costs for the average vehicle.

2017 65

US Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions Declined by 2.8% in 2008; Transportation-Related Emissions Down 5.2%

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in 2001. Tags: Climate Change Emissions Energy-related CO 2 emissions declined by 2.8% in 2008. Source: EIA. Click to enlarge. US carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels decreased by 2.8% in 2008 to 5,802 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (MMTCO 2 ), down from 5,967 MMTCO 2 in 2007, according to preliminary estimates released by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

2008 60

13 environmental groups urge USPS to select plug-ins for next-generation delivery vehicles

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The USPS operates a fleet of more than 200,000 vehicles in all areas of the United States and its territories; approximately 163,000 of these are right-hand drive, light-duty carrier route vehicles (CRVs) purchased between 1987 and 2001. Safe Climate Campaign.

2017 76

Toyota announces aggressive environmental targets through 2050; cutting new vehicle CO2 by 90% compared to 2010

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Addressing key global environmental issues such as climate change, water shortages, resource depletion, and degradation of biodiversity, the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 aims to reduce the negative impact of manufacturing and driving vehicles as much as possible. On the manufacturing side, Toyota is targeting cutting production process-related CO 2 emissions per vehicle from new plants and new production lines to roughly half of 2001 levels by 2020, and roughly a third by 2030.

2015 96

GM: Let's Hash Out Open Plug-In Car Standards

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

As we’ve noted before , a lower-power version of it was published back in 2001, specifying charging hardware interface and coupler system. Now, with a national renewable portfolio standard in the works, chip and solar equipment maker Applied Ma… House Dems Unveil Climate Plan: Carbon Cuts, National RPS and More $$$ GigaNET Posts Where In the World Is Open Source Software?

2009 35

Yangtze Basin to Face More Droughts, Floods and Storms

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°F) over the next 50 years, while extreme weather events will also become more frequent, according to the largest river basin climate vulnerability assessment yet done. The Yangtze River Basin Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Report, released in Beijing, not only describes the impact of climate change but also offers specific adaptation strategies for the Yangtze. Summary of the First-ever Yangtze River Basin Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Report.

2009 70

GM Quantifies CO2 and Fuel Consumption Reductions Via E-REVs And PHEVs, As Compared To Conventional Hybrids

Green Car Congress

The researchers began by comparing behavioral models of the three vehicles with trip information from the 2001 National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) of US travel behavior, conducted by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Tags: Climate Change Emissions Fuel Efficiency Hybrids Plug-ins by Jack Rosebro. Energy sources, paths, storage media, and propulsion systems available or in development. FCEV” refers to all fuel cell vehicles, including E-REVs and fuel cell hybrids.

2009 60

Uptick in sales of DPF retrofits for trucks and buses in California

Green Car Congress

The high emission-reduction efficiency of DPFs provides important public health benefits and climate change co-benefits associated with the reduction of black carbon emissions from diesel engines. Overall, in the US, approximately 100,000 retrofit DPFs have been sold since 2001 for both on-road and off-road vehicles.

2014 83

ICCT study finds that transitioning to low-GWP MAC refrigerants in China could avoid up to US$150B in costs

Green Car Congress

Among the findings of the report, “HFC-134a phase-out in the Chinese light-duty motor vehicle sector”, was that, considering the social cost of CO 2 e, up to 1 trillion RMB in costs (US$150 billion) required to address climate change could be avoided through 2050 by transitioning to low-GWP alternative MACs. China fully embraced HFC-134a in 2001 when it implemented its obligations under the 1987 Montreal Protocol.

2016 75

GM opens new US$200M diesel engine facility in Thailand; first to produce new 4-cylinder Duramax diesels

Green Car Congress

The plant has adopted technologies to keep the facility dust free and is fully climate controlled to manage humidity and create the most suitable environment for quality engine production. million Duramax 6.6-liter engines have been sold since 2001. General Motors opened a new diesel engine plant in Rayong, Thailand. The US$200 million facility, which is adjacent to the automaker’s vehicle manufacturing plant, represents GM’s most significant powertrain investment in Southeast Asia.

