5GAA hosts C-V2X connected vehicle demo in Berlin

Green Car Congress

The 5G Automotive Association ( 5GAA ) hosted an interoperability demo of cellular-data-enabled connected vehicle (C-V2X) applications in Berlin. Using both direct short-range communications and mobile networks offers complementary capabilities as showcased in the demos, which involve tele-operated driving and the provision of emergency traffic information between vehicles using multi-access edge computing (MEC) functionality.

2019 100

Nissan e-4orce demo: Why electric-car AWD benefits more than performance and traction

Green Car Reports

As Nissan demonstrated to Green Car Reports this past week with a series of dynamic demos at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, by All-wheel drive is known for a few straightforward advantages in internal-combustion vehicles: It improves straight-line traction and can boost cornering stability.

2020 77

European HYFLEXPOWER project to demo first integrated power-to-X-to-power hydrogen gas turbine

Green Car Congress

A consortium comprising Engie Solutions, Siemens Gas and Power, Centrax, Arttic, German Aerospace Center (DLR) and four European universities is implementing the HYFLEXPOWER project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Framework Program for Research and Innovation (Grant Agreement 884229).

2020 133

Euglena completes demo-scale algae biorefinery for renewable jet and diesel

Green Car Congress

euglena invested ¥6 billion (US$53 million) in the development of the Yokohama demo refinery.

2018 116

Make the Connection: Join Revation at ICMI Contact Center Demo 2017

Revation Systems

Join Revation Systems , along with leading contact center professionals seeking solutions to today’s challenges, at the ICMI Contact Center Demo Conference on September 25-27 at the Mandalay Bay North Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. Booth demonstrations include: Multimedia demos of our next-generation, highly secure cloud contact center solution. The post Make the Connection: Join Revation at ICMI Contact Center Demo 2017 appeared first on Revation Systems.

2017 48

Volkswagen launches “Electric for All” campaign, demos rolling chassis of MEB

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen is launching its “Electric for All” campaign—a strategic effort to put attractive electric vehicles at affordable prices on the road, paving the way for the breakthrough of electric vehicles.

2018 157

DAIHEN leverages WiTricity wireless charging technology for solar-powered mobility demo in Japan

Green Car Congress

WiTricity’s technology for wireless power transfer over distance was central to a next-generation electric mobility demonstration in Osaka, Japan, led by DAIHEN Corporation, a global leader in electric power transmission. Partners since 2016, DAIHEN licensed WiTricity’s technology to commercialize wireless charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) and for automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) in factory and industrial settings.

2020 95

DARPA GXV-T demos showcase radical vehicle technologies

Green Car Congress

DARPA’s Ground X-Vehicle Technologies ( GXV-T ) program ( earlier post ) aims to improve mobility, survivability, safety, and effectiveness of future combat vehicles without piling on armor.

2018 90

MIT proof-of-concept demo of ionic wind propulsion for aircraft

Green Car Congress

MIT researchers have demonstrated that an aircraft with a 5-meter wingspan can sustain steady-level flight using ionic-wind propulsion. The aircraft has no moving parts, does not depend on fossil fuels to fly, and is completely silent.

2018 128

HYBRIT JV planning to begin building demo plant for fossil-free steel in 2023

Green Car Congress

SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall, the partners in the joint venture HYBRIT ( earlier post ), are preparing for the construction of a demonstration plant for the production of fossil-free steel on an industrial scale. Consultations have begun for deciding on placement of the plant in Norrbotten, Sweden. The plan is for construction to start in 2023, with the goal of taking the plant into operation in 2025.

2020 73

ORNL demos 20 kW bi-directional wireless charging on UPS PHEV truck; 11" air gap, >92% efficiency

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in late February demonstrated a 20-kilowatt bi-directional wireless charging system installed on a UPS medium-duty, plug-in hybrid electric delivery truck. The project is the first of its kind to achieve power transfer at this rate across an 11-inch air gap, advancing the technology to a new class of larger vehicles with higher ground clearance.

2020 96

Renault takes Level 4 EV SYMBIOZ demo car on the road

Green Car Congress

The automaker has now embodied many of the elements of the show car in a demo vehicle that is currently performing road tests to demonstrate under real-life conditions the benefits of such a car. This demo vehicle embodies the brand’s mid-term vision before 2023 and previews technology Renault customers may find in its production car range in the near future. The SYMBIOZ demo car is capable of reaching SAE Level 4 autonomy (“mind-off”).

