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Chalmers team engineers synthetic enzymes for bio-production of fuel alternatives

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Researchers at Chalmers University and their colleagues have engineered synthetic fatty acid synthases (FASs) that enable yeast to produce short/medium-chain fatty acids and methyl ketones for use in fuels and chemicals. Bio-hydrocarbons Biotech Fuels Synthetic Biology

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Is ethanol-free gasoline heading for the end of the road?

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fuel supply. The Renewable Fuel Standard in place since 2007 calls for specific volumes of ethanol, but critics have tried to cap that amount while the EPA has tried to maintain or. Gasoline ethanol energy policy e85 E10 flex fuel alternative fuel vehicles e15 transportation policyThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is struggling with Congress and various corporate interests over the amount of ethanol that will be blended into the U.S.

Fuel from emissions? Catalyst converts carbon dioxide to ethanol

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At least in North America, ethanol is a contentious fuel. fuel supplies. Much debate followed over using "food for fuel," its supposed carbon neutrality and the footprint of the. ethanol Department of Energy research DOE carbon dioxide flex fuel alternative fuel vehicles scienc

EPA boosts required 2017 ethanol volume above expected level

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fuel supply, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has boosted its proposed ethanol volume for 2017. Under the Renewable Fuel Standard enacted in 2007, specific quantities of ethanol must be blended the national fuel supply. EPA ethanol energy policy e85 flex fuel alternative fuel vehicles transportation policyDespite pressure to lower the amount of ethanol blended into the U.S.

Toyota to start algae biofuel research project

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Toyota may be well established as the hybrid car leader but it hasn’t turned its attention away from other alternative fuels. Tags: Biofuels Green cars Latest news Toyota algae biofuels Alternative Fuels alternative vehicle fuels Toyota algae biofuel research project

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Gulf oil spill highlights the need for fuel alternatives

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The tragic oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico appears to be creating a backlash against US investment into offshore drilling. Two Republican senators in the US, Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and Charlie Crist of Florida have since withdrawn their support for drilling in the ocean as a result of the accident. Oil has been [.]. Latest news BP Deepwater Horizons drilling Gulf Mexico Oil policy slick spill U.S

Free Ampera event to highlight fuel alternatives and what could happen when the oil runs out

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The ‘Vauxhall Ampera x super/collider Science Weekend’ is set to feature a series of challenging, informative and entertaining events based around different fuel types from next Thursday 16 August at the once disused King’s Cross Filling Station. Vauxhall’s Ampera will play a central role in a free four-day science-fest in London next week.

Green Cars Part 4- Compressed Air

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Conventional cars work by exploding fuel and air in a chamber to exert force on the pistons, but what if rather than using an explosion to provide that pressure on the piston, you just stored your ‘fuel’ at a constant high pressure. Tags: Editorials Compressed Air Green Cars Alternative Fuels Alternative Transport Could the answer to our transport needs have been right in front of our faces all this time?

Ninety per cent of vehicles to use alternative fuels?

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It may be an aggressive prediction – but a report by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute is suggesting that 90 per cent of vehicle fleets in the USA, China, Western Europe, Brazil and Japan could be running on alternative powertrain/fuels by 2050. Tags: Green cars Latest news 2050 Alternative Fuels alternative powertrains vehicle growth rate vehicle predictions vehicle sales

Production begins at biogasoline plant

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Ethanol isn’t the only alternative fuel for motor vehicles – as a new demonstration plant is keen to prove. Tags: Biofuels Green cars Latest news Alternative Fuels alternatives to ethanol alternatives to gasoline biogasoline biogasoline plant ethanol shell Virent Energy Systems

US drivers want more fuel economy rather than alternative fuels

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It goes without saying that we all want our petrol engines to achieve better fuel economy at a lower cost – however, according to a new study, US vehicle owners would rather existing engine choices achieve this goal over opting for higher priced alternative fuel engines.

