Chalmers team engineers synthetic enzymes for bio-production of fuel alternatives

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Chalmers University and their colleagues have engineered synthetic fatty acid synthases (FASs) that enable yeast to produce short/medium-chain fatty acids and methyl ketones for use in fuels and chemicals. In other words: We are now able to produce petrol and jet fuel alternatives in yeast cell factories,” he said. The researchers are now focusing on using the modified enzyme to build yeast cell factories for production of chemicals and fuels from glucose.

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Junkyard Find: 2017 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell

The Truth About Cars

That said, I never expected to find a four-year-old hydrogen fuel-cell car, more than a thousand miles from the only state in […]. The post Junkyard Find: 2017 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

2017 95

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Americans turning away from fossil fuel alternatives

Green Cars News

With the price of fuel continuing to rise, you might expect more and more Americans to prioritise the nation’s energy supply as a key issue. However, according to research by the Pew Research Center, 52 per cent of Americans now believe that developing alternative sources of energy – such as wind and solar power – [.]. Green cars Latest news fossil fuel green cars Pew Research USA

Fuel from emissions? Catalyst converts carbon dioxide to ethanol

Green Car Reports

At least in North America, ethanol is a contentious fuel. fuel supplies. Much debate followed over using "food for fuel," its supposed carbon neutrality and the footprint of the. ethanol Department of Energy research DOE carbon dioxide flex fuel alternative fuel vehicles scienceA decade ago, it was seen as a homegrown and carbon-neutral way to use less gasoline—and federal legislation mandated that increasing volumes be blended into U.S.

2016 126

Scientists assess seaweed as a fossil fuel alternative

Green Cars News

While there are questions as to whether farming seaweed as an alternative to fossil fuels can be a commercially viable business, the eleven project partners are hop[.]. Seaweed farming trials in north-western island of Kerrera, Scotland aim to assess whether the crop would make a good source of biofuel. Biofuels

2013 43

Is ethanol-free gasoline heading for the end of the road?

Green Car Reports

fuel supply. The Renewable Fuel Standard in place since 2007 calls for specific volumes of ethanol, but critics have tried to cap that amount while the EPA has tried to maintain or. Gasoline ethanol energy policy e85 E10 flex fuel alternative fuel vehicles e15 transportation policyThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is struggling with Congress and various corporate interests over the amount of ethanol that will be blended into the U.S.

2016 115

EPA boosts required 2017 ethanol volume above expected level

Green Car Reports

fuel supply, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has boosted its proposed ethanol volume for 2017. Under the Renewable Fuel Standard enacted in 2007, specific quantities of ethanol must be blended the national fuel supply. EPA ethanol energy policy e85 flex fuel alternative fuel vehicles transportation policyDespite pressure to lower the amount of ethanol blended into the U.S.

2016 109

Gulf oil spill highlights the need for fuel alternatives

Green Cars News

The tragic oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico appears to be creating a backlash against US investment into offshore drilling. Two Republican senators in the US, Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and Charlie Crist of Florida have since withdrawn their support for drilling in the ocean as a result of the accident. Oil has been [.]. Latest news BP Deepwater Horizons drilling Gulf Mexico Oil policy slick spill U.S

Free Ampera event to highlight fuel alternatives and what could happen when the oil runs out

Green Cars News

The ‘Vauxhall Ampera x super/collider Science Weekend’ is set to feature a series of challenging, informative and entertaining events based around different fuel types from next Thursday 16 August at the once disused King’s Cross Filling Station. Vauxhall’s Ampera will play a central role in a free four-day science-fest in London next week.

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Infinium to provide ultra-low carbon electrofuels to Amazon trucking fleet starting in 2023

Green Car Congress

Electrofuels provider Infinium announced an agreement with Amazon to begin using Infinium Electrofuels in the retailer’s middle mile fleet as an ultra-low carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Electrofuels Fleets Fuels Market Background

Fleet 381

Green Cars Part 4- Compressed Air

DIY Electric Car

Conventional cars work by exploding fuel and air in a chamber to exert force on the pistons, but what if rather than using an explosion to provide that pressure on the piston, you just stored your ‘fuel’ at a constant high pressure. Tags: Editorials Compressed Air Green Cars Alternative Fuels Alternative Transport Could the answer to our transport needs have been right in front of our faces all this time?

