Tsinghua, MIT, Argonne team discovers lithium titanate hydrates for superfast, stable cycling in Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

An international research team from Tsinghua University, MIT and Argonne National Laboratory has discovered a series of novel lithium titanate hydrates that show better electrochemical performances compared to all the Li 2 O–TiO 2 materials reported so far—including those after nanostructuring, doping and/or coating. Schematic diagram in the dehydration process and the fast lithium insertion/extraction within the hydrated nanocomposite (HN) material in battery.

A123 Systems acquires lithium titanate and Li-imide electrolyte technology from Leyden Energy; micro-hybrid focus

Green Car Congress

A123 Systems LLC, a developer and manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion batteries and systems, has acquired Leyden Energy’s intellectual property in battery materials covering lithium titanate (LTO) and non-flammable electrolyte (Li-imide) developments for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition of Leyden’s technology in this field complements the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) materials portfolio that A123 commercialized nearly a decade ago under the Nanophosphate trade name.


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Toshiba to supply Lithium-titanate battery for 2MW energy storage system project in UK; 1MWh SCiB

Green Car Congress

Toshiba Corporation will supply the battery for the United Kingdom’s first 2MW scale lithium-titanate battery based Energy Storage System (ESS) to support grid management. The company’s 1MWh SCiB battery will be installed in a primary substation in central England in September. Large-scale ESS are seen as a versatile solution in managing electricity supply.

XALT Energy introduces high-performance lithium titanate cell technology; electric bus applications

Green Car Congress

XALT Energy has introduced a high-performance Lithium Titanium Oxide (LTO) cell that it says has achieved better cycle life performance over a wider range of operating conditions than any lithium-ion cell ever built. XALT pairs the LTO anode with an NMC cathode in a prismatic, stacked parallel plate electrode design offering greater reliability, safety, life and fast charge capability. The 60 Ah, 2.2

High-performance Li-ion Capacitor Developed With CNT, Lithium Titanate

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) have developed a lithium-ion capacitor using a composite material of single-layer carbon nanotube and lithium titanate (Li 4 Ti 5 O 12 , LTO that features enhanced high-rate capacity and discharge properties. Tech-On!

NYSERDA Awards $650,000 to Primet Precision Materials to further work on energy-efficient battery materials process, lithium titanate anode

Green Car Congress

The funding will also be used for the firm to develop an improved lithium titanate anode material that could improve battery safety and make more efficient rechargeable batteries for a variety of uses, including modular utility electric systems for use at wind and solar generating sites. Using the NanoScission process, the company is producing electrode materials for the battery industry that can improve performance and lower the cost of lithium-ion batteries.

Altairnano Launches Application Kit to Increase Adoption of Its Lithium-Titanate Battery Technology

Green Car Congress

released an Application Kit designed to give original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the ability to apply its advanced lithium-titanate battery systems in a test environment simulating real-world operating conditions. Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. The Application Kit includes Altairnano's 24 volt, 50 Ah battery module, a connection and control unit (CCU) including a battery management system, and a NetBook computer configured to control and monitor the system performance.

Opbrid Introduces New Overhead Fast-Charging System for Buses; Leveraging Lithium Titanate (nLTO) Battery Technology for Rapid Charge Hybrids

Green Car Congress

Based on technology from the European rail industry, and leveraging the rapid charge capability of nanotechnology Lithium Titanate (nLTO) technology batteries such as those from Altair Nano, the Bůsbaar is a high power (~250 kW) opportunity charging station that rapidly charges a bus at one or both ends of its route. The Bůsbaar rapid charger. Click to enlarge. Spain-based Opbrid Transporte Sostenible S.L.

Altair Nanotechnologies Partners with Amperex Technology to Accelerate Commercialization of Next-Generation Lithium-Titanate Batteries

Green Car Congress

ATL) to accelerate the commercialization of next-generation high-performance lithium-titanate battery cells. China-based ATL currently produces Lithium-ion polymer batteries under a license agreement with Valence Technology. So far these have been combined with cathodes from conventional lithium-ion batteries. Li-ion battery manufacturer Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. Altairnano) has entered a joint development agreement (JDA) with Amperex Technology Ltd.

