November, 2020

Moscow launches its 500th electric bus; largest electric bus fleet in Europe

Green Car Congress

Moscow, Russia has launched its 500 th electric bus—a KAMAZ 6282 electric bus. The KAMAZ 6282 uses lithium-titanate batteries, and has a range of 70 km on one charge. The electric bus is charged in 6-12 minutes with ultrafast charging stations using a half-pantograph.

2020 412

Wind-powered transatlantic car carrier could cut carbon emissions by 90%

Green Car Reports

Sailing ships were once the backbone of international commerce, and now a Swedish shipbuilder is trying to give sails a high-tech update in order to reduce emissions.

2020 171

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Proterra beefs up its battery expertise: Q&A CTO Dustin Grace


Since its founding in 2004, Proterra has grown to become North America’s largest supplier of electric buses. The company has sold some 950 buses to transit agencies, airports, universities, national parks and private companies in 43 states and provinces.

2020 89

Electric motorcycles are gaining momentum

Plug in America

This year, electric motorcycle momentum has been hot! Electric motorcycle companies have been reporting an increase in sales. For example, Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica shared that in the first two months of 2020, they sold more electric motorcycles than in the year prior. .

2020 83

GM No Longer Building Nikola Electric Pickup, Nixes Equity Stake

The Truth About Cars

On Monday, General Motors and Nikola Corp announced a revamped agreement that eliminates an equity stake in the startup for the Detroit automaker and nixed any plan for manufacturing Nikola’s electric pickup truck.

2020 81

Twin test review: Polestar 2 vs Tesla Model 3 Performance

Discover EV

Is the Polestar 2 with the Performance Pack a match for Tesla’s fastest Model 3? We compare both models to see which comes out on top

2020 76

Spanish team develops microwave-induced electrolysis at low temperatures for H2 production

Green Car Congress

Researchers in Spain have developed hydrogen production without contact electrodes via water electrolysis mediated by the microwave-triggered redox activation of solid-state ionic materials at low temperatures ( Nature Energy. Schematic illustration of the microwave-induced redox cycle.

2020 399

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Investing in an EV future today costs much less than you think

EV Box

The world is quickly moving toward a future of sustainable transportation, and it’s getting there in an electric vehicle. Fortunately, the road to cleaner mobility has never been smoother — or more affordable. Policy

2020 68

20/30 Vision

Clean Car

The UK Government has announced the ban on the sale of new internal combustion engine (ICE) powered vehicles from 2030. This is a significant acceleration of its original plans to ban all new ICE sales from 2040.

2020 55

Ford Says Electric Super Duty Trucks Aren’t Happening

The Truth About Cars

While Ford’s F-150 is slated for electrification, Super Duty versions of the F-Series are not.

2020 68

2020 Polestar 2 review

Discover EV

Jointly owned by Volvo and Geely, Polestar is now an electric car company in its own right and it’s not long delivered is second production model. Here’s everything you need to know about the Polestar 2

2020 71

Hexagon Purus to deliver 45-foot hydrogen distribution systems to Everfuel

Green Car Congress

Hexagon Purus signed a multi-year master frame agreement with Everfuel to deliver multiple units of newly designed 45-foot hydrogen distribution systems. The systems will be used to transport hydrogen to refueling stations serving hydrogen fuel cell electric passenger car fleets (e.g.

2020 382

Illegal emissions tampering on diesel trucks is rampant—and apparently a big business

Green Car Reports

About 15% of U.S. diesel trucks that were originally certified with emissions controls have had those systems tampered with. That’s among the takeaways from a U.S. EPA report released last Friday. It suggests an environmental and public-health impact that within the U.S.

2020 168

Why flexibility should top your EV charging checklist

EV Box

At EVBox we’re on a mission to build a world where everyday driving is fully electric and emission-free. We know that to succeed, we have to make sure everyone can use our EV chargers and adapt them to their unique, evolving needs.

2020 67

Review: Land Rover Defender 110

Green Cars News

The Defender name is one that can trace its lineage right back to the inception of time

Millennials Really Do Intend to Buy Cars. Thank the Pandemic.

The Truth About Cars

Forget all you’ve heard about Millennials (24-39 years old) and their disdain for automobiles. COVID-19 has changed that, as 31 percent of those without a car intend to buy one in the next six months, and 45 percent of them are Millennials.

2020 62

MINI Urbanaut hints at radical future for the brand

Discover EV

Even since its late 90s revamp, MINI has stuck to a recognisable style with its roots clearly in the original 1950s design.

2020 70

S. Korean team develops highly efficient, long-lasting electrocatalyst to boost electrolytic hydrogen production

Green Car Congress

Conventional water electrolysis for the production of hydrogen faces technological challenges to improve the efficiency of the water-splitting reaction for the sluggish oxygen evolution reaction (OER).

