EVs dominate list of efficient cars in ORNL 2022 Fuel Economy Guide

Green Car Congress

of Energy. For the first time, two electric vehicles with a 500-mile driving range (two variants of the Lucid Air) sit at the top of the guide’s 10 most fuel-efficient vehicles. Four of the models on the guide’s “best in class” list of cars by size are conventionally fueled.

Tesla dominates the list of most American-made cars


Tesla dominates the list of most American-made cars, now with the Model Y taking the top spot on the 2022 list. The post Tesla dominates the list of most American-made cars appeared first on Electrek.

Tesla 111

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Canada releases list of 31 critical minerals; domestic production, global impact

Green Car Congress

The government of Canada says that the country can leverage its mining and processing expertise and world leading environmental, social and governance credentials, and become the global supplier of choice for clean and advanced technologies. Canada’s Critical Minerals List.

Canada 345

EPA adds 1-bromopropane to list of hazardous air pollutants; first addition since 1990

Green Car Congress

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has granted petitions to add 1-bromopropane (1-BP) to the list of hazardous air pollutants regulated under the Clean Air Act (CAA). Petitioners requesting EPA to list 1-BP, also known as n-propyl bromide (nPB), have demonstrated its adverse health and environmental impacts. Under the CAA, EPA is required to regulate emissions of air toxics, also known as hazardous air pollutants.

2020 265

DOE publishes list of EVs eligible for new tax credit


Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data (DOE) published a list of electric vehicles that are immediately available for the new $7,500 EV tax credit. To make things easier to digest, the following lists show the EVs that qualify for this year and next year.

Shopping for your next Ford EV pickup? Here’s a list of Ford electric trucks by price


If you’re shopping for your next pickup, check out the list of Ford electric trucks broken down by price below. Here’s a list of Ford electric trucks by price appeared first on Electrek. When it comes to trucks, few automakers do it better than Ford.

Tesla tops the list of most satisfied customers in the entire auto industry


Tesla has topped the list of most satisfied customers in the entire auto industry, with Model 3 taking the top spot for for all cars globally. The post Tesla tops the list of most satisfied customers in the entire auto industry appeared first on Electrek.

Tesla Autopilot tops the list of most crashes on driver-assist features in new NHTSA report


Tesla has topped the list of most crashes on advanced driver-assist (ADAS) features – Autopilot in Tesla’s case – in NHTSA’s first report on “Safety Performance of Advanced Vehicle Technologies.”.

NIO exits from shareholder list of its joint venture with GAC

CN EV Post

Earlier this month, a company originally formed by Changan and NIO announced the completion of a new round of financing that reduced NIO's stake to less than 1 percent. The post NIO exits from shareholder list of its joint venture with GAC appeared first on CnEVPost.

Tesla Model Y tops list of best-selling SUVs in China in June

CN EV Post

The post Tesla Model Y tops list of best-selling SUVs in China in June appeared first on CnEVPost. Tesla Model Y retail sales in China in June were 52,150 units, well above the second place BYD Song's 31,787 units.

BYD 84

Tesla releases list of battery material suppliers, confirms long-term nickel deal with Vale


Tesla has released a list of direct battery material suppliers and confirmed that it has a long-term nickel deal with Vale, the world’s largest nickel producer.

Tesla trifecta dominates Consumer Reports’ list of most satisfying cars on the market


Regardless of predicted reliability ratings or the amount of negative media coverage a carmaker receives, the loyalty of customers is something that simply cannot be matched. A consumer’s love for a vehicle is something truly valuable.

Kia 114

List of electric vehicles startups funding in India 

Electric Vehicles India

List of electric vehicles startups funding in India . In this article, we have listed some of the funding deals of electric vehicles companies and startups. Let us now look at the list of electric vehicle companies seed funding.

India 71

Details of all 51 electric three-wheeler manufacturers in India

Bikli Waligaadi

The post Details of all 51 electric three-wheeler manufacturers in India appeared first on Electric Vehicles_(India). The electric three-wheeler market size is expected to grow globally at 5.2% CAGR and is expected to reach USD 831.10 million by.

India 79

Tesla Model 3 tops MotorTrend’s list of “Best Compact Luxury Sedans to Buy in 2021”


The Model 3 may not have the conventional posh amenities of traditional luxury vehicles, but this did not stop the entry-level Tesla from topping MotorTrend’s list of “Best Compact Luxury Sedans to Buy in 2021.”

Buy 114

The Growing List of EVmatch Partners

EV Match

Take a look at some of our partners below. EVmatch and Burlington Electric Department (BED) are partnering to deploy a limited number of charging stations for free at qualifying multi-unit dwellings in Burlington, Vermont. Providers of Electric Vehicle Equipment & Services.

