Fisker, no. Karma Revero.

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The Fisker Karma is back, and is now called the Karma Revero. You'd think I'd love it, right

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Karma GSe-6, not GTE, is the name of fully electric Revero due in 2021

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Karma Automotive announced Monday that its first all-electric model—due in 2021—will be named GSe-6, not Revero GTE, as originally mentioned.

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Karma presents its electric-car vision to China and vies for partners

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Karma Automotive doesn't have just one vision for its future. The Southern California automaker unveiled a trio of new vehicles at the Shanghai auto show this week, ranging from a near-production look of the next version of the Karma Revero to a fanciful concept called the SC1. Shanghai Auto Show plug-in cars Karma Revero Karma AutomotiveIt has three.

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Will an all-electric, 400-mile Karma Revero be enough for a Tesla Model S rematch?

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Starting next year, the Karma Revero will get closer than it ever has to rivaling the Tesla Model S. Ironically, that will mean retiring the range extender that was once broadly sized up as the Revero’s ace card—back when, in an earlier existence, it was called the FIsker Karma.

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New Karma in Detroit!

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Fisker's Karma is a production-ready plug-in hybrid, - meaning TODAY, not 2010 - and it's coming to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 15th

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Karma gets farther from FIsker with 2020 Revero GT, electric car concept

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Chinese-owned, California-based Karma Automotive made clear several years ago that its aspirations go well beyond merely resurrecting production of the car originally known as the Fisker Karma. That car, now called the Karma Revero, is produced in very low volumes in Moreno Valley, California, is the automaker’s only product at present. China Plug-In Hybrids Shanghai Auto Show Karma Revero Karma Automotive

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Karma plans US-built all-electric pickup and SUV

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Monday, news broke of another electric truck potentially in the works—this one from California-based, Chinese-funded Karma Automotive. According to a Bloomberg report, directly citing Karma’s COO

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Karma and PATEO announce strategic partnership to develop automotive technologies

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Karma Automotive, the Southern California-based luxury electric vehicle manufacturer and a developer of advanced technologies in automotive industry, and China-based PATEO , an IoV (input/output virtualization) enterprise, have partnered to integrate the PATEO Qing Mobile solution as a Proof of Concept (POC), as a whole or in parts, to use in Karma Revero GT vehicles. The collaboration’s initial work will be focused on integrating PATEO Qing Mobile to the Karma Revero GT.

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Karma Revero gets more power, BMW 3-cylinder

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The Karma Revero is getting a long-needed update later this year, and the company has just revealed a few details. You'll recall that the Revero is the continuation of the original Fisker Karma, which went on sale in 2011. The company and its manufacturing facilities for the Karma were bought out by a Chinese company. plug-in cars Karma ReveroNow the company is named.

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Karma Automotive unveils High-Performance E-Flex Platform

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Karma Automotive announced the initial development-stage completion of its Karma High-Performance E-Flex Platform, the third in a series of demonstration efforts showcasing the company’s in-house technology capabilities and E-Flex Platform initiative, a program offering mobility solutions through versatile EREV (extended range electric vehicle) and BEV (battery electric vehicle) modular platforms. —Kevin Zhang, Chief Technology Officer, Karma Automotive.

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Karma Automotive introduces E-Flex platform solution for EVs

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Karma Automotive introduced the Karma E-Flex Platform a highly versatile chassis that will offer new electric vehicle mobility solutions ranging from autonomously-driven utility vans, to daily-driver vehicles, to high-performance supercars. Karma, the Southern California-based creator of luxury electric vehicles and high-tech incubator, said the first showcase of the highly-flexible platform currently supports the company’s 2020 Revero GT extended-range electric vehicle (EREV).

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Pininfarina-kissed Karma GT plug-in hybrid heading to Monterey Car Week

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The new Karma GT by Pininfarina will show off its much sleeker facelift at Monterey Car Week next weekend in California. The GT by Pininfarina, which made its first appearance at the Shanghai auto show in April, is a two-door coupe version of the Karma Revero sedan. Plug-In Hybrids Pininfarina Karma AutomotiveGone is the Joker grin, as well as the walrus mustache.

