Synhelion starts construction of DAWN demo plant to produce solar fuels

Green Car Congress

ETH Zurich spin-off Synhelion has started the construction of DAWN—its own industrial plant to produce synthetic fuels using solar heat. Earlier post.)

Solar 349

Tesla Steam integration demo coming next month


Elon Musk announced that Tesla is working on Steam integration and will probably demo it next month. Demo probably next month. The Steam integration demo next month might be a good time to unveil a Tesla-branded controller.

Tesla 101

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Tesla shows demo video of Optimus bot working in the Fremont Factory


Perhaps most interesting about the Optimus demo , however, was Elon Musk’s comments that came after. The post Tesla shows demo video of Optimus bot working in the Fremont Factory appeared first on TESLARATI.

Yamaha and Sumitomo demo on-board thermoelectric generator for CO2 reduction

Green Car Congress

Yamaha Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation Power & Mobility Co., Ltd., a Sumitomo Corporation Group company, jointly demonstrated a new waste heat recovery system based on a thermoelectric generator (TEG), which generates electrical power via exhaust gas heat.

CO2 283

NASCAR Might Launch Electric Racing Series, Demo Race In 2023


The source is an alleged leaked document that says demo races with prototype EVs will take place in February 2023

PNNL biocrude-to-diesel demo passes 2,000-hour catalyst stability milestone

Green Car Congress

A large-scale demonstration converting biocrude to renewable diesel fuel has passed a significant test, operating for more than 2,000 hours continuously without losing effectiveness.

Diesel 281

Tesla AI Day 2 will feature “hardware demos” and tons of technical details: Elon Musk


Considering Musk’s recent comments, it appears that AI Day 2 will be filled to the brim with exciting discussions and demos of next-generation tech. “There will be lots of technical detail & cool hardware demos,” Musk wrote. .

2019 79

5GAA hosts C-V2X connected vehicle demo in Berlin

Green Car Congress

The 5G Automotive Association ( 5GAA ) hosted an interoperability demo of cellular-data-enabled connected vehicle (C-V2X) applications in Berlin. Using both direct short-range communications and mobile networks offers complementary capabilities as showcased in the demos, which involve tele-operated driving and the provision of emergency traffic information between vehicles using multi-access edge computing (MEC) functionality.

2019 252

Hino to join hydrogen demo study in California ports with Class 8 trucks

Green Car Congress

Hino USA has been awarded a grant provided by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), a Japanese governmental agency, to promote new technology for energy and environmental sector, along with Hino Motors, Ltd.

CSIRO joins US sCO2-based power generation project STEP demo

Green Car Congress

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia’s national science research agency, has 2 -based-power-generation-project/">joined the Joint Industry Partnership (JIP) of the Supercritical Transformational Electric Power (STEP) project known as STEP Demo. The STEP Demo pilot plant will be used to advance the sCO 2 Brayton power cycle and demonstrate performance over a range of operating conditions.

2020 170

Rio Tinto Alma smelter site for first commercial demo of ELYSIS GHG-free aluminum smelting technology

Green Car Congress

ELYSIS has selected the Alma smelter, operated by Rio Tinto in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Québec, for the first installation and demonstration of its inert anode technology at a commercial size of 450 kiloamperes (kA)—a common capacity for modern, full-scale smelters.

IPG to demo Flameless Ceramic Turbine for clean, off-grid power in EV charging

Green Car Congress

Intelligent Power Generation (IPG) will demonstrate the impact of Flameless Ceramic Turbine technology in UK electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, following a £1-million contract from Highways England.

2020 349

Euro Manganese to begin assembly of demo plant in Czech Republic; production targeted for December

Green Car Congress

Canada-based battery materials company Euro Manganese (EMN) reported that the first shipment of the components of its demonstration plant to be sited in Chvaletice, Czech Republic is underway from China, where the components of the plant are being assembled.

JAEA and MHI begin hydrogen production demo project using High Temperature Engineering Test Reactor (HTTR)

Green Car Congress

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), a national research and development agency, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Morgan Olson, EAVX and REE Automotive begin hosting live demos and customer evaluations of Proxima electric walk-in step van

Green Car Congress

EAVX, Morgan Olson and REE Automotive began hosting the first live demonstrations and customer evaluations of Proxima Powered by REE, the newly announced fully drive-by-wire walk-in electric step van.

MPH 209

Audi, Navistar partner to demo C-V2X in emergency vehicles and school buses for enhanced safety

Green Car Congress

Audi and Navistar have partnered to develop further and demonstrate potential safety-enhancing C-V2X technology in Navistar emergency vehicles and school buses.

Audi 195

Ford tells dealers not to sell F-150 Lightning demo vehicles too quickly or they will face fines


Ford is letting its dealers know that they shouldn’t rush in to sell their F-150 Lightning demo units – even though the demand is high – or they will face some repercussions.

