Thu.Sep 01, 2022

BMW Group commences in-house production of fuel cell systems for BMW iX5 Hydrogen in Munich

Green Car Congress

BMW has begun fuel cell system production at the company’s competence center for hydrogen in Munich. A small series of BMW iX5 Hydrogen cars will be entering service around the world from the end of this year for test and demonstration purposes.

BMW 355

Sono hits 20,000 reservations for its $30,000 Sion solar EV

Green Car Reports

Germany’s Sono Motors confirmed on Thursday that it has 20,000 direct consumer reservations for its upcoming Sion solar-supplemented EV that, if you don't drive much, might seldom if ever cost you anything to "fuel."

Solar 154

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Renault Trucks creates Used Parts Factory

Green Car Congress

To reduce natural resource usage and its trucks’ environmental impact, Renault Trucks (part of the Volvo Group) is taking steps to transition its industrial operations to a circular-economy approach.

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US-made Toyota EVs, Sono solar-car reservations, Bosch fuel cells for semis: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Toyota announced U.S. EV battery production, and that sounds like a nod to future U.S.-built built EVs. Bosch intends to make fuel cells in the U.S. for semis. And Sono Motors is racking up reservations for its solar EV. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Toyota to invest up to $5.6B in battery production in Japan and US

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation will invest up to approximately US$5.6 billion in Japan and the United States toward supplying automotive batteries for battery electric vehicles (BEVs), for which demand is growing. The company aims to begin battery production between 2024 and 2026.

Japan 247

Bosch plans to make fuel cells for electrified semis in South Carolina

Green Car Reports

Bosch on Wednesday announced a $200 million investment to build hydrogen fuel-cell stacks for Class 8 semi trucks at its Anderson, South Carolina, facility.

Polestar 6 LA Concept edition build slots sell out in one week

Green Car Congress

Polestar, the Swedish electric performance car company, announced that all 500 build slots were reserved online within a week of the production announcement for the Polestar 6 LA Concept edition. Earlier post.).

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Bosch to invest more than $200M to produce fuel cell stacks for Class 8 trucks in South Carolina

Green Car Congress

Bosch, a longtime leader in powertrain and propulsion technologies, announced that it will also produce fuel cell stacks in its Anderson, South Carolina, facility as part of a more than $200-million investment expected to create at least 350 new jobs by the start of production in 2026.

NIO delivers 10,677 vehicles in Aug, up 6% from July

CN EV Post

NIO's deliveries in August included 3,126 ET7s and 398 ES7s, with the latter starting its first delivery on August 28. The post NIO delivers 10,677 vehicles in Aug, up 6% from July appeared first on CnEVPost. For more articles, please visit CnEVPost. NIO Deliveries

Zero-cobalt Li-ion battery maker SPARKZ announces site for W Va gigafactory

Green Car Congress

SPARKZ, a battery startup with exclusive licenses from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to produce domestic cobalt-free lithium batteries, will begin manufacturing its zero-cobalt battery in Taylor County, West Virginia, eventually employing 350 workers. Earlier post.).

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Tesla California Virtual Power Plant crosses the 3,500-home mark


Tesla’s California Virtual Power Plant (VPP), which is comprised of homes equipped with Powerwall batteries, just crossed an important milestone — the system has passed the 3,500-home mark.

Grid 105

CA lawmakers pass AB 1322; 20% usage of sustainable fuels in the aviation sector by 2030

Green Car Congress

The California legislature has passed AB 1322 (R. Rivas); the bill requires the California Air Resources Board to develop an incentives-based plan to promote the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and other alternatives to jet fuel to reduce the impact of commercial aviation on climate change.

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Mid-spec VW ID.4 electric SUVs arrive in Australia

The Driven EV News

Two VW ID.4s arrive in Zetland, Sydney as the German carmaker prepares for its introduction to the local market in October. The post Mid-spec VW ID.4 electric SUVs arrive in Australia appeared first on The Driven. Electric Cars EV News Top News electric SUV id.4 volkswagen

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MIT researchers significantly increase lifetimes of solid oxide fuel cells by changing pH

Green Car Congress

MIT researchers have found that changing the pH of the system can increase the lifetimes of a range of technologies including fuel cells. An open-access paper on their work is published in the RSC journal Energy & Environmental Science. Fuel and electrolysis cells made of solid metal oxides are of interest for several reasons.

MIT 195

Tesla Supercharger prices jump sharply, as network expansion plan hits delays

The Driven EV News

The cost of using Tesla's Supercharging network increases as the EV maker adds more locations to its rollout list. The post Tesla Supercharger prices jump sharply, as network expansion plan hits delays appeared first on The Driven. Charging EV News supercharger Tesla

Rocsys joins ROCIN-ECO robotic charging consortium with IONITY, AUDI, TÜV SÜD, Porsche, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, AVL & Huber+Suhner

Green Car Congress

Rocsys, the first provider of autonomous charging solutions powered by robotics and artificial intelligence ( earlier post ), has joined ROCIN-ECO , a consortium with IONITY, Audi, TÜV SÜD, Porsche, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, AVL, and Huber+Suhner. The new consortium aims to find the optimal concept for enabling carefree e-mobility across Europe. The vision of the ROCIN-ECO consortium is to equip fast charging stations along the European highways with one or more robotic charging lanes.

