Thu.Dec 30, 2021

Tesco launching UK’s first commercial electric heavy-duty tractor-trailer trucks

Green Car Congress

Tesco is launching the UK’s first commercially used fully electric heavy-duty freight articulated (tractor-trailer as opposed to rigid) trucks.

Report: Hyundai stops developing internal combustion engines

Green Car Reports

Hyundai Motor Group is winding down development of internal combustion engines, The Korea Economic Daily reported last week.


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Austria’s biggest carrier orders first 5 Solaris hydrogen buses under framework agreement; option for up to 40

Green Car Congress

ÖBB Postbus in Austria has ordered five hydrogen buses from Solaris. has landed a deal with Solaris for the delivery of five hydrogen buses. The hydrogen-fueled vehicles will be deployed in the picturesque city of Villach in south-east Austria.

VW ID.4 will get Plug and Charge convenience soon with OTA update, bidirectional capability later

Green Car Reports

The Volkswagen ID.4 will soon get Plug and Charge capability in the United States, and may get bidirectional charging as well. VW confirmed both features for the European market in a press release earlier this month.

Northvolt assembles first lithium-ion battery cell at Swedish gigafactory

Green Car Congress

Northvolt has assembled the first battery cell at the newly commissioned Ett gigafactory in northern Sweden. The cell is the first to have been fully designed, developed and assembled at a gigafactory by a homegrown European battery company.

Tesla’s Elon Musk confirms V11 UI improvements after receiving owners’ feedback


It appears that Tesla and its software development team have heard the feedback from electric vehicle owners following the release of Software V11 and its updated user interface.

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TuSimple successfully completes driver-out, fully autonomous semi-truck 80-mile run on open public roads

Green Car Congress

TuSimple, a global autonomous driving technology company, successfully completed the first fully autonomous semi-truck run on open public roads without a human in the vehicle and without human intervention.

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Waymo, Geely partner on autonomous Zeekr EV

Green Car Congress

Waymo is collaborating with Geely to integrate the Waymo Driver into a version of the new mobility-focused, all-electric Zeekr vehicle, designed in Sweden specially for autonomous ride-hailing ( earlier post ).

Sweden 238

NYPD buys 184 Ford Mustang Mach-E, approves option to buy 250 Tesla Model 3s


New York City is closing out the year with a big electrification move as it adds 184 Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUVs to its fleet and it approves the option to buy 250 Tesla Model 3 electric sedans. Most of the vehicles are going to the NYPD and other emergency service departments.

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ArcelorMittal & partners receive €10M for green hydrogen production with Hybit in Bremen

Green Car Congress

As part of the Hybit (Hydrogen for Bremen’s industrial transformation) project, ArcelorMittal Bremen, swb AG and EWE AG have received a subsidy of more than €10 million from the state of Bremen for the construction of an electrolysis plant. The funding corresponds to about half of the total investment budget. The project includes the construction of a 12 MW electrolysis plant that will produce green hydrogen with renewable energy.

Tesla to recall 356k Model 3 cars with malfunctioning rearview cameras


Tesla is recalling over 356,000 Model 3 vehicles based on potential issues owners may encounter with the rearview camera cable, which could be damaged when the trunk is closed. This can cause the camera to malfunction, documents state.

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Tesla (TSLA) issues recalls on almost half a million Model 3 and Model S vehicles


Tesla (TSLA) has issued two recalls on almost half a million Model 3 and Model S vehicles. The fixes are small, but it will still put a strain on its service team. more… The post Tesla (TSLA) issues recalls on almost half a million Model 3 and Model S vehicles appeared first on Electrek.

Ford Mustang Mach-E to be tested by U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security


The Ford Mustang Mach-E might get its newest role as a government vehicle, as the United States Department of Homeland (DHS) security will test the all-electric crossover from the American automaker, as a part of an executive order from President Joe Biden.

Ford 114

Ford dealers are taking advantage of strong demand for F-150 Lightning, marking it up by $30,000


Many Ford dealers are taking advantage of the strong demand for F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck and marking it up by as much as $30,000. more… The post Ford dealers are taking advantage of strong demand for F-150 Lightning, marking it up by $30,000 appeared first on Electrek.

Tesla seems to have avoided potential $41M headcount penalty at Buffalo Gigafactory


It seems that Tesla will avoid a massive $41.2 million penalty from the State of New York. The electric automaker and energy storage company has met an employment headcount figure that was agreed upon by the two entities years ago, but it will not be finalized until the year ends.

Good lookin’ fatty! Gen3 Outcross fat tire electric bike review


Fat tire e-bikes are tons of fun for both on and off-road riding, but their large proportions don’t always look the best. The Gen3 Outcross manages to maintain a sleek-looking frame despite rocking big ol’ 4-inch fat tires. more… The post Good lookin’ fatty!

