Israel, Jordan Moving Ahead With "Electric Peace Car"

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Building on initial discussions in Davos at the World Economic Forum in January, a meeting has now been held in Jordan to move the idea forward. Tags: renault israel electric car toyota shai agassi jordan, an Israeli news site, reports on continuing progress on the Middle East electric car front. Renault and Toyota are reported to be involved along with Shai Agassi, ex-SAP executive.

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DOE authorizes Jordan Cove LNG export project

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has conditionally authorized Jordan Cove Energy Project, L.P. Jordan Cove) to export domestically produced liquefied natural gas (LNG) to countries that do not have a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States, from the Jordan Cove LNG Terminal in Coos Bay, Oregon. The Energy Department conducted a review of the application to export LNG from the Jordan Cove LNG Terminal.

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Jordan Wants To Boost Electric-Car Adoption; Solar Charging To Come

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Jordan may soon join the list of countries that heavily promote electric cars. Located between Israel and Saudi Arabia, Jordan isn''t generally thought of in connection with electric cars, but its government hopes to change that with a combination of incentives and infrastructure buildup.

Rolls-Royce signs collaboration agreement with Jordan for small modular reactor technology

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Rolls-Royce signed a Memorandum of Understanding with state-owned Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) to conduct a technical feasibility study for the construction of a Rolls-Royce Small Modular Reactor (SMR) in Jordan, highlighting the growing international interest in small modular nuclear technology.

Jordan signs $2B oil shale investment agreement with Saudi company

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The government of Jordan and the Saudi Arabian Corporation for Oil Shale (SACOS) recently signed a $2-billion agreement under which the government grants the Saudi company the right to extract and to develop the oil shale resources in the Attarat Um-AL-Ghudran region covering an area of 11 square kilometers. The company is committed also to pay $250,000 as a bonus to the government of Jordan after four years, in addition to $10 million after commercial production.

AllCell consortium launches Jordan solar EV project with Nissan

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A consortium of cleantech companies, led by AllCell Technologies, unveiled an off-grid solar charging station in Amman, Jordan. Jordan lacks fossil fuel resources and imports more than 90% of its energy. Largely untapped to date, Jordan is blessed with exceptional solar resources, and the project was designed as a proof-of-concept for a large-scale infrastructure project to meet the government’s goal of 10% renewable energy by 2020.

Nissan’s EV plans for Jordan mark industry first

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Nissan and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan have today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote electric cars within the country. Tags: Nissan Arab Jordan MOU partnership It is the first time such an agreement has been struck within the Arab region and will mean that the carmaker will be able to enhance the market for its electric car models [.].

Jordan Increasing Efforts to Produce Oil from Oil Shale

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The Jordan Times. The government of Jordan has concluded negotiations with Shell for the in-situ production of oil from oil shale. Jordan has reserves of some 40 billion tonnes of oil shale in 21 locations near the Yarmouk River, Buweida, Beit Ras, Rweished, Karak, Madaba and Maan districts. Jordan lacks petroleum, natural gas and coal reserves

Video of Plug In America’s Inaugural EV Parade West

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Jordan Howard, Youth Leader of Green Ambassadors. Plug In America's Inaugural EV Parade West rally - Photo courtesy of Dave Brown. Regular readers of this blog will know all about Plug in America’s triumphant Inaugural Parade in Santa Monica, CA a few weeks back. Now here’s a chance to enjoy some video from the event. . A final count of 77 electric vehicles and over 250 people participated in the rally and subsequent parade.

Northwestern/Princeton study explores air quality impacts of aggressive conversion to EVs

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—first author Jordan Schnell, a postdoc with the Ubben Program for Climate and Carbon Science in the Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern. —Jordan Schnell. Jordan L.

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Jordanian cabinet OKs $2.4B oil shale project with Enefit; largest in region and world

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Jordan’s Council of Ministers on Sunday endorsed all agreements prepared by the national electricity company with Estonian company Enefit which will carry out a mega oil shale energy project in the Kingdom. Earlier this year, the government of Jordan and the Saudi Arabian Corporation for Oil Shale (SACOS) signed a $2-billion agreement under which the government granted the Saudi company the right to extract and to develop oil shale resources in the Attarat Um-Al-Ghudran region.