Hermes to deploy 1500 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Vito electric vans by 2020; pilot project in 2018

Green Car Congress

Electric mobility plays a key role as part of our long-term strategy for climate and environmental protection. The electricity will be generated with a completely neutral effect on the climate and, accordingly, in line with the green-electricity label “Grüner Strom” from the environmental associations. In 2001, Hermes tested a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with fuel-cell technology in normal operating conditions.

2017 60

Plug In America - Links and Resources

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Westbrook, 2001 "Gasoline to Electric Conversion Manual: A Workshop Guide for High Schools", published by the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada, July 2005 "History of the Electric Automobile: Hybrid electric vehicles", by Ernest H. Learn About Plug-ins What Are Plug-ins? Where Can I Buy One? Real Life EV Stories A Case for Electricity Plug In America Positions Energy Policy Frequently Asked Questions About Plug-in Buses Who Killed the Electric Car?

EV1 29

NOAA: Warmest April Global Temperature on Record; Also Warmest January-April

Green Car Congress

The monthly analysis from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, which is based on records going back to 1880, is part of the suite of climate services that NOAA provides government, business and community leaders so they can make informed decisions. According to NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, El Niño is expected to continue through June. It was, however, the 18 th largest April Arctic sea ice extent since 2001.

2010 67

U-M and Shanghai Jiao Tong University fund 6 energy and biomedical projects; batteries, policy and fuels

Green Car Congress

The goal of the U-M/SJTU Collaborative Research Program in Renewable Energy Science and Technology is to develop new technologies that reduce global carbon emissions and their impact on climate change. In 2001, U-M became the first non-Chinese academic institution approved to offer graduate engineering degrees in China, at SJTU. Six research teams from the University of Michigan (U-M) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) have won a share of $1.16

2012 79

Worldwatch Institute report finds global energy intensity increased in 2010 for second year in a row

Green Car Congress

—Alexander Ochs, director of Worldwatch’s Climate & Energy program. From 2001 to 2010, the rate dropped to 0.03%. Global energy intensity, 1981-2010. Click to enlarge. Global energy intensity—defined as total energy consumption divided by gross world product—increased 1.35% in 2010, the second year of increases in the context of a broader trend of decline over the last 30 years, according to a new Vital Signs Online article from the Worldwatch Institute.

2011 83

ICCT: gap between official and real-world fuel economy figures in Europe reaches ~38%; call to implement WLTP ASAP

Green Car Congress

The data show that for private cars, the difference between on-road and official CO 2 values rose from around 8% in 2001 to 31% in 2013. The increasing gap also more than halves the official CO 2 reductions achieved during the last ten years, making it more challenging to meet the EU’s climate change mitigation objectives.

2014 107

EPA proposes approval of new ozone plans for the two of the worst Air Quality Zones in US: California’s San Joaquin Valley and South Coast

Green Car Congress

The two areas suffer from some of the worst air quality in the country due to a number of factors, such as meteorology, geography, climate and weather. The worst sites in California have demonstrated a 52% improvement in ozone from 1976 to 2010, a 29% improvement in fine particulate matter (PM 2.5 ) from 2001 to 2010, an 84% improvement in carbon monoxide from 1970 to 2009, and a 92% improvement in sulfur dioxide from 1970 to 2009. US EPA Region 9 8-hour ozone trends, 1979-2000.

2011 80

Study of Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing Finds Mixed Performance for Most OEMs, BMW and Toyota as the Clear Leaders

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen only managed to create significantly positive Sustainable Value in 2001, 2002 and 2007. Ford has also languished in negative territory from 2001 onwards, and only temporarily showed signs of recovery in 2004 and 2005 (although still not managing to create positive Sustainable Value). Economic crisis, energy crisis, climate crisis and recent global developments have affected the automobile industry like few other sectors.