Ricardo white paper outlines needed developments to realize autonomous driving

Green Car Congress

In terms of advancing virtual testing and validation, the white paper describes Ricardo Agent Drive—simulation software based on ABM methodology that is used to create real-world driving scenarios to test complex driving situations for autonomous vehicles in agent-based simulation.

2016 78

CALSTART white paper shows nationwide tech supplier industry ready to support more efficient heavy-duty trucks and buses

Green Car Congress

A new high-level white-paper from clean transportation industry group CALSTART shows that US companies that develop and manufacture high-efficiency, low-carbon technologies for heavy-duty vehicles are ready to support more efficient trucks and buses.

2016 78

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SoCal Edison white paper shares data about PEV usage and charging

Green Car Congress

Southern California Edison (SCE) released a white paper summarizing learnings from its Electric Vehicle (EV) readiness program. The paper, “Charged Up: Southern California Edison’s Key Learnings about Electric Vehicles, Our Customers and Grid Reliability,” shares information based on customer data and utility operations gathered since SCE began to prepare the distribution system and its customers for widespread electric vehicle (EV) adoption in its service territory.

2013 84

SAE releases technical white paper on two new low-GWP refrigerants; alternates to R-1234yf

Green Car Congress

The MRB CRP team is now sharing a technical White Paper for these blends, based upon the information previously reported at SAE Thermal Management System Symposium (TMSS) in October 2012, and more recently updated at UNEP Round Table on New Technology in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning held in Milan on 7 June 2013.

2013 74

CAAFI R&D team releases critical challenges position paper and white papers for alternative jet fuel industry

Green Car Congress

The Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) R&D team released its current position paper on critical R&D challenges facing the alternative jet fuel industry, highlighting near-, mid-, and long-term priorities. The Position Paper is supported by a series of white papers describing the path forward on these key topics.

2013 71

Ricardo white paper suggests best practices in evaluating EV battery companies

Green Car Congress

Ricardo Strategic Consulting has published a white paper outlining the processes that investors and automakers should adopt as they evaluate investment opportunities and suppliers in the rapidly developing electric vehicle (EV) battery systems market. Key questions explored briefly by the white paper include: Does the company have a product that is unique?

2011 74

Green and Connected: CAR White Paper Explores Interaction of Vehicle Communications and Electrification of Powertrains

Green Car Congress

The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) has released a review draft of a white paper prepared for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) that explores the interactions between what it calls “ two of the most important developments in automotive technology underway ”: the introduction of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications; and the electrification of the powertrain.

2010 76

Number of electric cars California needs to cut 2030 emissions unclear: 4 million or 7 million?

Green Car Reports

One of California's largest electricity producers recently published a white paper that analyzed how the state will achieve its 2030 greenhouse-gas targets—and it called into question targets set forth by California regulators. Specifically, Southern California Edison (SCE) said the targeted 4 million electric vehicles isn't nearly enough to. emissions California greenhouse gas climate change plug-in cars state laws

2018 60

Spectacular #YearOfJoe Comes To Breathtaking Finish As #YearOfJoe2 Kicks Off With A Bang!

Creative Greenius

For the past decade I’ve been writing environmental/climate focused blogs, web pages, Facebook posts, flyers, Op-eds, speeches, white papers, tweets, rally show flows, introductions of famous folks and press releases. Greetings Creative Greenius Readers, A little more than a year ago I was fried to a crispy, nasty edge and ready to commit homicide with any number of potential victims in my sights – if I didn’t do myself in first from a stroke or a heart attack.

2018 163

Gap between real world and official fuel economy more than doubles

Green Cars News

A new white paper by the independent environmental research firm, shows that the discrepancy between official and re[.].

2013 64

Scottish authorities ‘failing’ to promote sustainable travel

Green Cars News

While Scotland weighs its options as it considers a vote for independence, Scots have more reading to do besides the 670-page White Paper released this week by the Scottish National Party.

2013 56

11 automotive and mobility companies publish framework for safe automated driving systems: SaFAD

Green Car Congress

The SaFAD white paper authors’ purpose is to emphasize the importance of safety by design, along with verification and validation, as the industry works toward creating standards for automated driving. The foundation of the SaFAD white paper is its 12 Guiding Principles, which are further refined into capabilities of the automated vehicle, from which safe-by-design elements are derived to support the capability and achieve the guiding principles.

2019 73

NAATBatt Coalition recommends deployment of up to 300 GWh of distributed energy storage systems by 2022

Green Car Congress

A coalition of 13 leading industrial companies and electric utilities, including General Motors Company, The Dow Chemical Company and Duke Energy, issued a white paper recommending the installation of up to 300 GWh of distributed energy storage (DES) systems around the country by 2022. The white paper points out that the way that DES systems are paid for discourages their deployment.

2012 76

ICCT paper assesses leading regional EV markets in US and policies behind them

Green Car Congress

A new white paper from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) assesses which policy actions are behind the regional leading markets in the US for electric vehicles. The white paper provides a table detailing all the actions across the MSAs.