Opinion: Alternatives to the RFS

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Recently, the Energy Resources Center made headlines by saying the EPA’s shift on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) would equal adding 1 million more passenger vehicles on the road. It’s also a political lightning rod given the stagnation of fuel consumption matched with accelerating ethanol blending. The expansion of the RFS in 2007 goes far beyond just replacing MTBE with ethanol as the required fuel oxygenate (and avoiding lawsuits ). Unrenewable Fuel Standard.

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NYK to build Japan’s first LNG-fueled tug

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NYK will build a tugboat featuring a dual fuel engine that can be powered by either liquefied natural gas (LNG) or heavy oil. Other than LNG carriers, this tugboat will be the first building in Japan of an LNG-fueled vessel.

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Gulf Oil adds LNG-powered trucks to its transportation fleet

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Gulf Oil LP, a national branded supplier of motor fuels throughout the United States and its territories, has deployed 34 transport trucks that run on liquefied natural gas (LNG). Gulf’s move into the LNG marketplace is part of the company’s ongoing strategy to diversify its energy offerings and provide the marketplace with a fuel alternative that is cheaper, cleaner, and domestic.

Study finds US refining sector could produce higher octane E20 and E30 at modest additional cost; enabling more efficient engines

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The price of ethanol relative to gasoline and crude oil were key determinants of the relative costs of the various finished fuels. 30 vol % (assuming federal regulations were modified to allow such fuels). Fuel properties are estimated to enable WTW assessments of the associated GHG emissions. E85’s octane rating is higher than that required by applicable fuel specifications. Engines Fuel Efficiency Fuels High Octane Fuels

MIT study concludes that absent climate policy, coal-to-liquids could account for around a third of global liquid fuels by 2050

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A new assessment of the viability of coal-to-liquids (CTL) technology by researchers from the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change (JPSPGC) found that without climate policy, CTL has the potential to account for around a third of global liquid fuels by 2050.

Ford Europe leading project investigating DME and OME1 as low carbon, near zero particulate fuels; power-to-liquids pathways using CO2

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Ford Motor Company is leading a €3.5-million (US$3.9-million) research project to investigate the use of alternative fuels that could offer customers the power and performance of modern internal combustion engines with environmental benefits comparable to an electric vehicle. OME1 is made from methanol on a commercial scale and has a cetane number of 38; it can be mixed with additives to produce OME1a diesel fuel (CN 48).). Diesel DME Engines Fuels Power-to-Liquids

Low Carbon Fuel Standard Proving More Successful Than Expected

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A report analyzing the uptake of low-carbon fuels says that fossil-fuel alternatives are actually growing faster than expected. The report, produced by a coalition of investors, utilities, and makers of alternative fuels and vehicles, suggests alternative fuels are proving more popular than anticipated, with biodiesels in particular more popular

To Store or Not to Store: That is the Question

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With the world’s growing population and the political, environmental and economic pressures in place to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels, alternative energy has become this flexible energy means. Due to the inherent capital costs and characteristics of the leading alternative energy mediums: Hydro, Wind and Solar, Solar deployment has started to emerge as the leading candidate of choice. Perspective by The Townsend Company. Figure 1. Typical daily grid demand.

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New silica-organic hybrid absorbents deliver among highest performance yet reported for CO2 capture from air

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While fossil fuels will be used for as long as they can be easily and economically produced, it should also be clear that their amounts are finite and that they are increasingly depleted. Adsorption of CO 2 from the air at 25 °C on FS-PEI-50 and FS-PEI-33 under dry and humid conditions.

LanzaTech receives $3M contract from FAA for alcohol-to-jet project; one of 8 awards worth total of $7.7M

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Different pathways to jet fuel. Volpe Center, to accelerate commercial availability of alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) renewable drop-in aviation fuel. million announced by the FAA to help advance alternative, environmentally-friendly, sustainable sources for commercial jet fuel.

LanzaTech and Swedish Biofuels partnering with Virgin Atlantic on waste gas-to-ethanol-to-jet fuel process; targeting commercial use by 2014

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Virgin Atlantic announced the development of a low-carbon, synthetic jet fuel kerosene produced from industrial waste gases with half the carbon footprint of the standard fossil fuel alternative in partnership with LanzaTech and Swedish Biofuels. Virgin Atlantic will be the first airline to use this fuel and will work with LanzaTech, Boeing and Swedish. Biofuels towards achieving the technical approval required for using new fuel types in commercial aircraft.