2008 100

Toyota to start algae biofuel research project

Green Cars News

Toyota may be well established as the hybrid car leader but it hasn’t turned its attention away from other alternative fuels. Tags: Biofuels Green cars Latest news Toyota algae biofuels Alternative Fuels alternative vehicle fuels Toyota algae biofuel research project

2010 49

Ninety per cent of vehicles to use alternative fuels?

Green Cars News

It may be an aggressive prediction – but a report by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute is suggesting that 90 per cent of vehicle fleets in the USA, China, Western Europe, Brazil and Japan could be running on alternative powertrain/fuels by 2050. Tags: Green cars Latest news 2050 Alternative Fuels alternative powertrains vehicle growth rate vehicle predictions vehicle sales

UK University makes biofuel breakthrough

Green Cars News

There may be a new alternative to petrol and ethanol in the form of the liquid biofuel dimethylfuran – DMF. Tags: Biofuels Green cars Latest news Alternative Fuels alternative vehicle fuels biofuel dimethylfuran DMF Innospec University of Birmingham

US drivers want more fuel economy rather than alternative fuels

Green Cars News

It goes without saying that we all want our petrol engines to achieve better fuel economy at a lower cost – however, according to a new study, US vehicle owners would rather existing engine choices achieve this goal over opting for higher priced alternative fuel engines.

2010 44

Production begins at biogasoline plant

Green Cars News

Ethanol isn’t the only alternative fuel for motor vehicles – as a new demonstration plant is keen to prove. Tags: Biofuels Green cars Latest news Alternative Fuels alternatives to ethanol alternatives to gasoline biogasoline biogasoline plant ethanol shell Virent Energy Systems

Boundary Layer Technologies reveals ELECTRA all-electric hydrofoiling ferry concept

Green Car Congress

Compared to fossil fuel alternatives, ELECTRA’s battery-electric propulsion significantly reduces cabin noise by up to 20dB compared to conventional ferries.

DHL Express is piloting first hydrogen truck throughout Deutsche Post DHL Group

Green Car Congress

DHL Express is the first within Deutsche Post DHL Group to test hydrogen-fueled trucks for the long haul. In a globalized world, sustainable and clean fuels are essential for climate-neutral logistics. Electric (Battery) Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen

IRENA sees renewable hydrogen at least cost-possible within decade

Green Car Congress

Hydrogen produced with renewable electricity could compete on costs with fossil fuel alternatives by 2030, according to a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

2020 387

Opinion: A More Level Playing Field for Advanced Biofuels

Clean Fleet Report

However, America’s clean energy transition has been characterized by siloed thinking and inflexibility despite significant advances in low-carbon fuel alternatives. But, there is still more that can be done to incorporate low-carbon fuel alternatives into our national climate strategy.

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SHV Energy and UGI to launch joint venture to advance use of renewable DME; 300 kilotons rDME/year by 2027

Green Car Congress

Being a safe, cost-effective and clean-burning fuel, rDME is a viable sustainable addition to the energy mix. It has a low greenhouse gas footprint, reducing emissions by up to 85% compared to fossil fuel alternatives. In both pure and blended form, rDME can help the de-fossilization of LPG by becoming a sustainable alternative for off-grid energy uses including heating, cooking and transport.

JBEI researchers produce high density jet fuel precursors from bacteria

Green Car Congress

isocomene—promising jet fuel feedstocks—at high production titers, providing novel, sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based jet fuels. Sesquiterpene compounds (C 15 ) such as farnesene and bisabolene have already been identified as promising jet fuel candidates. isocomene—as novel jet fuel precursors. Additionally, the hydrogenated sesquiterpene, farnesane, has been commercialized as a blend stock for jet fuel AMJ-700.

2018 232

All-Electric Foiling Ferry, Gravity Energy Storage, Electric Buses, Arctic Ground ‘Literally Collapsing’ Abrupt Thaw

EV Obssesion

Compared to fossil fuel alternatives, ELECTRA’s battery electric propulsion significantly reduces cabin noise by up to 20dB compared to conventional ferries.

WUSTL researchers demonstrate solar-panel-powered microbial electrosynthesis to produce n-butanol from light, CO2 and power

Green Car Congress

The resulting biofuel, n -butanol, is a carbon-neutral fuel alternative that can be used in blends with diesel or gasoline. To the best of our knowledge, this study represents the first attempt for biofuel production using a solar panel-powered microbial electrosynthesis platform, where carbon dioxide is directly converted to liquid fuel. We hope that it can be a steppingstone for future sustainable solar fuel production. Researchers at Washington University in St.

