Fisker, no. Karma Revero.

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The Fisker Karma is back, and is now called the Karma Revero. You'd think I'd love it, right

Karma 127

Pininfarina's Italian design may be good Karma for plug-in carmaker

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Now that venture, renamed Karma after is primary product, following the company's revival at the hands of Chinese investors, has hired a new design firm. plug-in cars Karma ReveroFisker, the luxury plug-in hybrid car company that went bankrupt in 2013, was founded by a car designer. Henrik Fisker, the brand's namesake was a designer at BMW before forming his own company.

2019 69

Karma plans to relaunch with three new models at Shanghai auto show

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Karma, the company that started as the new maker of the Fisker plug-in hybrid (and once Tesla-fighter) of the same name—now called Revero—plans a new birth, four years after buying the company out of bankruptcy. plug-in cars Karma ReveroAt next month's Shanghai auto show, the company plans a product revival led by three cars: an updated Revero, a new model.

2019 50

New Karma in Detroit!

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Fisker's Karma is a production-ready plug-in hybrid, - meaning TODAY, not 2010 - and it's coming to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 15th

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VW widens electric net, Karma Vision, FCA emissions recall: Today's Car News

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Karma released its vision for the next 10 years with three new or updated models. Bugatti karma Today in Car NewsVolkswagen dramatically expanded its already big plans for electric cars. FCA will recall more than 860,000 gas-powered cars for failing on-road emissions tests. And our latest Twitter poll shows which versions of the Tesla Model 3 may generate the most interest.

2019 44

2017 Karma Revero: first official photo of rebooted Fisker Karma released

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As the 2017 Karma Revero gets closer to its official launch later this year, its maker has released the first official photo of the luxury plug-in hybrid sedan. The rebooted Karma is a modified and updated version of the car previously sold in 2012 as the Fisker Karma, before its maker shut down production and later declared bankruptcy. The Karma. Videos Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars Fisker Automotive Karma Revero

Karma 62

Karma gets approval to build electric cars in China

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The original production run of the Fisker Karma luxury sedan was contracted to Valmet Automotive in Finland. But as the Karma Revero, the car will be built at a new facility in California. Karma, which was created when Chinese auto-parts giant Wanxiang purchased the remains of bankrupt Fisker Automotive, plans to handle production itself. China Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars Karma Revero

Karma 66

First TV ad for Karma Revero drops as sales to start next month

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Everything old is new again, including the 2017 Karma Revero, a reborn 2012 Fisker Karma. Open Polo Championship, sponsored by Karma Automotive. Advertising Marketing Plug-In Hybrids Television plug-in cars Karma ReveroNow its maker has released the first-ever television advertisement for the car, a spot that debuted during the 2017 U.S. Simply titled "Delivery," the advertisement is full of graceful, flashing scenes of.

Karma 63

2017 Karma Revero: first drive of reborn luxury plug-in hybrid sedan

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The 2017 Karma Revero remains as much of a head-turner today as the low, sleek four-door sedan was when it debuted a decade ago under another name. It also happens to be a range-extended electric luxury sedan, though we tend to think that the Karma would sell just as well if it ran on coal dust and baby-seal blood. Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars Range-Extended Electric Vehicle Karma Revero

2017 61

2017 Karma: same range, new battery, display updates, low production

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Karma Automotive intends to place its namesake plug-in hybrid luxury sedan back into production before the end of the year. karma plug-in cars Range-Extended Electric Vehicle WanxiangAs well as adopting a new name, the company formerly known as Fisker Automotive is working on setting up its own factory in Costa Mesa, California. But what will the cars coming out of that factory be like? DON'T MISS: Fisker.

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Fisker's Karma: Good, or Bad?

