EPRI-NRDC report finds widespread vehicle electrification and a cleaner grid could lead to substantial cuts in GHG by 2050

Green Car Congress

Use of electric vehicles would achieve greater reductions in GHG emissions, corresponding to the rate that the electric grid becomes cleaner, through greater reliance on renewables and low- and non-emitting generation. This research points to the importance of two fundamental and parallel trends in energy and the environment.

2015 214

Washington governor proposes slate of measures to curb GHG emissions & transition state to cleaner energy; cap-and-trade and EV incentives

Green Car Congress

Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced a set of proposals to transition Washington to cleaner sources of energy and to meet greenhouse gas (GHG) emission limits adopted by the state Legislature in 2008. Cleaner transportation options for consumers. For electric vehicles, Inslee will request legislation to: Extend the existing tax incentives, exempting sales tax from the first $60,000 of the purchase price of electric, natural gas, propane and hydrogen vehicles.

2014 197

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DoD report concludes use of renewable fuels contributes to national security interests, but at a price penalty

Green Car Congress

However, the report also finds that the projected supply of drop-in renewable fuels will not be sufficient to meet anticipated DoD demand for renewable jet fuel products, and that price premiums for drop-in renewable fuels and the budgetary implications associated with meeting renewable fuel goals may be considerable. LMI’s Energy & Environment group, a leader in alternative fuels and energy security analysis, provided analytic support and principal drafting of the report.

2011 200

I’ve Done The Math – Now I’m Doing Something About It

Creative Greenius

It’s already figured into their companies value and stock price. Besides all the damage to Hermosa’s health, environment, safety and quality of life the drilling for oil in their 1.4 They can talk all they want about how much cleaner their new plant will burn carbon, but that’s the same thing as talking about how much less of a drug overdose 3/4 of a needle causes compared to 100% full needle.

2013 289

Labour's £5,000 sweetener to launch electric car revolution | Environment | The Guardian

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Environment Web News Sport Comment Culture Business Money Life & style Travel Environment Blogs Video Jobs A-Z Environment Electric cars Labours £5,000 sweetener to launch electric car revolution Ultra-green vehicles at heart of £250m plan to slash UKs carbon emissions Digg it Alok Jha , green technology correspondent The Guardian , Thursday 16 April 2009 An electric car. Environment Film Football Jobs Katine appeal Life & style MediaGuardian.co.uk

2009 43

Geely testing Emgrand methanol hybrid sedan in -40 C conditions

Green Car Congress

Previous generation methanol vehicles faced difficulties with cold starts but with Geely Auto’s NordThor Power (previously called Leishen Power) hybrid technology and the latest generation methanol powertrains, issues with extreme cold environment performance have been eliminated, the company said.

Hybrid 356

Thomas Friedman Explains Climate Change Action For You

Creative Greenius

Well, during a transition period, we would have higher energy prices. We would be much less dependent on oil dictators who have drawn a bull’s-eye on our backs; our trade deficit would improve; the dollar would strengthen; and the air we breathe would be cleaner. Tags: climate change electric cars environment green jobs plug-in cars renewable energy solar power New York Times Thomas Friedman

City of San Francisco replacing petroleum diesel with renewable diesel by the end of the year

Green Car Congress

San Francisco started on the path of transitioning away from petroleum diesel and using cleaner forms of diesel fuel a half-dozen years ago by transitioning to a blend of biodiesel. Our fleet ran cleaner and more efficiently, and we are completely supportive of the Mayor’s call to switch to renewable diesel to improve the environment and create a healthier future for our residents. San Francisco Mayor Edwin M.

RingGo survey: only two-fifths of UK drivers likely to consider an EV for next vehicle

Green Car Congress

Price appears to be the main limiting factor. However, this alone will not drive the widespread change needed to really make an impact on the environment, and this challenge cannot be put on the shoulders of motorists alone.

2020 239

UNEP: export of used cars to developing world creating significant environmental problems

Green Car Congress

Millions of used cars, vans and minibuses exported from Europe, the United States and Japan to the developing world are of poor quality, contributing significantly to air pollution and hindering efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change, according to a new report by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). —Stientje Van Veldhoven, The Netherlands Minister for the Environment.

2020 175

How clean is EV battery manufacturing?

Electric Auto Association

It’s getting cleaner and prospects are improving BY TIM BENFORD: PRESIDENT OF DRIVE ELECTRIC DAYTON, PAST VICE-PRESIDENT OF ELECTRIC AUTO ASSOCIATION. Is it becoming cleaner?

Auto 72

ICL researchers develop new membrane-based system for cheap, efficiently made biofuels

Green Car Congress

Our new technology could help to drive down the cost of biofuels so that they eventually replace fossil fuels in transport and aviation—a much happier situation for the environment and one we are all working towards. By combining our ultra-thin membrane with a highly efficient extraction liquid we can significantly reduce the cost of producing biofuels, which is an important step to driving down their overall price.