2016 113

Yet another CARB ZEV meeting

Plugs and Cars

Yet much of the white paper simply reaffirms CARB's intention to focus on hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles, despite their own belief that even pre-commercialization of fuel cell vehicles remains over five years away. CARB's continued unbalanced allocation of resources is reflected on its website homepage and in the white paper itself (for example, 658 words are devoted to hydrogen infrastructure; 109 to BEV infrastructure.)

2009 100

EV Project collects more than 24 million miles of EV operating data since inception

Green Car Congress

As part of The EV Project, ECOtality will be releasing more than 40 white papers on various topics ranging from a study of the needs of commercial charging to regulatory issues. These white papers will be available to the public at www.theevproject.com. ECOtality, Inc. has collected more than 24 million miles of electric vehicle operating data since the inception of The EV Project in 2010. Earlier post.).

2012 74

EEI encourages utilities to spend at least 5% of fleet acquisition budgets on plug-ins

Green Car Congress

The paper encourages investor-owned electric utilities to meet an industry-wide goal to spend at least 5% of annual fleet acquisition budgets on plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and technologies. —EEI white paper.

2014 106

ICCT quantifies the EV charging infrastructure gap across US markets

Green Car Congress

In a new white paper , the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has quantified the gap in charging infrastructure across the 100 most populous US metropolitan areas in the US to power more than 3 million expected electric vehicles by 2025.

2019 119

Toyota Research Institute outlines progress in automated driving; Platform 2.1; new Luminar LiDAR

Green Car Congress

White paper. The white paper includes the philosophy that guides its approach to the technology, its ongoing research programs, and its near-term product plans.

2017 78

California Hydrogen Business Council says a robust P2G RD&D program should be a priority for the state

Green Car Congress

The case for using Power-to-Gas solutions to store renewable energy is compelling for a number of important use cases, according to a new white paper released by the California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC). Power-to-Gas: The Case for Hydrogen White Paper.

2015 100

TARDEC seeks partners for Next-Generation Combat Vehicle prototype

Green Car Congress

DATC anticipates a Request for White Paper (RWP) to be released to DATC members only that is expected to result in a Project Award to a single team. Army TARDEC is looking for new, innovative engineering organizations from industry, academia and defense communities to partner in the development its Next Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV) prototype. TARDEC will reveal details of this new program at a briefing in Warren, Mich., on Wednesday, 29 March.

2017 60

Steel LCA study: lightweighting with advanced high-strength steel produces lower GHG emissions than with aluminum

Green Car Congress

In 2016 SMDI released a white paper on life cycle GHG emissions; this study includes a comprehensive ISO-conformant peer review of that white paper and incorporates updated baseline vehicle models and data.

2018 96

Fraunhofer IAO patent analysis finds China leading in Industry 4.0

Green Car Congress

The project’s first white paper reveals that China is way out in front when it comes to patent applications for the basic technologies needed for Industry 4.0. Part one of the study can be downloaded as a white paper free of charge. Part of Fraunhofer IAO’s China TechWatch research project involves analyzing developments in Chinese technology.

2015 88

How to choose an electric vehicle battery company

Green Cars News

A new white paper from Ricardo Strategic Consulting looks at the processes that car manufacturers and investors should use when selecting suppliers in the electric vehicle battery systems market. The paper, titled “A battery of questions for electric vehicle investors”, looks at the absence of industry standards in terms of cell chemistries and performance, as [.].

Daimler AG and BMW Group launch long-term development cooperation for automated driving

Green Car Congress

Along with Aptiv, Audi, Baidu, Continental, Fiat Chrysler, HERE, Infineon, Intel and Volkswagen, the BMW Group and Daimler have published a white paper entitled Safety First for Automated Driving (SaFAD).

2019 77

MECA report finds additional NOx emission reductions from new heavy-duty trucks achievable and cost-effective (corrected)

Green Car Congress

[In the earlier version of this post, I mistakenly linked to and used the 2019 report rather than the current 2020 report. I apologize for the error. —Ed].

2020 83

BIO says EPA inaction on RFS rule causing an increase in GHG emissions

Green Car Congress

million additional cars on US roads are likely as a result of EPA inaction on finalizing the 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) rules, according to a new white paper issued by The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO). The white paper updates earlier BIO’s March 2014 study, “Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Proposed Changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard Through 2022.”. Increased greenhouse gas emissions equal to 4.4

2014 81

NASA and ARPA-E collaborate on iTech competition for transformational energy technologies

Green Car Congress

Continuing through 29 April 2018, inventors and entrepreneurs can submit a five-page white paper on their concept on the NASA iTech website. NASA iTech and the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) are collaborating on a unique iTech competition to identify transformational energy technologies that can improve energy generation, storage and distribution to the benefit of both space exploration and life on Earth.

2018 65

Rav Long Ranger

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

The white papers. Rav Long Ranger Hybridizing Trailer The Long Ranger was an AC Propulsion project (commissioned by Toyota) to build a generator trailer that would allow liquid-fueled high-speed travel in the Rav4EV.