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Maybe you saw the Fisker Karma, a plug-in hybrid luxury sedan, in Detroit this year. Think I like her better than the Tesla Roadster

Karma 142

Fisker Automotive Karma ad airs on KTLA

Revenge of the Electric Car

Last night I flipped on the KTLA 5 news around 10:30pm, while grabbing a late dinner, and caught a Fisker Automotive Karma ad…on TV! I was able to find the KTLA Fisker Automotive Karma ad archived on YouTube for those that have not yet seen it: Fisker Automotive ad for the Karma that ran during the KTLA pre-show. Tags: "Fisker Automotive" KTLA Inside Track Karma EV Videos

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Fisker sues insurer of hurricane Karmas

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Troubled electric carmaker, Fisker is now facing fresh problems after its insurer refused to cover the loss of some 338 of its Karma range-extended cars. Fisker Fisker Karma range-extended

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Karma Revero (nee Fisker) to blend dealers and Tesla-like showrooms

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Karma Automotive appears to be making progress in resurrecting the car formerly known as the Fisker Karma. Now called the Karma Revero, the luxury sedan recently entered pilot production at a new factory in Moreno Valley, California. But once Karma starts building cars destined for buyers, even in low volume, it will need places to sell them. Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars dealerships Fisker Automotive Car Sales Karma Revero

Karma 52

Karma, Faraday plan large Chinese electric-car factories

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Manufacturing China plug-in cars Faraday Future Karma ReveroChina is the world's largest new-car market, and generous government incentives have made it a particularly strong market for vehicles that plug in. To take advantage of that high demand, at least two companies are apparently moving ahead with plans for large factories dedicated to electric cars. This past week, separate reports appeared.

Karma 59

Karma Revero vs VLF Destino: same shape, different powertrains, radically different missions

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In the beginning was the Fisker Karma. plug-in cars VLF Destino Karma ReveroThen came battery cell failures, bankruptcy, a Chinese company, a departing designer, a swaggering auto exec, a big honkin' V-8 engine, and two new companies. The result: a pair of cars that look close to identical, but have radically different powertrains—one somewhat green, the other unabashedly based.

Fisker Becomes Karma Automotive, To Relaunch In 2016

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Now that it is moving closer to restarting production of the Karma luxury sedan, though, the new owners apparently thought it. Henrik Fisker hasn't been involved with his namesake company since before it declared bankruptcy in 2013.

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Fisker Karma to be Karma Revero, orders to open later this year

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After it bought the remains of bankrupt carmaker Fisker Automotive, Chinese auto-parts Wanxiang laid out plans to relaunch Fisker's Karma luxury plug-in hybrid. With namesake Henrik Fisker long gone, those plans included a name change to Karma Automotive. DON'T MISS: Fisker Becomes Karma Automotive, To Relaunch In. Which created a bit of a problem. Green Fisker Automotive Plug-In Hybrids Wanxiang plug-in cars

Karma 63

Karma Revero (nee Fisker) now in pilot production in CA

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After four years, the car formerly known as the Fisker Karma is back in production under new corporate stewardship. Now called the Karma Revero, it's being relaunched under the aegis of Chinese automotive supplier Wanxiang, which bought the remains of Fisker Automotive after the carmaker's 2013 bankruptcy. While all Fisker Karmas were built under.

2016 63

Relaunched Fisker Karma To Use Quantum Software (Again)

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Fisker Automotive''s new owner Wanxiang plans to relaunch the Karma extended-range electric luxury sedan next year, and it''s expected to have few substantial changes from the version last built in 2012. One thing Fisker doesn''t plan to change, it seems, is the supplier of the Karma''s powertrain control software. RELATED: Fisker Karma Will Be

2014 76

Karma Automotive (Nee Fisker) To Use BMW Electric-Car Powertrains

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Karma Automotive--the carmaker formerly known as Fisker Automotive--says it will use BMW powertrain components in upcoming production models. BMW will supply high-voltage battery charging systems and "a wide range of hybrid and EV systems" for the Karma luxury sedan, which the company expects to relaunch in 2016. Karma did not say whether BMW.