European HYFLEXPOWER project to demo first integrated power-to-X-to-power hydrogen gas turbine

Green Car Congress

A consortium comprising Engie Solutions, Siemens Gas and Power, Centrax, Arttic, German Aerospace Center (DLR) and four European universities is implementing the HYFLEXPOWER project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Framework Program for Research and Innovation (Grant Agreement 884229).

2020 333

Porsche demos grid balancing capability of group of Taycan EVs with cloud-based pooling system

Green Car Congress

A realistic pilot test conducted by Porsche, the grid operator TransnetBW and consulting firm Intelligent Energy System Services (IE2S), has demonstrated that electrical balancing power can be stored in the high-voltage batteries of an intelligent swarm of electric cars.

Grid 195

American Battery Technology Company receives $2M USABC award to demo integrated Li-ion battery recycling technologies

Green Car Congress

Li-ion 222

ClearFlame Engine Technologies completes on-road demo of Class 8 truck with Cummins X15 running E98 ethanol

Green Car Congress

ClearFlame Engine Technologies, a a startup developing net-zero engine technology ( earlier post ), successfully completed an on-road demonstration of its proprietary technology that enables a heavy-duty truck diesel engine to operate on low-carbon and carbon-negative fuels, including 100% renewable plant-based fuels.

Engine 268

Android Auto runs on a Tesla in proof-of-concept demo from AAWireless creator [Video]


Android Auto, though, has always eluded Tesla vehicles, but a proof-of-concept demo shows that it is possible. more… The post Android Auto runs on a Tesla in proof-of-concept demo from AAWireless creator [Video] appeared first on Electrek.

Auto 104

ClearFlame Engine Technologies partners with Alto Ingredients to demo ethanol-fueled MCCI in heavy-duty diesels; high efficiency, low emissions

Green Car Congress

Startup ClearFlame Engine Technologies announced a partnership with Alto Ingredients, a leading producer of specialty alcohols and essential ingredients, to conduct pilot demonstrations of ClearFlame’s solution for diesel engines using low-cost ethanol in Class 8 trucks.

Diesel 326

DAIHEN leverages WiTricity wireless charging technology for solar-powered mobility demo in Japan

Green Car Congress

WiTricity’s technology for wireless power transfer over distance was central to a next-generation electric mobility demonstration in Osaka, Japan, led by DAIHEN Corporation, a global leader in electric power transmission.

2020 308

US VP Kamala Harris demos/learns how to use an EV charging station


more… The post US VP Kamala Harris demos/learns how to use an EV charging station appeared first on Electrek.

Euglena completes demo-scale algae biorefinery for renewable jet and diesel

Green Car Congress

euglena invested ¥6 billion (US$53 million) in the development of the Yokohama demo refinery. Japan-based biotechnology company euglena ( earlier post ) has completed the construction of its demonstration-scale biorefinery in Yokohama for the production of renewable jet and diesel fuels from algae and waste oil.

2018 224

Ford warns dealers of $25k fine if F-150 Lightning demo units are sold early


This was hinted at in a recent memo sent to dealers about the company’s Ford Courtesy Transportation Program (FCTP), which provides demo units to dealerships. The trim and specs of the demo units would be determined by Ford, however.

F-150 82

JERA and IHI to demo ammonia co-firing at a large-scale commercial coal-fired power plant

Green Car Congress

Coal 292

VTT and Neste to build integrated Power-to-Liquids demo facility; CO2 capture, green hydrogen and e-fuels production

Green Car Congress

Power-to-Liquids technologies are on their way to commercialization in scale. E-fuels offer a way to expand the carbon-neutral transport fuel pool beyond biomass-based renewable fuels to replace fossil fuels in existing internal combustion engines. The end product is a transportation fuel suited for aircraft, ships as well as heavy and light road vehicles.

Power 170

Miltec UV receives DLA contract to demo UV production technology for solid-state Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

Miltec UV International has been awarded a contract from the Defense Logistics Agency, to demonstrate the cell technology to produce solid-state lithium-ion batteries using Miltec’s UV cured Gel Polymer Electrolyte. This technology will accelerate the advancement of solid-state lithium batteries. Miltec is working in partnership with Saft America, Inc.’s

2020 237

SpaceX set to launch NASA laser satellite, in-space manufacturing demo, and more


Tomorrow 25 May 2022 at 3:24 PM EST @SpaceX will launch Outpost Mars Demo-1 aboard #Transporter5 This is a #Nanoracks / @Maxar project and will be the first-ever demo of structural metal cutting in space.

Hyundai signs MOU with South Korean government and industry partners to demo EV battery leasing business

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Company recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to work with the South Korean government as well as logistics, battery and mobility companies to demonstrate the electric vehicle (EV) battery leasing business.