XPeng delivers 9,578 vehicles in Aug, down 17% from July

CN EV Post

From January to August, XPeng delivered 90,085 vehicles, up 96 percent from 45,992 vehicles in the same period last year. The post XPeng delivers 9,578 vehicles in Aug, down 17% from July appeared first on CnEVPost. For more articles, please visit CnEVPost. XPeng Deliveries

Harnessing the green energy potential of the lithium triangle

Innovation News Network

Triangle Lithium is expanding the development of lithium brine assets within the Lithium Triangle using IBAT’s property technology. The post Harnessing the green energy potential of the lithium triangle appeared first on Innovation News Network.

Breakfast’s up! Family takes Hyundai Ioniq 5 camping to try out V2L

The Driven EV News

Space, ultra-fast charging and safety features made the Ioniq 5 the electric choice for this family. But it was the V2L that intrigued them most, and took them camping. The post Breakfast’s up! Family takes Hyundai Ioniq 5 camping to try out V2L appeared first on The Driven.

Tesla FSD Beta tester makes parody of Dan O’Dowd’s anti-FSD ad that’s actually accurate


A Tesla Model 3 owner and FSD Beta tester has filmed a parody (of sorts) of Dan O’Dowd and The Dawn Project’s debunked anti-FSD ad, which claims that the advanced driver-assist system will indiscriminately “mow down children.”

Tesla 87

Electric scooter giant Yadea remains largest two-wheel EV brand with 104% export volume surge


Yadea, the world’s largest electric scooter maker, keeps the ball rolling in the first half of 2022 as export volumes surge 104%. Rising global demand for two-wheel EVs is driving Yadea’s overseas expansion. more….

Tesla cars will be smarter than humans by 2033


Tesla cars will be smarter than humans by 2033, according to a new study by car and van leasing company, Vanarama. Vanarama performed an analysis of the processing power of Tesla’s microchips to forecast how many years it will take to be on par with the human brain.

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Affordable Kollter electric motorcycle enters service with first police department in the US


Police departments have been flocking to two-wheeled electric vehicles over the last few years thanks to an influx of new models. Now the low-cost Kollter ES1 electric motorcycle is getting its first ever police use in the US. more….

Mercedes’ U.S.-built EQS SUV starts at $104,000, nine trim levels available


Mercedes-Benz has announced the pricing of its six EQS SUV trims that are built in the company’s Tuscaloosa, Alabama, facility in the United States.

SUV 83

Tesla’s EV output in China raises back to 77,000 units


Tesla’s electric vehicle sales and exports in China have come back up to pre-shutdown levels with 77,000 units delivered in August, according to the latest statistics. more…. The post Tesla’s EV output in China raises back to 77,000 units appeared first on Electrek.

Sale 83

Honda bets on solid-state batteries


Honda has recently invested in a solid-state battery production line, and a Honda executive has stated that current battery tech is not a long-term solution. EV fans and critics alike have been known to criticize current battery technology.

Honda 83

Mercedes-Benz all-electric EQS SUV will be too luxuriously priced for US federal tax credits


Spoiler alert: A week after announcing the first EQS SUV models began rolling off its US assembly lines, Mercedes-Benz has finally shared what starting price and trims consumers can expect to see.

GM self-driving unit Cruise issues software fix on 80 vehicles after crash


General Motors’ self-driving unit Cruise said it recalled 80 vehicles by updating software after a crash in June that left two injured. In June, Cruise became the first company in San Francisco to receive a permit to offer driverless rides in a small portion of the city.

GM begins US Ultium battery production for Hummer EV in Ohio amidst union pushback


GM has officially begun Ultium EV battery production in the US as part of its $2.3 billion joint venture with LG Energy Solution.

Ohio 83

SpaceX targeting 100 launches in 2023


CEO Elon Musk says that SpaceX is aiming to complete up to 100 launches in 2023 while the company continues to set records in 2022.

2019 83

Even tire makers are adapting their business to the electric vehicle revolution


All corners of the auto industry are catching on as more and more buyers prefer electric vehicles. The latest news comes from leading tire maker Goodyear, as the company reveals its plans to further support the EV market. more….

Axa Insurance says sorry for faking Tesla battery fire


Axa Insurance issued an apology for faking the Tesla battery fire today. A few days ago, the company was on a mission to prove that Tesla batteries can catch on fire and simulated a test on public streets.

E1 electric boat racing league inks deal to race in Rotterdam ahead of 2023 inaugural season


Budding electric boat racing league E1 has announced an agreement with organizers of the annual World Port Days event in Rotterdam, Netherlands to include electric boat racing.

Norway Tesla owners go to extreme lengths to make Elon Musk aware of their complaints


Some Tesla owners in Norway are going to extreme lengths to get Elon Musk’s attention about their vehicles’ issues.

Uber unleashing 10K EVs across London with Moove deal driven by Tesla Model 3 demand


Uber’s network spans all over the globe. The ride-share company dominates the US and London markets as it expands its global presence. Meanwhile, Uber is leading the way for a cleaner, sustainable future as it continues adding EV options to its London fleet. more….

Nvidia's GPU export restrictions may hinder self-driving R&D for Chinese EV makers

CN EV Post

NIO is using the Nvidia HGX A100 to build a data center infrastructure to accelerate the development of smart driving technology. The post Nvidia's GPU export restrictions may hinder self-driving R&D for Chinese EV makers appeared first on CnEVPost. For more articles, please visit CnEVPost.

Record numbers of solar panels shipped in the US in 2021 – here’s why those numbers will rise


US shipments of solar panels – including imports, exports, and domestically produced and shipped panels – rose to a record electricity-generating capacity of 28.8 million peak kilowatts (kW) in 2021, according to the US Energy Information Administration ( EIA ). That was up from 21.8

2020 83