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Survey shows % of Californians walking, biking or used public transit more than doubled since 2000

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Results from the California Household Travel Survey ( CHTS ) —the largest and most complex review of its kind— show that the%age of California residents walking, biking, or using public transportation on a typical day has more than doubled since 2000.

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California ARB releases three studies showing fine particle pollution a threat to cardiovascular health

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The California Air Resources Board commissioned the studies to further investigate the connection between fine particulate pollution and public health impacts in California. We’ve long known particulate matter is a major component of California’s air pollution problem.

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10-year study shows how air pollution fosters heart disease; accelerated plaque build-up in arteries

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Long-term exposure to particulate air pollution has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, but the biological process has not been understood. A major, decade-long study of thousands of Americans has now found that people living in areas with more outdoor pollution—even at lower levels common in the United States—accumulate deposits in the arteries that supply the heart faster than do people living in less polluted areas.

Canada publishes proposed regulations for criteria pollutants from locomotives

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This marks Canada’s first regulation of air pollutant emissions from locomotives. The United States started regulating CAC emissions from locomotives in 2000. The Government of Canada has published proposed Locomotive Emissions Regulations in the Canada Gazette, Part I. The proposed regulations will criteria air contaminants (CACs), from locomotives operated by railway companies under federal jurisdiction through increasingly stringent emission standards and reduced idling.

Study finds tailor-made fuels from biomass could significantly reduce emissions of criteria pollutants and greenhouse gases

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A common rail system with a maximum fuel injection pressure of 2000 bar was used as injection system. Optimized fuel properties with regard to different emissions Janssen et al. Click to enlarge.

Air pollution regulations over last decade in Chinese city has halved health costs

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The study is the first to document the health and economic benefits of policies to reduce the burden of air pollution in a highly polluted area of China, and provides a model to measure how policies to improve air quality can protect human health. To combat air pollution, the Shanxi Provincial Government implemented many new environmental policies and regulations. The cost of premature death due to air pollution decreased by 3.83

New study finds asthma morbidity in children is enhanced in areas with high traffic-related air pollution near the home

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Results from a new study by researchers at the University of California Irvine support a growing body of scientific literature indicating that sensitive populations, including children, certain ethnic groups and people of lower socioeconomic status, are more vulnerable to the effects of high exposures to traffic-related air pollution. The UC Irvine study, which examined the effect of chronic exposure in asthmatic children living in homes near traffic pollution, was led by Ralph J.

Study Finds Damage, Pollution from Western Wildfires Could Surge With Moderate Global Warming

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This potential leap in destructiveness and pollution—mainly from an increase in wildfire frequency—is forecast by computer models calculating impacts of moderate global warming on western US wildfire patterns and atmospheric chemistry.

Cutting Non-CO2 Pollutants Can Delay Abrupt Climate Change; The Fast Action Climate Agenda

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With indoor air pollution killing 1.6 A recent study reported that ozone’s damage to crop yields in 2000 resulted in an economic loss of up to $26 billion annually. Probability distribution for the committed warming by GHGs between 1750 and 2005.

Paris weekday ban on pre-1997 cars takes effect, historic cars excepted

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The ban encompasses most cars made before 1997 and motorcycles made before 2000, and was enacted to combat rampant air pollution in the French capital. Beginning this week, drivers will not be able to take older cars into the center of Paris on weekdays. Older cars and motorcycles now face fines for entering the city between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm on. Europe Paris emissions France transportation policy

California ARB Report Finds Fine Particle Air Pollution Responsible for 9,000 Premature Deaths in State Each Year; Based on US EPA Peer-Reviewed Study

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Approximately 9,000 people in California are estimated to die prematurely each year as a result of exposure to fine particle pollution, according to a new report issued by the California Air Resources Board (ARB). Fine particle pollution, smaller than 2.5

Black carbon is a much larger cause of climate change than previously assessed; about twice previous estimates, and 2/3 the effect of CO2

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Black carbon (BC) is the second largest man-made contributor to global warming and its influence on climate has been greatly underestimated, according to the first quantitative and comprehensive analysis of this pollutant’s climate impact.

DLR and Wuppertal publish comprehensive global analysis of e-mobility technologies, outlook and lifecycle assessments

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They counted more than 500 electric passenger vehicles of all those types worldwide in the period from 2000 to 2013. The largest share of PHEVs were found between a vehicle curb weight of 1500 kg (3,300 lbs) and 2000 kg (4400 lbs).

MIT study says combustion emissions cause ~200,000 premature deaths/year in US; vehicles and power generation top sources

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2000 (90% CI: 0–4,000) early deaths from ozone, according to the study. In a state-by-state analysis, the researchers found that California suffers the worst health impacts from air pollution, with about 21,000 early deaths annually, mostly attributed to road transportation and to commercial and residential emissions from heating and cooking. Pollution from electricity generation still accounted for 52,000 premature deaths annually.