2017 73

First production of isobutene from wheat straw at demo scale; OPTISOCHEM

Green Car Congress

Global Bioenergies reported that runs using wheat straw hydrolysate provided by its partner Clariant were successfully performed in its Leuna demo plant, leading to the production of cellulosic isobutene for the first time at this scale. These runs were part of OPTISOCHEM (OPTimized conversion of residual wheat straw to bio-ISObutene for bio based CHEMicals), a project which started in June 2017 and was granted €9.8

2019 68

EV startup Atlis Motor Vehicles to host “Battery Day” to demo small-scale prototype of battery tech, XP platform

Green Car Congress

Atlis Motor Vehicles, an electric vehicle technology startup designing an electric pickup truck (Atlis XT pickup), announced the first Atlis Battery Day event, where it will showcase early prototypes of its proprietary ultra-fast charging battery technology and 100% electric XP Platform.

2020 101

AMPLY Power & Logan Bus announce 2-year demo project of charging-as-a service for fleets; 5 electric school buses

Green Car Congress

Pioneering methods to accelerate electric fleet adoption, AMPLY Power will demonstrate and document its Charging-as-a-Service approach for an all-electric school bus fleet in New York City.

2020 101

Global Bioenergies successfully scales up renewable isobutene process in Leuna Demo plant

Green Car Congress

Global Bioenergies has succeeded in producing isobutene by fermentation at the scale of the Leuna Demo plant (a 5,000-liter fermenter), with run length and performances exceeding those performed on the pilot plant in Pomacle (a 500-liter fermenter). Success in this phase of the process’ scale up was obtained less than five months after start-up of the fermentation unit at the Leuna Demo plant, in December 2016.

2017 60

AEye demos first commercial 360? solid-state LiDAR system

Green Car Congress

AEye Inc has completed a successful live metropolitan demo showcasing its solid-state commercial LiDAR system with 360° vehicle coverage. AEye’s high performance system employs a dense 150-vertical-channel LiDAR scanner, paired with region of interest configurability, for enhanced ranges up to 300 meters. AEye is the first to announce a commercial solid state system capable of 360° coverage and real-time software configurability.

2017 60

Wireless charging demo for trucks: 20 kw across 11 inches, 92% efficiency

Green Car Reports

Wireless charging for passenger cars has been slow to take off, but a recent demonstration shows the potential of the technology for commercial trucks. The United States Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) announced in a press release Tuesday that, in February, it had demonstrated a 20-kilowatt bi-directional wireless. charging

2020 64

Ballard participating in H2PORTS project to demo hydrogen as alternative fuel in European ports; FCmove-HD

Green Car Congress

Ballard Power Systems is participating in the H2PORTS project, which is aimed at facilitating a rapid transition at European ports from fossil fuels to low-carbon, zero-emission alternatives based on hydrogen and fuel cells. Earlier post.). Earlier this month participants held the first technical meeting of the H2PORTS project, which is being coordinated by Valenciaport Foundation in close collaboration with the Port Authority of Valencia.

2019 99

Global Bioenergies successfully moves its C3 process to demo scale; isopropanol and acetone from renewable resources

Green Car Congress

The C3 process, which enables the production of renewable isopropanol and acetone, is the second process reaching demo plant scale in Global Bioenergies’ portfolio. The next phase, at demo plant scale, was subcontracted to Bioprocess Pilot Facility (BPF) located in Delft in the Netherlands. Global Bioenergies has reached a new milestone in scaling up its C3 process converting renewable resources into isopropanol and acetone. Earlier post.)

2018 69

Autonomous electric shuttle in long-term public demo in Candiac, Québec

Green Car Congress

The City of Candiac, Québec is hosting a long-term demonstration project for a 100% electric autonomous shuttle to be used on public roads for the first time in Canada.

2018 104

Global Bioenergies reports first production of green isobutene at demo plant

Green Car Congress

The first trials on the demo plant in Leuna were successfully completed, within schedule, in the fall of 2016 and Global Bioenergies announced first production of green isobutene via fermentation. With a nameplate capacity of 100 tons/year, the demo plant will allow the conversion of various resources (industrial-grade sugar from beets and cane, glucose syrup from cereals, second-generation sugars extracted from wheat straw, bagasse, wood chips…), into high-purity isobutene.

2016 84

Microwave plasma company 6K launches division to produce advanced battery materials; demos of high-performance NMC-622 cathodes

Green Car Congress

6K, a leading developer of microwave plasma technology for the production of advanced materials, has entered the energy storage market with a new division called 6K ENERGY dedicated to energy storage materials. The move follows three years of internal development supported by commercial customers and the US Department of Energy (DOE).

