ACEA study finds cost still strong deterrent for EV uptake across Europe; calls for “realistic” targets recognizing affordability

Green Car Congress

A new study by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) finds that the affordability of electric cars remains a strong deterrent for customers across the EU, along with lack of infrastructure and lack of investment in infrastructure. ACEA cautions that the targets must be realistic, taking into account what people can actually afford to buy. A natural shift to electric vehicles will simply not happen without addressing consumer affordability.

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MINI Electric John Cooper Works in development

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Be in no doubt that the MINI Electric is one of the most fun small EVs available today. Add the fact it's affordable and stylish and you have a really compelling package. So, what could be better than an electric MINI that is quick and handles brilliantly? Well.

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Archer taps FCA to accelerate eVTOL production

Green Car Congress

Archer says that the 60-mile range is based on utilizing battery technology that’s commercially available today.

GM reveals new Ultium batteries and flexible global platform for rapid growth of EV lineup

Green Car Congress

Flexibility: GM’s all-new global platform is flexible enough to build a wide range of trucks, SUVs, crossovers, cars and commercial vehicles with outstanding design, performance, packaging, range and affordability.

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Efficient Drivetrains, Shannxi Automotive reveal PHEV Class 8 cement mixer truck

Green Car Congress

The collaboration between Efficient Drivetrains and Shaanxi Automotive to capture the construction industry marks the third successful initiative for the two companies, with PHEV mass transit (Class-6 and 7 city buses) and Class-8 port truck offerings available today as part of previous engagements. The demonstration vehicle also utilizes a low-cost drivetrain system, which makes electrification of construction vehicles an affordable option for OEMs in China.

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School Transport Goes Electric

EV Connect

Would it be affordable? The shift to an all-electric future is no longer in the realm of futurism, but the tools and resources are ready and available today

CAS: China Led World in Patenting and Commercialization of Bioethanol in 2009; US Foremost in Third-Generation Bioethanol Research

Green Car Congress

The global research focus on second-generation bioethanol shows a rising interest in a category of fuels widely considered more sustainable, affordable, and environmentally friendly than bioethanol available today. Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) reports that in 2009, China surpassed all other countries in the production of bioethanol patents, emerging as the global leader in the commercialization of bioethanol research.

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LeddarTech launches LeddarVu, a new scalable platform towards high-resolution LiDAR; Vu8 solid-state LiDAR

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As previously announced with the company’s development roadmap, upcoming iterations of LeddarCore ICs are expected to deliver ranges reaching 250 m, fields of view up to 140°, and up to 480,000 points per second (with a resolution down to 0.25° both horizontal and vertical), enabling the design of affordable LiDARs for all levels of autonomous driving, including the capability of mapping the environment over 360° around the vehicle.

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Electrify America, Sacramento announce Green City investments: ZEV car-sharing, ZEV bus and shuttle routes, EV charging systems

Green Car Congress

This service will be available in Q1 2019. These cars will be available for rental by residents as a paid service at competitive rates. With an investment of $14 million to $16 million, Electrify America will install more than 10 ultra-fast EV charging stations in the Sacramento region which will be available to the public. The charging stations will have a range of power from 50 kilowatts (kW), which is most commonly used in today’s electric vehicles, to 150 and 350kW.

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Nissan Leaf – Taking Reservations

Revenge of the Electric Car

Nissan began accepting reservations for its eagerly anticipated Nissan Leaf today. Viewers of “ Who Killed The Electric Car? &# may recall it was a little more complicated than that… The first five states where the Leaf will be available are: California, Arizona, Tennessee, Oregon, and Washington. The only all-electric “highway-capable&# vehicle available today is the $109,000 Tesla Roadster. Nissan's new electronic vehicle, the Leaf. (AP

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MIT analysis finds current EVs could replace ~90% of personal vehicles now on the road based on driver’s energy consumption

Green Car Congress

A study by a team at MIT has concluded that roughly 90% of the personal vehicles on the road in the US could be replaced by an electric vehicle available on the market today, even if the cars can only charge overnight. The team looked at once-daily charging, at home or at work, in order to study the adoption potential given today’s charging infrastructure.

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Ford and Microsoft Partnering on EV Smart Charging

Green Car Congress

For the vehicle application, Hohm will help owners determine when and how to most efficiently and affordably recharge battery electric (BEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles. Ford and Microsoft agree that making energy management easy and affordable for consumers will be key to the success of electric vehicles in the marketplace as well as in creating a positive environmental impact. Microsoft Hohm is available today for free to all US residential energy consumers.

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P G & E Plugs Drive

Plug In Partners

Today’s hybrid cars, such as the Toyota Prius, use electricity generated by gasoline-fueled engines. Car companies say the technology to produce PHEV vehicles is not advanced enough to make the cars affordable for the average consumer. The technology is available today. Become a Partner today. P G & E plugs campaign for hybrid electric cars Joshua Sabatini The Examiner Sep 5, 2006 SAN FRANCISCO - Pacific Gas and Electric Co. wants its 5.1

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IEA working paper highlights potential role of natural gas in reducing global road transport CO2

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Vehicle and fuel technology for natural gas is available today and relatively affordable, particularly in comparison with other alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs). The global natural gas vehicle fleet has grown rapidly in the last 10 years, but still represents less than 1% of global transport fuel consumption. Click to enlarge.

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Volkswagen’s Electrify America supplement discusses ZEV charging investments in disadvantaged California communities

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The supplement also adds the Fresno metro area as a focus for community charging investments; outlines an education and outreach proposal targeted at the unique barriers to ZEV use in low-income and disadvantaged communities; and presents a new strategy to explore the use of more affordable pre-owned ZEVs. The Cycle 1 CA ZEV Investment Plan proposes a substantial investment in providing ZEV access for those who do not own ZEVs, or cannot afford to own ZEVs.

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Automakers agree on common plug to recharge electric vehicles

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Neutral vdex34 @ Apr 19th 2009 8:18PM for the people bitch about garages, how about something that plus into your outdoor outlets, i got like 6 of them in my yard, at least 2 in the front of the house (and my house is over 100 years old) Highly Ranked Decoy @ Apr 19th 2009 8:56PM You can afford a Tesla, but not a garage? Palm announces webOS SDK availability, Palm OS emulation for Pre Engadgets wild ride in the P.U.M.A.

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Slow start for charge of the electric cars - Times Online

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