Achates OPGCI project targeting 50% fuel efficiency gains over downsized GDI engine at reduced cost

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Brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) of 267 g/kWh was measured at the 2000 rpm-2bar BMEP global test point. bar was measured at 2000 rpm, with 17.4

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Electric quadricycles not eligible for scrappage scheme

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Following meetings at the Department for Transport , Aixam Mega has been informed that ultra-light vehicles or quadricyles – including those with electric, petrol or diesel-powered engines – will not be eligible for a £2000 discount under the scrappage programme. Lawrence Holland, general manager of Aixam Mega, said that the scrappage scheme, which is intended to boost the automotive industry and to remove the most polluting vehicles from the road, has not been well thought-out.

ICCT study finds real-world NOx emissions from Euro 6 diesels ~7x higher than Euro 6 regulatory levels

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The permissible limit for NO x emissions from diesel cars declined from 500 milligrams per kilometer (mg/km) under Euro 3 (effective January 2000) to 80 mg/ km under Euro 6 (effective September 2014). Some EU Member States are already facing legal actions for persistent air pollution problems.

Scrappage scheme sees end to Jags, Mercs and even a Morris Minor

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And it’s not just polluting vehicles, but golden oldies too which are making their way to the scrap heap. Tags: Hyundai government scheme scrappage £2000 The Government’s car scrappage scheme has got off to a flying start as the end of its first week draws to a close. According to Hyundai, their dealers have been surprised by the array of cars which have been scrapped in exchange for more environmentally friendly i10 and i120s.

Study Finds On-Road Transportation Sector the Greatest Net Contributor to Atmospheric Warming Now and in Mid-Term; Power Sector Takes the Lead by 2050

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Radiative forcing due to perpetual constant year 2000 emissions grouped by sector for 2020 (left) and 2100 (right) showing the contribution from each species. Cars, buses, and trucks release pollutants and greenhouse gases that promote warming, while emitting few aerosols that counteract it. The net sum of total radiative forcing is indicated by the title of each bar. From Unger et al., Click to enlarge.

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Mercedes-Benz powering ahead with €3B strategic engine initiative; increasing electrification, 48V; diesel and gasoline; cylinder deactivation

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From its 3982 cc displacement, the new V8 biturbo produces more than 350 kW (476 hp) with a maximum torque of around 700 Nm from 2000 rpm.

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EPA report shows progress in reducing urban air toxics across US; 50% reduction from mobile sources since 1990

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released the Second Integrated Urban Air Toxics Report to Congress—the final of two reports required under the Clean Air Act (CAA) to inform Congress of progress in reducing public health risks from urban air toxics (also referred to as hazardous air pollutants or HAPs). approximately 3 million tons per year of criteria pollutants, such as particulate matter and sulfur dioxide, have been reduced as co-benefits of air toxics reductions.

EPA report to Congress finds a strong scientific and technical foundation for mitigating black carbon emissions

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BC is a significant component of particulate matter (PM) pollution, which has been linked to adverse health and environmental impacts through decades of scientific research. Key policy-relevant scientific uncertainties related to BC. Source: EPA. Click to enlarge.

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Study finds that replacement programs that reduce vehicle lifetime can result in increased lifecycle CO2 emissions

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Effects of changes in the average lifespan of ordinary passenger cars newly registered between 1990-2000 on total induced CO 2 emissions in 2000. If the 2000 market shares of hybrid cars were 14.1%, a one-year decrease in lifetime will reduce life-cycle CO 2 emission in 2000 by 0.6%.

Study suggests fine particulates increase risk of stroke

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While numerous studies have shown that air pollution is associated with cardio-pulmonary mortality, there has been less research into the possible effect of air pollution on stroke and non-fatal coronary events. Participants were selected over the time period from 2000 to 2003, and were aged between 45 and 74 years. The results indicate that stroke is more likely to occur with increased air pollution.

Study finds that worldwide SO2 emissions rose between 2000-2005 after decade of decline; China, shipping topped growth

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The factors that determine total emissions are the amount of fuel consumed, its sulfur content, and any pollution controls employed. By the year 2000, however, refineries were removing half the sulfur from crude oil, reducing emissions, the researchers estimated.

Study projects thermoelectric power in Europe and US vulnerable to climate change due to lower summer river flows and higher river water temperatures

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Projected changes in summer mean usable capacity of power plants in the US and Europe for the SRES A2 emissions scenario for the 2040s (2031–2060) relative to the control period (1971–2000). This causes downstream thermal pollution affecting, for example, life cycles of aquatic organisms. Source: van Vliet et al. Click to enlarge. A study published in Nature Climate Change suggests that thermoelectric power plants (i.e.,

Six refineries in $425M settlement with EPA and DOJ over emissions violations

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and Par Hawaii Refining that resolves alleged Clean Air Act violations and protects public health by reducing air pollution at six refineries. Under the settlement, the two companies will spend about $403 million to install and operate pollution control equipment, and Tesoro will spend about $12 million to fund environmental projects in local communities previously impacted by pollution. Strict internal leak definitions: 500 ppm for valves and 2000 ppm for pumps.