2015 62

Fisker Karma Will Be Relaunched With 2012 Design, Updates

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The future of the Fisker Karma range-extended luxury electric sedan has been in the hands of new owner Wanxiang America for many months, with little known about its relaunch plans or timing. Now, however, a Reuters article says that the company plans to relaunch the existing vehicle--last sold as the 2012 Fisker Karma--"by next year," presumably

2014 83

Fisker Karma back in business

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It has been a testing time for electric super car maker Fisker Automotive – but it now believes that its troubles, following a recall of its hallmark Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid vehicle, are nearly behind it. Fisker Green cars Latest news Fisker Automotive Fisker Karma Fisker Karma recalls plug-in hybrid

Karma 40

Fisker Karma receives EPA economy rating

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Range-extended luxury car, the Fisker Karma has received its emission certification and fuel economy rating from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), clearing the way for the car maker’s dealers to begin selling the car to customers. Proclaimed to be the first luxury sports sedan with a range-extended electric powertrain, the Karma enters a niche [.]. Fisker automotive EPA Karma Sedan

Karma 50

BMW to supply Karma Automotive with powertrain components for its luxury plug-in hybrid

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BMW will supply Karma Automotive—Fisker reborn—with its latest powertrain components, including high voltage battery charging systems and a wide range of hybrid and EV systems, for application in Karma’s flagship plug-in hybrid, to be re-launched next year. The next generation of Karma vehicles already in development will utilize more of BMW’s powertrain technology, the company said. —Karma’s CEO Tom Corcoran.

2015 84

Fisker Karma heads to Harrods

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The range-extended Fisker Karma is the new window display at Harrods in Knightsbridge, London. As Harrods embarks on its Winter Sale, the Karma prepares to go on sale around [.]. Green credentials automotive Fisker Harrods Karma Knightsbridge london range-extendedThe luxury car has taken pride of place in the in the prominent Brompton Road window display, where it will remain until the 4th of February.

Karma 43

Dodge Challenger electric boost, Karma styling, limited autobahns: Today's Car News

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Plug-in luxury-car maker Karma brought in a new design house to carry it into the future. Germany revealed a plan to impose a national speed limit on its famously unlimited autobahns. And our latest Twitter poll asks readers how soon they expect Ford to come through with an electric F-Series pickup. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Mercedes-Benz bike sharing

2019 45

Fisker Karma controls exhaust emissions

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The new plug-in petrol electric luxury saloon car, the Fisker Karma, will soon benefit from emission after-treatment catalysts after an agreement was reached with Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. Green cars Latest news Clean Diesel Technologies Electric cars extended range cars Fisker Fisker Karma

Karma 49

Fisker Karma drives in to new market

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Fisker Automotive, the name behind a host of extended range luxury electric cars, including the Fisker Karma (pictured), has set its sights on a new market – Quebec. Electric cars Fisker Green cars Latest news Canada electric cars Fisker Automotive Fisker Karma green carsThe company will begin selling its vehicle in Montreal after the first Fisker retailer in the province, and the fourth in Canada, was formed. Unsurprisingly, the Fisker [.].

Karma 52

Fisker Karma shows off in Monaco

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Making its European ‘dynamic’ debut this past weekend, the Fisker Karma was put through its paces in Monaco by Sovereign Prince of Monaco, Albert II. Visitors to the world famous Formula One Grand Prix were among the first to see the first Karma off the production line speed around the challenging street circuit. Electric cars ev F1 Fisker Karma Monaco Prince

Who's Still Buying Brand-New Fisker Karmas, And Why?

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The 2012 Fisker Karma remains a stunning car, regardless of its range-extended electric powertrain. MORE: 2012 Fisker Karma - full review The 2,500 or so Fiskers out there may be the only ones While the struggling-though-not-yet-bankrupt company remains in limbo, with a purchase reported but not yet confirmed, it hasn''t built cars since July 2012.

Karma 83

Fisker Karma fire cause revealed

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After just over a week of investigation, the cause of a fire involving a Fisker Karma (pictured) has been revealed. Electric cars Fisker Green Fuels Ltd Latest news electric car fire electric cars Fisker Automotive Fisker Karma green carsThe fire, which took place in Woodside, California on August 10, was prompted by an internal fault within the low-temperature cooling fan, according to Fisker Automotive itself. The company worked with fire experts from Pacific [.].