2020 265

How Self-Driving Cars Will Accelerate Electric Vehicle Adoption

Green Car Congress

In fact, some experts predict electric vehicles (EVs) to account for 65 percent to 75 percent of sales in 2050—which is also good news for the environment. In the future, autonomous vehicles and battery-powered technology could work together to create cleaner, more efficient roads. In fact, from 2014 to 2016, battery prices fell by 50 percent, allowing EVs to gain some traction. Policymakers need to establish regulation and demand cleaner vehicles.

2018 195

How Do EVs Compare To Gas Cars?


Some consumers have shied away from electric and hybrid models under the assumption that EV ownership comes with a hefty price tag. Moreover, you can save up to €6.000 on the purchase price thanks to several electric vehicle incentives available across Europe.

Gas 87

Australian Government establishes A$300M fund to support hydrogen projects

Green Car Congress

Catalyze the hydrogen industry to accelerate the deployment of large-scale renewable energy hydrogen technologies, including demand-side projects to achieve price discovery, increase transparency of current and projected economies of scale, and increase skills and market knowledge.

2020 257

Tesla Solar and Powerwall will fuel the exclusive, luxurious Panther National community


Tesla and the new, exclusive, and luxurious Panther National community in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, are partnering to develop the world’s first residential community that offers luxury lifestyle amenities in an energy-efficient, sustainable environment.

Solar 112

How clean is EV battery manufacturing?

Electric Auto Association

It’s getting cleaner and prospects are improving BY TIM BENFORD: PRESIDENT OF DRIVE ELECTRIC DAYTON, PAST VICE-PRESIDENT OF ELECTRIC AUTO ASSOCIATION. Is it becoming cleaner?

Auto 52

T&E study: EVs can be cheaper for Uber drivers to run than latest diesels in many European capitals

Green Car Congress

Electric cars are becoming an attractive business proposition for high-mileage vehicle operators such as ride-sharer Uber in key EU capitals such as Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Lisbon, a new study by research and campaign group Transport & Environment (T&E) has found.

2020 228

News: 2022 Range Rover Lineup Previewed

Clean Fleet Report

All of this is no easy step, and Clean Fleet Report applauds JLR for making this commitment to a cleaner environment and a cleaner world. Performance and pricing to be announced. All-New Luxury SUV Gets Electrified.

Fleet 66

OLA Electric Scooter Ownership Blog - Dark Knight

Plug In India

If your charging infra is from solar & battery recycling is sorted, then it’s the ideal for environment. Solar at home,EV for commute & rain water harvesting at home that’s the best we can contribute to cleaner environment.

Electric cars buyers guide

Drive Electric

Are electric cars better for the environment? The government is currently contributing a grant of £3,000 towards new electric cars with an RRP of less than £50,000, this grant is automatically included in the vehicles price and you do not have apply.

Congestion charge and electric vehicles: Everything you need to know

Drive Electric

There’s also a cleaner vehicle discount of 100% which applies only to battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles from 25 October 2021. The price is already three times higher than when it was first introduced, and it’s only going to get bigger.

Aviat, Aviation Foundation unveil concept CNG-fueled single-engine aircraft

Green Car Congress

The advantages, Herrick noted, include fuel cost savings, cleaner burning fuel and no lead emissions. It is also a much cleaner burning fuel, reducing smog pollutants by 90% and reducing CO 2 emissions by 30%. Engine oil remains significantly cleaner therefore improving engine life, while aircraft performance is enhanced as CNG typically burns 138 octane versus the current 100 octane of aviation gasoline. Aviat Husky CNG. Click to enlarge.

2013 208

EDTA to Congress: dont gut one worthy program to offset another

Green Car Congress

With gas prices at $4 per gallon, it is clear that Americans need affordable alternatives to help ease the pain at the pump. The ATVM program loans leverage private funds and bring the nation greater energy security, a stronger economy and a cleaner environment. Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee approved the FY12 Homeland Security Appropriations bill.

2011 196

EEA report finds more action needed to protect Europe’s most vulnerable citizens from air pollution, noise and extreme temperatures

Green Car Congress

A new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) warns that the health of Europe’s most vulnerable citizens remains disproportionately affected by environmental hazards such as air and noise pollution and extreme temperatures, especially in Europe’s eastern and southern regions, despite overall improvements in Europe’s environmental quality. However, it needs to be combined with subsidies for switching to cleaner heating options for low-income households.

2019 227

Hyundai NEXO FCEV and Kona electric CUV win spots in 2019 WardsAuto 10 Best Engines

Green Car Congress

This new development plan also represents the next step for Hyundai Motor Group toward realizing a cleaner environment via advanced eco-friendly vehicles. To be eligible, a new or significantly modified engine or propulsion system must be on sale in a production vehicle during the first quarter of 2019, with a base price capped at $64,000.

2018 264

Electric Car Grant | OZEV Explained

My Energi

Electric Vehicles don’t release carbon and dangerous gasses into the atmosphere and therefore are much better for the environment. Drivers can claim a government grant up to £350, which can be deducted off the price of a myenergi smart charger and the installation combined.

