IEEE WIE Conference Will Explore the Future of Work

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The 2022 IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference is scheduled for 6 and 7 June in a hybrid format, with both in-person and virtual networking events. IEEE members can plan and host their own virtual global networking event during the conference.

Tesla’s original Cybertruck prototype stuns at CVPR 2022 Conference


Tesla has been showcasing the Cybertruck quite frequently as of late, with the all-electric pickup truck being brought to the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR) in New Orleans recently.


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Tesla video conference developer launches service with Model 3 giveaway


The company is also responsible for Beacon 4 Tesla, the first platform to make video conference calls from Tesla vehicles possible. Munoz and Atroshenko hope to work with Tesla directly in the future. Mass Luminosity officially launched Beacon, its video conferencing platform.

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BMW previews future 7 Series, battery-electric i7

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A few weeks before its world premiere and during the BMW Group Annual Conference, Frank Weber, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG for Development, presented a few details about the coming new BMW 7 Series, including the new all-electric BMW i7.

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Live Updates: Tesla Giga Berlin final environmental permit press conference


The approval was discussed by Brandenburg Minister-President Dietmar Woidke during a press conference today. PST – The press conference begins. The post Live Updates: Tesla Giga Berlin final environmental permit press conference appeared first on TESLARATI.

4th International Conference on Biofuels Standards: current issues, future trends

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The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Brazilian National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO) and the European Commission’s Directorate C (Renewables, Research and Innovation, Energy Efficiency) are organizing the 4 th International Conference on Biofuels Standards to be held 13–15 November 2012 in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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Engineering the Future of Robotics

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Register now and save 25% on your full conference pass by using code RSE25 at checkout. For an additional bonus, you can save 25% on your full conference pass right now by using code RSE25 at checkout ! Robotics summit Robotics Conferences

Tesla’s Elon Musk makes surprise appearance at VW executive conference


VW’s Electric Future. ” At Giga Fest, a poster stated that Giga Berlin aims to produce one car body every 45 seconds , hinting at how many cars Giga Berlin could make in the future.

Virtual IEEE-USA Conference Focuses on Tips for How to Enhance Your Career

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The free half-day conference features all-new speakers, with a continued focus on emerging technology, future perspectives, and career-enhancing tips. Jago also hosted a panel on the future of technology and its impact on society, sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society.

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Australia Hosts First Climate Change Adaptation Conference

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The first international conference held in Australia to discuss the science and options for adapting to climate change begins in the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center, Queensland, on 29 June. Almost 1,000 delegates from around the world are registered for the three-day Climate Adaptation Futures 2010 Conference , hosted by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) and CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship.

1st International Conference on Materials for Energy

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Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology), a non-profit scientific and technical society based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and partners are organizing the 1 st International Conference on Materials for Energy , to be held in Karlsruhe, Germany 4-8 July 2010. The program of the conference will cover current topics and recent progress in the science and technology of energy and new materials, including the nanoscale origin of macroscopic properties.

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Toyota sponsors Milken Institute Global Conference, advocates for fuel cell vehicles

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Toyota used the 2014 Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles—which it sponsored, becoming the first automaker to do so—as a platform to argue for fuel cell vehicles and the opportunities they represent. Toyota is deeply committed to the future of fuel cell vehicles because it is a no-compromise vehicle that offers cost, convenience, reliability, performance and safety that will match—or even exceed—traditional powertrains.

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Study finds future-fuel demand for shipping industry equal to entire current global production of renewables

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Unveiled at the World Ports Conference in Vancouver, Canada, the report urgently calls for increased R&D in green fuels, and specifically to develop production infrastructure in key geographic locations such as Latin America and Africa. Huge and immediate need for renewable-based fuels in shipping represents opportunity for investors, according to ‘Fuelling the Fourth Propulsion Revolution’ report released today.

Advanced biofuels conference in Singapore to focus on cellulosic and algal produced bioenergy

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Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology and Singapore’s Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR) announced the second Keystone Symposia conference on Biofuels in Singapore from 1-6 March 2011. The scientific organizers of the conference are Professor Stephen P. At this critical time in mapping a new global energy strategy, this symposium will address the potential of cellulosic and algal produced bioenergy as part of a sustainable future for our planet.

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American-made and all-electric: Biden plots out the future for the federal vehicle fleet

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In a press conference backed by the banner declaration that “the future will be made in America,” Biden announced that through President Joe Biden is already pushing ahead with some of his campaign promises.