Karma 41

Fisker Karma wins Design of the Year award

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Range-extended luxury car, the Fisker Karma has been named as the Automobile magazine’s 2012 ‘Design of the Year’. The US publication’s editor honoured the model for its sleek lines and sporty look, writing that the Karma: “stands to become an icon, even without mention of its range-extended electric powertrain”. Fisker Automobile award design Karma Sedan

Karma 59

Want A Fisker Karma? Lots Of Used Ones For Sale

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The Fisker Karma extended-range electric luxury sedan has been out of production since July 2012, but it''s hardly gone away. Chinese automotive supplier Wanxiang, which now owns the car company, hopes to restart sales of the low, sleek, striking four-seat sedan under the Elux name sometime next year. And owners continue to be stopped on the street

2015 81

2012 Fisker Karma Electric Car First Drive Impressions: Video

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After what feels like forever, the 2012 Fisker Karma electric car is finally about to go on sale. Last month, we showed you how to order a Fisker Karma. Now, we've been able to slide behind the wheel of a new 2012 Fisker Karma EcoSport to bring you some quick first-drive impressions of the car's performance, ride, interior, and controls.

Karma 85

Tesla Model X Autopilot, Karma Revero dealers, 2017 Porsche Panamera efficiency: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we have the story of a Tesla Model X that drove its semi-conscious owner to the hospital on Autopilot, Karma Automotive's plan to use both franchised dealerships and company-owned showrooms, and the complex methods employed by the 2017 Porsche Panamera to save fuel. The Karma Revero (nee Fisker Karma).

Fisker Karma Owners Can Soon Buy Spare Parts, Wanxiang Says

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Owners of the 2012 Fisker Karma range-extended electric luxury car got some good news last week: The company that now owns the carmaker has promised that supplies of spare parts will soon become available. Fisker stopped producing its striking sedan in July 2012 after it had built roughly 3,000 of the cars. While the handful of remaining new

2014 82

Fisker To Be Renamed Elux, New Karma Not On Sale Before Next Year

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The company has also pushed back the planned relaunch of the Karma range-extended electric sport sedan until at least the middle of next year, it says. DON''T MISS: Fisker Karma Will Be Chinese maker Wanxiang, which bought the defunct Fisker Automotive out of bankruptcy, will rename the carmaker Elux, according to a Reuters report this morning.

2015 83

Fisker’s Karma coming around in Europe

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Fisker Europe Fisker Karma SalesFisker’s European expansion continues apace with the news that car dealer group Guarnieri will exclusively import and market all Fisker vehicles in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Guarnieri has dealerships and showrooms across the region, with a large and loyal customer base and a track-record of success with premium manufacturers including BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren. [.].

Karma using independent dealers and company centers for launch or Revero plug-in hybrid

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Karma Automotive’s planned distribution strategy will use both independent dealers and also company owned brand-experience centers to sell and service the new high-end Revero plug-in hybrid. In addition, Karma is working on the development of its first Orange County Brand Experience Center that will be announced separately. Karma Atlanta. Karma Burr Ridge (greater Chicago). Karma Ft. Karma Miami. Karma Palm Beach. Karma Troy (greater Detroit).

2012 Fisker Karma

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The 2012 Fisker Karma is a bundle of contradictions: a stunningly sexy sport sedan with a green powertrain, a large luxury car with the interior space of a subcompact, and a range-extended electric car that gets worse gas-mileage ratings when running on gasoline than some of its conventional competitors.

2012 51

2020 Tesla Model Y, Mazda rotary, wider VW electric plans: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

EPA The Week In Reverse Volkswagen diesel scandal Karma ReveroWhich two companies announced expanded lines of plug-in hybrids this week? What big decision did Tesla take back? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending March 15, 2019. The big news this week was Tesla's unveiling of its long-awaited Model Y small, more affordable SUV. The car.

2019 52

Paris Motor Show, plug-in electric car sales, Karma Revero vs VLF Destino: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we preview the green cars of the 2016 Paris Motor Show, tally plug-in electric car sales for August 2016, and compare the Karma Revero and VLF Destino—two cars based on the same Fisker Karma body. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Increased electric-car adoption means decreased oil consumption, but ExxonMobil and OPEC aren't. Today in Car News