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Ontario researchers develop new water plasmolysis method for production of hydrogen

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology are developing a new method to dissociate water vapor into hydrogen gas by microwave-generated plasma (plasmolysis). A paper on their work appears in the journal Fuel. (A)

2020 310

Audi E-Tron: Green Car Reports’ Best Car To Buy 2020

Green Car Reports

The Audi E-Tron is Green Car Reports’ Best Car To Buy 2020. We can’t think of a single fully electric vehicle that fits so well into a carmaker’s lineup the way that the E-Tron does.

2020 118

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Road tax for EV owners on Isle of Man

Discover EV

In order to make up for lost revenue from fuel sales, the Isle of Man is introducing an annual charge – or road tax – for EVs. Currently, low and zero emissions vehicles pay zero tax, but is the new charge on the Isle of Man a sign of things to come for the UK

2020 83

Electric Car Charging: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide To Ditching Gasoline Forever

EV Life

Electric Car Charging. One of the biggest shifts from driving a gas car to an electric car is how the vehicle is refueled through electric car charging. It’s a new way of driving. However, it’s actually not that complicated.

2020 52

Highview Power and Encore Renewable Energy to co-develop the first long-duration, liquid-air energy storage system in US

Green Car Congress

Highview Power Storage, Inc., a provider of long duration energy storage solutions, and Encore Renewable Energy, a developer of renewable energy generation and storage projects, jointly announced plans to develop the United States’ first long-duration, liquid-air energy storage system.

2019 307

Green Car Reports’ Car of the Decade: Tesla Model S

Green Car Reports

Ten years ago, the Volt Dance was still fresh in our minds; Ford CEO Alan Mullaly invested more in its electric programs and said that by 2020 EVs would become more important than hybrids (and more dominant in the company’s lineup); the Leaf was on its way to be something very, very big; and we really had our bets on at least one of.

2019 111

VW sells its 250,000th EV as it ramps up production

Discover EV

Volkswagen has sold its 250,000th electrified car since it started selling its e-UP! in 2013. This news comes as VW significantly raises its production forecast for future pure electric vehicles, asserting that one million cars from its new all-EV ID.

2020 60

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Simple process for the production of fuel additives from residual forest biomass

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Université de Sherbrooke, Canada, with colleagues at the Université de Toulouse, France, have developed a process for the direct production of levulinates from cheap residual lignocellulosic biomass using an affordable homogeneous catalyst.

2019 306

First drive review: The 2020 Vanderhall Edison three-wheeler is a fun way to go green

Green Car Reports

Planes, trains, automobiles and, even ships: No segment will be left untouched in the march towards a greener, more sustainable future—and going electric. Even a boutique company out of Utah that builds three-wheel playthings sees the writing on the wall.

2019 96



Whether related to the stock market, presidential elections or climate, December is the month to make predictions for the coming year and decade. So what battery trends should we expect for the upcoming 2020-2030 decade? 1.Lithium-ion batteries will power more applications — electrification of everything: The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry highlights the progress lithium-ion batteries achieved in the past four decades.

2019 40

Volkswagen’s Concept Robot Would Bring Mobile EV Charging to Any Garage

Cars That Think

This cute little robot could tow over mobile batteries to recharge your car. transportation transportation/infrastructure

2020 51

Israeli team develops decoupled PEC water-splitting system for centralized production of H2

Green Car Congress

Researchers in Israel have designed a separate-cell photoelectrochemical (PEC) water-splitting system with decoupled hydrogen and oxygen cells for centralized hydrogen production. A paper describing their system is publishedin the journal Joule.

2020 302

Porsche Taycan: Best Car To Buy 2020 nominee

Green Car Reports

For anyone who appreciates electric cars and their potential to transcend existing boundaries, the Porsche Taycan—originally called the Mission E concept—was a rock star from the start. In concept form in 2015, its propositions included 600 horsepower, 0-62 mph acceleration in 3.5

2020 95

Video review: Jeep Wrangler

Green Cars News

Promising drivers the ability to ‘Go anywhere, do anything’, parking the Jeep Wrangler on your drive, or just about anywhere you fancy given its terrain-busting nature, is sure to bring kudos wherever you are

2020 32

BMW using flax fiber cooling shaft in iFE.20 Formula E racer

Green Car Congress

The BMW iFE.20 Formula E racer uses a cooling shaft manufactured from flax fibers—the first BMW race car fielded by a works team with parts made out of renewable textile fibers.