Tesla Tops List Of World's Most In-Demand Car Brands


According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, this has probably been true for some time, and it's not letting up

Tesla 99

Tesla Model 3 tops list of 20 most affordable EVs to run according to 2022 EV Miles Report


A recent 2022 report by Zutobi has ranked the top 20 most affordable EVs to operate around the world based on a number of factors. Tesla takes the top spot this year, but there are plenty of other viable options currently available to consumers.

Electric Vehicle Glossary: The Complete list of Electric Car Related Terms

Get Electric Vehicle

This is a list and definitions of all the terms related to electric vehicles. A short definition of terms is also provided. Do you think I can add more terms to this list after reading it? Please comment any words that you think I missed in the list.

Ford CEO Jim Farley named in Newsweek’s list of Greatest Auto Disruptors as Exec. of the Year


Ford CEO Jim Farley has been named in Newsweek’s 2022 List of Greatest Auto Disruptors, capturing the title of Executive of the Year. “I think Tesla deserves a lot of credit for their acknowledgment of the shift more than 10 years ago.”

F-150 83

Is there a list of EV conversion shops?

Electric Cars are for Girls

As exciting as a DIY electric conversion sounds, many people don't have the time, skills, and/or inclination to convert a vehicle themselves. On your main

2019 89

Tesla Model 3 And BMW i4 Top List Of UK's Most Efficient EVs


The Tesla and the BMW are the only EVs rated A++, while the Mercedes-Benz EQV is the only one with an E rating

Automakers develop consensus list of priority locations for next 19 H2 fueling stations in California

Green Car Congress

The automaker OEM Advisory Group (OEM AG) of the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) has developed a consensus list of recommended station priority locations for the next 19 hydrogen stations to be built in California. The data was then compiled into an aggregate list. creation of redundancy in the network.

2015 200

Tesla Tops List of Electric Vehicles Cheapest to Run

Green Fleet Magazine

A study calculated the cost of running more than 100 different EVs, revealing the most affordable model, and states to run an EV

Fleet 52

NHTSA adds rearview video systems to list of recommended safety technologies to encourage broader use

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will add rearview video systems to its list of recommended features under its New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). As we’ve seen with other features in the past, adding rearview video systems to our list of recommended safety features will encourage both automakers and consumers to consider more vehicles that offer this important technology.

2013 197

Luna Cycle launched X2 full suspension electric bike

Electric Vehicles India

It is equipped with an upgraded battery nows comes in at 48V and 17.5Ah or around 820 Wh of capacity. Its battery is removable and is mounted inside of the downtube for a sleek, hidden look. It comes with several packs of serious assistance and mid-motor.

Buy 71

Electric bicycles: Hero & Yamaha JV, Proposed US tax credit for electric bicycles 

Electric Vehicles India

billion, a fraction of the European market. In 2020 the European bicycle market was valued at USD 8 billion and it is expected to reach USD 17 billion by 2026, projecting a CAGR of 13%. The venture will be established with an initial capital of Rs.

Ford only automaker on Ethisphere Institute’s list of 2016 World’s Most Ethical Companies

Green Car Congress

and Tier 1 supplier Delphi Automotive also made the 2016 list. The framework of Ethisphere’s proprietary rating system, the corporate Ethics Quotient (EQTM), consists of a series of multiple-choice questions that capture a company’s performance. The EQ framework and methodology was determined, vetted and refined by the expert advice and insights gleaned from Ethisphere’s network of thought leaders and from the World’s Most Ethical Companies Methodology Advisory Panel.

2016 150

ACEEE issues latest list of 'Greenest' and 'Meanest" vehicles

Green Car Reports

Measuring the energy efficiency of a new vehicle is one thing, but ascertaining its overall environmental impact can be more complex. A debate still rages over the overall carbon footprint of electric cars compared to those powered by fossil fuels. But for the past 20 years, the the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has tried to. Environmental Carbon Footprint emissions Fuel Economy

2017 80

GYON adds name to long list of Chinese EV startups

China EV

GYON’s mission is to “create the next generation of electric, intelligent, connected, and socialized transportation products and services.” I asked Joe Chao, the co-founder and president of GYON, what made his EV company special. LOS ANGELES — Can you believe it?

China 52

EPA: 'Long List' Of Questions On New VW Diesel Software Feature

Green Car Reports

A couple of weeks ago, Volkswagen seemed confident that it would be just a matter of weeks before it made some simple tweaks and got its 2016 lineup of TDI diesel vehicles certified by the EPA. That was before the existence of a second, and different, piece of software--previously undisclosed by VW--came to light.

