Thu.Jan 13, 2022

Volkswagen Group nearly doubles BEV deliveries in 2021 to 452,900 units; 5.1% of total deliveries

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Volkswagen drove forward its transformation into a sustainable, software-centric mobility group in 2021 and approximately doubled its deliveries of battery-electric vehicles (BEV) year-on-year to 452,900 units. These now account for 5.1% of total deliveries, up from 2.5% in the previous year.

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Nissan Ariya and Leaf will coexist—two EVs well under $40,000, thanks to EV tax credit

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With its Leaf, Nissan was the first mainstream, full-line automaker to offer a widely available, mass-produced electric vehicle in the U.S. That was eleven years ago.


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Polestar hits 2021 sales target of 29,000 vehicles, up 185% y-o-y

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Polestar, the Swedish premium electric car company founded by Volvo Cars and Geely Holding, delivered on its global sales target of 29,000 vehicles in 2021, representing year-on-year growth exceeding 185%. Polestar has produced two electric performance cars.

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Used Tesla prices, VW EV sales gains, Leaf and Ariya: Today’s Car News

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Prices on used Tesla vehicles have soared over the past year. VW is still trailing Tesla on EV deliveries. And the Nissan Leaf and Ariya will coexist in the lineup—but for how long if the EV tax credit isn’t re-upped? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Vertimass and European Energy to partner on CO2 to hydrocarbons via methanol pathway

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Vertimass and European Energy have completed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to integrate technologies for capturing carbon dioxide and converting it into hydrocarbon products around the world.

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VW doubled global EV deliveries in 2021, but remains well behind Tesla

Green Car Reports

Volkswagen Group on Wednesday announced that it doubled global EV deliveries in 2021, delivering 452,900 EVs worldwide, including about 17,000 Volkswagen-brand EVs in the United States.

EIA forecasts crude oil prices will decline through 2023

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Global oil consumption outpaced oil production for the six consecutive quarters ending with the fourth quarter of 2021 (4Q21), which has led to persistent withdrawals from global oil inventories and significant increases in crude oil prices. Crude oil production remained restrained as a result of curtailments by OPEC+ members, investment restraint from US oil producers, and other supply disruptions.

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EPA to evaluate whether lead emissions from piston-engine aircraft endanger human health and welfare

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will evaluate whether emissions from piston-engine aircraft operating on leaded fuel contribute to air pollution that endangers public health and welfare. The agency plans to issue a proposal for public review and comment in 2022 and take final action in 2023.

Tesla Model Y tops China’s premium SUV segment in 2021 with nearly 170k units sold


The Tesla Model Y topped China’s premium SUV segment in 2021 with approximately 169,853 units sold from January to December last year, reported the China Passenger Car Association ( CPCA ). Tesla sold 40,500 Model Y units in December 2021, earning second place in general SUV retail sales.

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Volkswagen nearly doubles deliveries of all-electric vehicles in 2021 to 263K; all electrified vehicle sales at 369K

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In 2021, the Volkswagen brand delivered more electrified vehicles worldwide than ever before, handing over to customers more than 369,000 electric cars (+73% versus 2020), comprising approximately 106,000 PHEVs (+33%) and 263,000 all-electric vehicles (+97%).

Tesla Cybertruck production to start Q1 2023: Report


Tesla Cybertruck production will start on the first quarter of 2023, people familiar with the matter told Reuters. .

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Infrastructure Bill Could Usher In New Era for EVs

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by Brent Wilson, CEO of Galvanic Energy. Perhaps the most common argument against electric vehicles (EVs) has been the lack of recharging infrastructure. Many people think EVs are great for commuting or for driving around town, but take one on a road trip and things can get dicey. Who wants to get stuck with a low battery and no idea where the closest charging station might be?

Tesla expands Gigafactory Nevada solar array toward goal to become world’s biggest


New satellite images show that Tesla significantly expanded its rooftop solar array at Gigafactory Nevada as it aims for it to become the world’s biggest. more… The post Tesla expands Gigafactory Nevada solar array toward goal to become world’s biggest appeared first on Electrek.

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DOE awards $8.4M for accessing geothermal potential from abandoned oil and gas wells

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) selected four new projects to receive up to $8.4 million to establish new geothermal energy and heat production from abandoned oil and gas wells. With this funding, DOE is partnering with existing well owners and operators to use their idle or unproductive wells to access otherwise untapped geothermal potential.

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SpaceX stress-tests Starship-catching arms with giant water balloons


SpaceX has begun testing Starbase’s rocket-catching arms with ballast to simulate the weight of Starship and Super Heavy. SpaceX started the process of proof testing those arms about a week ago, beginning with some basic calibration work.

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BMW Group more than doubles sales of BEVs in 2021 to 103,855 units, up 133%

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The BMW Group posted year-on-year sales growth of 8.4% last year, with a total of 2,521,525 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles delivered to customers worldwide. BMW sales reached a new all-time high of 2,213,795 units (+9.1%) last year, with the brand leading the global premium segment. The company more than doubled its sales of fully-electric vehicles in 2021 to 103,855 units (+133.2%).

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Rivian will sponsor dozens of free public chargers in National Parks for nonprofit Adopt A Charger


EV charging nonprofit Adopt A Charger has announced a collaboration with American automaker Rivian to provide free Waypoint chargers to the public in Yosemite National Park and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA).