2020 73

Soletair demo plant produces renewable hydrocarbon fuel from CO2 captured from the air

Green Car Congress

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) are beginning testing of the Soletair demo plant, which uses air-captured carbon dioxide to produce renewable fuels and chemicals. The pilot plant is coupled to LUT’s solar power plant in Lappeenranta. The aim of the project is to demonstrate the technical performance of the overall process and produce 200 liters of fuels and other hydrocarbons for research purposes.

2017 85

GM demos 8 connected vehicle safety applications in Shanghai

Green Car Congress

General Motors demonstrated eight safety applications for its latest intelligent and connected vehicle (ICV) technology for the first time in China at the National Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Pilot Zone in Shanghai, which opened in June. GM has been supporting the development of connected vehicle technologies for more than a decade in the US.

2016 78

Global Bioenergies obtains €4.4M loan to complete financing of demo plant, begins construction

Green Car Congress

Global Bioenergies, a startup developing and commercializing a fermentation process that targets gaseous isobutene, has obtained a €4.4-million (US$4.7-million) loan from a consortium of four French banks—BNP Paribas, Société Genéralé, CIC and Bpifrance—to complete the financing of its demo plant. The demo plant’s operation will begin in 2016 under the supervision of Global Bioenergies GmbH, a Leipzig-based, 100%-owned subsidiary of Global Bioenergies SA.

2015 71

Mitsubishi Electric to demo autonomous-driving technologies in new xAUTO test vehicle; autonomous parking & driving on surface roads

Green Car Congress

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will exhibit the latest version of the xAUTO, a vehicle capable of autonomous driving on surface roads without high-definition maps and of parking autonomously both indoors and outdoors, during the 46 th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 from 24 October to 4 November. The xAUTO is a demonstration car that incorporates Mitsubishi Electric’s technologies for autonomous driving.

2019 83

Honda and Ford separately launching smart home demos

Green Car Congress

American Honda Motor Co., will create the Honda Smart Home US, a showcase that demonstrates Honda’s vision for sustainable, zero-carbon living and personal mobility, including the use of solar power to charge a Honda Fit EV battery electric vehicle. The site is on the campus of the University of California, Davis; the building process will be documented and shared through the Honda Smart Home US website.

2013 110

Praj to build demo commercial cellulosic ethanol plant in India

Green Car Congress

million gallons US) per year demo commercial plant to produce cellulosic ethanol in India. The demo plant will seek to demonstrate technical and commercial viability as well optimization of water and energy integration and its impact on the capex and opex of the commercial financial proposal. Praj Industries will set up a 10-million liter (2.6 The company expects the project cost to be in the region of US$ 25-30 million and to break ground in early 2013.

India 74

GM Establishing Global Battery Electric Vehicle Demo Fleets

Green Car Congress

Speaking at the “Electrification - Plugging into the Future Forum” today at the SAIC-GM Pavilion at World Expo 2010 Shanghai, GM Vice President of Global Vehicle Engineering Karl Stracke announced that GM is establishing battery electric vehicle demo fleets in different regions around the world using different vehicles. Additional details about the battery-electric vehicle demo fleets will be announced in the future

2010 74

Silicon Valley V2G Plug-in Hybrid Demo

Plugs and Cars

Barbara Boxer attended a Silicon Valley Alternative Energy Summit today and PG&E was there with its plug-in hybrid Prius. Green Wombat reports on the Vehicle to Grid (V2G) capability demonstrated by PG&E.

2007 130

CARB awards $20M in Cap-and-Trade funding to zero-emission transportation technology demos, H2 ferry, BEV locomotive

Green Car Congress

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has awarded $20 million in grants to accelerate California’s transition to zero-emission off-road equipment in the freight, agriculture and waterborne mass transit sectors.

2018 101

Praj Industries breaks ground on cellulosic ethanol demo plant in India

Green Car Congress

Praj Industries has broken ground on its integrated cellulosic ethanol demo plant at Shirala in Sangli District in Maharashtra (India). The cellulosic ethanol demo plant will operate on different variety of biomass with a capacity of 100 dry tonnes of biomass per day, which includes agricultural wastes such as corn stover, cobs and bagasse. The demo plant will enable Praj to consolidate its 6 years of R&D efforts, starting with laboratory trials to pilot scale trials.