Karma Automotive in final development stages for SiC traction inverters; 400V and 800V

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Karma Automotive has entered the final stage of development for two new Silicon Carbide (SiC) Inverters to enhance electric mobility charging. Engineered to deliver enhanced efficiency and performance, the SiC traction inverters will be used in both future Karma vehicles and company partners.

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Rivian’s delay, Lucid’s 400-mile range, Karma’s E-Flex: Today’s Car News

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And Karma is boasting of its platform’s flexibility.any takers? Karma Automotive, which has continued. Rivian has made a lot of progress toward U.S. production of electric trucks, but things are put on hold for now.

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Pininfarina's Italian design may be good Karma for plug-in carmaker

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Now that venture, renamed Karma after is primary product, following the company's revival at the hands of Chinese investors, has hired a new design firm. plug-in cars Karma ReveroFisker, the luxury plug-in hybrid car company that went bankrupt in 2013, was founded by a car designer. Henrik Fisker, the brand's namesake was a designer at BMW before forming his own company.

2017 Karma Revero: first official photo of rebooted Fisker Karma released

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As the 2017 Karma Revero gets closer to its official launch later this year, its maker has released the first official photo of the luxury plug-in hybrid sedan. The rebooted Karma is a modified and updated version of the car previously sold in 2012 as the Fisker Karma, before its maker shut down production and later declared bankruptcy. The Karma. Videos Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars Fisker Automotive Karma Revero

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Karma gets approval to build electric cars in China

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The original production run of the Fisker Karma luxury sedan was contracted to Valmet Automotive in Finland. But as the Karma Revero, the car will be built at a new facility in California. Karma, which was created when Chinese auto-parts giant Wanxiang purchased the remains of bankrupt Fisker Automotive, plans to handle production itself. China Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars Karma Revero

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2018 Karma Reveros recalled for side curtain airbag issue

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Karma issued a stop sale on new 2018 Karma Reveros following a recall for defective air bags. Karma ReveroThe side curtain airbags have a defective rollover sensor, the company said, and may not deploy in a rollover accident. Side curtain airbags are a key safety feature in a rollover, because when they deploy, they can keep occupants heads from hitting the.

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Karma shows E-Flex platform in flat-floor BEV configuration; “Everyday BEV”

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Karma Automotive announced its flexible and modular E-Flex platform ( earlier post ) with an efficient flat floor battery electric vehicle (BEV) architecture. The new platform is one of five demonstration projects designed to illustrate Karma’s technical direction and capabilities through the use of versatile extended range electric vehicle (EREV)- and BEV-based rolling chassis systems. —Mike Jones, Director of Chassis Engineering, Karma Automotive.

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Karma to expand dealerships to 13 US cities, 19 countries by year-end

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Karma, the company, is starting its effort in earnest to revive sales of its Revero—the car that started life as the ill-fated Fisker Karma. According to the federal government, Karma sold 231 of the cars in 2018, well down from the 2,667 that Fisker sold in the car's first year on the market. Karma ReveroThat's partly the result of a paucity of.

Karma boasts its extended-range EV platform is very, very flexible

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Karma Automotive is touting its new platform for extended-range electric vehicles, which the California-based company claims can be used for a variety of different vehicle types.

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California plug-in hybrid maker Karma Automotive now accepts Bitcoin

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Karma Automotive announced Tuesday that it will now accept Bitcoin at its flagship Newport Beach location. In addition to dabbling in cryptocurrency for simple transactions, Karma will also explore theoretical blockchain applications outside of the that space, the electric-car manufacturer said in its announcement. This move signals Karma's intent

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Karma adds Revero GTE to lineup; first BEV; based on E-Flex platform

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Karma Automotive is expanding its Revero series with a new model, the Karma Revero GTE. The Revero GTE will join the GTS, GT and original Revero as the fourth model in Karma’s Revero family, initially offering two versions—both 200-mile and 300-mile range configurations.