2015 122

How Will VW Fix My Diesel Car, And When? A List Of All Models

Green Car Reports

CEO, Michael Horn, spent several hours yesterday testifying in front of a Congressional panel on the company's growing TDI diesel-emission cheating scandal. Volkswagen's U.S. From that testimony, we can now break down how many cars and which models were affected, how the company expects to fix them, and when that process may start. Senators were. emissions EPA TDI VW Golf TDI A3 TDI Jetta TDI Passat TDI Beetle TDI

2015 117

A List of Tools and Supplies

Open Source Civic EV Kit

Over the past few days, I've been compiling a list of tools and supplies needed to do an effective electric vehicle conversion. After getting valuable feedback from several people on the Civic-EV Google Group, I came up with the following list: [link] tools-needed If anyone has additional comments, I welcome the feedback. This list will continue to change as we find new information during the conversion process.

2008 100

Mitsubishi Motors North America adds AeroVironment to authorized list of charger suppliers

Green Car Congress

as an additional authorized and approved nationwide supplier of EV home charging systems, on-site installation services and support for the 2012 i-MiEV. AeroVironment’s turnkey solution includes its UL-listed home charging station, permit acquisition, installation, customer training, 24/7 customer service and a three-year warranty on both parts and installation labor. < —Yoichi Yokozawa, President & CEO of Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. /p>.

New Hybrids Enter List Of Cars With Highest Gas Mileage Ever

Green Car Reports

Back in 2010, we asked why so few of today''s cars were among the most fuel efficient ever. Look down the list of the most fuel-efficient vehicles sold in the U.S, and only a small handful had been built in the previous decade--cars such as the familiar Prius, and the all-too-brief but brilliant first-generation Honda Insight hybrid. Well, that''s

2013 92

Grim First: Air Pollution Makes Top 10 List Of Disease Risk Factors

Green Car Reports

According to the 2010 Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors (GBD) Study published this month in The Lancet, high blood pressure, tobacco smoke, and alcohol abuse are the world's most dangerous risk factors for disease. Among the other top-ten items on that grim list, we also find air pollution -- largely ambient particulate matter

2012 115

“Greener Aviation” Technologies and Alternative Fuels Head AIAA List of Top 10 Emerging Aerospace Technologies

Green Car Congress

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics ( AIAA ) has released its first annual list of top emerging aerospace technologies. Alternative Fuels, including biofuels, as promoted by the FAA’s Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI), and the recent FAA grant to the X Prize Foundation to spur development of renewable aviation fuels and technologies.

2009 150

IBM releases fifth annual Next Five in Five list of near-term significant innovations; personalized routing for commuting/transportation makes the cut

Green Car Congress

IBM unveiled the fifth annual “Next Five in Five”—a list of innovations that have the potential to change the way people work, live and play over the next five years. Of the five, only one is directly transportation-related: Commuters will be able to quickly access personalized recommendations that help them avoid the congestion issues they routinely face and help them get where they need to go in the fastest time.

2010 190

Toyota Tops List Of Green Brands, VW & Honda Close Behind

Green Car Reports

Toyota has had a bumpy ride the past couple of years, thanks in no small part to a high-profile series of safety recalls. To make matters worse, its popular Prius was recently lost its #1 spot on the EPA's list of fuel-efficient cars. But not to worry: the automaker just landed atop a different list, and it's now the greenest brand in the world

2011 84

Electric cars dominate EPA list of the most efficient vehicles

Green Cars News

A new 2013 Fuel Economy Guide published by the US’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) places the new Scion iQ EV model at the top of the pack, with a economy rating of 121 mpge (the e stands for ‘equivalent’ [.]. Electric cars have completely taken over in the US as the most energy efficient vehicles available.

2012 48

High fuel prices top list of motoring bugbears

Green Cars News

More than half (56 per cent) of all motorists would like to own a more efficient vehicle, according to new research by Autoglass, though whether they will actually make it to the showrooms remains unanswered. In a new study by OnePoll commissioned by the vehicle glass repair firm to mark its 40th birthday, it’s revealed [.]. Green credentials fuel price

2012 48

Ikea tops list of popular London charging points

Green Cars News

An Ikea store in north London, was the most popular place for charging an electric car in the whole of the Source London Network during August, electric vehicle charging specialist POD Point has revealed. PODDrivers took advantage of over 157 hours of charging time across 32 POD Poi nts in Source London network during August, [.].

2011 48

Nissan adds another city to list of partners

Green Cars News

Last week it was Orlando (see article) and this week it is the turn of the city of Houston to enter into an agreement with Nissan to advance zero emission mobility. An announcement was made at the Houston stop of the Nissan LEAF zero emissions tour as the build up continues towards the launch of the [.].

2010 41