Toshiba Looking to Supply Lithium Titanate EV Batteries to 5 Automakers

All Cars Electric

Toshiba is looking to sign approximately five carmakers to deals for the companies newly released lithium batteries intended to provide motivation to EVs. According to a report in the Financial Times of London, the head of Toshiba said that the company will enter the EV market with its newly developed lithium titanate Bring on the carmakers.

Lithium Titanate Batteries Offer Exceptional Fast Charging Capabilities

All Cars Electric

In order to counter the initial affects of range anxiety, several different things must be taken into consideration. From charging stations located at convenient mileage intervals, to marketing departments assuring would be buyers that there range numbers are indeed accurate, everything must be accounted for. One aspect of charging that

Moscow adding another 115 ultra-fast charging stations for electric buses

Green Car Congress

Modern lithium-titanate batteries are used as energy storage devices in the electric buses. Moscow is now actively developing its charging infrastructure for electric buses.

Moscow launches its 500th electric bus; largest electric bus fleet in Europe

Green Car Congress

The KAMAZ 6282 uses lithium-titanate batteries, and has a range of 70 km on one charge. Moscow, Russia has launched its 500 th electric bus—a KAMAZ 6282 electric bus. The electric bus is charged in 6-12 minutes with ultrafast charging stations using a half-pantograph.

2020 410

KAMAZ opens center in Moscow to make electric buses

Green Car Congress

The KAMAZ 6282 electric bus is driven by two 125 kW ZF motors powered by 80 kWh lithium titanate (LTO) battery packs charged by ultra-fast charging stations using a pantograph.

Russia 365

LLTO anode material for safe batteries with a long cycle life

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Jilin University in Changchun/China have investigated a highly promising anode material for future high-performance batteries: lithium lanthanum titanate with a perovskite crystal structure (LLTO).

2020 312

Drive Electro to supply components for another 200 electric buses in Moscow

Green Car Congress

The company uses lithium titanate batteries for the electric buses, giving them a range of 350-400 km and requiring just 6-20 minutes to recharge.

Johnson Controls partners with Toshiba on new Li Titanate start-stop battery with SCiB cells

Green Car Congress

Johnson Controls’ 12-V Lithium Titanate battery will power advanced start-stop vehicles. At the upcoming Detroit Auto Show, Johnson Controls will unveil a new 12V Lithium Titanate battery developed in collaboration with Toshiba for advanced start-stop applications. The SCiB Lithium Titanate chemistry is effective at quickly recharging, works well in a wide range of temperatures and can be easily integrated into a vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system.

2015 191

UCSD team develops new disordered rock salt anode for fast-charging, safer lithium-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers at UC San Diego, with their colleagues at other institutions, have developed a new anode material that enables lithium-ion batteries to be safely recharged within minutes for thousands of cycles.

2020 206

Proterra selects Toshiba SCiB cells for next-gen electric bus

Green Car Congress

Featuring a Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO), Toshiba’s SCiB batteries have excellent thermal performance, enabling their high-rate charging capability. The lithium-titanate chemistry contained in SCiB makes the batteries highly resistant to thermal runaway and lithium metal plating, providing exceptional battery safety characteristics. Proterra Inc. has selected Toshiba as the battery supplier for its next-generation, all-electric bus from Proterra Inc.

2014 207

Altairnano signs MoU with Shenhua subsidiaries for industrial Li-ion energy storage systems in China

Green Car Congress

Altairnano has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Shenhua Science & Technology and its research affiliate, the National Institute of Clean and Low-carbon Energy (NICE), jointly to develop, deploy and promote industrial applications of lithium titanate-based energy storage systems in China.

2012 186

Proterra introduces new extended range battery pack for electric transit buses; up to 180 miles

Green Car Congress

These two lithium titanate fast charging battery packs are components of Proterra’s TerraFlex energy system and can be used interchangeably in the Catalyst vehicle platform. Electric transitbus manufacturer Proterra Inc. has launched a new extended-range product line. With the new TerraVolt XR extended-range battery, Proterra buses can now be configured to travel up to 180 miles (290 km) between charges.

2015 234

Altairnano working with TAURON on Li-ion energy storage systems demonstration research project in Poland

Green Car Congress

TAURON) jointly to determine the necessary infrastructure needs for stationary energy storage systems based on lithium titanate batteries, and for the construction of power and frequency stabilization systems in Poland. Altairnano has entered into an agreement with TAURON Dystrybucja S.A.