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Karma pitches extended-range electric truck possibility to fleets

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Tesla may have swooped in at the last minute and stolen the show in Los Angeles this week, but the ever-frisky Karma has its own pickup pitch: an extended-range EV for commercial applications. Karma's pitch is a bit less concrete than Tesla's. Rising from the ashes of Fisker, Karma is merely interested in building luxury and high-performance

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Battery Day tech, free VW ID.4 charging, electric Karma: Today’s Car News

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And Karma has taken the Revero name off its electric version of it. Tesla Battery Day steals the show today. Volkswagen ID.4 owners get free fast-charging for three years. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

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Karma Automotive debuts all-new Level 4 autonomous van E-flex platform

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Karma Automotive introduced its SAEnLevel 4 autonomous van with a battery electric vehicle (BEV) architecture, one of five platforms designed to offer new electric mobility solutions through highly versatile EREV (extended range electric vehicle) and BEV chassis systems. Karma’s new L4 E-Flex Van is powered by the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Pegasus autonomous vehicle computing platform, which achieves an unprecedented 320 trillion operations per second of deep learning.

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Karma AWD Extended Range E-Flex platform supports pickup truck applications

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Karma Automotive announced its newest flexible and modular E-Flex platform with two motor all-wheel drive (AWD) and extended range electric vehicle (EREV) architecture (e.g., The new platform is the final of five demonstration projects designed to illustrate Karma’s technical direction and capabilities using highly versatile EREV and battery electric vehicle (BEV) based rolling chassis systems. Additional components also available include Karma’s new SiC inverters.

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Karma showcases extended range E-Flex platform for utility van applications

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Karma Automotive announced its E-Flex utility van platform with extended range electric vehicle (EREV) architecture. The new platform is one of five demonstration projects designed to illustrate Karma’s technical direction and capabilities through the use of highly versatile EREV and battery electric (BEV) chassis systems. The EREV van platform is the latest in a series of development projects featuring the Karma E-Flex Platform.

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2017 Karma: same range, new battery, display updates, low production

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Karma Automotive intends to place its namesake plug-in hybrid luxury sedan back into production before the end of the year. karma plug-in cars Range-Extended Electric Vehicle WanxiangAs well as adopting a new name, the company formerly known as Fisker Automotive is working on setting up its own factory in Costa Mesa, California. But what will the cars coming out of that factory be like? DON'T MISS: Fisker.

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2017 Karma Revero (nee Fisker) launch: updates, new infotainment

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The 2017 Karma Revero (nee Fisker Karma) was formally unveiled to the public and to Fisker owners tonight at an event in the canyons of Laguna Beach, south of Los Angeles. Range-Extended Electric Vehicle Fisker Automotive Karma ReveroExecutives of the company formed from the bankrupt wreckage of Fisker Automotive pledged that they've fixed the car's 2012 problems, while maintaining the striking design that.

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Karma rebirth takes shape with coupe teaser, new design center

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Karma Automotive promised big things with a new model lineup, including a revamped Revero, a new SUV, and a new electric sports coupe. Shanghai Auto Show Karma ReveroOn Wednesday, the company gave a glimpse of its new electric Vision coupe concept that will be unveiled at the 2019 Shanghai auto show next week and announced that it opened a new production facility in California.

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First TV ad for Karma Revero drops as sales to start next month

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Everything old is new again, including the 2017 Karma Revero, a reborn 2012 Fisker Karma. Open Polo Championship, sponsored by Karma Automotive. Advertising Marketing Plug-In Hybrids Television plug-in cars Karma ReveroNow its maker has released the first-ever television advertisement for the car, a spot that debuted during the 2017 U.S. Simply titled "Delivery," the advertisement is full of graceful, flashing scenes of.

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Karma plans to relaunch with three new models at Shanghai auto show

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Karma, the company that started as the new maker of the Fisker plug-in hybrid (and once Tesla-fighter) of the same name—now called Revero—plans a new birth, four years after buying the company out of bankruptcy. plug-in cars Karma ReveroAt next month's Shanghai auto show, the company plans a product revival led by three cars: an updated Revero, a new model.