BASF partners with China BlueChemical and Wuhuan Engineering to develop new technology for use of CO2-rich marine gas

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BASF has signed a joint development agreement with China BlueChemical Limited Company, a leading natural gas producer, and the chemical engineering company Wuhuan Engineering Co., to promote low-carbon development and utilization of marine gas resources. In the Dongfang Industrial Park of Hainan Province, China BlueChemical extracts large quantities of such offshore natural gas (marine gas) from gas fields in the South China Sea.

Valais, Switzerland pulls plug on hybrid incentives, should the rest of the world follow?


Citing a report which found hybrid cars offered negligible emissions and fuel consumption advantages when tested on Switzerland’s Alpine roads, one Swiss region has decided to “pull the plug” on subsidies – even calling the claims of hybrids’ environmental advantages a “con.”

Failing to sell entire battery business, Johnson Matthey will now sell individual assets and close it

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On 11 November 2021, Johnson Matthey announced its intention to pursue the sale of all or parts of its Battery Materials business with the ultimate intention of exiting. Earlier post.) Although demand for battery materials is accelerating, so is competition from alternative technologies and other manufacturers, the company said at the time. Consequently this is rapidly turning into a high-volume, commoditized market, the company explained.

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Ford market cap blows by $100B on big EV plans, leading US battery output by 2025


Ford (NYSE: F) stock continued its upward climb today, reaching a 20-year high and a $100 billion market cap on big hopes for the all-electric F-150 Lightning and plans to lead the industry in battery production capacity by 2025.

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SpaceX Falcon 9 booster completes tenth launch and landing in a year and a half


Falcon 9 booster B1058 has successfully completed SpaceX’s Transporter-3 mission, acing its tenth orbital-class launch and landing in record time in the process.

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The big upgrade to the US power grid is kicking off


The Department of Energy (DOE) yesterday launched the Better Grid Initiative to develop new and upgraded high-capacity electric transmission lines, which is great news for electric vehicles, charging infrastructure rollout, and clean energy in the US.

Tesla’s ‘challenges’ with India gov’t halt potential rescue of $27B manufacturing initiative


In 2014 when Narendra Modi officially became Prime Minister of India, his first message to people around the world was that, under his leadership, Indian manufacturing operations would become one of the world’s most robust.

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National Auto Dealer Assoc. says it’s all in on EVs. Will dealers step in line?


Tesla Model 3, Y HVAC systems under ‘Issue Assessment Investigation’ in Canada


Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in Canada are currently under an “Issue Assessment Investigation” by Transport Canada for a potential issue with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) during operation in cold weather climates.

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Honda still waffling over EVs in the US claiming consumer uptake is ‘out of whack’


Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co. recently stated it is still undecided on where to manufacture EVs in the United States, questioning the country’s demand despite soaring sales numbers from competitors miles ahead in their own electrified transitions.

Tesla custom V11 UI concept shows how to address one of drivers’ biggest complaints


When Tesla’s Software V11 was released, numerous electric vehicle owners were quick to note that while the new features that came with the update were great, the system’s new interface left much to be desired.

Tesla Model S gets its first yoke steering wheel replacement, but there are caveats


The new Tesla Model S is getting its first third-party yoke steering wheel replacement, but there are caveats – starting with the price. more… The post Tesla Model S gets its first yoke steering wheel replacement, but there are caveats appeared first on Electrek.

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Rivian’s Georgia plant site plan details: 144 chargers, Adventure Trail, and more


It appears that Rivian has some big plans for its upcoming Georgia plant.

CycleBoard Rover review: A strange yet exciting mashup of an electric scooter and a skateboard


The CycleBoard Rover is unlike anything I’ve tested before. It looks like a scooter and handles more like a skateboard. It’s a wild ride that is hard to describe, but that’s what I’m here to try and do.

Gas vehicles more likely to catch fire than EVs, new study shows

Plug in America

While fires in electric vehicles (EVs) have made headlines in recent years, data from the U.S.

Hacker claims to be behind Tesla resetting third-party app access to its vehicles


Many Tesla owners using third-party apps to monitor have found them not to be working in the last few days as Tesla appears to have revoked many log-in tokens – a hacker claims to be behind the action after he supposedly gained access to several Tesla accounts.

CA’s solar tax supporters are trying to run a “wealthy vs disadvantaged” narrative: It doesn’t have to be


A look at the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) ‘s 204-page proposal for its proposed new net metering rules (NEM 3.0), as well as the comments of the initiative’s supporters, shows something interesting. Supporters of NEM 3.0

Milwaukee M18 kit includes pole saw and blower for $369, more in New Green Deals


If your yard care routine still employs gas tools, it’s time to convert to electric. Milwaukee’s kit includes an 8Ah M18 FUEL battery that works with a variety of its tools while also delivering both a 10-inch pole saw and blower to your setup.

New electric vehicle models available now

Plug in America

As we head into the beginning of 2022, there are several exciting new electric vehicle models on the market. These highly-anticipated EVs have recently made their debut and are now available to consumers.

Nikola Tre gets board approval as a ZEV, qualifying for a $120,000 incentive for California customers


American Zero-emission vehicle manufacturer Nikola Motors recently shared news that its Tre BEV semi truck has received eligibility from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to be classified as a Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) in the state, thus qualifying for an incentive of $120,000 per truck.