Syrian oil ministry announces oil shale tender

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In April 2010, regional partners established an Oil Shale Cooperation Centre in Jordan, the outcome of the workshop organized by the EU-funded Euro-Mediterranean Energy Market Integration Project ( MED-EMIP ).

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Plug-in America’s Inaugural Parade

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Jordan Howard, member of the "Green Ambassadors" youth group. Guest Blogger Colby Trudeau takes us behind the scenes at Plug In America’s Inaugural Parade. All photos take by our Production Photographer, Todd Westphal. What an amazing day! Last Saturday, January 17th, 2009, 77 highway capable plug-in vehicles, their drivers, and spectators came together to celebrate the upcoming inauguration.

Chevrolet introduces Dynamic Fuel Management cylinder deactivation on 2019 Silverado; Tula Dynamic Skip Fire

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Jordan Lee, Small Block chief engineer. —Jordan Lee. The all-new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 will offer updated versions of the proven 5.3L and 6.2L V-8s with Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM), based on Tula’s Dynamic Skip Fire (DSF) technology. Earlier post.)

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IEA: Estonia is pioneering technologies for more efficient and cleaner use of oil shale

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There are also significant reserves in Jordan, Morocco, Sweden, Syria and Turkey. Eesti Energia started its international oil shale activities in 2006, and has oil shale operations in Jordan and the United States.

Electric transit bus maker Proterra enters university market with order from ASUM

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Jordan Hess, ASUM Office of Transportation Director.

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Estonian shale oil company acquires shale interests in Utah

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Similar to its approach in Jordan ( earlier post ), the US project will not be funded by regulated businesses and Enefit would look to acquire a strategic partner in the development phase. With the acquisition of OSEC, Enefit will focus on developing its oil shale projects in Estonia, Jordan and in the US.

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Acetylene as dual fuel with diesel

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Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Researchers from the College of Engineering at Anna University (India) are proposing the use of acetylene as a dual fuel with diesel in compression ignition engines. Dual-fuel operation with acetylene induction coupled with cooled EGR resulted in lowered N Ox emissions and improved part load performance. Acetylene. Hydrogen. Diesel. Formula. C 2 H 2. C 8 –C 20. Density kg/m 3. 1.092. Auto ignition °C.

6 new EVgo fast charging locations in Salt Lake City; 100th station in California

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Daybreak - 4628 Daybreak Rim Way, South Jordan, UT 84095. EVgo and multiple site host partners have installed Electric Vehicle (EV) Fast-Charging EVgo Stations at 6 Salt Lake City, Utah area locations. The chargers will give EV drivers the ability to recharge their vehicles in 30 minutes or less. The 100 th EVgo Freedom Station in California also recently opened to the public and is the nation’s largest publicly-available multi-standard (CHAdeMO and DC Fast Combo) fast charging site.

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Researchers show use of MFRE can at least double wireless power transfer efficiency; more efficient than metamaterials

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Jordan Besnoff, a postdoctoral researcher at NC State, is a co-author of the paper. Researchers at North Carolina State University and Carnegie Mellon University have shown that passing wireless power transfer through a magnetic resonance field enhancer (MR-FE)—which could be as simple as a copper loop—can at least double transfer efficiency as compared to transferring through air alone.

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IU scientists create self-assembling biocatalyst for the production of hydrogen; modified hydrogenase in a virus shell

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Jordan, a postdoctoral researcher at Alios BioPharma, who was an IU Ph.D. Jordan, Dustin P. Scientists at Indiana University have created a highly efficient self-assembling biomaterial that catalyzes the formation of hydrogen. A modified hydrogenase enzyme that gains strength from being protected within the protein shell (capsid) of a bacterial virus, this new material is 150 times more efficient than the unaltered form of the enzyme.