2020 381

Toyota steps up to support Mirai fuel-cell car with 7 more hydrogen stations in California

Green Car Reports

Toyota North America confirmed Thursday that the second-generation version of its Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell car is arriving at some California dealers later this year.

2020 161

Top 5 factors to consider when adding EV charging

EV Box

EVBox is building a more sustainable future where charging your electric vehicle is as easy as finding a parking spot, and employees like our North American Business Development Manager, Travis Walker, are driving us there. Infrastructure

2020 65

Review: Volkswagen Tiguan

Green Cars News

Since 2007, the Volkswagen Tiguan has built itself enviable success

2007 54

Hero Lectro Ezephyr

Electric Vehicless

Hero lectro ezephyr is one of the best electric cycles from hero lectro with multi speed & hub motor.

2020 52

2020 SEAT Mii Electric review

Discover EV

SEAT is one of the fastest growing volume car makers in Europe as well as the brand with the youngest customer base, but does its budget electric Mii appeal to its target audience

2020 68

Solaris to supply two hydrogen buses to Transdev in Sweden

Green Car Congress

Operator Transdev has signed a contract with Solaris Bus & Coach to supply two hydrogen buses. The vehicles will roll out onto the streets of the Swedish city of Sandviken in autumn 2021.

Sweden 368

California $1,500 point-of-sale rebate on EVs starts this week

Green Car Reports

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) and state utilities have partnered to offer car buyers a $1,500 point-of-sale rebate for electric cars or plug-in hybrids.

2020 156

UK commits to ending the sale of new petrol and diesel-powered cars by 2030

Go Ultra Low

The direction of travel is set. The UK Government has confirmed the end of sale of new petrol and diesel-powered cars and vans will be brought forward to 2030 – 10 years earlier than planned – while plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) will remain on sale until 2035.

Case studies: Say goodbye to buying with the car leasing experts

Green Cars News

As the car leasing experts, we’ve helped more than a million different people into a brand new car since we started back in 2000

2020 54

ChargeNet CEO & Co-founder scoops Sustainability Superstar Award


Steve West, CEO and Co-founder of ChargeNet, has received national recognition at the annual Sustainable Business Awards. Steve received the highly anticipated Sustainability Superstar Award for his investment in developing a nationwide network of electric vehicle rapid-charging stations.

2020 52

Swindon Powertrain launches classic Mini conversion kit

Discover EV

Swindon Powertrain has launched a kit to enable owners of classic Minis to convert them into EVs with ease. The Classic Mini Kit is part of a wider set of components and can be bolted into an existing car without any fabrication or modification

Kits 66

Havyard establishes company for hydrogen power for ships

Green Car Congress

For several years now, the Norway-based marine and maritime technology company Havyard Group has carried out research and development work on hydrogen propulsion for large vessels, for example through the Pilot E project, in order to develop a large-scale maritime hydrogen project.

2020 365

Electrified cars pass a tipping point in Europe, as new registrations pass diesels

Green Car Reports

Diesel cars have historically been the default choice in Europe, but that is no longer the case.

2020 157

Plug’n Drive’s MEET brings electric vehicle awareness to Canadian communities

Plug N Drive

A new and innovative approach to engaging Canadians around the benefits of electric transportation. Ottawa, ON – The Mobile Electric Vehicle Education Trailer (MEET) is a portable Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre on wheels that can remain active in one location for weeks or months at a time.

2020 52

2021 Renault Kangoo revealed

Green Cars News

The new Renault Kangoo has been revealed, with the panel van set to arrive in the UK next year

2020 54

ChargeNet celebrates five years of powering up New Zealand


In October 2015, ChargeNet went live with its first electric vehicle charger Jaques’ Four Square in Kaiwaka, 100km north of Auckland’s CBD.

INEOS and Hyundai join forces to develop hydrogen future

Discover EV

Hyundai and INEOS have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to work together in developing a so-called hydrogen economy.

2020 63

EPA AED estimates emissions controls were removed from > 550K diesel pickups over last decade; impact equivalent to adding 9M additional trucks

Green Car Congress

In a new report , the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Air Enforcement Division (AED) estimates that the emissions controls have been removed from more than 550,000 diesel pickup trucks in the last decade.

2020 356

VW project to transition Greek "model island" to electric vehicles, renewable power

Green Car Reports

Volkswagen plans to transition a Greek island entirely to electric vehicles powered by renewable energy. The automaker is working with the Greek government to turn Astypalea, in the southern Aegean Sea, into a "model island" for zero-emission transportation.

2020 155