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Low Carbon Fuel Standard Proving More Successful Than Expected

Green Car Reports

A report analyzing the uptake of low-carbon fuels says that fossil-fuel alternatives are actually growing faster than expected. The report, produced by a coalition of investors, utilities, and makers of alternative fuels and vehicles, suggests alternative fuels are proving more popular than anticipated, with biodiesels in particular more popular

2013 91

Aker Clean Hydrogen and Kuehne+Nagel to accelerate green container shipping

Green Car Congress

The two companies envision the expansion of Kuehne+Nagel’s offer of green fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia and methanol. The first vessels with engines that can run on these fuel alternatives are in production and expected to hit the waters in 2024. In the early days of such first-generation fossil-free engines, the sourcing of these fuels will present a challenge. Fuels Market Background Ports and Marine

Clean 150

Monash/Hokkaido team produces diesel blend fuel via CO2 hydrogenation in methanol over new catalyst

Green Car Congress

Researchers from Monash University and Hokkaido University have developed a method to produce dimethoxymethane (DMM)—a diesel blend fuel currently of great research interest—via CO 2 hydrogenation in methanol over a novel ruthenium-based catalyst.

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Gevo and Trafigura enter into long-term contract for low-carbon premium gasoline and sustainable aviation fuel; 25M gpy

Green Car Congress

Under this contract Trafigura is expected to take delivery of 25 million gallons per year of renewable hydrocarbons, the majority of which is expected to be low-carbon premium gasoline with a smaller portion of the volume for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), starting in 2023. This commitment will support Trafigura’s efforts to develop the market for low-carbon fuels including low-carbon premium gasoline. Aviation Bio-hydrocarbons Biogasoline Fuels Market BackgroundGevo, Inc.

2020 197

Neste opens four new renewable diesel filling stations in California

Green Car Congress

Neste, the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel, has opened four new fueling stations in northern and central California, providing greater accessibility to 100% renewable diesel. The fueling stations are open 24/7 and provide a seamless and quick customer experience. The four new fueling stations join existing Neste-branded fuel stations in San Leandro, San Jose, Keyes and Ripon. Bio-hydrocarbons Diesel Fuels

2020 189

DHL, Shell and Grundfos Bio-LNG pilot for road freight delivers 85% CO2 savings over conventional diesel

Green Car Congress

For us at DHL Freight, sustainable fuel solutions are a key lever to change the fuel mix and ultimately reduce carbon emissions in road freight. By investing not only in sustainable fuel but also in fleet renewal, engine retrofitting, and efficiency projects, we tackle the impact of the logistics supply chain. The fuel alternative is being implemented to improve Grundfos’ linehaul between its production sites Bjerringbro, Denmark and Longeville-Les-Saint-Avold, France.

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CARB releases 2022 draft Scoping Plan update

Green Car Congress

CARB says that the most significant aspect of the draft plan is the aggressive pace and scale it calls for to reduce reliance on fossil fuels wherever they are currently used in California. Action in the transportation sector will be buttressed by an acceleration of adding more clean, affordable, and reliable renewable energy to displace fossil-fuel fired electricity generation and scaling up new options such as hydrogen and renewable gas for hard-to-electrify end uses.

NYK to build Japan’s first LNG-fueled tug

Green Car Congress

NYK will build a tugboat featuring a dual fuel engine that can be powered by either liquefied natural gas (LNG) or heavy oil. Other than LNG carriers, this tugboat will be the first building in Japan of an LNG-fueled vessel. LNG received attention as a possible alternative to heavy oil because LNG does not emit any SO x and produces far less CO 2 and NO x compared to heavy oil.

2013 200

Gulf Oil adds LNG-powered trucks to its transportation fleet

Green Car Congress

Gulf Oil LP, a national branded supplier of motor fuels throughout the United States and its territories, has deployed 34 transport trucks that run on liquefied natural gas (LNG). Gulf’s move into the LNG marketplace is part of the company’s ongoing strategy to diversify its energy offerings and provide the marketplace with a fuel alternative that is cheaper, cleaner, and domestic.