Tesla issues recall to frunk latch on Model S flagship sedan


Tesla has issued a recall to owners of the Model S all-electric sedan, as a latch in the vehicle’s secondary trunk, or drunk, is malfunctioning due to a positional problem. The recall applies to 2014-2021 Model S vehicles, according to an email sent to Teslarati by a reader this morning.

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Quick Charge Podcast: December 30, 2021


Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from Electrek. Quick Charge is available now on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , TuneIn and our RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. more… The post Quick Charge Podcast: December 30, 2021 appeared first on Electrek.

Northvolt Assembles 1st Lithium-Ion Battery Cell at Swedish Gigafactory, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Urban Planning

EV Obssesion

Batteries Northvolt assembles first lithium-ion battery cell at Swedish gigafactory EVS Georgia Offers Massive Incentive Package to EV Manufacturer Ford Mustang Mach-E to be tested by U.S.

A Swedish company wants to kick-start Italy’s floating offshore wind market with its dual tilted turbines


Stockholm-headquartered Hexicon , which develops floating offshore wind farms and designs patented dual turbine floating wind power platforms, has formed a 50-50 joint venture with Bologna-based clean energy developer Avapa Energy to develop offshore floating wind farms for Italy.

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SpaceX almost loses Falcon 9 booster at sea


After more than a week at sea, the SpaceX Falcon 9 booster responsible for the company’s 100th successful landing finally returned to port on Wednesday, revealing that it nearly toppled into the sea during the recovery process.

Latest Greenworks 24V 600PSI electric pressure washer falls to $144, more in New Green Deals


Most electric pressure washers require two things tethering you to your home: a water hose and extension cord. Well, the latest Greenworks electric pressure washer ditches both of those things. While being 24V battery-powered, you’ll still get 600PSI of cleaning power.

Water 83

SemaConnect’s 2021 in Review

Sema Connect

2021 has come to a close, and what a year it has been! Not only did we pass 14,000 SemaConnect charging stations in North America, but we also doubled our team and introduced several new products.

Buyer Rejects $50K Dealer Markup On Mercedes EQS, Gets Lucid Air


Jon Rettinger initially wanted a Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4MATIC, but the insane markup drove him to buy a Lucid Air instead

Buy 114

Deep Learning Can’t be Trusted Brain Modelling Pioneer Says

Cars That Think

During the past 20 years, deep learning has come to dominate artificial intelligence research and applications through a series of useful commercial applications. But underneath the dazzle are some deep-rooted problems that threaten the technology’s ascension.

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NIO ET5 will come to Europe

Discover EV

Tesla Model 3 rival NIO ET5 launching in Europe in 2022

12 Exciting Engineering Milestones to Look for in 2022

Cars That Think

Psyche’s Deep-Space Lasers. MCKIBILLO. In August, NASA will launch. the Psyche mission , sending a deep-space orbiter to a weird metal asteroid orbiting between Mars and Jupiter.

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Electric Car FAQs: Is It Still Worth Buying A Hybrid?

EV Obssesion

Electric cars — and electrified or hybrid cars! — are mostly like regular cars. You step on the pedal on the right and the car goes, you turn the wheel and the car turns, and the only real difference is what kind of fuel goes in it. We say stuff like that all the time. […].

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Report: $30,000 Dealer Markup On Ford F-150 Lightning Spotted


The limited availability sparks "market adjustments

Gravity Batteries, Green Hydrogen, and a Thorium Reactor for China

Cars That Think

2021 was a big year for energy-related news, what with the ongoing hunt for new forms of energy storage and cleaner if not carbon-free electricity and events and research that spotlighted the weak links in our power grid.

BMW i4 Vs Tesla Model 3: Can It Beat Tesla? Price, Range Compared


It's not a Tesla killer, but the effective price is comparable, and specs appear solid

Price 99

Best Green Energy Blogs & Webinars of 2021

Green Energy Consumers

Our non-profit organization is committed to educating people about climate-friendly behaviors and technologies. We're also advocates for excellent climate policies in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Here are our most useful and popular blogs and webinars of 2021.

Tesla Will Recall 356K Model 3 And 119K Model S


Tesla has issued a number of recalls for its fleet over the course of 2021

Fleet 97

Flash Drive: 2022 Mercedes EQS

Clean Fleet Report

Mercedes Starts at the Top with its EV Makeover. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is an icon—it signals you have arrived at a certain social and economic level.

US: Volkswagen ID.4 Gross Reservations Exceed 40,000


Over 15,000 cars were already sold

Cars 94

EVRE EV partners Zyngo to offer parking & charging infrastructure solutions

Electric Vehicles India

EVRE EV partners Zyngo to offer parking & charging infrastructure solutions. EVRE EV charging infrastructure provider has announced that it has partnered with Zyngo for a last-mile delivery to provide parking and charging infrastructure solutions.

E For Electric Checks Out Turkish EV Startup TOGG, Interviews CEO


We should learn a lot more about the company's plans next week at CES