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MSC sees hydrogen and biofuels as key components of shipping’s future fuel mix

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Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), a global leader in transportation and logistics, said it is further exploring the viability of hydrogen and fuels derived from it as a possible fuel source for the future for container shipping, and is increasingly pioneering the use of biofuels within its existing fleet. The future of shipping and decarbonisation will rely on strong partnerships from both the perspective of technology collaboration and procurement.

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How Smart Energy Management for EV Charging Is Connected to the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference


We found ourselves thinking about how Smart Energy Management for EV charging is connected to the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference; Countries from around the world continue to focus on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as a key strategy for reducing the rate of global warming.

Greenland Conference Concludes Arctic Climate is Changing Drastically and Rapidly

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That was the overall conclusion from a scientific conference on climate changes in the Arctic which was held in Nuuk, Greenland last week. The conference showed that the Arctic climate is changing rapidly in a number of different ways: The recent rate of decrease in thickness and volume of the Arctic sea ice has been faster than the rate of aerial shrinkage determined from satellites.

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Joe Manchin continues to ponder the advantages of an all-EV future


This week, the Senator, who effectively kept the Build Back Better plan from passing, said he still has reservations about an all-EV future. “I have grave concerns about moving too quickly towards an EV-only future,” Manchin said at a panel hearing earlier this week.

Hyundai outlines future powertrain strategy

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Hyundai Motor Group this week outlined its latest powertrain technologies and future plans at the 12 th Hyundai-Kia International Powertrain Conference, held near the Hyundai Motor Group R&D Center in Korea. Around 1,000 powertrain experts and academics participated in the conference, including members from Bosch, Continental, Delphi, Magna Powertrain and Denso.

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DOE, General Motors and MathWorks launch EcoCAR Mobility Challenge

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EcoCAR is a collegiate automotive competition aimed at developing a highly skilled, domestic workforce by providing hands-on experience designing and building next-generation mobility solutions to meet our nation’s future energy and mobility challenges. EcoCAR teams will use onboard sensors and wireless communication from the vehicles surrounding environment to improve overall operation efficiency in the connected urban environment of the future.

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BMW Group plans > €30B on future-oriented technologies up to 2025; all-electric 7 Series model coming

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The BMW Group plans to invest more than €30 billion up to 2025 in research and development to underscore its position as an innovation leader, said Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, at the company’s Annual Accounts Press Conference in Munich.

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UOP/Solazyme Neat Renewable Diesel from Algae Oil Powers Vehicle at United Nations Climate Change Conference

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Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has organized a “ Driving the Future ” showcase during the COP 15 climate conference that begins today. Attendees needing a ride to the center of Copenhagen or journalist wanting to visit Danish cleantech solutions are free to use the COP15 showcase vehicles.

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Bowing to inevitable, Faraday Future scales back plant plans

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During a press conference at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, Faraday Future announced plans to build its first electric car within two years. China plug-in cars Startups Faraday Future FF 91Later in 2016, it selected a site for what it claimed would be a $1 billion electric-car factory to be built in North Las Vegas, Nevada. But work at the site stopped late last year, and a new report.

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Fortescue Future Industries signs agreement with JCB and Ryze Hydrogen to become UK’s largest supplier of green hydrogen; Xergy acquisition

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Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) will become the largest supplier of green hydrogen (GH 2 ) to the United Kingdom after signing a multi-billion-pound deal with construction giant J C Bamford Excavators (JCB) and Ryze Hydrogen (Ryze). Under a memorandum of understanding signed today prior to the COP26 climate conference, JCB and Ryze will purchase 10% of FFI’s global green hydrogen production.

GSI/UNEP conference report finds fossil-fuel subsidy reform complex and challenges sobering; ~1% of global GDP spent on fossil-fuel subsidies

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Although momentum behind reforming subsidies for fossil fuels (for both consumers and producers) worldwide has gained significant momentum during the past few years, and although the benefits of subsidy reform seem evident, countries’ experience of reform and the challenges involved are “sobering”, according to a recently published report from a conference convened on the subject last year by the Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

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Xerox Parc’s Engineers on How They Invented the Future—and How Xerox Lost It

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As for the future impact of PARC research—the sky’s the limit. But if several Altos are linked, along with file servers and printers, the result looks suspiciously like the office of the future. In late 1969, C. Peter McColough, chairman of Xerox Corp.,

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LG Chem hosts open innovation contest for start-ups with new battery technologies

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The finalists will enter partnership with LG Chem to develop joint technology and have access to commercialization opportunities in the future. Batteries Conferences and other eventsLG Chem, South Korea’s leading manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion batteries, is hosting its first open innovation contest—The Battery Challenge—to support start-ups specializing in new battery technology to strengthen its competitiveness in the industry. LG Chem will offer more than $1.9

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EV Price Wars and the Path to an Electric Vehicle Future

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With gas prices at a record high and new electric vehicle (EV) models being introduced all the time, it is safe to say our electric vehicle future is approaching more rapidly than ever.