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Fisker's Karma: Good, or Bad?

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Maybe you saw the Fisker Karma, a plug-in hybrid luxury sedan, in Detroit this year. Think I like her better than the Tesla Roadster

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2017 Karma Revero: first drive of reborn luxury plug-in hybrid sedan

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The 2017 Karma Revero remains as much of a head-turner today as the low, sleek four-door sedan was when it debuted a decade ago under another name. It also happens to be a range-extended electric luxury sedan, though we tend to think that the Karma would sell just as well if it ran on coal dust and baby-seal blood. Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars Range-Extended Electric Vehicle Karma Revero

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Karma pickup, ride-hailing “deadheads,” what plays in Iowa: Today’s Car News

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And Karma thinks more about trucks. Karma. Iowa is likely seeing more Teslas on TV. Ride-hailing isn't so green in California. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

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2019 Mazda CX-5 diesel, Mercedes-Benz EQC, more Karmas, more Nikolas: Today's Car News

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Karma showed off its new lineup in Shanghai. Nikola Karma Automotive Mercedes EQAfter other automakers have walked away from diesels in the U.S., Mazda says it will add a long-awaited diesel to its CX-5 lineup. Mercedes-Benz showed off a new launch edition of its upcoming EQC electric SUV. Nikola revealed two new hybrid fuel-cell semitrucks. And a new survey of Northeastern drivers.

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Ford Explorer plug-in, Karma Revero, German emissions collusion: Today's Car News

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And Karma revealed a few details of its revised Revero for 2020. emissions Daimler Today in Car News Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Volkswagen diesel scandal Karma ReveroEuropean prosecutors charged German automakers Volkswagen, Daimler, and BMW with collusion over emissions shortfalls. Fiat Chrysler will pay Tesla hundreds of millions of euros to meet emissions targets. The 2020 Ford Explorer will get a plug-in hybrid version in Europe.

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VW widens electric net, Karma Vision, FCA emissions recall: Today's Car News

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Karma released its vision for the next 10 years with three new or updated models. Bugatti karma Today in Car NewsVolkswagen dramatically expanded its already big plans for electric cars. FCA will recall more than 860,000 gas-powered cars for failing on-road emissions tests. And our latest Twitter poll shows which versions of the Tesla Model 3 may generate the most interest.

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Aston Martin Rapide E, Karma Revero GT, Tesla battery recycling: Today's Car News

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Aston Martin revealed the production version of its first electric car, the Rapide E, while California startup electric-carmaker Karma rolled out its updated Revero GT and a new Pininfarina GT Coupe in Shanghai. New York Auto Show Shanghai Auto Show Today in Car News Karma Automotive

Karma gets hit with Fisker recall over airbags

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The latest is Karma, the maker of the Revero, continuation of the former Fisker Karma exotic plug-in hybrid. Last month, the NHTSA released a recall notice announcing that Karma is recalling 472 2012 Fisker. The Takata air-bag inflator recall is the largest recall in automotive history and it's affected automakers from every corner of market. plug-in cars

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Karma Revero (nee Fisker) to blend dealers and Tesla-like showrooms

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Karma Automotive appears to be making progress in resurrecting the car formerly known as the Fisker Karma. Now called the Karma Revero, the luxury sedan recently entered pilot production at a new factory in Moreno Valley, California. But once Karma starts building cars destined for buyers, even in low volume, it will need places to sell them. Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars dealerships Fisker Automotive Car Sales Karma Revero

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Karma, Faraday plan large Chinese electric-car factories

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Manufacturing China plug-in cars Faraday Future Karma ReveroChina is the world's largest new-car market, and generous government incentives have made it a particularly strong market for vehicles that plug in. To take advantage of that high demand, at least two companies are apparently moving ahead with plans for large factories dedicated to electric cars. This past week, separate reports appeared.

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