Poland 167

Leclanché to supply battery storage system for two hybrid-powered ferries

Green Car Congress

Leclanché’s Marine Rack System (MRS), powered by the company’s proprietary lithium-ion cell batteries, was developed especially for the maritime industry and will reduce the ships’ consumption of fossil fuels by 40%. The battery systems supplied by Leclanché use high-energy G-NMC lithium-ion cells with unique safety features, including a bi-cellular laminate design and ceramic separators.

2020 167

Proterra extended range electric bus delivers 258 miles on one charge of 257 kWh pack

Green Car Congress

Proterra’s TerraVolt FC fast charge battery options (lithium titanate, LTO chemistry) allows for maximum run time with minimum dwell time. A Proterra 40-foot Catalyst XR (extended range) electric bus drove 258 miles (415 miles) on a single charge under test conditions at Michelin’s Laurens Proving Grounds (LPG). The Catalyst XR configuration for the max mileage test used 8 NMC Li-ion battery packs, with a total energy capacity of 257 kWh.

2015 285

Kiepe Electric orders 80 trolleybus Li-ion battery systems from Voltabox

Green Car Congress

Kiepe Electric has ordered 80 standardized lithium-ion battery systems from Voltabox AG for trolleybuses. Each battery system is made up of three structurally identical standard containers, each of which contains 12 battery modules with lithium titanate (LTO) cells. The delivery of the systems will begin in the middle of this year.

2019 180

Germany launches R&D facility for industrial-scale Li-ion cell manufacturing; €500M in funding

Green Car Congress

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has launched the Battery Cell Research Production Center, a new R&D and large-scale industrial manufacturing plant for lithium-ion cells; the center will receive an investment of €500 million. The center is part of a strategic drive to develop a German-based mass production of lithium-ion cells necessary to meet the demands of the electrification of transport and storage systems.

2019 257

China-Based Holding Company to Invest $48.9M in Altair Nanotechnologies for 51%; China Battery Deals

Green Car Congress

YTE), which is a manufacturer of high-capacity and high-power lithium battery products. Yintong’s lithium battery modules are made with a proprietary circular design and are used in a range of customer applications, including mass transit and energy storage solutions. million in proceeds to fund the contemplated establishment of a lithium-titanate manufacturing facility in China and Altair’s working capital requirements and operations in the United States.

2010 186

Pure electricity and hydrogen energy may become the mainstream of new energy in the future

Setec Powerr

The electric drive is supposed to be a particularly quiet in-wheel motor, and the battery works with lithium titanate battery chemistry. Whether in the field of passenger cars or commercial vehicles, the new energy of vehicles is steadily advancing.

Foothill Transit launching fully fast-charging electric bus line

Green Car Congress

The 10-minute charging time is possible thanks to specially designed lithium titanate batteries. Foothill Transit, the primary public transportation provider for the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys in Los Angeles County, California, is launching a heavy-duty, fast charging, fully electric bus line at the Pomona Transit Center on 27 September. Almost four years ago to the day, Foothill Transit became the first public transit agency to put fast-charge electric buses into service.

2014 217

Allison Transmission launches eGen Flex, new zero-emission-capable electric hybrid system

Green Car Congress

The energy storage system incorporates the latest Lithium Titanate (LTO) technology, which significantly increases energy density, allows for faster charging and enables pure electric (engine off) extended range capability.

2020 180

EIG introducing LTO Li-ion cell for stop-start/micro-hybrid vehicle systems; high dynamic charge and long duty cycle life

Green Car Congress

EIG), a South Korean manufacturer of large format lithium-ion polymer battery cell technology, has developed a high performance lithium titanate oxide (LTO) anode cell targeting and enabling applications requiring high charge/discharge rates, long cycle life, and broad operating temperature range. Energy Innovation Group Ltd.

2013 191

Researchers move closer to faster-charging Li-ion batteries; real-time tracking of Li ions in LTO

Green Car Congress

A team of scientists led by the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has captured in real time how lithium ions move in lithium titanate (LTO), a fast-charging battery electrode material made of lithium, titanium, and oxygen. Graphite is commonly employed as the anode in state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries, but for fast-charging applications, LTO is an appealing alternative.

2020 259

Li-ion battery makers Altair Nanotechnologies and EnerDel sign strategic joint memorandum of understanding

Green Car Congress

Altair Nanotechnologies has developed an impressive high-power, lithium-titanate product solution that complements our standard product line. Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. and EnerDel, Inc., two providers of Li-ion-based energy storage solutions, have signed a strategic memorandum of understanding (MOU) to co-market and cross-sell each others’ product portfolios.