2012 200

Testing by recreational marine industry suggests up to 16.1% blends of isobutanol can be used in marine engines

Green Car Congress

Ongoing research in the industry has been exploring cost-effective fuel alternatives. Other higher ethanol blends such as E15 have caused issues in recreational marine engines, including fuel phase separation, fuel system compatibility issues and engine failures. These issues have driven the marine industry to explore alternative biofuel solutions such as biobutanol. The fuel was a blend of 16.1%

2015 190

SHV Energy to market and sell Neste Oil’s biopropane

Green Car Congress

Replacing existing fossil fuels with biopropane will result in significant carbon savings. LPG already provides our customers with a cleaner rural energy choice to the high-carbon fuel alternatives many are dependent on in off-grid areas. Neste Oil and SHV Energy have agreed that SHV Energy will market and sell biopropane to be produced at Neste Oil’s Rotterdam refinery. Earlier post.)

2014 196

Renewable wood-based biofuels for shipping

Green Car Congress

The ReShip project, led by the Paper and Fibre Research Institute (PFI) with R&D partners Aston University (UK) and NTNU (Norway), is developing technology for producing a cost-competitive pyrolysis-oil-based multi-component fuel which meets the performance requirements of marine diesel engines. In cooperation with PFI they will also seek to blend the bio-oil with conventional diesel and surfactant to form a multi-component fuel.

2014 204

Pennsylvania awarding up to $5M to support alternative fuel transportation initiatives

Green Car Congress

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is accepting grant applications for innovative, advanced fuel, and vehicle technology projects that will result in cleaner advanced alternative transportation within the commonwealth. DEP’s Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant (AFIG) Program offers funding for the purchase and use of alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles. Conversions Electric (Battery) Fuels Policy

2018 150

Co-Optima report highlights most significant R&D achievements in FY2019

Green Car Congress

A report released this week highlights the most significant of many Co-Optima R&D accomplishments from FY 2019, with details on findings that straddle LD, MD, and HD technologies: Multimode Ignition Strategies to Boost Fuel Economy. Fuel Metrics to More Accurately Predict Performance.

2020 228

Cal Energy Commission to award ~$1.2M for center for alt fuels and advanced vehicle technologies

Green Car Congress

The California Energy Commission Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP) is making up to $1,194,659 in grant funds available to develop a new center or expand an existing center for alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies in Central California. For the purposes of the solicitation: Alternative fuels include, but are not limited to electricity, natural gas, biogas, hydrogen, ethanol, biodiesel, and renewable diesel.

2015 218

EPIC Fuels supports Alaska Airlines and Gevo commercial aviation flights with alcohol-to-jet fuel

Green Car Congress

EPIC Fuels , a fuel supplier to the general and commercial aviation industries, provided expertise in fuel blending as well as technical and logistical support to Alaska and Gevo, Inc., a next generation biofuels company, to enable the first commercial flights using a blend of petroleum based fuel and Gevo’s alcohol-to-jet fuel (ATJ). After blending traditional jet fuel with Gevo’s patented ATJ, the 20% fuel mix was tested at an ASTM-approved laboratory.

2016 150

Clean Cities Autogas Vehicle Conversion Program Rolls Out First of 1,189 LPG Cars in Virginia

Green Car Congress

The founding partners of Alliance AutoGas—a national propane Autogas vehicle conversion and fueling network—are closely involved with the program. Blossman Gas (the nation’s largest independent propane Autogas company) will install and service the fueling stations, and American Alternative Fuel (alternative fuel systems specialists) will provide the conversion equipment and work with participating fleets to train and certify their technicians.

2010 150

NAIT partnering with Oberon, Mack and Westcan to advance use of DME fuel in long-haul trucks

Green Car Congress

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) is partnering with Mack Trucks, Oberon Fuels and Westcan Bulk Transport to develop fuel moisture management technology for dimethyl ether (DME), a cleaner-burning (sulfur-free and no PM), high-cetane (55-60), diesel fuel alternative that can be made from natural gas or methanol produced from biomass feedstock, such as wood chips. Rebecca Boudreaux, President, Oberon Fuels. DME Fuels Heavy-duty

2017 150

DOE to award up to $11M for medium- and heavy-duty vehicle powertrain electrification and dual fuel fleet demonstration

Green Car Congress

The first is medium- and heavy-duty powertrain electrification; the second is a dual fuel fleet demonstration. Area of Interest (AOI) 2: Dual Fuel Heavy Duty Vehicle Fleet Demonstration. The objective of this AOI is to demonstrate and evaluate the performance and emissions systems of dual fuel heavy-duty vehicles equipped with engines capable of operation using a mixture of diesel fuel and gaseous fuels (natural gas, propane or natural gas derived fuels such as DME).

2015 197