HYBRIT JV planning to begin building demo plant for fossil-free steel in 2023

Green Car Congress

SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall, the partners in the joint venture HYBRIT ( earlier post ), are preparing for the construction of a demonstration plant for the production of fossil-free steel on an industrial scale. Consultations have begun for deciding on placement of the plant in Norrbotten, Sweden.

2020 240

ORNL demos 20 kW bi-directional wireless charging on UPS PHEV truck; 11" air gap, >92% efficiency

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in late February demonstrated a 20-kilowatt bi-directional wireless charging system installed on a UPS medium-duty, plug-in hybrid electric delivery truck.

2020 314

Volkswagen launches “Electric for All” campaign, demos rolling chassis of MEB

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen is launching its “Electric for All” campaign—a strategic effort to put attractive electric vehicles at affordable prices on the road, paving the way for the breakthrough of electric vehicles. Volkswagen’s electric offensive is based on the modular electric drive matrix (MEB), a technology platform developed specifically for electric vehicles. Production of the Volkswagen ID., the first series vehicle based on the MEB, will begin in Zwickau at the end of 2019.

2018 303

Renault takes Level 4 EV SYMBIOZ demo car on the road

Green Car Congress

The automaker has now embodied many of the elements of the show car in a demo vehicle that is currently performing road tests to demonstrate under real-life conditions the benefits of such a car. This demo vehicle embodies the brand’s mid-term vision before 2023 and previews technology Renault customers may find in its production car range in the near future. The SYMBIOZ demo car is capable of reaching SAE Level 4 autonomy (“mind-off”).

2017 183

AEye demos first commercial 360? solid-state LiDAR system

Green Car Congress

AEye Inc has completed a successful live metropolitan demo showcasing its solid-state commercial LiDAR system with 360° vehicle coverage. AEye’s high performance system employs a dense 150-vertical-channel LiDAR scanner, paired with region of interest configurability, for enhanced ranges up to 300 meters. AEye is the first to announce a commercial solid state system capable of 360° coverage and real-time software configurability.

2017 150

Global Bioenergies successfully scales up renewable isobutene process in Leuna Demo plant

Green Car Congress

Global Bioenergies has succeeded in producing isobutene by fermentation at the scale of the Leuna Demo plant (a 5,000-liter fermenter), with run length and performances exceeding those performed on the pilot plant in Pomacle (a 500-liter fermenter). Success in this phase of the process’ scale up was obtained less than five months after start-up of the fermentation unit at the Leuna Demo plant, in December 2016.

2017 150

First production of isobutene from wheat straw at demo scale; OPTISOCHEM

Green Car Congress

Global Bioenergies reported that runs using wheat straw hydrolysate provided by its partner Clariant were successfully performed in its Leuna demo plant, leading to the production of cellulosic isobutene for the first time at this scale. These runs were part of OPTISOCHEM (OPTimized conversion of residual wheat straw to bio-ISObutene for bio based CHEMicals), a project which started in June 2017 and was granted €9.8

2019 170

TNO joins H2-Share project to build and demo 27t hydrogen fuel cell truck and mobile refueler

Green Car Congress

Based upon the demo’s and strong cooperation with sector-related associations, a joint roadmap for zero-emission heavy-duty trucks in NWE will be developed, along with cooperation from other EU regions. In March 2017, the Belgian organization WaterstofNet received approval for the €3.52-million () project ‘ H2-Share ’ from Interreg North-West Europe (NWE). TNO, the Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research TNO, has now joined in this partnership as an evaluation partner.

2018 212

Hacked Tesla FSD Beta demo from Ukraine validates Elon Musk’s Autopilot vision


The post Hacked Tesla FSD Beta demo from Ukraine validates Elon Musk’s Autopilot vision appeared first on TESLARATI. Tesla’s approach to full self-driving is different from that of autonomous “leaders” like Waymo and Cruise.

Ford F-150 Lightning dealer demo units begin to flood lots outside of Dearborn


Ford’s introductory all-electric pickup, the F-150 Lightning, recently began production, and finished units are flooding parking lots near the automaker’s Dearborn production plant, preparing to make their way to dealerships as demo vehicles.

F-150 58

Make the Connection: Join Revation at ICMI Contact Center Demo 2017

Revation Systems

Join Revation Systems , along with leading contact center professionals seeking solutions to today’s challenges, at the ICMI Contact Center Demo Conference on September 25-27 at the Mandalay Bay North Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. Booth demonstrations include: Multimedia demos of our next-generation, highly secure cloud contact center solution. The post Make the Connection: Join Revation at ICMI Contact Center Demo 2017 appeared first on Revation Systems.

2017 48