Sat.Apr 18, 2020 - Fri.Apr 24, 2020

Faradion receives first order for sodium-ion batteries for Australian market

Green Car Congress

UK-based Faradion Ltd., the leader in sodium-ion (Na-ion) battery technology, has received its first order from ICM Australia for high-energy sodium-ion batteries for use in the Australian market.

2020 338

Kia electric car: 300-mile range, 20-minute fast-charging, arriving by late 2021

Green Car Reports

With Kia’s Plan S, revealed in January, the South Korean brand became much more committed about going electric and committing to a significant volume of electric vehicles in the future.

2020 171

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Earth Day 2021 – I Have A Dream

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2020 150

New electric MG 5 EV estate heading for the UK

Discover EV

MG has already proven itself a worthy competitor at the cheaper end of the EV market with its popular ZS EV. The brand has now confirmed that it will expand its range of all-electric vehicles wit the introduction of the MG 5 – a C-segment estate.

2020 76

ORNL demos 20 kW bi-directional wireless charging on UPS PHEV truck; 11" air gap, >92% efficiency

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in late February demonstrated a 20-kilowatt bi-directional wireless charging system installed on a UPS medium-duty, plug-in hybrid electric delivery truck.

2020 318

GM plans to go all-renewable with Detroit-area facilities—including EV assembly

Green Car Reports

General Motors and DTE have partnered for what is claimed to be the largest renewable energy investment yet in the automaker’s home state of Michigan—allowing GM to assemble its upcoming electric vehicles, like the GMC Hummer EV, with clean power.

2020 161

Dealers can sell online and deliver lease cars during coronavirus lockdown, government confirms

Green Cars News

Looking for a new car during lockdown? The government has confirmed that car dealerships can sell cars online and deliver them to your door during the lockdown

2020 64

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DAIHEN leverages WiTricity wireless charging technology for solar-powered mobility demo in Japan

Green Car Congress

WiTricity’s technology for wireless power transfer over distance was central to a next-generation electric mobility demonstration in Osaka, Japan, led by DAIHEN Corporation, a global leader in electric power transmission.

2020 311

Lordstown Motors plans to deliver Endurance electric trucks in January 2021

Green Car Reports

Lordstown Motors confirmed that it will delay the launch of its Endurance electric pickup truck due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The company had originally targeted December 2020 for the start of deliveries, but that has now been pushed back into 2021.

2020 145

All-electric Fiat 500 will have "class-leading range" of up to 400km

Green Cars News

An icon has been reborn, with the all-new third generation Fiat 500 becoming the first fully electric car from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

2020 62

Fisker Ocean squares up to Tesla Cybertruck with off-road variant

Discover EV

High-profile car designer and second-stab brand owner, Henrik Fisker, is promising a lot from the forthcoming Ocean SUV. In standard guise it's set to be a luxurious and eco-friendly car, but not content with that, the company has released renderings of a 'Force-E', rugged off-road variant.

2020 68

ArcelorMittal introduces new set of S-in motion solutions for BEVs

Green Car Congress

Ten years after ArcelorMittal introduced the first S-in motion study for fuel-powered vehicles ( earlier post ), it is launching a new set of S-in motion solutions for battery electric vehicles (BEVs). To visualize the smart BEV steel solutions, an online 3D car configurator is now available.

2020 308

Will an all-electric, 400-mile Karma Revero be enough for a Tesla Model S rematch?

Green Car Reports

Starting next year, the Karma Revero will get closer than it ever has to rivaling the Tesla Model S. Ironically, that will mean retiring the range extender that was once broadly sized up as the Revero’s ace card—back when, in an earlier existence, it was called the FIsker Karma.

2020 139

EV Market Report Summary: Q1 2020

Go Ultra Low

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown many aspects of our daily lives into turmoil. Restrictions aimed at combating the spread of the virus were introduced in mid-March, including a ban on all non-essential travel, so there hasn’t been much scope for using the car.

2020 52

Futuristic Tesla Cybertruck will have 500-mile range and “float for a while”

Green Cars News

Elon Musk has been leaking further details on the divisive Tesla Cybertruck, a sci-fi-inspired all-electric pick-up, via Twitter this week

2020 48

Wärtsilä Power-to-X project gets €1M in government support

Green Car Congress

The technology group Wärtsilä has been granted €1 million in funding by Business Finland, a state-run public agency for funding important research projects, to support research in the field of Power-to-X (P2X) technology.

2020 308

Tesla Roadster was a giant leap for EVs, Jay Leno’s 2008 drive reminds us

Green Car Reports

The original Tesla Roadster marked a milestone for electric cars. It proved that electric cars could be sporty and desirable, paving the way for Tesla's later, higher-volume models.

2020 129

New Vauxhall Mokka to launch with electric option

Discover EV

The first generation of the Vauxhall Mokka X has been extremely successful for the brand. Making the most of the competitive small SUV market, it sold in droves until it was pulled in 2019. Now, Vauxhall has teased the new-generation car and, aside from dropping the 'X' from the name, the big news is that it has confirmed a fully-electric version

2020 44

Vauxhall teases new Mokka, available as pure electric

Green Cars News

Vauxhall has revealed the first pictures of a camouflaged second-generation Mokka, which will have a fully-electric version as well as traditional combustion-engined versions

2020 42

MAN Energy to supply engines for Finnlines hybrid RoRos; 100% increase in efficiency

Green Car Congress

MAN Energy Solutions has won the order to supply six MAN B&W 9S50ME-C9.6 Tier II-compliant main engines for three 238-meter hybrid RoRo vessels intended for operation in the Baltic Sea. The customer is Finnlines, the Finnish shipping company and part of the Grimaldi Group.