2019 269

AFC Energy launches alkaline fuel cell H-Power EV charger system

Green Car Congress

UK-based AFC Energy launched its H-Power electric vehicle (EV) charger based on alkaline hydrogen fuel cell technology. The self-contained charging system overcomes issues associated with poor grid coverage to provide rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging anywhere it is needed.

2019 247

Thomas Built Buses’ Jouley selected for first phase of Dominion Energy’s electric school bus initiative; 50 buses powered by Proterra

Green Car Congress

Thomas Built Buses Inc (TBB) has been selected as the provider of all 50 electric school buses allocated for the initial phase of Dominion Energy’s electric school bus replacement program in Virginia. The program represents the largest deployment of electric school buses in the United States.

2019 247

Hyundai Motor Group to invest $87B over next 5 years; 44 electrified vehicles; new EV development system; hydrogen plans

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) will invest more than KRW100 trillion (US$87 billion) over next 5 years—KRW20 trillion (~US$17.4 billion) annually to enhance its leadership in vehicle electrification, autonomous driving and mobility services, said Euisun Chung, Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) of the Group, at the company’s 2020 New Year ceremony at its headquarters in Seoul.

2020 239

Volkswagen raises EV forecast for 2025 to 1.5M vehicles from ID. family; 1M by 2023

Green Car Congress

Under the Volkswagen’s latest plans, the company expects to reach its original strategic target of one million electric cars by the end of 2023—two years earlier than previously predicted. The Volkswagen brand now expects to produce 1.5 million electric cars by 2025.

2019 238

Brown research provides new design principle for water-splitting catalysts

Green Car Congress

Scientists have long known that platinum is by far the best catalyst for splitting water molecules to produce hydrogen gas. A new study by Brown University researchers shows why the precious metal works so well—and it’s not the reason that’s been assumed.

2020 227

Matson takes delivery of first dual-fuel Kanaloa-Class con-ro vessel Lurline

Green Car Congress

Matson, Inc., a leading US carrier in the Pacific, took delivery of its newest vessel, the largest combination container / roll-on, roll-off (con-ro) ship ever built in the United States, from General Dynamics NASSCO. Matson’s Lurline launches into San Diego Bay.

2019 227

U of T researcher suggests decline in dementia may be due to differences in lifetime exposure to lead; role of clean fuel regs

Green Car Congress

Several studies from the US, Canada, and Europe suggest a promising downward trend in the incidence and prevalence of dementia. However, important risk factors for dementia—such as mid-life obesity and mid-life diabetes—have been increasing rapidly, so the decline in dementia incidence is perplexing to researchers.

2020 195

ZF and MKR Technology develop hybrid drive for the Dakar Rally

Green Car Congress

ZF has developed a new hybrid driveline for the Dakar off-road race. ZF, in cooperation with MKR Technology, has fitted the Riwald Dakar team’s Renault C640 with this new driveline developed especially for this objective.

2020 195

JATO: US demand for pickups remains strong despite price increases

Green Car Congress

From the 2010 model year through to September 2019, 14.6% of new vehicle sales in the United States have been pickup trucks, according to JATO Dynamics. From a 13.1% market share in 2010, pickups have grown to claim a 16.8% market share in 2019. Source: JATO Dynamics.

2020 195

7 series-hybrid Solaris buses to Z?bkowice ?l?skie; supercaps for energy storage

Green Car Congress

Solaris will supply seven Urbino 12 series-hybrid buses to Z?bkowice bkowice ?l?skie, skie, Poland by 31 July 2020. The buses will serve on routes of the new public transport lines to be established in the municipality.

2019 195

Study links closing of local automotive assembly plants in US to increase in deaths from opioid overdoses

Green Car Congress

Closing of local automotive assembly plants may lead to increases in deaths from opioid overdose, according to a study led by researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts General Hospital. The findings highlight fading economic opportunity as a driving factor in the ongoing opioid epidemic in the US, and build on previous research that links declining participation in the labor force to increased opioid use.