2012 196

Leclanché and Narada Power sign strategic global alliance for Li-ion technology

Green Car Congress

Swiss battery manufacturer Leclanché SA ( earlier post ) and China-based Zhejiang Narada Power Source Co Ltd, a global battery manufacturer, announced a strategic partnership for the manufacturing and development of lithium-ion battery technology for the Chinese and global markets.

2016 205

Altairnano to provide 2MW Li-ion storage system for solar project in Puerto Rico

Green Car Congress

Using Altairnano’s proprietary nano-lithium-titanate chemistry, the batteries are able to last four to six times longer than competitive products, while providing the high-power rapid charging capabilities that are required for frequency regulation, the company says. Altair Nanotechnologies Inc.

New Si-based multicomponent anode exhibits high-performance for Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

To address these issues, the team used a silicon core covered with multifunctional shell layers (lithium silicate and lithium titanate). Researchers in S. Korea have designed a novel silicon-based multicomponent anode material for high energy density Li-ion batteries.

2015 174

Li-ion battery maker CATL opens its first North American sales and service facility

Green Car Congress

Ltd ( CATL ), a leading global supplier and manufacturer of lithium-ion battery products for electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage facilities, is renewing its commitment to the US market by opening its first North American sales and service facility. The new CATL facility in Detroit will allow the company to improve the supply of lithium-ion batteries to the US auto market and to support the expansion of EV manufacturing. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co.

2018 200

Freudenberg secures majority interest in Li-ion battery maker XALT Energy; full acquisition coming

Green Car Congress

based global developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion technology solutions targeted for heavy-duty mobility applications. Now, increasing demands for lithium-ion battery technology that specifically targets commercial vehicles as well as marine and rail applications has prompted Freudenberg to acquire a more than 50% share of the battery manufacturer. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has become majority stakeholder of XALT Energy, a Midland, Mich.-based

2019 183

Researchers in Japan develop new titanium oxide Li-ion battery anode material with 28.5% more capacity than LTO

Green Car Congress

higher energy capacity than lithium titanate (Li 4 Ti 5 O 12 , LTO). According to AIST, the material can lower costs because it does not contain lithium. Sodium titanate (Na 2 Ti 3 O 7 ) is used as a starting material. A team from Japan’s AIST and Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. has developed a new titanium oxide material—H 2 Ti 12 O 25 —that exhibits 28.5%

2010 196

Invenergy and Xtreme Power launch JV for 1.5 MW grid energy storage system

Green Car Congress

MW Regulation Power Management (RPM) is a versatile, scalable asset which will ultimately utilize long-life lithium-titanate battery technology and an AGC (automatic generation control) signal to harness full four-quadrant power in less than one second.

2012 191

Frost & Sullivan selects Li-ion maker A123 Systems for 2014 strategy & leadership award; focus on transportation

Green Car Congress

Based on its recent analysis of lithium-ion batteries for the transportation market, Frost & Sullivan recognized Li-ion battery maker A123 Systems with the 2014 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation & Leadership. The company combines advanced lithium-ion technology, R&D, strategic acquisitions and a clear marketing focus on the transportation segment, according to the consultancy.

2015 200

XALT Energy in major multi-year contract to supply LTO batteries to HK Group for electric buses in China

Green Car Congress

XALT Energy (originally founded in 2009 as Dow-Kokam, LLC), a leading developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, signed a global exclusive agreement with Hybrid Kinetic Group (HK Group) of China for the supply of its Lithium Titanate (LTO) batteries from its manufacturing facilities in Midland, Michigan for all-electric buses in China. XALT is the sole supplier of Lithium-ion batteries for the Formula E race series.

2015 191

Navigant: 38 new advanced energy storage projects kicked off in the first half of 2013

Green Car Congress

New technologies, including capacitor battery technology, lithium titanate oxide, nickel-iron, and solar thermal, are swelling the pipeline of advanced energy storage projects. According to a new tracker report from Navigant Research, 38 new advanced energy storage projects were announced, deployed, or begun in the first 6 months of 2013. In total, there are now 633 energy storage projects operating or under development worldwide, the study concludes.

2013 167