AMPLY Power: Top 25 US cities could save avg. 37% on fuel costs by switching to electric vehicles and buses; up to 60% with managed charging

Green Car Congress

A white paper by AMPLY Power, a company providing fleet charging as a service, finds that 25 of America’s largest metropolitan areas could save an average of 37% on fuel costs by electrifying their bus and light-duty vehicle fleets.

2019 109

UK says no to EU ban on petrol and diesel cars

Green Cars News

The European Commission revealed its white paper ‘Roadmap for the Future of Transport 2050’ late yesterday which details plans to reduce dependency on oil, reduce congestion and reduce emissions from the transport [.]. The UK government has rejected plans from the EU which plan a ban on petrol and diesel cars from city centres by 2050.

Former Commerce and Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta urges technology neutral policies in reaching proposed CAFE standards

Green Car Congress

In a white paper released at a National Press Club briefing, Secretary Mineta detailed his support for such policies—i.e., Former Transportation and Commerce Secretary Norman Mineta, who served under former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W.

2011 109

ICCT-led analysis of turbocharged, downsized engine tech finds lower costs and greater benefits than 2012 EPA/NHTSA analysis; 48V, e-boost, Miller

Green Car Congress

A new white paper published by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), in collaboration with Eaton, Ricardo, JCI, BorgWarner, Honeywell, and the ITB Group, analyzes current turbocharged, downsized gasoline engine technology developments and trends.

2016 106

SGB cuts time to maturity with new hybrid Jatropha from 5 to 1-2 years; $11M Series C financing

Green Car Congress

A white paper released today and authored by Dr. Bob Schmidt, SGB’s chief scientist outlines how SGB has accomplished the domestication of a new crop species. SGB Inc., an agricultural biotechnology and seed company enabling the production of high quality, low-cost and sustainable plant oil, protein and biomass, announced success in its program to create hybrid Jatropha which has both high yield and rapid time to maturity.

2014 74

Ricardo-AEA to lead 4-year EC-funded study on the future of sustainable urban transport in Europe

Green Car Congress

These objectives include those set out in the 2011 Transport White Paper such as significantly reducing CO 2 and air pollutant emissions from urban transport. The European Commission has selected Ricardo-AEA to lead a project to help cities across Europe take action to improve the performance of their transport systems. The new four-year project will be carried out on behalf of the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE).

2014 76

UK Government to Announce Next Steps for High Speed Rail in March 2010

Green Car Congress

If the Government decides to pursue proposals for high speed rail, it will publish a white paper by the end of March 2010. The white paper will set out detailed plans for new high-speed rail lines and services, including route proposals, timescales and associated financial, economic, and environmental assessments.

2009 64

MECA report assesses technology feasibility for heavy-duty diesel trucks to meet lower NOx standards by 2024

Green Car Congress

The MECA assessment is based on the implementation timeline presented by CARB staff at a January 2019 public workshop as well as the assumptions laid out in the CARB staff white paper released in April 2019.

2019 91

Southern California Edison introduces clean energy proposal to meet state’s climate, air quality goals; >7M EVs (24%) by 2030

Green Car Congress

SCE describes its Clean Power and Electrification Pathway in a white paper. Southern California Edison has proposed an integrated strategic framework for the state of California to meet its ambitious climate and air quality goals.

2017 85

Amminex City-SCR upgrade delivers gaseous ammonia for improved SCR conversion of NOx; avoiding high off-cycle emissions

Green Car Congress

Dana Lowell and Fanta Kamakaté (2012) Urban off-cycle NO x emissions from Euro IV/V trucks and buses , ICCT White Paper Nº 18.

2014 96

Neah Power Systems pitching on-board formic acid reforming for automotive hydrogen fuel cell applications

Green Car Congress

The company recently published a white paper discussing its patent pending technology. Neah Power Systems , Inc. is in preliminary discussions with a fuel cell company to license formic acid reforming technology for certain grid scale applications, and is also identifying appropriate automotive partners for the technology, opening up new Served Available Markets (SAM) that are very significant, according to CEO Chris D’Couto.

2014 90

Gevo and Mansfield Oil sign commercial off-take and strategic alliance agreements for renewable isobutanol

Green Car Congress

Isobutanol—a Renewable Solution For The Transportation Fuels Value Chain (Gevo white paper). Gevo, Inc. has entered into a strategic marketing alliance with Mansfield Oil Company to distribute isobutanol-based fuel into the petroleum market. In addition the companies signed a commercial off-take agreement—Gevo’s second commercial off-take agreement to date and its first in the fuel industry.

2011 71

UMTRI researchers suggest autonomous vehicles should pass a licensing test

Green Car Congress

Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) are suggesting that self-driving vehicles should be required to pass a licensing test.

2015 103

IHS Global Insight Report Projects That Plugged-in Vehicles Could Capture 20% of the Global Market by 2030

Green Car Congress

The IHS Global Insight white paper, “Battery Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles: The Definitive Assessment of the Business Case,” forecasts an 8.6% The development of powerful, long-lasting batteries and ready access to a reliable power grid for recharging remain the critical issues for the success of the battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle of the future, according to the white paper.

2010 76