2019 174

FCA to show Jeep Wrangler, Renegade and Compass 4xe PHEVs at CES

Green Car Congress

FCA’s Jeep brand is utilizing CES to showcase three plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), the first step in the brand’s plan to offer electrification options on all models by 2022. All Jeep electrified vehicles will carry a new “Jeep 4xe badge.”. Additional information about the Jeep Wrangler, Compass and Renegade 4xe vehicles, which debut this year, will be provided at the Geneva, New York and Beijing auto shows.

2020 163

Nigeria LNG moves ahead with $10B expansion; 30 Mtpa

Green Car Congress

The partners in Nigeria LNG (NLNG)—Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) (49%), Shell (25.6%), Total (15%) and Eni (10.4%)— have taken the final investment decision (FID) for the expansion project of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant at Bonny Island. This brownfield development, which is expected to start-up in 2024, will increase the annual production capacity to more than 30 million tonnes per year (Mtpa) from the current 22.5 Mtpa—a 33% increase.

Three CA LCFS pathway applications for swine manure to Bio-CNG, Bio-LNG, and Bio-L-CNG; negative triple-digit CIs

Green Car Congress

Element Markets Renewable Energy (EMRE) has filed applications for certification of three California LCFS (Low Carbon Fuel Standard) Tier 2 pathways for biomethane (Bio-CNG, Bio-LNG, and Bio-L-CNG) from anaerobic digestion of swine manure produced by Valley View Farms located in Greencastle, Missouri. The calculated carbon intensities are -345.68, -334.41, and -330.87 gCO 2 e/MJ, respectively. Smithfield owns and operates the swine farm.

2019 163

Greenlane secures new US$6.3M biogas upgrading contract for landfill gas to RNG project in California

Green Car Congress

Canada-based Greenlane Biogas North America Ltd., a subsidiary of Greenlane Renewables Inc., has secured a new US$6.3-million biogas upgrading contract with a customer in California, whose name is being withheld at this time for confidentiality reasons. Engineering work will begin immediately on the California-based landfill project.

2019 163

California Energy Commission to award up to $11M for non-Li-ion energy storage projects

Green Car Congress

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has released a solicitation (GFO-19-305) to fund innovative, non-Li-ion energy storage research projects, including green electrolytic hydrogen systems.

2020 150

Bosch develops long-range lidar to complement radar and cameras for automated driving

Green Car Congress

Bosch is adding a new long-range lidar to its sensor portfolio for automated driving. The new Bosch sensor will cover both long and close ranges on highways and in the city. By exploiting economies of scale, Bosch wants to reduce the price for the sophisticated technology and render it suitable for the mass market.

2020 150

For the 2020s, Honda aims to favor hybrids over EVs

Green Car Reports

Honda has said that it wants electrified vehicles to make up two-thirds of its global sales by 2030. That goal is nothing new; it was announced back in 2016. What is new is that Honda plans to emphasize hybrids (and perhaps plug-in hybrids) over electric vehicles, well into the next decade.

2020 93

Second-best: Chevy Volt is gone, so here are the plug-in hybrids with the longest range

Green Car Reports

Plug-in hybrids are supposed to be a sweet spot in the market, offering drivers the chance to plug in and use greener energy from the grid in most of their commuting, while having long-legged hybrid operation the rest of the time when they can’t get to a charger—for extra errands, or weekend road trips, for instance. The original 2011.

2019 90

Jeep to present plug-in hybrid Wrangler, Compass and Renegade at 2020 CES

Green Car Reports

It's been a long time coming but Jeep is finally ready to unveil its first production plug-in hybrids. Some readers may recall Jeep rolled out a plug-in hybrid Wrangler prototype as far back as 2008, though the global financial crisis put that particular project on ice.

2020 85

Tesla rings in 2020 with a global manufacturing presence

Green Car Reports

Although many who follow the growth of electric cars eagerly await the release of Tesla’s fourth-quarter and annual delivery numbers for 2019, the Tesla of 2020 and beyond is a truly global manufacturer.

2020 82

Tesla rings in 2020 with a global manufacturing presence, strong 2019 growth

Green Car Reports

Tesla announced Friday that it delivered about 367,500 vehicles globally in 2019—meeting its guidance for the year of at least 360,000 vehicles and exceeding what Wall Street analysts had anticipated earlier in the week.

2020 80