March, 2021

DHL Express deploys nearly 100 new Lightning Electric delivery vans in US

Green Car Congress

Following a successful initial pilot program using nine Lightning Electric Ford Transit 350HD electric vans in the US late last year, DHL Express plans to deploy the remaining 89 electric vehicles this year in New York and California.

Isuzu 396

Toyota creates hydrogen fuel-cell module to power buses, trains, ships

Green Car Reports

In addition to selling hydrogen fuel-cell cars, Toyota hopes to become a supplier of fuel-cell tech to other companies. To that end, the automaker has developed a modular fuel-cell system for use in other types of vehicles, including buses, trains, and ships, as well as stationary generators.


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CHAdeMO to CCS adapter

DIY Electric Car

CHAdeMO to Combo 1 adapter, CHAdeMO to Combo 2 adapter, Our official website : Parts Vendors

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Morgan Stanley estimates Tesla Cybertruck production to hit 100k/year in 2025


Morgan Stanley forecasted that Tesla would produce just under 100,000 Cybertrucks by FY 2025 in a report about 6 key considerations that mattered to the EV startup.

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Biden proposes $174 billion investment in electric vehicles


President Joe Biden has unveiled an outline of his infrastructure plan, and it includes a proposed $174 billion investment in electric vehicles. more… The post Biden proposes $174 billion investment in electric vehicles appeared first on Electrek. Electrek

Environmental Markets and Environmental Justice

Energy Institute at HAAS

(This blog is co-authored with Reed Walker). Offset markets for air pollution don’t worsen environmental inequality, though they also don’t improve it. One of the Biden Administration’s top two environmental priorities, along … Continue Reading Environmental Markets and Environmental Justice.

AYRO launches low-speed Electric Vaccine Vehicle

Green Car Congress

AYRO, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of light-duty, short-haul, and last-mile delivery electric vehicles (EVs), has launched the Electric Vaccine Vehicle (EVV).

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A Canadian wanting to learn about car conversions

DIY Electric Car

I'm a retired vintage car restorer and have one last car I want to convert to electric. A 1949 Riley Roadster. I'm looking to give it nice power with at least a 250 Km range. Any help, thoughts or prayers would be welcomed. Jorgen. New Member Introductions

Elon Musk makes good on Tesla’s promise to bring thousands of middle-skilled jobs to Texas


When Tesla pitched a Gigafactory in Texas, it promised to bring at least 5,000 middle-skill jobs to the state that would fit a targeted economic development need. Elon Musk’s recent tweet about Giga Texas seems to make good on that promise.

Texas 112

Volvo partners with Aurora to develop autonomous Class 8 trucks


The “long-term” partnership announced today is between Volvo Autonomous Solutions and self-driving startup Aurora. The two plan to jointly develop globally-leading autonomous transport solutions at scale, beginning with North America.

MINI Electric Pacesetter safety car to take starring role in Formula E

Discover EV

MINI Electric Pacesetter is the JCW-inspired Formula E safety car, but could it hit the road, too

Cars 97

ion Ventures and LiNa Energy conclude successful test of solid-state sodium-nickel battery platform

Green Car Congress

ion Ventures, a modern utility and energy storage infrastructure specialist, and LiNa Energy , a solid-state battery technology developer, concluded their first successful trial of LiNa’s proprietary solid-state sodium-nickel battery platform at an undisclosed location in South East England last week.

Sodium 379

Study: EVs use less raw material than gasoline vehicles

Green Car Reports

Electric cars use much less raw material than internal-combustion vehicles, according to a new study from European advocacy group Transport & Environment, providing yet more evidence that their overall carbon footprint is lower.

Kelly Controller CAN

DIY Electric Car

Hey guys, I am an newbie when it comes to motor controllers. I was wondering if anyone had any luck connecting their motor controller to CAN through arduino. I'm currently in the design phase so I have yet to actual get my hands on the parts. If anyone has any advice with CAN, please let me know.

Elon Musk announces $30M donation to Cameron County, TX schools, City of Brownsville


Elon Musk has announced he will donate $30 million to Cameron County Schools and the City of Brownsville, Texas. The SpaceX and Tesla CEO announced that additional details would come next week.

Texas 108

Tesla goes on hiring spree at Gigafactory Texas, prepares new battery cell factory


Tesla is turning on the recruiting machine in Texas as it adds about 50 new jobs based out of Gigafactory Texas, including many jobs related to local battery cell production.

Texas 108

EV Freedom Bill Unshackled

EV Club of CT

Transportation Committee Vote Moves Bill to Full Chamber The Transportation Committee, by a vote of 26 to 10, moved SB 127 to the full chamber. There were several legislators who voted in favor of the. Read more.

Haldor Topsoe to build large-scale SOEC electrolyzer manufacturing facility to meet customer needs for green hydrogen

Green Car Congress

Haldor Topsoe will invest in a manufacturing facility producing highly efficient solid oxide electrolyzers (SOEC) with a total capacity of 500 megawatt per year with the option to expand to 5 gigawatt per year.