Invest in the Future to explore clean transport opportunities

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A new conference called Investing in Future Transport will take place at City Hall, London this Thursday (August 16, 2012) just days before Revolve Eco-Rally heads from Oxford to the capital. Chaired by TV motoring presenter Quentin Willson, the conference will explore the potential investment opportunities which exist in the alternative fuels sector and in [.]. Green credentials conference future cars London

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GM president dashes hopes of future Volt, says no more hybrids

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On Friday, in the Q&A session after the company's investor conference, incoming company president Mark Reuss doused those hopes. Following news in late November that General Motors would kill off the Chevrolet Volt, one of the pioneers of modern plug-in cars, a senior GM executive has hinted—strongly—that it won't be back.

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Celebrating 25 Years of IEEE Women in Engineering

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Michael and Abbas are professors at Arizona State University ’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society. Finalists receive a plaque and a ticket to attend this year’s IEEE WIE International Leadership Conference , which is scheduled for 6 and 7 June.

EV Charging infrastructure and technology 3D virtual summit

Electric Vehicles India

Due to current social distancing norms and restrictions on travel, the conference will be held virtually over the digital platform. Electric Mobility for the buildings of the Future. EV Charging infrastructure and technology 3D virtual summit.

Tech Leaders on 5G, Robots, and the Future of Work

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Nearly 70 percent said they are struggling with what technologies their company will need in the future. THE FUTURE Sectors expected to be most impacted by technology in the year ahead are manufacturing, financial services, health care, and energy, the leaders said.

Help Build the Future of Assistive Technology

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For more than three decades, the university has hosted the world's largest assistive technology conference. The Future of Assistive Technology. So, what does the future have in store for AT? Help build the future of assistive technology!

Volkswagen extending Automotive Cloud to China and US in addition to Europe; core markets for future ID. EV

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develop the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud, one of the largest dedicated automotive industry clouds for all future Volkswagen digital services and mobility offerings. Among the coming developments, the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud will be extended step-by-step to further regions of the world and to be available in Europe, China and the USA—the core markets for the future full-electric, fully connected ID.

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Electric Chrysler Airflow Concept To Make Public Debut At CES 2022


Chrysler will also outline its future electrification strategy at the Jan. 5, 2022 press conference

GM CEO Mary Barra hints at Bolt EV-based crossover SUV, details future electric vehicles

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General Motors CEO Mary Barra gave investors a detailed playbook for the automaker's future electric vehicles plans Wednesday, including a possible glimpse at a crossover based on the Bolt EV. Barra gave the presentation for investors at the Barclays 2017 Global Automotive Conference in New York.

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LowCVP Conference attracts 200 delegates and leading speakers

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Andrew Adonis, making his first public speech since his promotion to Secretary of State for Transport, told delegates at the LowCVP Conference that climate change is an issue which defines this age. Lord Adonis and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, made the keynote speeches at the Conference which was attended by 200 delegates and which was held alongside the What Car? Feedback following the conference has been very positive. Tags: LowCVP conference

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Toyota-sponsored Onramp Challenge codefest exploring the future of the driving experience; $10K cash prize

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Toyota is sponsoring the Onramp Challenge , a weekend-long codefest and conference taking place 6-7 December at the San Mateo County (California) Event Center, which will feature competition, cars, and collaboration, all under the theme of “exploring the future of the driving experience.”. Emerging technologies and social trends will impact the driving experience now and in the future.

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News: Toyota and Lexus Reveal 15 Upcoming EVs

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Mega Web–a portal to Toyota’s future. 14, when it transformed the Technology Zone section of Toyota City Showcase into a “showroom of the future.”. Showroom of the Future. Welcome to our showroom of the future!

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IEEE President’s Note: Investing in IEEE’s Financial Future

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We, the IEEE Board of Directors, are the fiduciaries responsible for steering the organization toward a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as ensuring IEEE has adequate resources to advance its mission and vision.

Renault opens Innovation Lab in Paris to focus on future of mobility

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Le Square aims to define new ways of working and to explore the future of mobility by opening up the company’s boundaries and encouraging cooperation around new kinds of business organisation with actors from the French ecosystem. The Tel Aviv Open Innovation Lab in Israel, opened in June 2016, sets out to promote the electric vehicle and to encourage creativity focusing on the mobility of the future.

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