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USDA, DOE and US Navy to invest up to $510M over next 3 years to build out drop-in biofuel production capacity for military and commercial transportation

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Advanced biomass-derived transportation fuels that use a domestic, renewable feedstock provide a secure alternative that reduces the risks associated with petroleum dependence, they said. Enhanced reliability of fuel supplies through diversification to advanced drop-in biofuels is also essential to sustain the U.S. Only a handful of production facilities for renewable jet fuel and diesel will operate in the foreseeable future.

EPIC Fuels supports Alaska Airlines and Gevo commercial aviation flights with alcohol-to-jet fuel

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EPIC Fuels , a fuel supplier to the general and commercial aviation industries, provided expertise in fuel blending as well as technical and logistical support to Alaska and Gevo, Inc., a next generation biofuels company, to enable the first commercial flights using a blend of petroleum based fuel and Gevo’s alcohol-to-jet fuel (ATJ). After blending traditional jet fuel with Gevo’s patented ATJ, the 20% fuel mix was tested at an ASTM-approved laboratory.

Testing by recreational marine industry suggests up to 16.1% blends of isobutanol can be used in marine engines

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Ongoing research in the industry has been exploring cost-effective fuel alternatives. Other higher ethanol blends such as E15 have caused issues in recreational marine engines, including fuel phase separation, fuel system compatibility issues and engine failures. These issues have driven the marine industry to explore alternative biofuel solutions such as biobutanol. The fuel was a blend of 16.1%

SHV Energy to market and sell Neste Oil’s biopropane

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Replacing existing fossil fuels with biopropane will result in significant carbon savings. LPG already provides our customers with a cleaner rural energy choice to the high-carbon fuel alternatives many are dependent on in off-grid areas. Neste Oil and SHV Energy have agreed that SHV Energy will market and sell biopropane to be produced at Neste Oil’s Rotterdam refinery. Earlier post.)

Study finds renewable fuel mandates alone not likely to lower carbon intensity of biofuels; the importance of localized LCAs and optimized low carbon fuel standards

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A new lifecycle analysis (LCA) by a team from the University of of Cambridge (UK), the Great Plains Institute, and the University of Minnesota suggests that renewable fuel mandates such as those currently enacted by 12 states are not likely to lower the emissions of biofuels unless they provide a direct incentive for refiners to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. renewable fuel standards—and LCFSs. Fuels Lifecycle analysis Policy

Renewable wood-based biofuels for shipping

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The ReShip project, led by the Paper and Fibre Research Institute (PFI) with R&D partners Aston University (UK) and NTNU (Norway), is developing technology for producing a cost-competitive pyrolysis-oil-based multi-component fuel which meets the performance requirements of marine diesel engines. In cooperation with PFI they will also seek to blend the bio-oil with conventional diesel and surfactant to form a multi-component fuel.

CEC report sets out North American plan for change and investment to achieve sustainable freight transportation

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Reducing the environmental impact of freight transportation in the face of increasing trade and economic growth in North America requires much more than continued progress on fuel economy and transport technology. Shifting to lower-carbon fuels. Principal North American trade corridors.

New UC Davis market-based sustainability forecasting approach concludes supplanting gasoline and diesel with renewable fuels could take 131 years

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At the current pace of research and development, replacing gasoline and diesel with renewable fuel alternatives could take some 131 years, according to a new University of California, Davis, study using a new sustainability forecasting approach based on market expectations. That is, as fossil fuel resources diminish, we would expect both market and individual behavior to change. Tags: Forecasts Fuels Sustainability

Study reveals new solution in battle against emissions

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A study published by the National Grid in the UK is suggesting that Bio-SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) could achieve carbon dioxide (CO2) savings of up to 90 per cent compared with fossil fuel alternatives. The report, prepared by Progressive Energy and CNG Services, shows that unlike biomethane produced by anaerobic digestion Bio-SNG is formed by [.].

