May, 2017

Loughborough team develops novel system to enhance SCR operation to reduce NOx further

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Researchers at Loughborough University in the UK have developed a novel system that enhances SCR operation to further reduce NO x emissions and improve diesel engine efficiency.

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Israeli firm StoreDot claims battery with 5-minute charging time

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It's one of the Holy Grails for battery researchers and electric-car advocates alike: a battery that could recharge in the same amount of time as it takes to stop for gasoline.

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Tesla u-Turn on free Supercharger access

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There were murmurings of unrest among the cult of Tesla late last year when the company announced it would be ceasing free access to its Supercharger

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First China-built Volvo S90 sedans arrive in Europe via rail link

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Volvo Cars has become the first automaker in the world to export China-made cars to Europe by train via China’s new “One Belt, One Road” trade initiative. The first S90 premium sedans, built at Volvo’s Daqing plant in China, will arrive at a distribution centre in Zeebrugge, Belgium this week.

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IAV 8-speed hybrid dual-clutch tranmission can reduce fuel consumption 18% over 6DCT

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IAV has developed a high-power, high-torque eight-speed hybrid dual-clutch transmission (8H-DCT) that is capable of reducing fuel consumption by up to 18% in the NEDC over a conventional six-speed dual-clutch transmission (6DCT) due to its high number of speeds and integrated hybrid functionality.

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This family has two Chevy Bolt EV electric cars, uses no gas at all

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The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV is the first mass-priced electric car to offer a range of more than 200 miles, something previously offered only by pricey Tesla luxury cars. Initially put on sale last December in California, the 238-mile Bolt EV is slowly rolling out across the country and will be on sale in every state by September. How many Chevy. Chevy plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

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UPS to deploy prototype Class 6 extended range fuel cell electric vehicle delivery truck; trials begin in Q3

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UPS will deploy a prototype extended range Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) in its Rolling Laboratory fleet of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

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Constellium providing lightweight aluminium solutions for new BMW 5 Series

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Constellium N.V. announced that it supplies aluminium automotive body sheets and crash management systems for the new BMW 5 Series, including its hybrid and touring models. The latest edition of the iconic BMW 5 Series saves 137 pounds (62 kg) compared to the previous model due to the use of lightweight materials.

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2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid: gas mileage review

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The 2017 Hyundai Ioniq comes in two versions: a nationally distributed hybrid-electric version, and an all-electric model that will be sold mostly in California and a handful of other states. There'll also be a plug-in hybrid version coming for 2018. We liked the Ioniq Hybrid when we first drove it at the launch event in February, and now we've. Fuel Economy

Soaring growth of solar power demonstrated in one chart

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Sometimes a picture is truly worth a thousand words. In the case of the rapidly rising rate of solar generation for electricity, numerous forecasts by internationally respected bodies have proven woefully conservative. The image in the tweet below, created by Auke Hoestra at the Technical University of Eindhoven, in The Netherlands, shows it. electric utilities Netherlands renewable energy solar clean energy wind energy

Solar panels, EV chargers required in new homes in Fremont, CA

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Half a century ago, the General Motors assembly plant was the largest employer in Fremont, California, and the town was known for its dragstrip. Today, that plant makes Tesla electric cars and Fremont is a part of the San Francisco Bay Area's Silicon Valley, creating advanced technology for the world. The city has now taken another step into the. California NUMMI Fremont Tesla Motors regulation solar Charging stations

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Big Oil Betting On Electric Vehicles

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by Jon LeSage for Speaking this week at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance conference in New York, Total SA’s chief energy economist, Joel Couse, forecasted that EVs will make up 15 to 30 percent of global new vehicle sales by 2030. Oil demand for transportation fuel see its “ demand will flatten out ,” after 2030, Couse said. Maybe even decline. ”.

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Workhorse W-15 range-extended electric pickup truck revealed (video)

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Workhorse may have the ultimate proposal for commercial fleets with the reveal of its W-15 pickup truck, the first range-extended electric pickup truck to be built from the ground up with fleets in mind.

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Energy use for hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles: higher than electrics, even hybrids (analysis)

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It's now clear that the zero-emission vehicles of the future will be powered by electric motors. The electricity to power those motors, however, will come from one of two competing technologies: high-capacity batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. The debate over which technology is superior, which has the lowest wells-to-wheels carbon footprint, and. Carbon Footprint California hydrogen CARB greenhouse gas hydrogen fuel cell wells to wheels Zero Emission Vehicle regulation

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If autonomous electric cars are coming, why not ships too?

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Vehicle engineering and development focuses heavily on passenger cars and light trucks, but what about other forms of transportation? In an effort to cut congestion on its roads, the country of Norway is experimenting with the idea of autonomous, electric ships to replace large semi trucks, reports Gas2. Not only do semi trucks clog roadways, but. Norway Autonomous cars cargo ships Boats

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VW to Tesla: 'Anything you can do, we can do better'

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With a new book imminent that gives new details on its diesel-emission cheating scandal, Volkswagen Group continues to struggle for positive corporate PR. Yet the company publicly appears to be confident that it has weathered the worst of that storm. Moreover, while its first high-volume electric cars won't hit the market until 2019 or 2020, the. VW Group Tesla Motors plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

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Audi puts steel back in the new A8

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The new Audi A8, scheduled for release in 2018, features a multi-material body structure ( earlier post ) consisting of more than 40% steel.