2013 68

Libertine FPE builds demo prototype of linear free piston generator

Green Car Congress

UK-based Libertine FPE has built a demonstration prototype of its linear electrical machine for what it is calling “Digital Piston Motion Control” in free piston engine applications. Earlier post.) This technology will allow researchers to develop future combustion engines free from the piston motion constraints dictated by the crankshaft.

2015 78

Volvo Buses and Singapore University NTU demo world’s first full size autonomous electric bus

Green Car Congress

Volvo Buses and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore have demonstrated the world’s first 12-meter autonomous electric bus. The Volvo bus will soon begin trials on the NTU campus. The bus is equipped with four lidar sensors which enables it to detect and stop for objects coming in its way. The 85 passenger Volvo 7900 Electric bus is equipped with sensors and navigation controls that are managed by a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) system.

2019 64

Valeo to demo telematics platform equipped with Autotalks’ V2X at CES 2019; switching between DSRC and C-V2X

Green Car Congress

Valeo and Autotalks, a leader in V2X (Vehicle to Everything) communication solutions, will display global V2X capabilities integrated in a telematics platform at the upcoming CES 2019. V2X technology can significantly increase safety by extending the perception of the car for better anticipation of the potential road dangers.

2019 84

Japan launches first global hydrogen supply chain demo project; liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) technology

Green Car Congress

The hydrogen demo project is a stepping stone for commercialization of projects post 2020. Four Japanese companies—Chiyoda, Mitsubishi, Mitsui and. Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha—have launched the “Advanced Hydrogen Energy Chain Association for Technology Development”(AHEAD) along with the world’s first Global Hydrogen Supply Chain Demonstration Project.

HRL Laboratories achieves 1st demo of GaN CMOS FET technology

Green Car Congress

Researchers at HRL Laboratories, LLC, have achieved the first demonstration of gallium nitride (GaN) complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) field-effect-transistor (FET) technology. In doing so they have established that the semiconductor’s superior transistor performance can be harnessed in an integrated circuit. This breakthrough paves the way for GaN to become the technology of choice for power conversion circuits that are made in silicon today.

2016 65

GM showcases Beat EV in demo program in New Delhi

Green Car Congress

GM India showcased the Chevrolet Beat Electric Vehicle in a demo program in New Delhi. In 2010, the automaker had said that it was establishing battery-electric vehicle demo fleets in different regions around the world using different vehicles. Indian Autos Blog. Earlier post.) The Beat EV is part of the ongoing celebrations of World Environment Day and is brought to India to study the feasibility of electric vehicles in major metropolitan areas.

India 71

Valeo and BAIC unveil electric demo car to Beijing Governor

Green Car Congress

Valeo and BAIC (Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation) presented to the Beijing Governor an electric demo car equipped with a complete Valeo electric powertrain system. This demo car is the first concrete achievement of this partnership. Equipped with a synchronous permanent magnet motor with a large operating speed range, Valeo’s electric powertrain is able to deliver both good acceleration at low and medium speeds and a high top vehicle speed all with a single gear transmission.

2010 68

US researchers demo separation-free, IL-based process for conversion of biomass to advanced biofuel

Green Car Congress

Researchers from three US national labs (Berkeley, Pacific Northwest and Sandia) has demonstrated a separation-free, ionic-liquid (IL)-based process to convert biomass to an advanced biofuel (the sesquiterpene bisabolene). The process, described in an open access paper in the RSC journal Green Chemistry , is also the first to demonstrate full consumption of glucose, xylose, acetate, and lactic acid in the presence of the IL cholinium lysinate ([Ch][Lys]).

2018 69

CMU demo’ing Autonomous SRX in Washington this week

Green Car Congress

Sample images of urban driving and screen-captures of the Autonomoous SRX’s tracking system’s results. The images in the first row show detection and tracking results from an arriving area of Pittsburgh international airport. The other two images in the second row show those of an urban street. Cho et al. 2014) Click to enlarge. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) this week will demonstrate the CMU advanced Autonomous Cadillac SRX in Washington, DC.

Volvo Cars demos self-driving cars in Beijing

Green Car Congress

Volvo Car Group demonstrated its autonomous driving technology ( earlier post ) to media and decision makers in Beijing today; Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven joined the event. Volvo Cars’ Drive Me project, which will feature 100 autonomous cars, will start rolling on selected roads around Gothenburg by 2017. The Swedish government is a partner in the Drive Me project through the Swedish Traffic Administration and the Swedish Transport Agency.

2015 71