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The "Spirit's" Getting Itchy Tires. Readying for the PluginAmerica-sponsored Inaugural Parade West: Plug In, America. Come Saturday, 17 Jan 2009

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Note: Jordan introduced Hillary Clinton at an LA Obama fundraiser several weeks ago with a remarkable speech. Cheers EVADC'rs, PHEV'rs & EVnthusiasts, One & All - The "Spirit of DC" is getting itchy tires and coming out of winter quarters in Home, Sweet Bisbee Arizona in order to be in the California sunshine for the PluginAmerica-sponsored Inaugural Parade West: Plug In, America! on Saturday, 17 January 2009 in Santa Monica. See PluginAmerica notice (somewhat edited and updated).

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LG Chem to establish new electrolyte production plant in Michigan

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Her previous missions to Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan and Sweden have resulted in 49 companies announcing nearly $2 billion in new investment in Michigan and more than 20,000 new or retained jobs. Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm announced that LG Chem will establish a new electrolyte production plant in Holland in West Michigan, expanding the state’s battery supply chain.

International study identifies 14 key measures to reduce methane and black carbon emissions; reduction in projected global mean warming of ~0.5 °C by 2050

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Iran, Pakistan and Jordan would experience the most improvement in agricultural production. National benefits of the CH 4 plus BC measures versus the reference scenario.

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Omar Yaghi to direct Berkeley Lab’s Molecular Foundry

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Born in Amman, Jordan, Yaghi received his B.S.

Study Finds that US Subsidies for Fossil Fuels Are Almost 2.5x Those for Renewables

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Adenike Adeyeye, James Barrett, Jordan Diamond, Lisa Goldman, John Pendergrass, and Daniel Schramm (2009) Estimating US Government Subsidies to Energy Sources: 2002-2008. US subsidies for fuels and renewable energy, 2002-2008. Nuclear was not included in the analysis. Source: Adeyeye et al.

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Breakthrough on salt-tolerant wheat

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Rana Munns, Richard A James, Bo Xu, Asmini Athman, Simon J Conn, Charlotte Jordans, Caitlin S Byrt, Ray A Hare, Stephen D Tyerman, Mark Tester, Darren Plett & Matthew Gilliham (2012) Wheat grain yield on saline soils is improved by an ancestral Na+ transporter gene. A team of Australian scientists has bred salt tolerance into a variety of durum wheat that shows improved grain yield by 25% on salty soils.

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New 450hp Small Block V8 for 2014 Corvette features direct injection, cylinder deactivation, continuously variable valve timing

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Jordan Lee, Small Block chief engineer and program manager. Power density. The 6.2L LT1 is almost 40 lbs lighter (and more compact) than the 4.4L BMW Twin Turbo V8, and is expected to deliver more power and comparable torque. Click to enlarge.

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New GM EcoTec3 engine family for 2014 Silverado and Sierra pickups; direct injection, cylinder deactivation and CVVT

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Jordan Lee, Small Block chief engineer and program manager. 2014 4.3L V-6 EcoTec3 AFM VVT DI (LV3) for Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. Click to enlarge.

Report finds Coal-to-Liquids and Oil Shale pose significant financial and environmental risks to investors

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Shell’s recent agreement to develop oil shale in Jordan at a projected cost of $20 billion illustrates the potential cost of these projects. Ceres recently released a new report concluding that coal-to-liquid (CTL) and oil shale technologies face significant environmental and financial obstacles—from water constraints, to technological uncertainties to regulatory and market risks—that pose substantial financial risks for investors involved in such projects.

Use of Reformed Exhaust Gas Recirculation Gas as a Dual Fuel Can Significantly Reduce Both NOx and Smoke in a Diesel Engine at Low Loads

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Using hot reformed exhaust gas recirculation (REGR) gas as a dual fuel in a diesel under low-load operation can result in a “ significant ” reduction of both NO x and smoke engine emissions without a penalty in fuel consumption, according to a new study by team of researchers from the UK, Italy and Jordan led by Dr. Athanasios Tsolakis at the University of Birmingham. Proposed engine-reformer-diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) system. Credit: ACS, Tsolakis et al. 2009) Click to enlarge.

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