Grant 81

Study suggests China urban passenger transport emissions could peak in 2030

Green Car Congress

2) We build a technical database containing parameters related to different travel tools, such as initial cost, operation and maintenance cost, life cycle, fuel price, energy efficiency level, annual mileage, and passenger load rate for vehicles that distinguish between fuel types and energy efficiency levels for each travel mode and vehicle.

2019 261

Top 5 Promising Technological Developments In The Electric Vehicle Sector

Get Electric Vehicle

For the past few years, governments all over the world have identified the impact that electric vehicles could have on the environment led to a widespread Renaissance in the electric vehicle industry. Unsurprisingly, one-third of the price of an electric car goes to batteries.

Solar 52

7 Benefits of Switching to Electric Cars

My Electric Car

As the price of oil and petrol continues to rise, electric vehicles are emerging as an answer to the problem of dwindling resources. Guest Post by Sofia Lockhart.

2019 60

Can Electric Vehicles Speed Up As The Economy Slows Down?


Silent engines, positive impact on the environment, and decreased fuel costs are all reasons for this transition to EVs.

This is How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect The Global EV Market

Get Electric Vehicle

CO2-emission restrictions have a big impact on market conditions because they challenge automakers to make more fuel-efficient cars and the incentives from the state, such as buying price discounts and tax cuts, have a significant impact on market demand.

Buyer’s Guide: Hybrid vs. Electric: Which is better?

Clean Fleet Report

This can allow you to avoid the headache of fluctuating gas prices. Though not as environmentally friendly as their electric counterparts, hybrids still contribute to a cleaner environment. Hybrids are beneficial to the environment, but not as much as electric.

Fleet 52

California has invested $559M in cap-and-trade funds in ZEVs; state represents more than 40% of US ZEV sales

Green Car Congress

Several are demonstration projects, such as putting newly built zero-emission trucks to work side-by-side with existing diesel trucks in rail yards or distribution centers to fully determine their benefits and capabilities in those demanding work environments. The California Climate Investments are designed to help drive down the upfront purchase price of the cleaner zero-emission trucks, and as their numbers increase, that cost will drop even further due to economies of scale.

2017 150

This Volvo and Harris Poll Study investigates the state of EVs in America

Current EV

Volvo Car USA has teamed up with The Harris Poll to deepen insights into the American opinion across four core themes: design, safety, technology and environment. 2 Same price as a traditional vehicle (57%).

2019 52

Humble One: World’s First Solar-Powered Production SUV

Get Electric Vehicle

She might be right because the electricity we use today though they are cleaner in that form, nearly 61 % of electricity is generated by burning non-renewable energy sources such as coal or natural gas which emits greenhouse gases. In terms of price, the car will start at $109,000.

Solar 52

PetroCard and Waste Management Open Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Station in South Seattle

Green Car Congress

Current pricing at the station is in the range of $1.70-$1.80/GGE. This station is an important step to increase access to CNG, ultimately moving us towards a cleaner and healthier environment for residents of the Puget Sound area.

Perspective: Ending Oils Monopolya Blueprint for Mobility Choice

Green Car Congress

Volatility hurts us too, for as we’ve learned the price of oil can rise sharply in a short period of time. In fact, four of the last five recessions were started by an oil price spike. [ 2 ] Furthermore, our environment cannot continue to bear the brunt of carbon emissions stemming from our heavy use of oil. We can, and must, do more for the sake of national security and the environment.

2009 221

CMU study finds that coal retirement is needed for EVs to reduce air pollution

Green Car Congress

But the extra emissions released as a result can cause 50% higher costs to human health and the environment.). They then modeled the emissions from those power plants, the effects of emissions on air pollution in downwind counties, and the resulting implications for human health and the environment.

2016 190



As communities seek cleaner air, we will see local regulations banning just about anything powered by fossil fuel, from forklifts to lawnmowers. Battery prices will continue to decline, but at a slower pace: The cost of lithium-ion batteries declined in the past decade from over $1,100 per kWh to $150 per kWh in 2019. Whether related to the stock market, presidential elections or climate, December is the month to make predictions for the coming year and decade.

2019 40

Maruti's anti EV & anti India policy : Keep selling pollution cars

Plug In India

The electric car industry already has a very successful product, the Tata Nexon EV very close to that price range. Electric Vehicles even in small numbers make a difference Then Mr Srivastava says - "You can’t make a definitive change to the environment without actually having a large-scale project of EV's". When Maruti says that EV's won’t benefit the environment and India, that is totally is absurd.

Making Information Tech Greener Can Help Address the Climate Crisis

Cars That Think

Here are several strategies we can employ to address the climate crisis and create a sustainable environment for us and the generations that follow. Let's pledge—and act now—to create a cleaner and greener planet. In August the.

EEA report suggests road charges for heavy-duty goods vehicles should reflect varied health effects of pollution in different countries

Green Car Congress

A new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) suggests that new road charges for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs or lorries) should reflect the varied health effects of traffic pollution in different European countries. By incorporating these costs into the price of goods, we can encourage healthier transport methods and cleaner technologies. Air pollution externalities of 12–14 ton HGV on highway (Euronorm III) in euro cents. Source: EEA. Click to enlarge.

2013 200