UC Berkeley study concludes demand reduction policies on light-duty vehicles essential to meeting GHG reduction targets by 2050

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persons per vehicle, typical of European averages in 2000. It would also explore in greater detail the substantial co-benefits of lower LDV usage by assessing, for instance, reductions in urban air pollution. Average per capita light-duty vehicle (LDV) transport CO 2.

Using parking reform as a tool to influence travel behavior

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In the last few decades, a growing number of European cities have led the world in changing the direction of parking policy, with a number of attractive results including revitalized town centers; large reductions in car use; and decreasing air pollution and rising quality of urban life, according to a new report published by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy ( ITDP ).

US EPA Reports National Trends Show Improvements in Air Quality

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Since 1990, nationwide air quality has improved significantly for the six common air pollutants: ground-level ozone; particle pollution; lead; nitrogen dioxide; carbon monoxide; and sulfur dioxide, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report “Our Nation’s Air - Status and Trends through 2008”. Nationally, air pollution was lower in 2008 than in 1990 for: 8-hour ozone, by 14%. since 2000), by 19%.

California greenhouse gas inventory shows state is tracking to achieve 2020 AB 32 target

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Bar chart of 2000 to 2013 GHG emissions by category as defined in the Scoping Plan. Overall trends in the inventory also demonstrate that the carbon intensity of California’s economy, the amount of carbon pollution per million dollars of GDP, is declining.

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Study estimates 6% of lung cancer deaths in US and UK attributable to diesel exhaust

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However, their attributable fraction AF estimates for occupational and environmental DEE exposure is generally consistent with some previous estimates for traffic-related air pollution and lung cancer mortality and incidence. However, emission standards for offroad vehicles and industrial applications are generally introduced after those for on-road vehicles and therefore many offroad applications were still largely uncontrolled in 2000.

Gallup poll finds Americans’ worries about environmental threats easing

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As in the past, Americans expressed the greatest worry about pollution of drinking water, and the least about global warming. And although concern about environmental issues is lower among both Republicans and Democrats since 2000, it is down more among Republicans.

New split-cycle concept to control diesel HCCI combustion

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Increasing engine speed from 2000 to 6000 rpm, indicated thermal efficiency decreases from 47% to 45% for the turbocharged case and from 46% to 44% for the naturally aspirated one due to higher pressure losses in the transfer phase. Turbocharged HCPC engine scheme. Click to enlarge.

Study finds paved surfaces in Houston worsen air quality

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New research by a team from the US, China and Japan focusing on the Houston, Texas area suggests that widespread urban development alters weather patterns in a way that can make it easier for pollutants to accumulate during warm summer weather instead of being blown out to sea.

Evidence from glacier ice: Until it was banned, leaded gasoline dominated the anthropogenic lead emissions in South America

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The scientists found that lead from road traffic in the neighboring countries polluted the air twice as heavily as regional mining from the 1960s onwards. Glacier ice is an invaluable archive of past air pollution.

US 2nd-largest petroleum refinery to pay more than $5.3M for Clean Air Act violations

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million and spend more than $700 million in new pollution controls that will help protect public health and resolve Clean Air Act violations at its St. The settlement with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Justice (DOJ) requires new and upgraded pollution controls, more stringent emission limits, and aggressive monitoring, leak-detection and repair practices to reduce emissions from refinery equipment and process units.

UCS analysis finds Hyundai-Kia with best sales-weighted new vehicle environmental performance in US in 2013

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For the first time since UCS began the Automaker Rankings report in 2000, all eight major automakers reduced their average greenhouse gas (GHG) and smog-forming emissions compared to their fleet averages from 1998, the model year examined in the first report. Click to enlarge.

Joint Canada/Alberta Implementation Plan for Oil Sands Monitoring begins summer air monitoring project

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The collaborative study between government, non-government, university and community partners will collect both airborne and ground-based measurements to determine how air pollutants are transformed and transported across the landscape. Both monitoring sites included in the study are in close proximity to surface mining areas and allow for air pollutant mixtures from industry to the north and south to be studied separately.

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Tour Engine moves its opposed-cylinder split-cycle engine to beta prototype; coupling a compression ratio of 8:1 with expansion ratio of 16:1 for increased efficiency

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Tour says that the valve—which is of low mass design (and low inertia) features ultrafast actuation (<1 ms) and at 2000 rpm can open fully over 2–6 ° crankshaft angle. Drawing of the split-cycle TourEngine beta prototype. Click to enlarge. Tour Engine Inc.,