Cal Energy Commission to award ~$1.2M for center for alt fuels and advanced vehicle technologies

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The California Energy Commission Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP) is making up to $1,194,659 in grant funds available to develop a new center or expand an existing center for alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies in Central California. For the purposes of the solicitation: Alternative fuels include, but are not limited to electricity, natural gas, biogas, hydrogen, ethanol, biodiesel, and renewable diesel.

Clean Cities Autogas Vehicle Conversion Program Rolls Out First of 1,189 LPG Cars in Virginia

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The founding partners of Alliance AutoGas—a national propane Autogas vehicle conversion and fueling network—are closely involved with the program. Blossman Gas (the nation’s largest independent propane Autogas company) will install and service the fueling stations, and American Alternative Fuel (alternative fuel systems specialists) will provide the conversion equipment and work with participating fleets to train and certify their technicians.

IEA roadmap concludes biofuels can provide up to 27% of world transportation fuel by 2050

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By 2050, biofuels could provide 27% of total transport fuel and contribute in particular to the replacement of diesel, kerosene and jet fuel, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA). This would represent an increase in biofuel use from 55 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe) today (2% of transport fuel) to 750 Mtoe in 2050. Biomass Fuels SustainabilityContribution of biofuels to GHG emissions reduction in the transport sector.

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DOE to award up to $11M for medium- and heavy-duty vehicle powertrain electrification and dual fuel fleet demonstration

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The first is medium- and heavy-duty powertrain electrification; the second is a dual fuel fleet demonstration. Area of Interest (AOI) 2: Dual Fuel Heavy Duty Vehicle Fleet Demonstration. The objective of this AOI is to demonstrate and evaluate the performance and emissions systems of dual fuel heavy-duty vehicles equipped with engines capable of operation using a mixture of diesel fuel and gaseous fuels (natural gas, propane or natural gas derived fuels such as DME).

US Departments of Energy and Defense Partner to Accelerate Energy Innovation

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The MOU covers efforts in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency, fossil fuels, alternative fuels, efficient transportation technologies and fueling infrastructure, grid security, smart grid, storage, waste-to-energy, basic science research, mobile/deployable power, small modular reactor nuclear energy, and related areas.

CSIRO and Australasian Aviation Partners Launch Study on Sustainable Aviation Fuels Industry

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Australia’s CSIRO, together Australasian aviation partners, is leading a study to help develop a sustainable aviation fuels industry. Called the Sustainable Aviation Fuels Road Map, the study aims to accelerate the development and commercialization of a sustainable aviation fuels industry in Australia and New Zealand. The Sustainable Aviation Fuels Road Map study will draw on the expertise of participants and use economic modelling to map out future scenarios.

What about the Pickens Plan?

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The good news about electricity as a transportation fuel for cars is finally breaking through to the mainstream. Hydrogen and fuel cells remain decades from meaningful deployment, even their supporters concede. Boone Pickens is spending tens of millions of dollars promoting CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as the bridge fuel to get the U.S. And today natural gas is a critical fuel for electricity generation.

UK study finds Bio-SNG could offer 90% reduction in lifecycle CO2; lower cost of carbon abatement than electrical solutions for transport applications

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Bio-SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) delivered via the gas grid offers CO 2 lifecycle savings of up to 90% compared with fossil fuel alternatives, and offer sa more cost-effective solution than electricity for carbon abatement in transport applications, according to a new feasibility study published by National Grid (UK), the North East Process Industry Cluster ( NEPIC ) and Centrica. Cost of carbon abated for transport applications. Click to enlarge.

SwRI wins $20M EPA contract for emissions and fuel consumption testing, analytical services

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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has been awarded a five-year, $20.16-million contract by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide testing and analytical services related to vehicle emissions and fuel consumption. It encompasses 25 areas, from fuels and lubricants to engine and emissions characterizations, as well as economic studies, general rule-making support, and coordinating peer review meetings. Emissions Fuel Efficiency Regulations