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Six things to know about new hybrid cars (if you haven't paid much attention lately)

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For the past few years, plug-in electric cars have gotten more publicity than their small share of the market deserved. That's exactly what had happened to hybrids a decade earlier—and hybrids still outsell cars with plugs, even if they're no longer getting outsize publicity. We've been driving quite a few hybrids lately, and we decided it. Plug-In Hybrids Fuel Economy new cars

Subaru plans for all-electric versions of existing model lines

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It's now clear that every automaker, no matter how large or small, will have to develop and sell battery-electric vehicles by 2020 to 2025. Companies like GM and Volkswagen, which each make 10 million cars a year, can afford the breathtaking costs of developing expertise and engineering cars with entirely different powertrains. For smaller. Future Cars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Subaru XV

Ford fires CEO Fields, in part, for lagging on electric cars

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It's all the buzz of the auto industry this morning: Ford has fired its CEO Mark Fields and will replace him with Jim Hackett, former CEO of Michigan furniture maker Steelcase. Hackett presently oversees the Ford unit working on autonomous vehicles. The company is expected to make the announcement this morning, according to numerous media reports. plug-in cars

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Lighter, more fuel-efficient cars are safer, study says, ignoring safety rules

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It was one of several common tropes used 10 years ago against proposed regulations to boost average fuel economy. More efficient cars will have to be lighter-weight, and they'll be unsafe because in accidents, they'll crumple up like Kleenex." Logical conclusion: if you require higher fuel economy in cars, more people will die in crashes. DON'T. Fuel Economy weight reduction regulation

China has licensed 9 electric-car plants, more than U.S. has today

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Quick trivia question: how many plants are there in the United States currently building electric cars? To be generous, we'll allow both battery-electric and plug-in hybrid models. Any idea? The answer turns out to be four. DON'T MISS: Shanghai auto show: China plugs into electric cars in a big way Meanwhile, China—which has a long-term goal. China plug-in cars assembly plants

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TM4 and Cummins jointly developing range-extended electric plug-in powertrain for Class 7/8 buses

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TM4 and Cummins are jointly developing a plug-in hybrid powertrain for Class 7/8 transit buses that can reduce fuel consumption by at least 50% compared to conventional hybrid buses.

New molybdenum-coated catalyst produces hydrogen from water-splitting more efficiently; preventing the back reaction

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Water-splitting systems require a very efficient catalyst to speed up the chemical reaction that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen, while preventing the two gases from recombining back into water.

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California trend: hybrid sales sink, plug-in electric cars soar

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California has always been a bellwether for automotive trends, and it leads every other state by far in the volumes of plug-in electric cars sold. It also led in national sales of hybrid cars for many years. In fact, for several years running, the Toyota Prius was the single most popular passenger car sold in the state—setting it well apart. sales California New car sales plug-in cars

AK Steel receives $1.8M from DOE to develop next-generation electrical steels for hybrid and electric vehicle motors

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AK Steel has accepted an award of up to $1.8 million from the US Department of Energy (DOE) under the Advanced Manufacturing Office’s Next Generation Electric Machines (NGEM) program to develop the next generation of advanced, non-oriented electrical steels (NOES) for motors used in a wide variety of industrial and automotive applications, including hybrid and electric vehicles.

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KAUST team develops computational model for simulating soot production in gasoline direct injection engines

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Researchers at KAUST have developed a computational model capable of simulating soot production inside gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines. Although today’s passenger vehicle engines are cleaner and more fuel efficient, GDI exhaust can still contain significant numbers of nanoscopic soot particles that are small enough to penetrate the lungs and bloodstream. This new computer model could help car makers improve their engines to cut soot formation.

2017 electric motorcycle buyers guide

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Electric motorcycles have seen a year of growth and challenges, both reflected in the offerings for 2017. Zero continues to push for its lineup to have more power, greater range, and lower prices, while new entries from Alta Motors and Energica expand available offerings. The demise of Victory motorcycles, however, seems to be the end of the. Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles Polaris Energica Ego

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Politecnico di Torin builds prototype system for dynamic on-road EV charging

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Politecnico di Torino has built a prototype system for dynamic on-road electric vehicle charging. The POLITO Charge While Driving system is going to be tested on the test circuit in Susa close to the city of Turin. This test site has been developed in the framework of a research initiative promoted by the Politecnico together with 24 international partners of the European project FABRIC (Feasibility analysis and development of on-road Charging solutions for future electric vehicles).

Intelligent Energy tech lead in €3.5M EU DIGIMAN program to advance fuel cell stack mass production; Toyota the automotive partner

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A new European program has launched to provide a blueprint to enable fully automated future mass manufacture of fuel cell stacks for the automotive market.

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South's good ol' boy drag racers whupped by Tesla, not happy about it

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For as long as there have been automobiles, drivers have had the itch to go faster than the guy in the next car. Throughout decades we've seen horsepower wars waged between giant, large displacement V-8 engines and even 4-cylinder engines with plenty of forced induction.

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Plug-in electric car sales to double in 2018: predictions

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Despite a slower-than-expected start, plug-in electric cars are gaining momentum on the North American market. Not only are sales rising, so is consumer interest: according to a survey by AAA, shoppers’ interest in electric and plug-in hybrid cars is now neck to neck with that of pickup trucks. In fact, 15 percent of the interviewed. sales New car sales plug-in cars AAA Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

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Trump names vocal renewable-energy critic to oversee.renewable energy

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While the news headlines on President Donald Trump mostly address potential scandals, his administration has also lagged significantly in appointing top-level officials to run government agencies. Those that have been appointed often have an adversarial relationship to the missions of the agencies they run. Scott Pruitt, for example, is now. Politics global warming Efficiency climate change carbon dioxide renewable energy fossil fuels Donald Trump

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Why BMW uses Tesla electric cars to scare its staff into the future

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When Tesla arrived on the scene 10 years ago, no major automaker took it very seriously—let alone thought it would cause the disruption it has in the market for luxury cars. At the same time, BMW, once the harbinger of performance and luxury, worries that it may be falling behind when it comes to electric vehicles and technology innovation. Competition Tesla Motors plug-in cars

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