Making EV batteries the body: Researchers claim a tech breakthrough

Green Car Reports

Technology that allows vehicle body shells to serve as batteries may be a step closer to reality. Researchers at the Chalmers University of Technology claim to have produced a working "structural battery" that can both hold a charge and, as the name says, act as part of a vehicle's structure.

For Sale: em57 leaf motor couplers

DIY Electric Car

Hello everyone! im over in the openinverter forums but thought i might post this here as might be helpful to others. About a year ago I scored a great deal on a gen2 leaf motor, which changed my ev plans.

Tesla Model Y joins a new Police Force, and incentives made it an affordable purchase


The Tesla Model Y has officially joined the Ipswich, Massachusetts Police Department, and its price tag wasn’t all that bad considering the multiple incentives that were applied by local groups.

US says it will cut the cost of solar by 60% in a decade


The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced yesterday that it intends to “cut the cost of solar energy by 60% within the next 10 years, in addition to nearly $128 million in funding to lower costs, improve performance, and speed the deployment of solar energy technologies.”

Governor McKee, Rhode Island needs you to sign the Act On Climate

Green Energy Consumers

Last week was a huge step forward for climate action in New England. Energy policy & advocacy Rhode Island Climate change

Cummins introduces new heavy-duty natural gas powertrain: ISX12N + Endurant HD N

Green Car Congress

Cummins Inc. and Cummins Westport Inc. announced that the ISX12N+Endurant HD N powertrain from its Integrated power portfolio is now available for heavy-duty customers, delivering a fully integrated natural gas powertrain.

Gas 362

Study: Shift to electric trucks and buses could save 57,000 lives

Green Car Reports

Electric cars get the most attention, but passenger vehicles aren't the only vehicles on the road. A shift to electric trucks and buses in urban areas could prevent more than 57,000 premature deaths by 2050, according to a new Environmental Defense Fund study.

V6 6ah cells

DIY Electric Car

These are similar to the V41 cells we have been selling. They are smaller, 6ah cells @ 3.7vdc. There are 35 in a box, $75 a box. Only sold in full boxes. Plus shipping. Only shipping in the continental US. Classifieds


SpaceX to upgrade Dragon with the most immersive window ever launched into space


SpaceX and Inspiration4 customer Jared Isaacman have revealed a substantial and unexpected design change made to the Crew Dragon spacecraft that will carry the billionaire and three guests into orbit later this year.

Tesla secures order for 10 electric semi-trucks and 2 Megachargers


Tesla has secured a new order for 10 Tesla electric semi-trucks and 2 Megachargers with almost $2 million in US government support. more… The post Tesla secures order for 10 electric semi-trucks and 2 Megachargers appeared first on Electrek. Electrek

Tesla 99

Kia EV6 unveiled including 577bhp GT version

Discover EV

Kia has officially launched its first purpose-built EV – the EV6. Using the brand’s new generation E-GMP platform, it promises ultra-rapid charging, over 300 miles of range, loads of standard technology and – in GT form – performance that should see off a Porsche Taycan 4S

Kia 83

UCLA team uses graphite to boost performance of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials

Green Car Congress

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO 4 ) is widely used as a low-cost, safer cathode material for Li-ion batteries; however, low ionic and electronic conductivity limit its rate performance.

Li-ion 343

Lucid Air electric sedan gets final scrutiny before customer production starts

Green Car Reports

Customer deliveries of the Lucid Air electric sedan are scheduled to start in the second half of this year, and it looks like the company is making progress toward that goal.

Should I grind off the flywheel counterweights?

DIY Electric Car

My engine is (or was) externally balanced. Meaning there's counterweights on the flywheel to balance the engine components and prevent vibrations etc. Of course this isn't needed with an electric motor since there's no combustion. Should I grind off these tiny weights?

Engine 130

Tesla and Toyota to revisit old partnership for new EV development: report


A recent report from an esteemed South Korean publication has suggested that Tesla and Toyota are poised to revisit an old partnership to develop an all-new electric vehicle. The partnership has reportedly been under review since last year. .

Toyota 103

Arcimoto’s US-built, 3-wheeled electric car prepares to go global


Eugene, Oregon-based Arcimoto is preparing to go global and has just hired a chief international business officer to oversee international expansion. more… The post Arcimoto’s US-built, 3-wheeled electric car prepares to go global appeared first on Electrek. Electrek

Are Installing EV Charging Stations at Hotels a Good Idea?

Charged Future

If you are a hotel owner, you may be wondering if EV charging stations at hotels are a good idea.


Saga Pure takes 33% stake in liquid hydrogen storage technology company

Green Car Congress

Norway-based Green inverstment company Saga Pure ASA has committed to subscribe for NOK 30 million (US$3.5 million) in a private placement of new shares in IC Technologies AS (ICT), which is developing a novel storage solution for liquid hydrogen and LNG.

Lightning eMotors taps Proterra batteries for commercial electric vans

Green Car Reports

Lightning eMotors, a Colorado-based company that offers electric conversions for commercial vans is partnering with electric-bus maker Proterra to electrify commercial vans.