2020 306

Mach-E isn’t the only electric Mustang: Cobra Jet 1400 could be quickest pony car ever

Green Car Reports

Some Mustang fans are still a little in shock over the announcement last fall that the Ford Mach-E electric SUV would be part of the Mustang family. What better way to usher in this new electric future than with a blast from the past?

2020 119

Coral-inspired 3D-printed biomaterials could support efficient algae biofuel production

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Jacobs School of Engineering at the University of California, San Diego and their colleagues have designed 3D-printed, coral-inspired structures capable of growing dense populations of microscopic algae.

2020 303

China team develops new high-performance cathode for Li-sulfur batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers led by Prof. Jian Liu and Prof.Zhongshuai Wu from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed Fe 1-x S-decorated mesoporous carbon spheres as a cathode material for lithium-sulfur batteries.

2020 297

INL researchers develop high-performance oxygen electrode for PCEC cell; high-temperature electrolysis

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Idaho National Laboratory have developed a new electrode material for a protonic ceramic electrochemical cell (PCEC) that can efficiently convert excess electricity and water into hydrogen. The triple conducting oxide of PrNi 0.5 Co 0.5

2020 291

Ford Performance unveils all-electric Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 electric dragster prototype

Green Car Congress

Ford Performance has unveiled a one-off Mustang Cobra Jet factory drag racer with all-electric propulsion.

2020 279

Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport now available as PHEVs: P300e

Green Car Congress

The new Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport premium compact SUVs are now available with plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) technology, with an electric-only range of up to 66 km (41 miles) and CO 2 emissions as low as 32 g/km. Range Rover Evoque PHEV.

2020 270

Roskill: Spread of COVID-19 threatens cobalt supply; bottlenecks out of DRC

Green Car Congress

As COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide, the pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on the global economy and commodity markets, including cobalt.

2020 270

Study finds relying on “local food” a distant dream for most of the world

Green Car Congress

A study by an international team of researchers led by Aalto University finds that less than one-third of the world’s population could currently meet their demand for food with food produced in their local vicinity. The paper is published in the journal Nature Food.

2020 270

GM expands medical projects and charitable deliveries to hospitals

Green Car Congress

The first VOCSN V+Pro critical care ventilators produced by General Motors and Ventec Life Systems in Kokomo, Indiana ( earlier post ) are being delivered by UPS to Franciscan Health Olympia Fields in Olympia Fields, Illinois and Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago at the direction of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

2020 270

Volkswagen to offer refreshed Tiguan with new plug-in hybrid powertrain in Europe

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen will unveil a refreshed Tiguan SUV later in 2020, featuring new front and rear styling, a redesigned interior and new powertrains, including a plug-in hybrid version for the European market.

2020 270

Texas A&M team develops guidelines for 3D printing of martensitic steel

Green Car Congress

Researchers from Texas A&M University, in collaboration with scientists in the Air Force Research Laboratory, have developed guidelines that allow 3D printing of martensitic steels into very sturdy, defect-free objects of nearly any shape.

2020 265

NextSource Materials to collaborate on battery anode plant in Madagascar with Japanese and Chinese partners

Green Car Congress

Canada-based NextSource Materials Inc.

Australia’s ARENA opens $70M hydrogen deployment funding round

Green Car Congress

On behalf of the Australian Government, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has opened the $70-million Renewable Hydrogen Deployment Funding Round to help fast track the development of renewable hydrogen in Australia. As announced in November last year, the funding round is expected to play a significant role in supporting commercial-scale deployments of renewable hydrogen in Australia and facilitate cost reductions in production in order to achieve the goal of ‘H2 under $2’.

2020 263

ABB to supply high-voltage chargers for Volvo LIGHTS project in SoCal; up to 920VDC

Green Car Congress

ABB will supply high voltage-capable chargers for the Volvo LIGHTS project. Earlier post.) ABB’s charging systems can charge any electric vehicle (EV) battery at up to 920 VDC, enabling faster charge times and greater commercial fleet utilization for this project.

2020 260

Cummins & Tula demonstrate Diesel Dynamic Skip Fire (dDSF) cylinder deactivation; up to 66% reduction in NOx on CARB LLC #7

Green Car Congress

Cummins Inc. and Tula Technology, Inc., developer of Dynamic Skip Fire cylinder deactivation technology ( earlier post ), collaborated on a significant technical demonstration of diesel Dynamic Skip Fire (dDSF) cylinder deactivation.

2020 256

DeepGreen lifecycle analysis argues for sourcing EV battery materials from deep-sea polymetallic nodules

Green Car Congress

Canada-based DeepGreen Metals Inc., a company focused on sourcing metals with the least environmental and societal impact, has released the results of a year-long study it commissioned into the impacts of sourcing metals to produce battery cathodes and wiring for electric vehicles (EVs).

2020 244

KIST and UNIST joint research team develops a high-capacity cathode material using salmon DNA

Green Car Congress

A Korean research team from KIST and UNIST has developed a next-generation high-capacity cathode material for lithium-ion batteries by stabilizing the surface of over-lithiated layered oxides (OLO) using the DNA of salmon. Their paper appears in the journal Advanced Energy Materials.

2020 244